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Rings On The Bedside Table

Rings On The Bedside Table

LUSH lovers finally consummate their cyber relationship with the removal of their wedding rings.

Rings On The Bedside Table

We had met on-line on LUSH and had had many pleasant conversations about our respective lives and also about what brought us to LUSH in the first place. And as can often happen, our little remarks became flirty and that led to more and more and we eventually became cyber lovers. Being involved in a cyber relationship truly was not something either of us expected. It just happened.

We are able to meet each others needs.

My needs are based around no love or intimate affection at home for many, many years and no desire on my wife’s part to correct that part of our relationship. I have been in a forced celibacy for many years. My physical, intimate marriage is dead and we co-exist as housemates and sleep in separate bedrooms at opposite ends of the house. Pride and financial circumstances keep us together. We do enjoy travel adventures and our grandson. Our evenings are quiet with virtually no conversation from either of us towards the other.

Kate’s needs are based around her husband’s physical health difficulties. He loves her and she loves him, but they are not able to be intimate and make love in a traditional manner. She craves and needs an occasional orgasm brought about by her husband. It just doesn’t happen and she is left sexually frustrated and unfulfilled or has to take care of herself through masturbation. She says that the orgasms she has through cyber and phone sex are much more intense than any experienced before.

Thus, Kate, my LUSH love, and I have found our parallel universe over the computer whereby cyber sex helps us both to feel more sexually satisfied in our lives. After much hesitation, we expanded our love and trust and exchanged phone numbers. Sometimes we still have to revert to the computer, but the cell phone has enabled us to become so much closer and ‘real’ in our love making. We call it our 99% love life. That last 1% would be a physical union ‘in the flesh’ … its just that ‘real’ to us.


A time and place was agreed upon for our finally meeting each other face-to-face. I had reserved a room in a nice hotel near her and we agreed to meet outside the restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. That time of day would be quieter in the restaurant and we could take our time chatting and visiting.

There was a lot for each of us that needed to be decided upon in a short time. How would our chemistry together be? Do we want to go on with this? How do we feel about the fact that we both are married? Will it really bother us? Can we get around that and find some love and pleasure in such a secretive manner? Would we even like each other upon meeting? We had pretty well answered these question over the computer and phone, but still this would be different.

I arrived early and secured the room and then waited outside the restaurant for my LUSH cyber lover. The minutes slowly ticked away and right on time Kate was there before me. I knew who she was by the photos she had sent me in exchange with some I had sent her. This lady was a true creature of beauty, looking some ten years younger than she said she really was. She had assured me many, many times that my age (considerably older) was not an issue with her. I instantly fell in love with her sparkling, laughing blue eyes and her loose flowing blonde waves that fell to her shoulders. She was dressed very smartly without being slutty in her appearance. OH MY! What a vision of loveliness!

We politely gave each other a hug and a light kiss and entered the restaurant. Our time and discussion over our meal was about life, politics, weather, family stories, etc. We did not really talk directly about why we were here, but there had been some subtle signs and gestures of affection and a bit of touching across the table. Finally the meal was over and it was time to leave. Just outside the restaurant door I paused, turned, and gave her a hug. The question was never verbalized and she gave her answer by holding my arm and turning us towards the elevator leading to the rooms.

YES! We were nervous but decidedly ready to take that next step beyond being cyber and phone lovers and consummate our love relationship in the flesh.

In the privacy of the elevator, we had our first passionate embrace and lover’s kiss. Our bodies seemed to meld together as our lips joined and our tongues began a slow duel across the threshold of our parted lips.

Once inside the room, we resumed our hug and kiss as my hands began to wander seeking out those hidden places of pleasure about her body. I caressed her back and her side touching the side of her full breast and also rubbed over her curvy bottom. My love remembered my stated fondness of buttons and how much pleasure I found in the slow, deliberate act of undoing them. This was to be about her pleasure while making love and not a frenzied bout of hard fucking.

She had on a high collared frilly blouse with a gazillion buttons down the front and, as we stood by the turned down bed, I carefully undid each one and placed a butterfly kiss on the skin revealed. I took my time and thrilled to her coos and felt the slight tremors in her body as the buttons were undone and kisses placed on her flesh. I don’t know if she felt it in me, but I was shaking internally with a mixture of emotions of love, lust and carnal desire for this woman. When her bra was revealed, I managed to unfasten that also and lightly kissed her breasts and nipples before resuming my task of undoing those many buttons.

After unbuttoning her blouse, I left it on her shoulders and knelt before her and hugged her with my face against her belly and my hands now on her legs. Her skirt was loose and while I had my face against her tummy, my hands began exploring her smooth skin running up towards her womanhood. I could feel her whole body tremble with my advancing touches and glanced up to see her eyes closed and her head tipped back as she softly moaned sounds of pleasure. Her panties were slowly removed and then with her assistance on removing her skirt, I now had my LUSH lover all but naked before me.

Kissing my way back up to her lips, I carefully removed her blouse. Then, while kissing her left hand, I slowly slipped her wedding band from her hand. I wanted her. I wanted her with no visible encumbrances. I wanted her in a free, unfettered state, yet I also wanted to show respect to her husband by carefully handling the ring he had given her so many years before. The ring was the last item to be removed and as it cleared her fingertip, she softened herself into me and gave me a kiss. She would be my lover this evening without any bonds as she had crossed into our parallel universe.

Kate began kissing me anew and indicated for me to stand still while she undressed me. She was just as slow and deliberate in getting me undressed as I had been with her. She even surprised me with kissing my nipples and lightly nipping on them. Soon she had my shirt off and my belt undone and my pants opened. My stiffening cock rose up and greeted her.

Before Kate touched me further, she straightened and took my left hand in hers and kissed my wedding band as she carefully tugged it from my finger. She then quietly laid my band atop hers on the bedside table. This symbolic act now carefully closed the door on our reality as it opened the door into our parallel universe. We were now both naked and temporarily free from one reality as we sank back into the fresh bed of our new, temporary reality.

I laid beside her and at my suggestive touch, she willingly brought her body against mine. We kissed the kiss of a lover’s rising passion as our hands caressed each other, aimlessly and yet searching for hidden secrets. Our bodies shook slightly with our rising anticipation.

Rolling her on her back, I began again to explore her beautiful body with my mouth and my tongue. With light butterfly kisses, I very slowly savored the taste of her soft flesh from her ear lobes to her neck to her chest to her soft breasts. My wandering hands and fingers preceding my mouth and kisses soon found her trimmed pubic hair and I combed through that with my fingers.

Kate’s legs drifted apart in an invitation to discover what was hidden there. My kisses continued down her belly and on into the creases between her pussy and legs. I felt her rising warmth through my lips and inhaled her womanly fragrance with my nose. I kissed her. I kissed her inner thighs and teased her by gently nipping her skin. I kissed and lightly licked along side of her pussy as her legs spread further apart. Her coos were becoming louder as my kisses intensified.

Her juice began to seep from her pussy lips and ooze down to her taint. I followed that course and captured her flow with my tongue. Oh! was she ever sweet against my taste buds. And as my tongue captured that flow I kissed my way up her slit... parting her lips with my tongue… to her clit. Her coos now were moans and I felt some quivering in her body. Rolling the tip of my tongue around her clit, I made love to it like it was a mini-sized cock fucking my tongue. Kate’s legs were wide apart now and her beautiful, wet pussy was mine now to savor. She was all woman and was inviting me to possess her body and to fulfill her needs.

While my tongue delved into the depths of her pussy, I reached up with one hand and started toying with her breasts. I was able to pinch her nipples and lightly twist and turn the tips and gently tug on them. Her juices flowed freely as I entered her pussy with first one finger and then two. In and out. Slowly my fingers curled to make sure to reach her g-spot. Her moans were getting louder as her hips began to buck up into my face. My fingers raced faster and faster in and out of her slick pussy as I kissed and sucked on her clit and teased it with my tongue tip. Kate stiffened her entire body as her hips rose from the bed, Oooooohhh, RIIIICCCCKK!!!!” “Oh My God,” “Ohhhhh!” as she exploded in her first ever orgasm from having her pussy eaten and fingered. Her pussy just continued on and on in small spasms from her orgasm. I could feel it clinching on my fingers as I continued to deeply finger her. Her moans were deep, hard sounds from deep within her core.

Kate’s juices were flowing and I moved lower to catch them and quench my thirst for her. I lightly kissed her pussy and then her taint before quickly rimming her flower. Moving up between her outstretched legs, I grabbed my cock and moved the head up and down in her opening and her slit to her clit and back. I kissed her and whispered her name and she opened her eyes to me as I slowly eased my cock into her. There was a look of yearning and hot passion in her smoldering blue eyes. I savored the feel as we became one on the bed. For both of us, our eyes became teary as the union was completed. We were at long last ‘one’ with one another and joined in the flesh as well as in our emotional bond of love.

“Kiss me, Kate,” I whispered as we began to slowly make love. In and out. In and out slowly but deeply was the pace we set. Our kisses were full of passion and need, yet ever so tender. Our tongues lightly dueled back and forth between our lips. We chuckled as we tried to catch each with our lips. In and out. In and out. I placed one arm under her head to balance myself so that I might free up a hand to slide between us to rub her clit and feel my slick cock. In and out. In and out, slowly building a need in us for release.

In and out. Picking up speed and urgency I grasped her nipple and lightly pinched and twisted it. I was close to cumming and my balls were beginning to draw up in anticipation of my pending climax and were bumping her taint and flower. “Kiss me, Kate, then look at me” I said with increasing urgency. Her legs were now hooked over my shoulders making her completely open and available to my invading cock. Her eyes shone with the beautiful tears of wonder and bliss as she saw my face drawn tight in my sweet agony as I emptied myself into her depths. And I saw the same in her teary eyes as she joined me in climaxing together. In and out. I totally emptied myself inside her twitching pussy with my balls snugly against her taint. We laid there unmoving except for her internal spasms squeezing my cock as we caught our breath.

Our cuddle after lovemaking was sweet. Kate had turned on her side and spooned against me. My cock was nestled in her wet junction and I had an arm across her with my hand gently holding her breast and my thumb idly stroking her nipple. All felt so right and loving in each others arms. Our other, real life universe was temporarily forgotten as we lay there and drifted off for a short sleep wrapped in our love for one another that had finally been brought to fruition.

When I roused from napping, I found that Kate had rolled onto her belly and in her slumber had grasped and was lightly holding my soft cock in her near hand. Her other and was under her and she was slowly masturbating as her hips moved up and down against her hand and fingers. I began lightly caressing her shapely bottom and softly massaging each cheek. She began tenderly squeezing and fondling my cock and opened her legs some in an invitation for further contact. I moved around and knelt between them so that I could use both hands on her perfect cheeks. I could push and pull against her firm muscles and spread them apart, too. She was still damp from our lovemaking.

I gradually began massaging her cheeks and upper thighs pushing and pulling and watching as her pussy began leaking juices again. Finally, I reached down and began massaging her pussy with my palm and fingers and also began to rub around her flower with my thumb. This elicited a sigh of satisfaction and she spread her legs a bit more as she started rocking her hips up and down against my hand and thumb. It wasn’t long before I my finger in her wetness and spread it to her rosebud. My thumb entered that portal as my middle and ring fingers entered her pussy once again. I gave her some internal massaging by rubbing my thumb and fingers together over her internal tissues separating her two passages. She then just gushed out more juice as her muscles tightened in orgasm.

I wanted to make love to her again and slid my aroused cock into her once more and soon my belly was slapping against her ass cheeks. With one hand and arm, I held her arms stretched above her head and slid my other hand under her to finger her clit some more as I moved rapidly inside her pussy. She raised her bottom up to meet my thrusts and closed her legs tightening her grip on my cock. We orgasmed together again for the second time that evening.

We took a shower together and gently washed each other of our love juices and sweat. Time was running out on our evening together. We both were a bit quiet in contemplative thoughts of our love for each other and how we had consummated it with an evening of unbridled love making.

We dressed after the shower and as we had our final hug and embrace, I quietly picked up her wedding band and slipped it back on her finger. I kissed her hand and the ring as she mentally stepped back into her reality. Kate did the same for me and we kissed one last time with tears streaming down our cheeks and then she was gone from our dream. The door to our parallel universe was closed and the rings on the bedside table were gone.


Kate is a real person and we have had many, many conversations about how our cyber and phone relationship would be in real time IF it weren’t for our respective wedding bands. She continues to have needs as do I, and we are grateful that we are able to help one another. I love Kate.

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