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So Far, Yet So Near

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Keeping the fire lit

So Far, yet So Near.





Hello my darling

Am sorry about these emergency meetings that take me away from you, I promise I’ll make it up to you as usual darling

In the mean time, I was hoping that maybe we can satisfy one another over the phone as always, I know it’s not the same but we both have jobs that have odd schedules and we must keep the fires going


Let’s begin with you coming out of the shower, dripping wet but hot……


I enter the bedroom with a plate of grapes and chesses that we both enjoy along with a bottle of red wine and glasses,

I set these down next to the bed on the nightstand and light some candles turn on some nice smooth jazz and I drop my towel on the floor,

I reach out for you and you slither in my arms, hugging us close to one another, my hands glide over your back and I begin to kneed your tired aching muscles, you reach down and stoke my hard cock, your fingers are dancing over the thickness of my hair,

As I kneed your muscles, I tenderly begin to bite your shoulder and leave wet kisses behind as I travel towards the side of your neck, with my lips; I suckle an ear lobe that sends shivers down your spine,

My hands softly travel downward and I cup your ass cheeks in both my hands, as my fingers get closer to the crack of your ass, I feel your grasp on my hard cock begin to tighten and then release,

You move a few inches away from me and then you bend the shaft of my rod downward, you guide the purple head across the smooth surface of your pussy, the wetness that is seeping from my cock helps glide it over your big stiff clitoris, it almost feels like a tiny cock and it’s so sensitive right now,

I have you lay on the bed with your legs overhanging the edge, I get on my knees between your legs and place your feet on the tops of my shoulders, as I spread your legs wider and you open up to my sight, I lean forward and gently blow on your clit, I get closer and closer to your pussy and you can feel the heat, you can feel that as I get closer, your getting wetter and hotter,

Very tenderly, I place my lips upon the hood of your pussy and suckle there for a moment, leaving you grasping for air, I swab my tongue in and around the vulva of your sweet pussy, my lips grasp the skin and I lightly tug on it, the skin of your lips to your pussy snaps back and you can feel that,

I reach down and grab a small egg vibrator and turn it on low, I rub this over your rosebud and I open my mouth to engulf your pussy, I can taste your sweetness, it’s intoxicating, it drives me wild with desire to please you more and more,

My tongue forms like a spear and I insert it as deep as I can within you, my tongue is searching out the limits of your tightness, it’s searching for all the nooks and crannies, hoping to find that essence that’s purely you,

With you seeping your essence, the wetness travels downward and coats your rosebud, I slowly insert the vibrator in your ass and leave it there, I turn up the vibrations and start to suck and jab my tongue in your pussy faster and faster,

Your hands grasp my head and you try as hard as you can to force me in your pussy, you want my whole head inside you and I feel your starting to shudder from the sensations of the vibrator and my sucking on you,

You start humping up and down across my face, trying to get more and more of me inside and around your pussy, I feel and hear you grasping for air, your legs are wrapping themselves around my head and your holding   me in a headlock,

With my your legs against my ears, I hear nothing but I feel you shuddering and in the throes of a climax, your essence is gushing forth like a dam breaking, I feel like as if am drowning but I drink as much as I can because it’s what I desire of you,


What seems like hours but yet it’s only been a few minutes, I feel you calm down and relax your grasp on my head, I hear you grasping for air and your trying to suck as much as you can, I turn off the vibrator and leave in for a few moments, I lick as much of your essence from your pussy and the insides of your legs as I can.


You rise up on your elbows and say “Damn, That was awesome honey! “


Yes, it was babe, yes it was…………..







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