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Tantric Books

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Girl in charge, guy happier than most!
It was going on 2am and Greg Richards had not yet fallen asleep. It might have been due to the heat, it was the warmest day of the year and that carried over into the night. And it was dark…almost no light at all, just that sense of edges and walls. It all lay across Greg with palpable weight as he lay on the bed at a slight angle, covers askew exposing his naked six foot frame to the night.

There was a simple bump that, more than sounding, pulsed the air…and then a slight floorboard squeak. Both were normal in this old house, it had its share of rattles and squeaks after all. But neither was quite in place, neither reflected the proper signature of oak or plaster. Knowing this, Greg turned his head to the left to see, for lack of a better expression, what might be coming into view.

He didn’t see her as much as sensed her. Jane was draped in black silk and had dark features as well, making her a part of the dark doorway. She entered the room without further proclamation. And as she slid the silk over her head Greg was washed over by a wave of her soft, subtle perfume, and he noted the curve of her sweet form as she slowly walked toward him from the door, more a change in the shadows than illuminated sight.

As he spoke his only word, “J”! she touched her finger to his lips bringing herself close to him, then, covering his lips with hers, she extended her left arm and slid her hand along the inside split of his legs to now parting thighs and his waiting balls and shaft, emboldened by her touch.

She kissed him harder as she tightened her grip on his cock and began to slowly tease him with her strokes. His hands had found her hip and breast, his fingers working her flesh…pulling at her nipple; she pressed her tongue into his mouth and they played longingly for control, one to the other. You called me ‘J’ she thought…she loved it when he called her ‘J’.

They had only made love once before, months ago, in a rush and passion of desire in her studio right after a show. They had no time, and they laughed as others called her name from out on the grass, wondering where their hostess was keeping herself. From that point time had run away with itself, work for him…shows and work for her. So Jane had planned this from the moment she knew that Dave and Terry had invited them both to the valley for the weekend, along with a dozen others, to open the retreat for the summer, walk the trails along the river, and perhaps party a little.

She lifted herself up now…noting that he was lifted up fully too…and pulled his hands to her breasts. She straddled him, capturing his shaft just as she wanted between her thighs and pressing herself down hard to open her lips to him. His head jutted out toward his stomach and she slowly stroked his length with her every more willing pussy. She bent down, her nipples dancing across his, and whispered for him to open the windows fully. As he grudgingly complied she went back and closed the door, returned to the bed and straightened the sheet, and lay across the bed on her belly, her head and toes hanging over the edge on both sides. Watching as he returned from the far end of the room she smiled. She wanted him in a way he would never forget, woman in charge, wasn’t that the way it was supposed to be?

“J, now what?” he whispered, not wanting the entire floor to hear. She smiled again, he hadn’t realized they were alone on this floor, that she had asked Terry to give them some privacy…there might be some noise. Terry had turned red and choked on her tea, but had agreed on the condition ‘she tell all’ sometime soon. Jane didn’t know if she would, but maybe.

“Jane,” he said slightly louder as he realized she was blocking the bed, and then startled by her touch. 1000 volts of female static surprise causing him to shiver as her right hand again found his inner thigh and slid up to couple his balls and press firmly behind them, alternating ever so softly to cause him to open his stance. Her left hand found Greg’s shaft in coordination with her mouth. Jane knew what she wanted and she was taking it her way to brand her message into this man. She wanted no confusion, Jane wanted Greg.

His eyes closed, fluttered really, his balance was off but he was falling into a rhythm, pressing forward in opposition to her thrusting motion, hands and mouth in unison, sucking, loving. He couldn’t control it, he was moaning. He was hot, wet, hard, slick, squeezed, sucked, his hands were on her head, fingers pressing, pulling slightly. Softly. God, he wanted her. His eyes were able to see her silhouette, when they were open, her hair brushing his leg as he pushed into her mouth, deeper if he could, controlled by her hand and force of her glide.

‘J’s’ hourglass figure was delicious from above her. Good shoulders, a strong back with definition, wonderful ass and hips, legs spread to give her balance in this amazing position, but his mind kept dipping to think of her pussy, to kiss her there, to touch her there, to take her. God, her mouth was wonderful, this woman wants me. He moaned again, louder.

Jane could feel his balls tighten, she knew he was close and she wanted him, every drop of him. She used her fingers to press and tickle his balls, occasionally etching her nails along his leg, then returning to cup his tight sack. She used her tongue to keep him wet, she could taste his sperm as he leaked. She sucked harder, and as he came he lost control. She kept her hand stroking and tightened her lips to offer a cup for his gift. He exploded once, then twice, she squeezed his balls and milked his third pulse. She pulled away but kept her hand working him, his juices lubricating her grip.

Her right hand was behind his back as she moved up on her knees, lost some of his cum on his chest, swallowed some and then kissed him, his love on her lips and mixed to him. He was so hot he kissed her hard as she rolled back and pulled him down on top of her, legs spread, hand guiding his still firm shaft into her lips, she glided his head up and down and her wet pussy gladly opened taking him in…

And so started the night of her dreams. Clearly this boy, this man, was going to be glad she read her Tantric books, but no more than she…and they weren’t done yet.

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