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Tesoro's Special Welcome

Man finds out how much his Wife missed him while he was away...
Standing and stare across the room seeing old and young all waiting, forever waiting. The time comes closer, as more people pass through the doors we all focus on, but not you. I search around the cold white walls for the time, finding you should be here by now. The simple joy of our child shouting "Daddy!" alerts me to your arrival. I turn brushing back the curls from my face, in time to see you spinning her around and showing her, how you have missed our little drama queen.

Even as ours eye lock and I mouth "Ti amo" to you and hear you reply "I love you too" to both of us , but, wait to talk and feel you, knowing our daughter has missed you almost as much as I have.

So I spend the time taking my fill of your body, your olive skin that was only made richer and more tempting by the Australian sun. Your strong legs currently covered by long baggy shorts, but still your legs being my focus, with their many scars which only make them beautiful in all the ways a man can be. I glaze up at your perfectly sculpted chest, through your tight blue top, showing even with few years out of playing your much beloved rugby, the power is still there. The strength in your arms and shoulder, which have always drawn me to you, clearly showing as you lift our daughter higher, makes her giggle her sweet pearls of joy.

Bystanders glare over as Grace screams, but we are too involved in our own happiness to notice or care. Having placed Grace gently on the floor and whispered in her ear, prior to her exploring your discarded bags, then, and only then you walk towards me. I stand frozen on the spot looking into your almost aqua blue eyes, flicking down as you give me one of your lazy smiles that I have missed so much. "Tesoro" was the only thing I needed to hear from you, the only reply I could give was “My love” before your hands cradles my face, your thumb rubbing over my lips; my tongue glazes your thumb. I watch your head slowly descend to mine, your lips testing mine as I stretch up against you. Your hands moving to my hip steadying me as I move to the very tips of my toes, as I always have to, to reach your lips. As you place your forehead against mine and stare into my eyes you breathe the words “I missed you, Tersoro”. As I’m about to reply with the same sentiments our perfectly nicknames drama queen comes running into our legs. I start to stumble, but you draw me into your body, starting a chain reaction as it recognises its mate. I smile at you and kiss over your heart hoping it shows you that I’ve missed you too.

Whilst picking up Grace and listening to her moan about not being able to find her present, we both laugh and decide to start making a move to go home. We talk idle chit chat as we walk towards the car; you listen attentively to Grace giving you an update on what she has been doing. I sigh in pleasure at hearing your deep laughter beside me as your hand rests in the curve of my back.

After the Land Rover is loaded and Grace is strapped in, I start the long journey home. Gazing at you through the corner of my eye as I make my way back onto the motorway. Noticing your eyes looking heavy I hold your hand quickly and say “Get some rest honey, I’ll wake you up when we get home” but you place a gentle kiss on my hand and reply “I’m fine, just can’t wait to be home with you”. Your hand moves to rest on my thigh and I feel the heat of your touch through my jean shorts. The next time I look around at you, you’re leaning back in the chair asleep.

Through the journey I move my legs until your hand slides between my silky thighs and presses against the seam of my short, I tighten my thighs around your hand gasping quietly as I feel the seam slip between my wet lips and press against my clit. I try to clear my mind and focus on driving but every bump in the road makes me shudder. Slipping down my chair I make the shorts seam ride up into my ass, looking down briefly to see the pleasurable camel toe I have given myself and think of all the things I want to do him when we get home. My mind drifts to the erotic times we have done before, showers together where he give me my favourite breakfast before he leaves for work. Cheeky times, where I’ve sat covered in a blanket on his lap and taken him inside me as our friends watch a film, silently tighten around him until he filled me with his cum whilst biting down on my neck to smother his cries. These thoughts only make me need him more after the long 3 weeks apart whilst I continue to think and plan all the things that I will do to him when we get home.

After dropping Grace at my mum’s I drive us home, just keeping inside the speed limit as I hurry to get my time alone with you. Pulling up into the garage and turning off the engine, I faintly hear the sounds of the wind coming up from the sea. I turn back to look at you and decide that you need to be woken and soon.

Moving to your lap, pressing my yoga toned thighs either side of yours, whilst moving my hands down your chest feeling every relaxed muscle my hands slip under your top. My hands finally make contact with your skin as I trace my hands up your abs. I pull your top up higher and stare down at your chest before I lean back and remove my specially picked red deep v neck top before catching the front clasp of my black lace bra and freeing my full breasts. I moan to myself thinking of all the ways to wake you up, but decide to use my favourite way. I brush my chest against yours making sure your chest hair catches against my sensitive nipples making them hard for you. I move my mouth down to yours, nibbling and nipping slightly at your bottom lip as you start to wake up, kissing across your face and whispering in your ear “we are home my love”. You wake up like poetry to my words smiling at me before you realise that I’m sitting near naked on top of you.

Moaning sleepily “Now this is the welcome home I like!” You trace your rough hand down past the waistband of my shorts, making me gasp loudly as goose bumps appear over my stomach. Unbuttoning them, slowly running down the zip making the fire inside me burn brighter. I know even as you pull my lace thong lower what you are searching for, and the moment you find it. I look down with you as your thumb runs over my tattoo that simply says “Gino”, keeping to your tradition since I had got the tattoo done for you. You slip further down to where my shorts have left a damp patch making me spread and arch my hips into your hands. I bite down on my lip your finger slips down between my moist lips running your finger softly up and down teasing me. You dig into my arm and draw me hard against you until we touch every inch between hips and shoulder. I arch my hips against your now touchable budge whilst your fingers traces round my tender clit.

“I need to be inside you” the hint of command in the short words makes me need you even more. We continue to torture and tease each other in the small confides of the car, the rough texture of my shorts combined with your hand rubbing, cupping and groping at my tender heavy breast, making my climax so close, as I grind down on you.

“Yes, don’t stop” I mutter quietly as I nibble at your ear. Sensing my climax so very close you pinch my clit, just before removing your hand leaving a trail of wetness up my stomach. Showing your my continued frustration after hours of teasing and coming so close by biting down hard on your neck. Cupping my still jean covered butt you move me to your side as I continue to show my annoyance at you. As you open the car door I see the condensation that covers the window, a chill runs over me as the cold air hits my bare sensitive nipples. I cup my breasts to stop from getting frostbite as you pull yourself out of the tall car, I move to slide out of the car too but you grab me back around the waist and pull me off my feet.

I should be used to it after 5 years together and 2 of them married but your height still impresses me. Having grown up the short chubby kid with curly “ginger” hair, I had thought the men I would find attractive would be closer to my height and average. How wrong I was! Even now standing at the tallest I’m ever likely to be, I’m still not even 5 foot, however standing next to your over 6 foot frame I feel even smaller. Thankfully unlike my height, my chubbiness has faded away as I got into sports although of course it stayed on my ass and somehow moved to my chest to become a rather large bust that no amount of exercise was going to get off. My “ginger” hair well after the negative playground attention growing up, I prefer being called a red head but with the help of some highlights and low lights it has seemed to bring a new nice set of attention. It had caught your attention in the most wonderful of ways, well, ok it might have been my breasts hanging out of my tiny bikini the first time we met, but I still like to think it’s my fiery personality.

The brush of your lips on my neck brings me back to the present. It was my breast that where held close to you now, crushed to your chest. Wickedly smiling I caught a little bit of your baggy shorts between my toes and pull them down freeing your cock before wrapping my legs around you and pressing the damp spot in my short against you. “Mi sei mancato in queste tre settimane!” Your whisper of missing me makes me cling to your shoulders as you delicately carry me, making me feel like my nickname, through the house, at the same time as my soft lips movevigorously with yours.

I feel soft fabric brush against my shoulder then press against my lower back and open my eyes thinking that you must have got us to our bedroom but I find myself laying down two cream covered stairs.

“If you are going to tease me then not let me cum yet again, I’m going to go and sort myself out on my own!” I look furiously into his eyes.

“Tesoro, I wouldn’t, I never tease you and then leave you” As your lips trail down the freckles on my collarbone.

“Really?” trying to keep the frown on my face and not purr my pleasure in his ear “Have you forgotten Greece already?” sarcastically adding “my never teasing love”.

Your mouth moving to kiss down the centre of my chest while your hands massages my soft white orbs as you say “of course I remember it was a great holiday, you had this little adorable bump forming…..” look at my breasts as your tongue draws circles around my nipple before you continue “…. And your breast where so sensitive, just me looking at your nipples seemed to make you cum”

I feel myself weakening into your caresses but try and keep my fiery tone as your cologne fills my senses. “No, not that bit…” your tongue moves back to my nipples, before you blow on them, making them point out at you begging for your mouth“…Mmmm… no when you tied me to the bed.”

“Now that was one of the best bits” You breathe before kissing around my breasts again.

“In the end yes, but you teased me, then left me to go for a shower.” I feel your smile against as my chest while it rises and falls as I struggle to control my breathing.

“I came back” was the only explanation you wanted to give before smiling until I see the wrinkles at your eyes you laugh as you add “And I’m here now, lay back and think of England, Tersoro.” I decide to just enjoy your treatment and get my revenge later; however your next action leaves me unable to think of anything at all. The brush your teeth over my raw nipple before closing around it, biting it, drawing it away from my aching body. Seeing my panting reaction your fingers pinch my other nipple. My chest arches up against you; my nails curl up in the soft carpet as I fight for control like you want.

“Having problems Tersoro” as your lips brush against mine. I shake my head in reply, you pulling down my shorts finally, but you leave my lace covering and I know you aren’t going to allow my release just yet. Biting down on your bottom lip, feeling your cold fingers trace the waistband of my thong as you move your mouth down from my lips, nibbling my collarbone, kissing the tops of each breast, following my breastbone, kissing the receptive pale underside of each breast, flicking your tongue into my belly button, leaving long drawn out kisses on each side of my hips.

“Stop teasing me, and fuck me” I pant at almost to myself, but you breathe softly on the soaked lace and say deeply “Patience” and I try to be slow and enjoy but I feel my clit about to explode.

I force down a moan as you spread my legs wider to proceed to kiss and lick up each thigh. Holding myself as still as possible as I glace down to see your eyes almost like the sun bouncing off the bluest ocean staring back at me as you bear down on the very place I need you the most. You kiss my wet lips through the lace before gently grasping the waistband and pulling it slowly up until the lace slips easily between my swallow lips. Moaning as it rubs against my clit, my hips shift to feel it over and over again. Laying one hand flat over my stomach you still my movement and nibble the length of my lips tasting me with your devilish tongue. Your seemingly cold fingers part my hyper aware lips as you kiss my clit, the lace making the contact somehow even more erotic. I arch pressing up against your hand as you flick my clit with the tip of your tongue.

“Tesoruccio” I see you become as impatient as me, you rip the lace covering me before your mouth latches onto to my clit, and your tongue starts to send me to heaven. Your suddenly icy cold fingers presses into my melting entrance as you slide it inside; I shiver as goose bumps spread through my body from feeling your long fingers inside me. My thighs move to cramp around your head as I ride your hand and mouth. My need starts to peak as you press another finger inside moving them in and out in a slow rhythm. Your teeth join your tongue on its forceful assault on my explosive clit.

“Mmmmm G! That’s it, fuck, yes don’t stop…don’t stop! ” My words make no sense even to me as I tremble against you. The tingly sensation becomes overbearing as I contract around your fingers.

Shouting and moaning as my climax rips through my bowing body. Your finger curl up inside me making the waves of pleasure rip through my body strong and hard. I black out everything but you and your touch filling all my senses as I forget to breathe. The tips of your fingers rubbing against my g spot, my body get relaxes as the ripples calm, until my pussy contracts slowly around your fingers and I take in a much needed mouthful of air.

You withdraw your fingers softly, and tenderly remove my thighs from round your head, covering my thigh with my hot cum, before licking up my lips and deep inside my now pulsing entrance. Tasting all of me. Your hands move to my carpet burned ass as you lift my weak satisfied body against you. I sigh in relief as you kiss my neck while carrying me up the remaining stairs to our bedroom.

You lay me down on the supple sheets and stare down at my bare relaxed body, catching your hand as you move my damp curls from my shoulder. My hand strokes the bed beside me in invitation, “Lay with me, we aren’t finished yet.”

“We haven’t even started my love” brushing your moist lips over my parched ones before stripping away your top and boxers. I feel the indent in the bed as you sit and remove your shoes. My hand follows your spine as you smile turning back to me and catch my fingers “Rest Tersoro” kissing them.

Watching as your stride past me letting me see your hard cock laying flat against your abs obviously in desperate need of release. I hear the shower start to run as I close my eyes and see you in my mind’s eye, moving your hands over your body, the soap catching over the hairs of your chest, your hand soaping up your cock, moaning as your need continues to grow. I suddenly open my eyes staring at the ceiling as I plan my seductive revenge…

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