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This Is For My Beautiful Wife

love story involving my wife

This is a story for my beautiful wife. It will be our 20th wedding anniversary next year.  She is 48 years old and still looks like she is in her 30's. Her body even though having 3 children still looks good. (Check profile) Here is my story for her. It starts off with us going out for a romantic dinner. We end up talking about all the good things the last 20 years have brought us. We  are now done with our meal and I whisper to her that there is more to come. I have set up a night at a local bed and breakfast. She is very surprised as we enter onto the parking lot. We have talked about doing this for the past 5 years. I then take her by the hand and lead her up to our room on the second floor. It is there presidential room, which is there most expensive room they offer. There is a bottle of champagne in the room and I pour each of us a glass. We each make a toast and slowly take a drink. I then begin to kiss her on the neck and nibble on her ear. She now closes her eyes and begins to feel my hands start caressing her body. I slowly remove her clothes from her beautiful body as they fall to the floor. I then remove all of my clothes and we are now embracing each other with nothing on.

I then lead her into the  bathroom. It has a huge jaccuzi tub in it and we both get in it. We sit in it for a good 15 minutes as we caress and massage each others bodies. She is now feeling very relaxed as we head to the king size bed. Her body feels so soft as I begin to kiss her. I slowly move down her body as my tongue now reaches her nice breast. She lets out a small moan as I lick and suck every part of her breast. I now begin moving my tongue down over her stomach as she moans some more. Her whole body now starts to tremble as my tongue now reaches her pussy. I slowly run my tongue over her clit as her body jerks up from it. I begin to suck and lick every part of her pussy I can. She now is getting very hot as her moans are getting louder. I continue to work on her pussy for a good 20 minutes. Her body is now starting to tremble as her orgasm begins to build. She now starts to cry out "O MAN" "O MAN" I now know she is very close to cumming. I then hold her hips tightly down as I stick my tongue deep into her pussy. She can't take it any longer and she cries out with a powerful orgasm.

I now move my body up over top of her. My cock now wants to enter her pussy very badly. She moans out as my cock slides into her. I slowly make love to her for quite a while until she screams out she is cumming. I thought about changing positions but my cock felt so good inside her that I wasn't going to move. I continued making love to her as her hands grip into my back. She now is wrapping her legs tightly around my waist. She whispers into my ear that she wants me to cum inside her. I then begin to push my cock deep into her. She is now getting ready to cum again.  I then asked her to cum with me. We both moan out loud as I shoot my cum deep into her pussy. She holds me tighter than she has ever held onto me before. She came very hard on my cock. I left my cock in her for several minutes as we lay on the bed together.

We now for the next hour lay in bed and just kissed and caress each others bodies. My wife now wanted more and she begins to stroke my cock. She then moves down under the covers and I feel her warm mouth begin to bring me back to life. It feels so good but now I came up with another ideal. I ask her if she wanted to do something wild. We haven't done anything this wild in several years. She asked me what I had in mind. I then grab her hand and I lead her over to a door that takes us out to a deck. She looks very surprised by my ideal but she ends up with a big smile on her face. We then head out onto the deck. It was late but there was a chance that somebody could see us. There didn't seem to be anybody out but there were a few cars going buy. I then told her to hold onto the rail and to bend over. I moved in behind her and I began to push my cock into her pussy. She let out a small moan as she try to contain from being to loud. I began to make love to her from behind as the full moon reflected off us like a spot light. I slowly thrust my cock deep into her as she holds onto the rail. She now could see a few cars passing by and she wonders if they could see her. She didn't care anymore if they could as she was getting close to an orgasm. I began to push my cock faster and faster into her pussy. She now couldn't take it any longer and she let out a mumble scream as she came very hard. Her head now was   over the side of the rail.

Her legs began to get weak so we headed over to a lounge chair on the deck. I lay down on it and had her get on top of me. She then began to ride my cock as we kissed each other. The cool breeze made her nipples hard and I began to suck on them. She was now riding me very hard as I continued sucking on her hard nipples. Her nipples were very sensitive now and she ended up cumming very hard on my cock again. I then lay her down on the lounge chair and got on top of her. Her pussy was so warm and she continued to moan out with small orgasms. I then started pushing my cock deep into her pussy again. I began to kiss her very hard. My tongue went deep into her mouth. She now was ready to have a very powerful orgasm. I continued kissing her as she moan into my mouth with her strongest orgasm of the night.

She tremble for several minutes as I continued making love to her. She now told me she couldn't take it anymore and that she wanted to take me into her mouth. I then gave her several hard thrusts with my cock as she moan out loudly. I pulled out of her and she got down in front of me. She started sucking my cock better than she has ever done before. She now could tell I was getting ready to cum. She grabbed my ass and pulled my cock deep into her mouth. I couldn't believe she wanted me to cum in her mouth. She suck my cock very hard and I couldn't take it anymore as I shot several streams of cum down her throat. She ended up sucking every last drop from my cock. I pulled her up to me and whisper "I Love You" into her ear. She also whisper the same into my ear. We headed back into the room and collapsed onto the bed together. We fell a sleep telling each other that how much we loved each other and how we wanted to spend the rest of lives together.. We ended up saying the word love to each other more than we had done in the last several years. It ended up with one more "I LOVE YOU"

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