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Token Honeymoon episode 11

Token Honeymoon episode 11

June and Dan continue their adventure and Mandy gets Gang Banged.

The sex shop was forty minutes away. June insisted that Dan drive while she spent the journey with her skirt raised and her fingers in her pussy.

"It's only fair," she said. "If I'm going to be locked up the rest of the day."

"I love the way you make up the rules as you go along. I hadn't realised it was your turn first."

"After yesterday, come on love. I want you in control."

"So you make the decision that I'm in control?"

June laughed. "Yeah, I get the joke, but I really do deserve it. I wouldn't feel right if we started with you."

Dan hardly dared look at what she was doing, driving on what for him was the wrong side of the road through unfamiliar geography was taxing his concentration. "I hope you're going to cover up a little when we get into the town."

"Do you think I should?"

"Getting arrested might be interesting but it will mess up the day. I don't imagine that they'll let me share a cell with you."

"I'm being good." she said. "I'm not letting myself come, but I want to be horny when we get there."


"The whole chastity thing is about denial, about keeping me in a pent up state, so if you said I had to suck some stranger's cock or something I'd do it straight away. Or if you decided to fuck some woman we met I'd be driven wild."

"Yeah, I get that, but why would I want to torture you like that?"

"So I'd do anything you say for the chance of being released. To make me into a horny obedient slut."

"I thought you were that anyway."

"Mmmm, but this is about learning. Imagine in a year or two we both get a bit bored, or one of us is being worked to death, well then we might need something to spark things up. That's why we need to know, so we have all the moves, all the tricks, all ready, just in case."

"Is this supposed to work on me too. Is that what cock cages do?"

"That's what the female led marriage brigade say."

"Do we…" Dan was suddenly hesitant. June glanced quickly at his face and saw the hint of a frown, something more than concentration on the road. His breathing changed, his voice caught for a second in a tightening throat.

"Do we have one of those?"

"Don't panic love, we're finding out. I'll never make you do something you don't want to do. Well…" she giggled, "not permanently anyway."

She eased her hand out of her pussy and licked her fingers. "I nearly fucked that up," she said. "Seeing you getting angsty almost made me come."

The road straightened and Dan could see a long way ahead and took a deep breath, still a little anxious, cautious and questioning.

"If I get angst and it turns you on what the hell happens then?"

Shuffling into a more upright position June pulled her dress down a little. She watched the road, there was traffic ahead, not a good time to make Dan anxious.

Visions of power flashed through her mind. Dan in a cock cage, naked at home while she went out on the town, or maybe in the spare room while she fucked some great stud, or in the bedroom, blindfolded, hearing her being fucked. Worse still, all of that going on in his imagination while she teased him with tales of her conquests. There are women who are into that sort of thing. Maybe, she thought, maybe I might be a little, but not while he's driving. She waited until a straight section and by then her love for him was overtaking her thoughts of lust.

"If I was good at that sort of stuff I'd know how to let it prey on your mind and make you horny and desperate. Maybe one day I will try that but this is our honeymoon and I want to go home happy. Lets not take too many risks. We'll work it out, that's what will happen. If we both like it then we'll add it to the list of games we can play, but only if we both like it. Okay?"

"But one day?"

"Dan if I can find a way to drive you wild… well what do you think? Now please lets get to that shop, before I get too excited."

She almost said more, but the satnav showed they were only minutes from the shop. How far she might push him and what rules they might invent was not a two minute conversation. They parked, held hands and walked in. The shop was a mixture of visual extravaganza and mystery, made more complicated by everything being in French. Ignoring the words and concentrating on what they could see they found what they wanted, though Ceinture de chasteté didn't leave much room for error in translation.

Persuading the shop to let her try on chastity belts was not easy and she had to put on some underwear, but they succeeded. Dan insisted on a model that allowed dildos to be attached and then hunted the store for the remote controlled variety.

"I'm not sure if I'm going to like this," said June. "I might have to get my own back when we start on your kit."

"Do I need to remind you about pushing limits?"

"No," she said. "I stand by that, but we don't have to scare ourselves to death."

The only difficult thing about buying a cock cage was trying to guess the right size. They both rejected the plastic ones, the metal looked good and for their first games, looks seemed more important.

"I'm not expecting you to be wearing this through airport security or anything like that."

"I think the main thing is to be comfortable," said Dan. "I should have asked Bob more about it but if it was causing pain I think that would be all I'd think about. Pleasing you or even feeling frustrated would get second place."

"You're supposed to be aware of it."

"Yeah I guess but the main thing is not being able to get hard and being reminded that I can't."

"Neither of us have a clue do we."

"Yeah I should have grilled Bob more."

"You still could."

"I thought you kind of burned our bridges with them."

"I may have, but maybe it depends on what happened after I gave him back. She may have enjoyed him better."

"I haven't watched the second tape of you with him."

"Too busy selling tokens huh? I explained to him how he was being played by her and Ray."

"Locking him up and then telling him he comes too fast?"

"Yeah, all that, so I fucked him twice to wear him out so he'd take longer, well that was the idea."

"So it was kind of an educational fuck, doing your duty."

June chuckled. "I'm not going to get away with that am I. I thought it would do them good. Bob's too besotted with her to see it. She may not have understood it herself, but Ray knew. I'm sure of that and he would have reinforced the idea in Mandy's head."

"You could phone her, or we could try their place."

"If they were interested what would you want to do?"

"Ask Bob to tell his story."

"But what about her? She'd want to be in on the act somewhere. What if they wanted to be friends, you know, when we get back."

"Do you fancy her as a pony girl?"

"He might like it."

"What him driving you or her around?"

"No silly, him being a pony boy."

"So long as Ray was out of the picture, I doubt if he could be tamed, he's too full of himself, has too many ideas about being king of the universe."

"So we shouldn't take the risk?"

"Let's think about it on the way back. First we need to decide which of these things to buy."

"Get several in different sizes, put your pimp money to a good cause."

They bought two and were about to head for the car when June insisted on putting on her belt. After some discussion she managed to persuade the man on the desk that she could use their back room but he wanted something in return. Fortunately the guy spoke some english.

"Do you really want to do this?"

"Mmmm, changing in the car would be impossible."

"Will you put the dildos in?"

"If you insist."

"I think you should."

"Okay. If I offer him a blow job I think he'll let me use the room."

That put Dan on the spot. "Only a BJ, nothing else."

"Promise. What if you fit the belt?"

"Would he go for that?"

It took a little persuasion but that settled it. Dan carefully inserted both dildos, along with a lot of lubrication and then watched June fit the belt. Dan locked it, took the key and made way for the desk guy, shutting the door behind him.

As soon as the door closed Dan tried Mandy's phone.

"Hi, it's Dan, are we on speaking terms?"

"Yeah, no problem. June did a good job on Bob, he's been good since."

"Are you up for some more games?"

"What did you have in mind, I don't want Bob playing away any more."

"June is trying out a chastity belt, I thought maybe Bob in his and June in hers, we could have some fun."

"I can't do that, him being out is part of the deal."

"It's more that I wanted his expert advice about the thing."

"Does June want to lock you up?"

"You guessed."

"But you said she's locked. Oh I get it, you guys are experimenting."

"Got it in one. Do you know any other women who be up to join in? I wondered if you'd met anyone, since you guys flaunt it somewhat. I thought you might know someone."

"So you want to fuck me? You can, but we have a party this afternoon." Dan could hear rising excitement in her voice.

"What sort of party?"

"I'm having a gang bang."

"How does Bob fit into that?"

She chuckled down the phone. "Where ever; mostly I'm going to suck him while the other do the rest. You want to join in?"


"June could be a fluffer."

"Go on."

"Have her belted, she can suck them hard. If they cum in her mouth she gets punished. She gets them hard and I get all the fun."

Dan didn't have to think. "That sounds ideal."

"Can you get here for three?"


"You're wicked. All this is payback because of what Ray did?"

"Sort of. We've moved on, but symbolically yes, some of that."

"I am sorry.  You know that don't you, I mean on your honeymoon and it's not as though you're a sissy cuckold who gets off on that. I should have stopped him, but I got carried away by his big cock."

"I get that. Don't sweat it. See you in a couple of hours."

By the time June emerged with a satisfied looking desk clerk the phone was back in his pocket. They paid for everything and made it back to the car.

"How was he?"

"Average. Average size and maybe a little bit quick."

"Did he come in your mouth?"

"On my face, I think guys like that prefer it that way."

"I'm surprised he didn't want you to walk out like that."

"Oh he did but I said no. I'm not having anyone even hint at humiliating you. Really you should have had me on a leash only I didn't want to buy another collar and it would have looked silly with a rope under the door."

Dan waited until they were half way back before taking an opportunity at a traffic light to hit the buttons on the remote control. June, who had almost dosed off jumped awake.

"Oh… you remembered. Can I play with the controls? You are driving."

"So long as you don't turn it off."

"Sounds fair," she said and took the remote from him.

"One more rule — any button you hit stays on for at least a minute."

"Oooh yes," she said. All the way back in the car she played with it, occasionally squirming in the seat and making little noises that startled Dan and almost made him stop thinking about driving.

When they got back, they threw off their clothes and had a quick snack. Dan told June that he'd made peace with Mandy.

"You're cooking up some sort of surprise," she said as they walked along. "Did you call her while I was in the back room?"


"Cunning you. What are we going to do, given that I'm locked up?"

"I thought I'd surprise you. I did say I would."

"Am I going to like it?"

"I don't know. I thought I'd ask you afterwards."

"That's not like you," said June, stopping for a moment and making him look at her.

"If I stick to things that I know you'll like," he said, "then I won't be pushing any limits. I know mostly I prefer to do what I know you'll like and sometimes there might be a surprise in it, but if I never try anything new…"

June smiled. "Okay, I get that. Is this master, pimp or cuckold talking?"

"None of the above, I think, but maybe you can tell me afterwards."

June caught his arm, pulled him a little closer and handed him the remote control. "Lead on," she said.

Mandy was pleased to see them and insisted on being shown exactly what June was wearing.

"I'll take your word for it," she said when the dildos were explained, "but whoever has the control can rev you up anytime, is that right?"

"Yeah, but I'm in charge of that," said Dan already suspecting that Mandy might want to get her hands on it.

"My party, could we at least negotiate?"

"Depends what I get in return."

Mandy served drinks and unbeknown to Dan or Bob there was a Viagra tablet in each of their drinks. Bob was already unlocked and hard.

Mandy took June's hand and gave her a hug.

"You did a great job on Bob, I don't know what you did but his stamina has improved no end. I'll need less of Ray if he keeps this up."

"What will Ray think?"

"He'll probably be pissed. Well, you know what he's like, he brings out the worst in me. It's nice to have Bob on form, bit of a bonus really, I was worried this end of the holiday might be dull."

"So what's happening now?" said June, sounding curious and a little excited.

"That's a secret, but they way you're dressed there's only one part of you that's good for anything, so we'll put that to good use."

Mandy may have been going to say more but the door bell rang and two men appeared. Where Mandy had found them June had no idea but one advantage of being on a naturist site was that it was easy to find guys who had all the right attributes. Mandy put on some music.

"June, there's wine in the fridge can you be waitress?"

What choice did she have. This was a obviously a set up. June collected wine and glasses and returned as a dutiful waitress. She put the tray on the table and the door rang again.

"Could you get that please June?"

She opened the door to three more well hung guys and as they came in she could see two more heading their way. The penny dropped, Mandy was going to get some major attention. She held the door and waited for the stragglers.

"You can lock up now June."

Only nine, she thought as she turned the key.

She made a quick dash to the fridge and returned with another bottle and more glasses.

Mandy was already the centre of attention with the men clustered around her.

"Okay guys," she said. "It works like this. June here will get you going, you can play with her tits, slap her arse and use her mouth, but nobody comes in or on her. She'll rubber you up and you fuck me. Any hole, as hard as you like. When you're done June will clean you up and when you're ready get you going again. You can tell her how sexy she is and tell her how much you'd love to fuck her but but you can't. She's locked up tight and the key's not even in the building."

Dan looked around the room wondering how Mandy would chose the order of play. He glanced quickly at June wondering if he'd gone too far. He couldn't help comparing himself with the others who had arrived. Three of them had ridiculous cocks, so much so that he wondered if they found it painful. They were not the biggest he'd seen, there were a few in June's New York collection that were bigger. At least June would have no problem sucking them, but she'd probably wish she could fuck them. That was the idea. The others were on a par with his and inevitably Bob was the smallest.

Bob must have know that was the deal, did he have much choice? From the way he looked it seemed he didn't mind and all of them had one major advantage, none of them were Ray.

"Okay guys, here we go. We have a special guest, Dan here is June's husband and he's lending her mouth for the afternoon, so it's only fair that he'll give a demo of the way it works. Bob here is my man and you can all see he has the smallest cock. Once Dan's done me I'm having Bob in my mouth so I won't be able to talk much, so I'm asking Dan to organise the rest of you."

She looked quickly at Dan and he nodded, what else could he do.

"Dan and Bob go bareback because I know they're safe, the rest of you, unless you have very recent tests with you, I want protection. I guess some of you will want my arse, but I want all of you in my cunt before we do any of that. My arse is there for anyone who can get it up twice and when you take it I want a decent cock in my cunt at the same time. When June's not sucking you she'll keep the wine topped up."

Dan finished his wine, put the glass down and nudged June to her knees. One of the well hung guys turned away and returned with a shoulder bag. He stepped over to Dan.

"I got tests," he said. "I'm clean, you wanna check?"  Dan took the papers from him and read, looked at Mandy with a raised eyebrow.

"If you'd be happy for June to fuck him, not that she can." Mandy giggled. "I'll fuck anyone you think is safe." There was something seriously erotic about the way that Mandy could be so up front.

"Guess that gets you in there."

"You ain't shown me yours."

"That's your problem," said Dan, as firmly as he could. "I know these guys. Bob's had June and I've had Mandy, it's up to you."

"Can I go first?"

"I'm starting." Dan needed to assert himself. "But I'll tell you what, you can start on June, she's had my cock plenty of times and I feel ready to take Mandy." He stood behind June and turned her face towards him. June needed no further instructions and in a second had one hand on the guy's cock and other gripping his balls and pulling him towards her. Before he could say a thing her lips were wrapped around him.

June knew this was her chance to show off and if she wasn't going to get fucked she at least was going to play with a lot of cocks. As she felt this one grow in her mouth she began to wonder what effect it would have on her. Had she ever sucked a cock without it ending up in her cunt? Once, in New York when that nice whore had made her play in a glory hole, but did that count?

She tried to look at Dan but all she could see was his back as he played with Mandy for a few seconds before plunging into her. Mandy, ready as she was, still made a surprised moan and then signalled to Bob, beckoning him over so that she could take him into her mouth.

Dan had never had an audience quite like this and he knew it was increasing his energy. With so many waiting there seemed no point in dragging it out, and he was already feeling wired from the morning's activity. He hammered at Mandy with all he had, regretting a little that the angle was wrong for June to see much, but she'd seen him fuck Mandy before.

He turned to the audience, "Why don't some of you guys play with her tits. Squeeze those nipples, get her going."

Just the words had an effect and he felt the extra juice flow around his cock. He was ready to come in a minute and hoped June had the next guy ready.

"You ready back there?"

"Sure thing. Your missus can suck good."

Dan rammed his cock as deep as he could and let himself go, pulling out while still spurting, letting his cock plaster jism over Mandy's beautifully shaved mound. He turned to the big guy behind him.

"All yours." In another few seconds he was deep in June's mouth allowing her to clean him and he picked that moment to switch on the vibrator in her arse. As he enjoyed her for a moment he quickly looked around the other cocks and picked the two smallest one, beckoning them over.

"Can you manage two at a time?" he said, nudging two guys towards June. She giggled, almost scoffed, as if insulted. She grabbed one in each hand, manoeuvred them so they were facing her and played with the two of them.

"Who's going to be hard first?" she said. The only prize in the competition was to be the first to wear a condom, which turned out to be the passport to her mouth.

Dan retrieved his wine glass, filled it and stood back to watch. The big guy was taking his time, working in and out of Mandy, letting her stretch up a little at a time. This guy was bigger than Ray so he guessed she was getting what she wanted. Her head turned a little one way and another as she tried to keep Bob in her mouth and see what the man in her cunt was doing. He was working his cock into her with a  degree of sensitivity, watching her face to pace how hard he thrust.

One of the other guys dropped to his knees alongside Mandy's left side and took her nipple into his mouth, nibbling and almost chewing on it with some enthusiasm.

For a moment Dan could relax. Mandy was being taken care of, allowing him to get his breath back and begin to pay attention to June. There ought to be music, he thought, something to fill the gaps between June slurping and Mandy moaning. He remembered where the machine was and in a moment had some cool jazz to add to the bohemian mix. Time to rev June up a little.

The big guy was done with Mandy so he marshalled the next two, persuaded Bob to take a rest and plugged the two erect cocks that June had prepared into both ends of Mandy, he disengaged the tit sucker and nudged him over to June, wiped her hair back from her forehead, smiled at her and hit the button for the front vibrator and then out of wickedness and bravado hit her with a little shock in the rear. He saw her jump and pushed the guy's arse as she did, so his condom covered cock disappeared down her throat. He turned away, feeling guilty as fast as he felt excited and handed Bob a drink.

"How does it feel to be out of that cage?"

Bob laughed. "Weird, kind of. The first few days I notice it all the time and then it kind of settles in. I know it's there but it feels sort of reassuring."

"So you miss it when it comes off?"

"Yeah, I know it's crazy but yeah, feels odd without it."

"So how many days before that happens?"

"A couple of nights I guess."

"And does it make you more randy?"

"Sure, so long as she teases, I mean if she ignores me it goes kind of dead after a while and I start to resent it, start thinking what's the point."

Dan smiled, patted him on the back. "Well you're out now and you're getting your turn."

"Can June suck me?"

"You liked it before?"

"She was amazing and she was right about everything."

"Got some of your own back on Ray?"


"Mandy still loves big cocks though, you'll have to keep your act together."

"Oh I know. She'll still cuckold me, but with less mockery.," he grinned sheepishly at Dan. "What are you trying to do to June?"

Dan stopped, glanced at June and suddenly felt terribly guilty. What was he trying to do?

"Kind of the opposite of what Mandy does to you."

"Revenge for New York?"

Dan turned away, heading back towards the fridge, not daring to look at June as he said it.

"Not exactly revenge. It's a game really, I'm evening the score. We need to find out."

"You know what's going to happen."


"Mandy will want to punish her."

"For what?"

"The excuse will be stealing some of the cum she should have."

"But really?"

"Mandy is a complicated person." Bob poured himself another glass. "She likes what June did for us, wising me up and showing her what a shit she let Ray talk her into being. She likes it but…"

"But it hurt?" Dan finished the sentence.

"Yeah, something like that.  Will you be able to cope?"

Would he? Dan looked back towards June, now with one of the larger cocks down her throat and the other in her hand. Did he have to let it happen? He knew for sure that he would hate it. I should warn her, he thought, but was it too late already? The two guys with smaller cocks were still enthusiastically fucking both ends of Mandy who looked far gone and was lapping it up. The one in her cunt was playing with her clit, winding her up to another orgasm.

"Have you been keeping count," he said to Bob, trying to distract himself.

"She's come three times so far I think. She's getting to the stage where she doesn't know what's happening, kind of one continuous orgasm. Look at the sweat running off her."

"When are you going to fuck her?"

"I'm not sure. It's taking a risk."

Dan put an arm around Bob, making sure he was facing away from the others.

"You'd better unpack that."

"She'll compare me with the others and remind me. She's very good at knowing how to get the best leverage. If I stick to blowjobs she can't complain about me being too small, I can hit the back of her throat and that's far enough. I'd like to take June's mouth, she knows some things that Mandy doesn't."

"I think there's one more in the queue." For a moment Dan remembered that he was supposed to be organising access to Mandy. He turned and observed that the last cock was being sucked to perfection by June and the previous one, suitably covered in rubber was fucking Mandy with enthusiasm while one of the previous customers was using her mouth. Was Mandy still up for double penetration he wondered? Looking around the room it seemed that two of the early performers looked like they were spent and another seemed more interested in drinking.

Dan circulated around the group with a bottle to top up any empty glasses. The last of the big cocks was sounding as though he was about to come, so Dan pulled June to her feet and kissed her then spun her around to hold her from behind and play with her nipples, making her face Mandy.

"Do you think she's had enough?" he whispered.

"She ought to have all holes at once, to round it off."

A glance around the room showed two large hard cocks but the rest were spent.

"You need to wind up Bob again."

"Or you." The voice in his ear was so soft he hardly heard her. In his mind it ought to be Bob, or at least that was what he thought at that minute.  He signalled towards Bob and soon had June back on her knees getting Bob hard. The next move was to round up the two best looking cocks to get ready to service Mandy. As the last of the first round withdrew he helped Mandy to her feet, gave her a drink and held her.

"Well done. How are you feeling?"

"Flying but kind of wiped."

"Okay, what you need now is a three hole fuck to finish off. Take a moment to drink while I get it organised." He kissed her, tweaked her nipples and stood back to smile at her. "You make a hell of a slut."

He turned to the smaller of the two that were ready. "Can I have you on your back on the bed so she can come on top?"

The guy was on the bed in one urgent movement, his cock standing almost upright as he held it in his hand at the ready.

"Okay Mandy," he said. "Now for the real treat. Climb on that cock and enjoy the rest."

He glanced quickly at the other guy to check that he was ready and caught a glimpse of Bob out of the corner of his eye. There was something about his posture, the way he was moving, the concentration on his face. Damn, he thought, he's going to pull out and cum all over June and then Mandy will want to punish her. That's what she said wasn't it? Get them hard but all the cum is for me, if they cum on you you get punished. Bob was trying to set June up, to give Mandy one more treat.

"No way," he muttered. He turned quickly to the waiting and very erect volunteer.

"Fuck her arse," he said. "I'll do the other end."

Watching Bob he waited until he saw the moment and as Bob withdrew he had his hand ready, catching what Bob produced, making sure that not a drop hit June.

"Not on my watch old son," he said to Bob and pulled June upright. "Don't let him touch you."

He turned rapidly and got to Mandy just as the second cock was pushing at her narrow hole, awash with lube it was slipping in without a problem. He waited until Mandy moaned and filled her mouth in one movement. As he face fucked her, feeling anger for the first time he wiped his filled hand all over her face and hair.

"A present from Bob," he said, laughing as his cock hit the back of her throat. He could see June, who'd obviously cottoned on to Bob's plot. She moved behind him, kissing the back of his neck, chewing his ear and no doubt whispering something interesting as she held his cock with her other hand, pushing him forward until he was hard up against the bodies working his wife into an organic bliss.

"Kiss her," June said, forcing Bob to his knees and keeping his face alongside Mandy's cheek where all he could do was watch Dan's cock ruining her throat.

What Mandy thought or felt had ceased to matter, all three holes were being used for the satisfaction of the cocks using them. She could feel her body shake as one orgasm after another swept over her but that didn't matter. Even her moans were muffled by the cock gagging her throat.

June watched, a little envious it has to be said and smiling when Dan had the presence of mind to nudge the vibrators under her chastity belt into more vigorous action.  Even with that stimulus June paid attention, watching Mandy's eyes and colour, making sure that she didn't choke or come to harm. Once or twice she reached out to Dan and made him pull back a little.

Dan, seeing what June was doing let himself relax, tried to forget that this was supposed to be some kind of torture for June and concentrated on getting himself up the hill, getting ready to spurt all over Mandy's face, and, when it finally happened making sure that Bob got his share.

It couldn't go on forever and eventually all three of her penetrators were spent. Leaving Mandy a quivering heap, tended to by Bob, the two guys turned to June demanding a clean up. After a glance at Dan she shook her head and used wipes rather than her mouth and then shooed them out of the door. She collected Dan and dragged him away. When they were outside Dan stopped her.


He turned on his phone, flicked through some apps and showed her the picture. "The GoPro's still in there."

"You'd better go back and get it."

"Not yet."


"I want to see what they say. Did you realise Bob was trying to set you up?"

"For what?"

"For some sort of punishment from Mandy. He was going to spunk all over you and she said it had to be all for her."

"You've kind of ruined your game."

"Come again?"

"I thought this was all about me being punished, and then you decided to rescue me."

“It’s our game, I’m not having anyone else punishing you.  I’d better go back and get my stuff.”

Two minutes later Dan was back with his bag and ten minutes later they listened to a little of Bob explaining to an exhausted Mandy how he’d hoped to set June up to be whipped.

“Never mind love,” said Mandy, “just as well. I haven’t got the energy.

“Good solution all round, “ said June. “You rescued me and Bob’s in Mandy’s good books.. Are you going to let me out now of this thing now?”

“No. Not yet, it’s only eight hours..”

“All night?”

Dan nodded and waved the remote at her.

“That eighteen hour thing?”

“Let’s see how frustrated you get, and anyway, there's one hole I can use and plenty of battery life in the others.”

end of episode 11


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