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Touch me pretty please

Wife teases husband on a long car ride

It was a warm late Spring morning and I was finishing up packing for a weekend away with Chris, we were heading up to his father's cabin for our two year wedding anniversary. We have been together for almost five years and the thought of being in a cabin with him with no distractions all weekend still made my stomach flutter in anticipation. 

Chris had woken up hours before me and was busy packing everything we would need for a romantic weekend away. He was very secretive about his plans and wouldn't let me in on them, however, I saw calls to the florist and my favorite bakery on his phone. Since no one would deliver where we were going he would need to pack all of these things before leaving the city.

I couldn't help but smile thinking of him and his big strong hands arranging flowers and lighting candles. My mind then slowly drifted to his broad shoulders, thick dark curly hair clear green eyes and his 6 foot frame and I wanted him like I had wanted him the first time I saw him 5 years ago. Thinking of how  long  the drive was going to be and how long I'd have to wait to feel his hands on my body gave me an idea for an early anniversary gift. 

I quickly changed out of the yoga pants and t-shirt I was wearing and into a short white lace mini skirt and yellow button down top with a bright pink thong and bra set. As I stood there admiring myself in the mirror and formulating my plan the ache for Chris' hands became stronger my nipples were visible through my shirt and I didn't need to check to know my pussy my soaking wet.

I quickly picked up my bags and headed to the car, Chris was busy checking the tire pressure before we headed out on the five and a half hour drive. He looked up as I walked up and I noticed his jaw drop for a second as he regained his composure. I purposefully bent down to check my bag knowing he could see my pink thong peeking out through my ultra short skirt, I then quickly got into the car and waited.

In a few moments Chris was in the car talking about what music i'd like to listen to as he began to drive. I couldn't help  but keep replaying  the look on his face, when he saw me walk out. Knowing he wanted me made me even hotter than I already was. I waited for a red light on an empty street, and kissed him first soft and slow then harder stroking his tongue with mine, as I slide my hand down his rock hard chest I realized that I wasn't the only one turned on. The light turned green and I pulled away there was fire in his bright green eyes now as his right hand slowly slid up my thigh and past my skirt. I stopped his hand this was my teasing game not his. 

Each time his eyes shifted onto the road I undid another button, we were on the highway now surrounded by cars and all but the middle button of my shirt were undone. We drove listening to the radio making small talk while Chris ran his hand dangerously up my leg close to my aching pussy and I felt him get harder.

I shifted in my seat turning toward him and spreading my legs open just a little bit as if by accident just as traffic was slowing down. He did not miss his opportunity and edged higher and closer till he felt the wetness running down my inner thigh and I watched him lick his lips. I slowly shifted back to my seat. Teasing him was driving me crazy. He slowly ran his hand up my shirt and began to knead my breast now in full view of the cars around us. I let out a moan he laughed and pulled back, now he's teasing me, we'll see about that, I slowly reached down and slid my soaked thong off and casually placed it on his lap. At the sight of this he slid his hand back up my skirt and opened my legs. Feeling my soaked drenched pussy he quickly exited the highway. 

Chris took every opportunity to kiss me and tease me as we drove down the dirt roads of the small town we had entered. He drove up a hill and onto an even smaller dirt road that looked as if it hadn't seen a car in days. He found a shady hidden spot under a tree and parked.

It felt as if the moment the car stopped Chris' lips were on mine, my body ached from his touch. He had taken my game turned it against me. I was putty in his hands. He kissed deep and long as he took my shirt off then my bra. It was thrilling to sit in the car in nothing but a skirt while he sat there fully clothed.

He kissed his way slowly to my left nipple and teased it with his tongue, nibbled, and sucked on it causing me to moan and begin to lose control. I slowly pushed him to his seat and undid his belt. His rock hard fully erect dick came shooting out as soon as I opened his zipper. I slowly licked it up and down then up again like an ice cream cone and heard Chris inhale deep and satisfied.

I then took the head into my mouth sucked on it as he exhaled and let out a small moan. I took him deep into my mouth as he pulled my hair. I knew that the teasing games had done its job and he didn't need much time to cum. As I flicked my tongue over his dick taking the entire shaft into my mouth, I reached under his shirt and ran my nails down his chest, knowing how much he loved that. I felt him become harder and twitch in my mouth which only turned me on more.

Just as I thought he was about to cum into my mouth he pulled his dick out my mouth and told me to get on his lap. I happily jumped on, my hard nipples in his mouth and his long hard dick thick inside my pussy. It was my turn, I rode him deep slow and long enjoying the sensation loving every inch of it then as the feeling took over I couldn't help  but speed up.

His hips met mine as I bit his neck. He pulled my hair, both of  us completely forgetting where we were. Our rhythm became harder, faster, deeper till I couldn't catch my breath. His arms around me were getting tighter as mine lost all control. I felt the orgasm rush through my body. I let out a loud throaty moan as I felt his warm juices flow into me.

We stayed in that position for a few minutes enjoying each others presence and regaining our composure before we drove again, after all its a very long drive and we had just started


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