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Why I Love to Explore You

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The Art of exploring

Why I love to explore you





          Sometimes, I sense that we both are so horny and just want to make mad passionate love to each other and to forgo the formalities of foreplay. Every so often, I get the urge to undress you and devour you like a main dish on a silver platter with all the trimmings my dear.


          Please forgive me if I use words of a vulgar nature or the way my composition comes out, I never thought I would write so much in my later years of life and not have good grades in English, so please forgive me if I use slang and it burns your ears, am just being myself.


          Ever since I could remember my first taste of a woman, I could never get enough, never! I reflect on my past as a journey towards making that one woman mine through the use of techniques that I was taught by another woman long ago. That in it self is another story left for another time though, so let’s begin this in the bedroom shall we.


          Even though a man always has his tools to perform his job in the bedroom with a woman, I must insist that I gather up my own special tools here.


1.        A large glass of Ice Water filled with, what else, Ice Cubes!

2.      A Feather, just one feather is all I need.

3.      One of those furry things that dust blinds, a hand held one.

4.      And last but not least, a vibrating egg with remote.



Now, let’s prepare you for an Exquisite night of Pleasure that means pampering time. I draw you a nice Hot, but not too hot a bath that will burn or cause you discomfort. I have added 2 bath bombs that fizzle when dropped in the water, so I ask that you get comfortable as they begin there magic. I pour you a glass of wine of your choice and have lit some candles and turned on some pleasing soothing music to relax you. As you lay in the tub water, I begin to wash your legs and feet with moisturizing soap that has your fragrance to your liking. I lean inward and with my hands, I glide them all over your body and tantalize you by my exploitations, I slip my fingers between your legs and lightly run them through your lips of your vulva, as gently as I can, I tease your clitoris and this causes you to raise your pussy upwards out of the water, trying to grasp my fingers and I say” Does that please you my darling?”, of course it does you silly goose!


          Since you washed your hair last night, I guess we will forgo washing it this time. I help you out of the bath and turn on the blow dryer I have hidden from you, with your back turned I begin to softly let the blow dryer do its thing, with your back and the back of your legs dried, I have you sit on the toilet with its seat down and ask that you relax a bit sipping your glass of wine while I tend to you. For this next part in my pampering you, I place a sleep mask that’s been cooled somewhat before hand over your eyes. I guide the blow dryer across your feet getting them dried and then start upwards. I have you spread your legs open for me and I run the blow dryer over the insides of them, as I get closer to your pussy, I feel you tensing up somewhat so I try my best not to linger to much longer in the area “We don’t want you to get too excited now do we?”


          I guess I should tell you that there are 2 reasons for the eye mask, 1. It soothes your tried eyes and 2. It hides what am about to do to you at this stage in your pampering night. I grasp the glass of Ice water and take in an ice cube and hold it in my mouth and then, here comes the good part darling where you’re surprised.


          I lean forward towards your pussy and open my mouth and enclose as much as you as I can and let the ice cube touch your clitoris and the insides of your cunt, I think at about this time you grab my head with both hands and force my head as deep inside your pussy as you can and I feel your shuddering from a climax that maybe and hopefully never had felt before. As you climax, I hold on to your hips and try as hard as I can to hold me tight against you and drink your essence, I reach upwards with one hand and begin to kneed one of your breast until your nipple is hard and poking straight outward.


          I can feel you calm down somewhat from the intense pleasure and you release me and stroke my hair with your hands, I then drink from the glass of water once again and take in another ice cube. As I gently massage your pussy with my fingers, my mouth travels upwards and grasp one of your breast and I let the ice cube linger over the nipple and this causes you to stiffen up and once again you grab me and force my head tightly against you. I switch from one breast to the other and give each a good licking and a tantalizing cold feeling of the ice cube.


End of Part One







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