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A Smooth Operator

A call she will never forget ...
Smooth Operator ….

So it was just another boring day as phone sex professional. Horny guys (and sometimes gals) calling me all day just wanting to stroke that cock and go. If I do my job right and take enough calls I can make 100 a day with my voice. My little girl voice that every man wants to hear screaming for daddy to fuck me. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy … my panties are so wet daddy …. mmmm my pussy is so hot daddy mmmmm Booooorrrriiiiinnnggggg! Every guy wants a certain fantasy girl that is a given. Me, I don’t feel I am any guys fantasy in real life. I have been down that road in the past, married 3 times and divorced 3 times. I have been working on myself in the gym and have gotten back down to my high school weight of 135lbs. My butt was looking good for 40 and I had used some of my “hard earned” dollars to get pampered over the weekend so I was hairless from head to toe for the first time ever and feeling pretty darn sexy. Got my hair done too!

As the phone rings for probably the 10th time today I was in the middle of my cig and not really wanting to answer it. I had just gotten out of the shower though and was feeling all nice and clean … figured why not? So I hopped into my recliner in front of my TV, muted the volume, took a deep breath & then lifted the receiver to my ear.

“Hi baby … what can I do for you tonight?” …. first I only heard soft breathing on the line … great I think yet another call where I have to do all the work & guess what this fucker wants. “Hmmmm baby you the quiet type? Mmmm my nipples are so pink and tiny .. it’s a little cold tonight though mmmm you like perky nipples baby?” My nipples were actually cold and were in taunt little pink points … I absent mindedly caressed my breasts while I waited for the guy to speak but I was NOT prepared for what happened when he did. I have been doing this job for far too long and heard everything you can possibly think of in this line of work. You always have to expect the unexpected.

As I rolled my eyes & pinched my right nipple I finally heard him speak … “Hi” … fucking HI was all he said but that VOICE! OMG For the love of god I had never heard a voice that sexy … I actually felt myself get a little aroused and damn from FUCKING HI! WTF?

“Ummmmm Hi,” I managed to croak out, feeling flustered and unprepared as nothing like this had ever happened to me. I had always been a sucker for a sexy deep male voice but DAMN!

“You sound very sexy,” he whispered, “but I didn’t call for me …. I called … for you.” His voice trailing off to a whisper as I notice I am squeezing my breasts almost painfully. “Thank you but what can I do for you honey?” I ask softly my voice sounding like it does after great sex, very husky, my right hand now drifting lower as my robe opens …. just barely touching my thigh … the feeling almost electric.

“Touch yourself where I tell you … imagine your fingers being my mouth, my lips, my tongue …. my COCK!” With those words I almost lost it … LOST IT ….my clit went to rock hard status and I will be damned if I almost heard my pussy cry out. This guys voice was literally fucking magic OMG what is going on???? “Whhaa” was all I could get out of my mouth it was almost like I was on a giant sex high. I was high with lust & wanting.

I don’t even remember everything he said. We talked for 10 minutes? 10 years? I feel it went on and on forever with me hardly saying a word. I think I moaned and groaned the whole time. I could not stop touching myself. I did absolutely everything he said and every touch from my own hands felt so wonderful. No man (or woman for that matter) had ever gotten me so aroused. I was so wet the juices were running down into the recliner. When all was said and done I lay there against my recliner in an orgasmic stupor. I orgasmed so many times I couldn’t even keep track.

I had cum so hard my back was actually hurting and my pussy lips were raw and on fire like I had sex with an entire football team or something. I noticed my remote was on the floor and it appeared to be covered in my cum. OMG what just happened? I couldn’t remember doing that! As I looked around the room I noticed a lot of things were knocked to the ground as if I had been struggling with someone! The remote was not the only thing I appeared to have “used” on myself. I saw broken candlesticks, my hairbrush, a back scratcher, and a long thick flashlight. NO WONDER I WAS SORE!

I have never had another call like that but I hope that one day … he calls me back!

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