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After hours in the lab

this is my first story, please rate and comment! :)

Her Professor's just left and told her to tidy up the lab for him. She's feeling hot and horny from seeing his equally hot bod the whole day and not being able to touch him... Just thinking about him gets her dripping wet...  She's wearing her white lab coat, but under that, she could be mistaken for a whore in that tight, short outfit.

A tight halter top that hugged her C-38 breasts jealously and a micro mini skirt that left nothing to the imagination. But under that... that's where the story was... No bra, and a set of crotch less panties...

She'd been hoping that Professor J. would've taken the hint and just slammed her on the desk and fucked her senseless like he'd done to the history teacher. She slammed a basket of beakers onto the desk so hard they clattered. She was sexually frustrated and her wet pussy lips rubbing against each other made her feel all the more uncomfortable.

As though they had a mind of their own, her fingers moved towards the crotch of her skirt and she started rubbing herself, watching as a wet patch formed over the gray skirt's surface. She turned around and sat on top of the desk, spreading her legs. The micro mini rode up her long, luscious legs and revealed her wet pussy exposed by her crotch less panties. She immediately started rubbing herself, using one hand to play with her small, pink clit and she took three fingers from her other hand and started pumping them into her tight passage way.  More of her juices were leaking out of her tight hole and onto her skirt and the desk.

She moaned softly, and her fingers increased their pace. She used her fingernails to lightly pinch her clit and she slipped another finger inside her, pumping her fingers into her cunt faster... and faster...

in... out.... in.... out... she could feel them stretching her, her pace getting more and more frantic... her moans getting louder and louder... but she didn't care... she wanted someone to find her finger-fucking herself in Professor J's lab.

Her wish came true... right outside the lab, there was a senior watching her through the crack in the door. His cock got harder and harder in his pants and he felt rather uncomfortable. He watched as sweat trickled down her tanned belly and her head was thrown back in ecstasy, her moans becoming louder and louder...

He watched her buck her hips and his eyes were now totally fixed on her gaping cunt... so wet... so tantalising.... he imagined his hard dick sliding in and out of her tight hole... imagining her cunt muscles sucking at his cock. One of her hands left her cunt and went up to her pert tits, she used her thumb and index finger to tug on one of her erect nipples, and she gasped, her hips bucking... he could tell she was close to cumming.

Then, a nasty idea went through his mind.

He pulled out his phone and turned on the video function, and he taped the whole thing... the girl in the lab finger fucking herself, screaming at the top of her voice as her juices poured out of her cunt hole.


She was still on the table pleasuring herself, totally oblivious to who was just outside the door. She could feel herself going to cum soon and her legs spread even wider. She was lying on the table by now... feet on it's two corners... legs spread wide open as her fingers continued to go in and out of her hungry, horny hole.

Then, she came...

it wasn't like anything she'd ever felt before... She let out a scream, and her pussy fired a jet of hot cum straight out of her and onto the floor in front of the desk. She squirted another time, then it stopped... the waves of pleasure making her vision black out for a moment. Her head fell backwards onto the table and she panted hard... it was so intense... so hot...

He couldn't believe what he'd just seen... this nasty bitch just squirted onto the floor and she was lying on the table with her legs still wide open. His cock was throbbing so bad now, he thought he might blow a load if he touched it. He had the whole thing caught on film, and the idea of it made his cock get bigger and harder, if that was possible. He didn't dare go in and act on his impulse to fuck the dirty bitch hard because at that moment, he heard footsteps coming towards him. He ducked into a nearby toilet, knowing the consequences of getting caught out of bed after hours.

He wondered what would happen to the girl... if she would get caught. He gave a low groan at the idea... he was getting a serious case of blueballs by now. A rather random thought crossed his mind- could a man die from the pain of blue balls? He choked back a laugh at that and squelched the thought.

Sticking his head out of the toilet to check if the coast was clear, he walked back towards the  lab to check if the girl was still there. She wasn't. He felt very disappointed... but he had a feeling that she would be back the next night...

And he would be there to help her out...

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