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Alone after dinner

Erika and Peter relieve themselves in more ways than one

I was starting to like Peter more and more. I came on this ski trip fully intending to hook up with a boy and Peter was a nice choice. He was, like me, a virgin and as interested in exploring my body as I was in his. We had made out last night, spent the day together, and showered together before dinner. I smiled remembering how quickly he "spurted" when I took his penis into my mouth in the shower. I warmed remembering how his naked body looked and how pleasantly different it was than mine. His smooth chest and torso going down to narrow hips. His seemingly always erect penis, the softness of his balls. His muscular legs. Kissing and feeling him was wonderful. Peter had taken me to orgasm twice with his hand on and in my pussy. It had felt wonderful to be held in his arms as I reached orgasm. I was trying to decide if I should "go all the way" with Peter. Should he be the one I let enter me for the first time?

I had kissed him goodnight after dinner and quickly retired to my room. I'm sure he was a bit disappointed but he had hugged me and said goodnight. Alone in my room I had quickly stripped down to my bra and panties and ran to the bathroom. I had to piss badly.

I pulled my panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I spread my labia with two fingers and began to pee. I relaxed as my bladder emptied and started thinking of him. What would his penis feel like inside me? Would his penis or his energetic thrusts hurt? How would it feel when he spurted inside me? Would all his cum fit? My groin tingled as I finished, patted, and pulled up my panties.

I stood in my room in my bra and panties. I patted my abdomen absently while I considered the warmth in my groin. Was I going to masturbate so soon after making out with Peter? Yes, I thought as I laid down on the bed. I felt my bra with one hand and the crotch of my panties with the other. I smiled, I hadn't masturbated too frequently in high school, but I had figured out what worked for me. At first my pussy was very sensitive and I preferred to stroke my labia gently with my panties still on. Then as I came closer to orgasm, I could take off the panties or reach under them and stroke my labia directly with my fingers and begin to rub my clitoral hood more and more roughly until I reached orgasm. I had explored the inside of my vagina, but having my finger inside didn't really add to my pleasure.

I smiled, here I was with a boy to make out with this weekend, but I was going to  masturbate alone in my in bed. I would be leaving out this detail when I told my girlfriends about my erotic adventures with Peter. I spread my legs wider as I rubbed my covered pussy and felt the moisture seep through the cotton. When I had stroked Peter's penis last night, I had started gently, assuming that he needed a build up to a rougher rub like I did. I was wrong, it seemed that guys needed a firm rough grip right out of the gate. Apparently, squeezing hard and stroking fast was the best way to pleasure for a guy. Odd that it was so different from what I longed for. I thought about his erect penis as I rubbed my labia and started to move my other hand over more of my body. I started by caressing my stomach, my breasts, my other arm, and my face and neck. Through the thick material of my bra I felt the harness of my nipples interrupt the softness of my breasts. My whole body felt wonderful and the warmth in my groin continued to grow.

I thought about Peter's orgasm last night, how his cum had shot through the air. Not just once but several times. How dramatic a boy's orgasm could be. I reached under my panties and began to rub my clitoral hood with urgency. I thought about the feeling of his penis pulsing again and again in my mouth as his cum shot out of it and slid down my throat. I reached under the material of my bra and pinched my nipple as hard as I could. It was like my nipple was wired to my pussy and pleasure began to explode in my groin. I closed my eyes as I reached orgasm. My legs squeezed together around my hand and I continued to pinch my nipple as waves of pleasure washed over my body. Tension drained out of my body and I laid for several minutes basking in the pleasure of my body. Soon, I fixed my underwear and covered up to go to sleep.

I went to sleep satiated and thoughts of Peter running through my head.


I told Erika goodnight and quickly returned to my room and locked the door. I needed to pee badly. We had talked too long at dinner and I had drunk far too much. My penis had been hard all through dinner as I looked at her beautiful face and remembered touching her body earlier in the shower. I was a bit embarrassed at how quickly I had cum when she wrapped her lips around my penis in the shower. The view of her beautiful face around my penis had just been too much. Just thinking about it was too much and the urgency in my groin increased. I tossed my clothes onto the floor and ran to the bathroom in just my briefs.

I pulled down my briefs and let my semi-erect penis drop out. I held my shaft and started to pee. The relief felt wonderful and I closed my eyes. My steam splashed energetically into the toilet. My penis became more and more erect as my thoughts turned to Erika until my stream cutoff. I sighed. There was no way I was going to be able to finish without reaching orgasm. I grabbed my shaft hard and started stroking quickly. I felt warm pee dribble out of the tip of my penis and over my hand. I thought of Erika's body, her breasts, her pussy.

I walked out of the bathroom and toward the bed. I stroked while I walked and my penis grew harder in my firm grip. I used my other hand to softly caress my balls. As I laid down, I pushed my shaft down against my abdomen so that the skin of my balls stretched tight on each up-stroke. The pleasure I felt increased with each stroke.

I liked Erika a lot and she was a great girl, I liked talking to her and I liked listening to her. It seemed a bit odd to me that so soon after making out with her I needed to masturbate so urgently, but my body was insistent. Touching Erika's body had awoken an almost primeval need deep within me that wasn't satisfied. As I stroked, I remembered how much I had enjoyed kissing her and touching her body. It surprised me that the most shockingly erotic thing about her to me was her smell. I closed my eyes. She had smelled wonderful when we made out. My strokes quickened. Her scent had clouded my head in a daze as we touched. My toes curled and I groaned as I reached orgasm. Hot cum pulsed up and out of my penis to splash onto my body. I felt warm drops hit my right cheek, my lips, my shoulder, and my abdomen. I stopped stoking as my penis became sensitive and just gripped it firmly as its pulses subsided. I uncurled my toes and released my grip on my shaft. Tension drained out of my body and I laid for several minutes basking in the pleasure of my body.

I felt a wet drop. Looking down my body I noticed that my semi-erect penis was dripping onto my abdomen. I jumped up, and ran to the bathroom to shower myself off. In the shower my need to pee reemerged and I enjoyed a long pee in the shower.

I went to sleep satiated and thoughts of Erika running through my head.

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