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An Affair to Remember - Part One

The beginning
I had just left college and got my first job working for a bank in the city of London. It was my sixth month into my new life and I was already fed up with the commute into town. I was living in Maidenhead at the time sharing a flat with two mates from college, none of us could afford a place of our own. The trains were packed tighter than a tin of sardines, they were hot and to be honest a little smelly. The sent of heavy perfumes and aftershaves mixed with sweat is not pleasant.

I'd been a bit geeky at college so never had much luck with the ladies. This was all to change after meeting the Lady!
Most of the commuters were business types in their forties or twenty something personal assistants way out of my League. The influx of women into the city had as yet not started.

It all started normally with a crowded train platform; the train pulled in and the doors opened. The surge forward, the hopeful looks for a seat and disappointment; all seats taken. I found myself pressed into the back of the carriage with my back against the wall with nowhere to move. The next two stations came and went with little notice paid by me. I had quickly discovered a book was the easiest way to pass the time.

I slowly became aware of a wonderful perfume, it seemed to come from everywhere and was creeping up on me like a slinky fog. Not the usual cheap muck, I thought. This smelt wonderful right to the back of my throat. I looked out from my book and down slightly. There was a very beautiful face looking back at me. She was stunning, aged fortyish, dark brown hair with eyes you could dive right into. My throat went dry, but shyness and British reserve took over and I said nothing. The next stop arrived and the surge pushed in.

The lady had turned around to face the onslaught and was pushed tight, arse against my crotch. Calm down, I thought, you have forty-five minutes before you have to get off. As the train swayed and bounced I was being pushed up against the lady. Horror dawned on me. My cock was responding. This was simply not done and I was expecting a slap or a scream. However, to my surprise I swore I felt her push back. I checked it by pulling away as much as the train wall would let me, but no, that bum pushed back against my hardening cock. The lady just looked back over her shoulder and smiled, put a finger to her lips to mime a shush sound.

After a while I was as hard as a rock and getting uncomfortable, after all my cock was being squeezed between two very taught bum cheeks. The lady must have worked out and I was having very erotic day dreams. I was brought out of my dream when I felt a hand slide between her bum and my cock. I jumped a bit but she looked back and smiled, so I thought okay let's see where this goes.

She lowered my zip and slid a hand in and got over my boxers. Her hand was soft and very nimble; I felt her fingers grip my cock and then move up and down inside my boxers with slow even strokes. Her hand and fingers played with my cock, pulling my foreskin down and caressing the knob.

I was being wanked on a packed commuter train and loved it. She built up the rhythm without alerting our fellow commuters. I was trying hard not to move or make a sound and after a while I came in her hand. She somehow zipped me up and there I was looking down at the back of her head, when she then sucked two of her fingers in to her mouth.

The train arrived at Paddington and the doors opened. Before I knew it she was gone.

I went to the station bathroom to check my appearance and shall we say make sure no evidence was visible.

I thought that was it and went to the office with a big stupid grin on my face.

Little did I know!

To be continued.

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