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IM flirting lead to phone sex at work

Yahoo! Messenger alert. My heart leaps and I grab my phone.

“Take it out . Right now. And touch yourself”

She knows I will. If she tells me to I can’t refuse her. I stand up and walk over to my office door, swinging it closed. Only the large window behind me now, but I’ll have my back to that. I sit down again behind my desk and brush my hand over the bulge in my neat, dark grey suit trousers. My cock is very hard already. I always – always – get hard when she tells me how naughty she has been or the sexy things she wants to do to me. But this time is different. She told me a little while ago that she is sitting at her desk wearing a medium length, fairly modest and sensible pencil skirt, but underneath she has hold-up black stockings and a skimpy black lace G-string. And about ten minutes ago she confessed she had pulled her hemline up and started to play with herself through her panties. A flurry of messages later and I know she has pulled her panties to one side and is rubbing her soaking wet little pussy right there at her desk. Good job her boss is out.

I slide my zip down. Slowly. Nervously. Even though my door is closed someone could knock. Or not even knock! My right hand eases into my trousers and traces the outline of my swollen cock in my trunks, then my thumb moves over the head and feels the damp patch from my slippery pre-cum soaking through the cotton already. Good God, she does something to me! I withdraw my hand and unfasten my belt and the button. Next I pop the bottom few buttons on my shirt – I think this is going to get messy! With thumbs in my waistband I ease the trunks and trousers down my thighs a little. Shit – am I really going to do this? As I look down I can see I am swollen and red, a glistening dew-drop of precum at my tip. I brush it away with my thumb and instinctively lick the sweet treat like I know she would if she were there between my thighs.

I picture her, chair pulled very close to her desk, right hand under her desk and leaning forward slightly, pretending to look at something on her screen. Her fingers are slippery as she circles her engorged clit, strumming it lightly yet firmly beneath her skirt. She knows how very naughty she is being but she is achingly horny and the relief from her fingers feels so good. She told me she watched the video – my video – before she left for work and that it had made her slippery. I suddenly find myself stroking my cock at the image of her touching herself. I message her back describing what I have done so far.

Moments later another BUZZ.

“That is so bad. You are such a naughty boy. I am dripping wet and I have two fingers inside my pussy. Are you going to make yourself cum?”

I ask her if she wants me to, but I already know the answer. She loves the feeling of power she has over me. I don’t want to make myself come, though – what I really want is for her to do it; I want her in my office wearing just her panties, stockings and heels, and on her knees between my thighs. Sucking firmly and moving her head up and down my shaft steadily, one hand cupping and softly caressing my smooth-shaved balls, and the other hand rubbing her clit. I want to watch her. I want to watch her giving me a sensual, achingly slow blowjob. I would force myself to keep my eyes open the whole time, even as I am erupting into her sexy mouth because I want to watch her gulp and swallow every last drop of my cum. And I particularly want to watch her as she makes herself come with her fingers – so taboo, forbidden and the dirty, yet incredibly sexy when she does it in front of me.

But she is so far away and my thoughts track back to her in her office with her sticky fingers inside herself.

BUZZ. “Yes. Right there; at your desk. Please, do it for me…”

I reply straight away. I tell her to cum for me first and then I will. I instruct her to go to the ladies room, take her phone and to tell me when she is there so I can call her.

Long minutes go by. I stroke my hard length and imagine where she is and if she will do it. I picture her sitting on the closed lid of the ladies loo, her thighs spread wide and her thumb strumming her clit and her fingers inside her pussy. I find myself close to cumming at the thought of her enforced depravity.

BUZZ. “Ok. I am there. I am so very wet already. This won’t take long. What shall I do?”.

Trembling slightly I find her number and dial. It doesn’t even ring.

”Hello?”. I love the sound of her voice, hushed and sexily husky. I take charge.

“Just listen. Don’t say anything at all. I am going to talk to you as though I was there with you, and we were sitting in a hotel room. Picture yourself sitting on the edge of the bed with me sitting behind you – naked – and you have just arrived. You are wearing exactly what you have on right now. It is dark. I am whispering in your ear and reaching around and touching you, refusing to fully undress you until you make yourself come for me. You can feel my cock hard against your back. You feel me lift up your blouse and slide it over your head. You stand for me to unbutton your skirt and you shimmy it down your hips”

I hear her groan.

“Now you feel my cock directly against your skin and it feels burning hot. My hands move to your tits and I brush your hard nipples through your bra. My hands feel slightly rough but strong. I whisper in your ear. Tell me how wet you are, you little minx. Are your panties soaked through yet? Did you sit on the train on your way to work and make yourself wet at the thought of what I am going to do to you today? I bet you left a little damp patch on the seat, didn’t you? Did it turn you on thinking about what a naughty girl you are going to be for me? The bad things I am going to do, and make you do?”

I hear one breathy word.


“Pull your panties to one side and slip your fingers inside. Two fingers. Wow, I can hear how wet you are. Push them inside. Right up inside. Yes like that. I am going to sit here talking to you while you make yourself come for me. Then I am going to come all over you. I am going to treat you like the bad girl that only I know you are. I am going to use you all evening. I am going to fuck you really hard, eat your juicy little pussy, come in your mouth and in your pussy, I might even fuck your tight little ass today. I am going to send you home tonight exhausted”.

Another word.


I am stroking my cock quite quickly now and the pre-cum has made my swollen head slick and slippery. I can hear you’re breathing in short rasping gasps, so continue.

“You’re rubbing your little clit now, aren’t you? You are such a horny girl. You can feel how hard I am for you. And you feel one of my hands move around and grab my cock. I am stroking my cock for you. I am so very hard and I want to come for you; on you, in you, all over you. But you first. I want you to make yourself cum while I am whispering in your ear. Make yourself come for me, gorgeous.

“Rub that little clit really fast. Make yourself cum”.

“Oh yes, baby; keep talking” she whispers “I am nearly there”.

“I am watching you, you naughty girl – watching you rub your clit while I stroke my cock. Faster, baby, faster! FASTER!”.

Your breathing is ragged and even though I told you to keep quiet you are muttering; I can hear your whispered pleas.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum. I’m going to cum. I am going to cum”.

“That’s it baby. Cum for me. You’re so bad, touching yourself for me. Making yourself cum while I am listening, watching, stroking my cock. Cum for me you naughty girl”.

Your whispers have turned into a hiss now, as though you know there are people listening.

“OH GOD, I am cumming. I am cumming NOW”.

All I can hear now is your breathing as you shudder and shake as the intensity of your self-induced orgasm grips your whole body and washes over you. I can picture you, your body writhing as the sweet torture of your climax takes hold of you. At that very moment I imagine wriggling out from behind you, standing in front of you as you continue to cum, and wanking my cock until I come spurting into your open mouth, each spurt landing on your face and all over your tits and dribbling down to your delicious shaved little pussy. As this image takes shape I feel the inexorable swelling of my cock. SHIT! I know I can’t stop my orgasm now. I scramble for a handful of tissues but can’t get there in time. I stand on shaky legs.

“I am going to cum for you now, baby. I just pictured coming all over your face and your tits. Would you like that?”

“Oh God, YES!” I hear you gasp

“Here I come. God, I am so hard. Open your mouth, baby. I am picturing standing over you and wanking myself all over you. Your mouth; your face; your tits. Oh God. Yes. Yes YES YEEEEESSSSSS”.

And then I can’t speak anymore. I fight in vain to catch my hot jets of cum as it sprays uncontrollably all over my desk and paperwork. Even as I am still coming I drop the phone on the desk, trying desperately to clean myself off. Heart pounding, blood rushing in my ears, I know I must clean up before someone comes in and finds me like this. I grab a handful of tissues and wipe first my hand then the sweet musky flood that is covering the desk.I desperately grasp a handful more and try to wipe my Board report clean but see to my horror it is already stained. In one desperate movement I gather all the evidence and sweep it unceremonially into the trash.

Falling back into my chair and fighting to zip up, my orgasm has eventually subsided leaving me flushed and panting . I pick up the phone.

“Are you still there?”

“Yes baby. Yes I am” you sound breathless. Like me.

“Go back to your desk, but leave your panties in your handbag. Message me to tell me how that was for you”. And I hang up.

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