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Cottage Trip Ch. 1

Two friends go for a trip to the cottage before they move in together.
Simon woke up with a start, as the alarm next to his bed started to go off, and he reached over to turn it off. He was a little tired, having had trouble falling asleep the previous night, but then again, he'd always had trouble sleeping before trips or holidays and this week at the cottage up north would be no exception. After all, it wasn't very often that he got to go to a private cottage for a week, since his family didn't have one. However, this was a special occasion. With only a month to go before he moved into his new apartment and started his PhD, his new room mate (another PhD student) had invited him up to her family's cottage to spend at least one week of the summer relaxing. And hopefully, he would truly be able to relax this week, but finally it was time to go.

After a quick shower, Simon quickly rechecked all his bags and gear before he got dressed, leaving what to wear to the last minute. It really wouldn't do to leave anything behind after all. After getting dressed in a pair of khaki shorts and a blue golf shirt, he threw on his birkenstocks and started to pack the car in a hurry, it was already five thirty in the morning and he was due to pick up Kelly at six sharp – he could make it but there couldn't be any more dawdling. Simon got into his car and started to drive north, towards Kelly's apartment and highway 400. Finally... after a summer of being stuck in the city working, it was good to just get north for a week.

A few minutes early, Simon pulled up to Kelly's building on Finch, just west of Yonge. As he pulled into the circular driveway, he could already see Kelly waiting for him with all her stuff, just inside the building. She looked just as good as he remembered. Curvy and five foot six, she was an absolute stunner... which suddenly made him nervous... he had almost forgotten that she was so beautiful. As Simon pulled to a stop underneath the balcony and got out to help pack the car, Kelly stood up and he saw her entire outfit. She was wearing wedged sandals, white stovepipe shorts that ended at the knee, and a dark blue blouse with a v-neck and three quarter sleeve.

She broke into a smile as she came out of the building's door, carrying her bag “Hey Simon! I'm so happy that you finally got here! This week is going to be a lot of fun.”

Dropping her bag on the pavement, she gave Simon a huge, tight hug, then let go and did a little dance. Simon just grinned, picked up her bag and opening the back door to the car, stowed the bag on the back seat.

Moving around, Simon opened up the passenger side door and waved towards the seat, bowing over his hand as he did, “Your seat, my lady.”

Kelly grinned and she patted the top of his head as she got into the car, and pulled the door closed behind her as Simon walked around to the drivers seat.

As he got in he looked at her , "All set?”

Getting a grin in return, he started the car, put it into driver and eased the car back out onto the road.

A few hours later, after a short stop at a Tim Horton's, in Barrie, they finally arrived at the marina north of Parry Sound. It was just one pier, at one end, with some boatsheds at the other.

Kelly directed Simon to park in front of the boat sheds, and said, “Well, we're almost here! Only a short boatride and then we're at the island. Just in time for lunch.”

It had been a long drive, and both Simon and Kelly took some time to stretch before she unlocked the door in the boatshed, went inside and turned a light on. Inside was a small zodiac, not built for overnight cruising but definitely big enough to shuttle between the island and the marina. After a quick appraisal of the boat, Simon started unpacking the car. With the coolers for food, drink and other things, it was most of a carload, and, with some skill, it would be possible to get it all over to the cottage on one trip. Simon started with the coolers, placing them near the bow of the inflatable while Kelly started with the bags full of clothes and such. As she grabbed Simon's duffelbag, she dropped it, causing the zipper to come slightly undone. As she bent over to pick it up, she saw, hiding within the clothes, a cock ring and a dildo. A little bit shocked but very curious, she looked up, made sure that Simon was still in the boat house putting the food in, and dug around a little.

She was right, but there were more! She saw a 'Rabbit', as well as what looked like a dildo with a suction cup attached to the end. She quickly re-zipped the bag again and picked it up, just as she heard Simon come of the boat house.

“I think these duffle bags make the last of it” Kelly said, as she walked past him into and place the last two bags into the open space at the front of the boat.

With that, she boarded and started the zodiac with a push of the button as she waited, thinking about the toys she saw. She was a little surprised – after all she knew Simon had a healthy sex drive, but they had never talked about him owning toys. Were the toys there in case he made a move? Or had he brought them for his own enjoyment? She couldn't begrudge him that, as she had brought along a vibrator and a dildo of her own.

She shook her head as Simon stepped into the boat and untied the ropes fastening it, and as she tried to push the thoughts of toys out of her mind as she slowly opened the throttle and steered the boat out of the boathouse into the inner harbour.

It was right about noon as they brought the zodiac slowly up to the dock – it had taken about 40 minutes to reach the island from the Marina but it had been a beautiful trip. Even out on the water it was still above 25 degrees, and Simon had removed his shirt as he enjoyed the brilliant sun. On the trip over, Kelly had managed to put the toys out of her mind as they chatted about the cottage itself, and she explained how the family had installed solar power cells and a windmill to help power at least water and plumbing for the cottage. As they came up to the dock, Simon grabbed the mooring lines and jumped ashore, tying off first the bow and the stern. Together they unloaded the boat, and over several trips they moved everything up to the cottage, putting the food in the coldcellar and moving their stuff into bedrooms across the hall from each other. After a quick sandwich that Simon threw together for the both of them for lunch, they headed to their rooms to unpack.

“Would you like a tour of the cottage and the island?” Kelly asked as she leaned against the frame of the door into Simon's room.

He was unpacking his duffel bag, and since Kelly knew what was in the bag she smiled to herself as he unpacked carefully, as if he was casually trying to leave some things in his bag as it lay on the bed.

Simon replied over his shoulder as he put some boxers and shirts away in the chest of drawers in the room, “Sure that sounds great.”

Turning, he sat down on the bed, the open bag behind his back.

Kelly was standing at the door, “Okay then, I think that I'm going to get changed, and once I'm done, we'll start the tour."

She turned, went across the hall and closed the door behind her. Simon relaxed, and turned around again, so that he faced his bag. Inside this bag was only the sex toys that he had brought with him. Although he was fairly sure that Kelly was comfortable with such things, he didn't necessarily want her knowing that he had brought toys to the cottage, and that he was planning to masturbate while he was there. Although he wasn't ashamed of it, he didn't want to make the impending moving-in together awkward. Closing his door, he decided that, if Kelly was going to get changed, he might as well. Simon undid and slid off his shorts and boxers together, and placed them on the bed. Grabbing his shirt from where it was on the head of the bed, he pulled it on and then turned to his bag. Looking around, he leaned across the bed to the end table on the far side, put his toys away and then closed the drawer. Still half naked, he moved over to the end of the bed and sat on it while he pulled open the drawer where he had put his swimming trunks. He pulled them on, slipped into his birkenstocks and then emerged into the hallway just as Kelly opened her door.

She had changed into a rather beautiful black one-piece bathing suit, that Simon could tell had a daring plunge down the front, although she had thrown a pair of shorts and blue tank top over them. She had switched from her espadrilles to a pair of ballet pumps, and thrown on a pair of sunglasses which she perched on her head, on top of her pixie hair cut. She looked Simon up and down, and then waved down the hallway towards the rest of the cottage. Simon trailed behind, and could not help but check her out as she walked ahead of him. She showed him the bathroom that they shared.

"Real plumbing, thank god," Simon thought. Through to the kitchen, where he would be cooking most of the meals, to the sunroom that occupied half the south end of the cottage and formed the cottage's living room. Beyond a large sliding glass door was the deck that led back down over the island to the pier. After the short tour of the cottage, they went outside and explored the wooded lot, that lay north of the cottage, the fire pit which was on the very north end of the island, and the shaded and sheltered west end of the Island.

Kelly stopped and spread her arms as she walked down the gentle hill down to the edge of the shore, “This is my absolute favourite place to go swimming.”

Simon could see why, as it was relatively easy to get in and out of the water, with a little gravel beach, that wasn't hard on the feet, it could be seen from the house. And it was sheltered from the wind in three of the four directions as it was a little bay.

Kelly removed her shoes, then walked into the water, smiled broadly then turned to Simon, “The water is absolutely beautiful.”

He kicked off his birkenstocks walked into the water after her, and it really was. It was warm enough to go swimming, and definitely refreshing.

“You're right, it's absolutely lovely. Shall we go swimming then?”

Kelly smiled, “That sounds great. I've been looking forward to swimming here since we decided to make this trip. I'll go get some towels though."

She ran out of the water, and back up to the cottage. Not waiting for her, Simon took off his shirt and threw it back onto the beach, then waded further into the water. He was standing on the bottom, water up to just below his armpits when Kelly returned with the towels. Although he heard her approaching, he didn't turn around until she had dropped the towels and started to walk through the water. When he turned, he was glad that the water as high as it was. The bathing suit was absolutely gorgeous, and the deep plunge down the front brought a reaction that Simon feared would occur when saw the suit. As a result, he plunged backwards into the water, hoping that if he swam for a while, his erection would go away. He could feel her swimming in the water behind him, and her close proximity to him didn't help at all, so he swam in the other direction.

Kelly watched as Simon jumped back away from her in the water. She knew she looked pretty good in her new swimsuit, and she wondered if Simon's actions had been, in some way, a response to the suit. If it was, she guessed it was a good reaction, and swam after him, chasing him around the bay, as he tried to swim away from her. Simon kept on swimming, and occasionally would turn sharply and swim close to Kelly, as if to get behind her. Occasionally, as he swam past, she reached out and grazed her hand against his body, as he sometimes did to her as he passed. Simon would swim out, then radically change direction, swim very close to her and then he would reach out and ever so accidentally graze his hand against her back, her legs, or her butt. He was very careful to keep his hands away from her breasts in case he accidentally disrupted her bathing suit.

After an hour or, Simon swam towards the shore, levered himself up on the beach and rolled onto his back, his lower legs still in the water. Kelly swam up beside him and rolled onto her back as well, her chest heaving, as she breathed heavily from the exercise. Thankful that his erection had gone down before he had exited the water, Simon sat up, and looked down his left at the girl beside him. Water was streaming down her chest and side, and gleaming in the early afternoon sunlight. Getting up, he walked up to where the towels lay on the grass and picked them up, and handed one to Kelly before drying himself off. She took the towel, folded it up further and stuck it under her neck as a pillow.

“That was a great swim. We should do this everyday," Simon smiled, and started to dry himself off.

Kelly rolled over to watch him as he towelled his legs and arms, then sat back down on the grass.

“I was thinking, I want to lie on the deck and tan for a little while. If that's okay?” She looked at him with a question on her face.

Simon nodded and also got up from where he was, “This place is so beautiful, I wouldn't want to get in the way of you relaxing while you're up here. I did bring a book with me and if it's okay I think I'll join you on the deck with a book for a few hours, at least until it's time to start making dinner.”

Kelly watched him, as he walked away, then rolled to her knees, picked up the clothing she had discarded, then stood up and followed Simon back to the cottage. She headed out to the porch, laying down upon one of the deckchairs lying out while Simon head back into his room. As he entered the room, he closed the door behind him and leaned back against it. It was going to be a very long year if, every time that Kelly acted or looked sexy, he was going to sprout an erection. He sighed, bringing his thoughts back had caused his erection to appear again, creating the proverbial tent in his shorts. Quickly, he untied the drawstring and removed his shorts, and, as he walked across the room, he hung them over back of the chair to dry.

Holding his erection in his right hand, he walked around the end of the bed and opened the drawer to look at the toys he had brought. There would be very little chance of being heard masturbating, as Kelly was all the way across the cottage and outside, and it would certainly release the tension. However, this wasn't the time for a toy. He closed the drawer, and sat on on the bed, then moved up to the lean back on the pillows. He closed his eyes and tried to remember what it had felt like when her hand had accidentally grazed his penis while they were swimming together.

Simon moved his left hand behind his head as he continued to play with his penis with his right hand. His stroking grew quicker and longer, and he sat up right and cupped the head of his penis in both hands as he orgasmed, almost shaking as he tried to contain every drop. Finally he was able to relax, and he snuck out of of the room into the bathroom where he washed his hands. Sneaking back into his room, he grabbed his boxers and shorts, from where he had deposited them earlier, and got dressed again, opened the window to air out the room, grabbed his book and headed out to deck to join Kelly in enjoy the sun. She was lying on the towel on the deck chair, and had rolled down down her bathing suit so she could lie on her front and get no tanlines on her back.

She appeared to have her eyes closed, but as Simon sat down, she raised her head, covered her breasts with her arms and asked, “It took you 10 minutes to change and get your books? You're even slower at getting changed than I am!”

With that, she lay back down, and went back to enjoying the sun as Simon cracked open his book.

The rest of the day went fairly smoothly, after several hours of enjoying the sun, a book, and a few beers, Simon cranked on the barbecue and made a fantastic vegetable and chicken dinner, after which they sat on the porch and played cards by candlelight underneath the stars. After winning two hands in a row, Kelly said she was going to go to bed, and headed into the cottage leaving Simon to sit out and enjoy the stars. Closing the door behind her with her left hand, she reached back behind her neck and untied her bathing suit with the other hand. Stepping aside and leaving the suit in a pile on the floor, she walked over to the bed and climbed into it, looking at the stars outside as she thought hard. Rolling a little to lie on her back, she trailed her right hand from her left breast to her right, then down her centreline to place her middle finger on her clit.

She reached out with left hand hand underneath the bed and grabbed the end of her vibrator just with the very tips of her fingers. Pulling it up underneath the covers, Kelly twisted the end to turn it on, and started moving the tip in very small circles on top of her clit. Seeing those toys that morning had sparked her sexual imagination, and the very close swimming encounters had done nothing to turn it off. She had been unable to touch herself all day, worried that Simon might catch her. It had been pretty obvious that he had gone to masturbate after they had been swimming together, it was unfair that she hadn't had a chance to do it until now, but she certainly wasn't going to waste the opportunity. Although it had been underwater, from her few brief touches she had been able to figure out that Simon had had an erection for at least part of the time they had been swimming, not that she could blame him, but as she thought about the swimming, her thoughts turned to other possibilities, wondering what would have happened if Simon had been naked, and she had been able to grasp the shaft itself instead of just feel it as he swam by. It had been a while since she had grabbed a real penis instead of just using her toys, and while sleeping with Simon might make moving in with him a bit more complicated. It would probably be fun, from what she had felt.

As she thought about taking Simon's penis into her hand and mouth, she started to move the vibrator down towards her lips. She turned off the vibrating function and started to insert the tip of the vibrator inside of her, slowly moving it in and out and she used her left hand to play with her clit. She started to move the toy in and out faster, and turned the vibrator back on as she thought about the grabbing Simon's penis with both hands, how it would feel, how it would taste. Letting go of the toy, she reached down with her right hand and brought up her right foot, and placed the heel against the toy to keep it inside as she moved her hands up her torso, across her stomach, against her neck and back to her breasts. She started to arch her back and thrust against her leg as the fantasy to more and more intense. She bucked against the toy inside of her as she thought about Simon thrusting deep into her, until at last she paused, as her orgasm swept through her, and collapsed limp into the middle of the bed, recovering from her fantasy.

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