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Drunk strip poker

This is a story loosely based on my real experience....

While in university, on a Saturday evening, a group of us friends and classmates settled down for a session of heavy drinking and fun in an accommodation that we were sharing. There were three girls including me and two guys in the group.

The guys tried to get us to play a game of strip poker. The girls were reluctant at first but gave in when we all agreed that we will play down to our bra/panties and no further. The guys reasoned that this was no worse than wearing bikinis and they had seen us in bikinis anyway.

The game started and it was clear from the start that the cards were stacked against us. The guys changed the rules so that each game took no more than a minute or two. The girls seemed to be losing most of the time. Soon, everyone was down to their bra and panties. Even the guys managed to lose most of their clothes down to their underwear.

As luck would have it, I was wearing a lace bra that revealed more than it covered. Even the nipples were partially visible. I could feel the guys staring at my partially exposed boobs.

Everyone was confused about what to do next. The guys tried to persuade us to continue further but none of the girls dared to proceed any further. One guy then suggested that we play truth or dare.

All this while, we had been consuming a lot of alcohol. The truth or dare game resulted in ever more quantities of alcohol entering our system. The harmless questions gave way to more risque ones.

Then , I got the question "do you masturbate" to which I answered "yes".

When the other girls were asked the same question, they replied "no". (I came to know later that it wasn't true).

The guys then had me consume a few more shots of vodka in the next rounds of dares. The dares had now come down to kissing and taking shots off each other's bodies...

I was then dared "show us how you masturbate".

To this, I protested saying that we agreed not to take off bra/panties

The guys said "Who asked you take off your panties. Show us over your panties."

When I still hesitated, the girls joined in and started chanting "show us, show us..."

The alcohol and the pressure won in the end. I started to pretend masturbate over my panties. Everyone gathered around me to watch and I started getting aroused.

Suddenly, without any warning, one of the guys reached over and moved the panties to one side. I had my eyes closed at the time and I felt my finger touch my pussy instead of the cloth. Everyone froze for a few seconds. My shaven pussy was there in the open visible to everyone. The guys cheered me on and the girls giggled.

I surprised myself by continuing to rub myself and masturbating for real. My pussy became very wet. I had the undivided attention of everyone in the room. Soon afterwards, I climaxed. I had one of the best orgasms in my life. As I lay there writhing in pleasure, everyone watched spellbound.

The excitement of climaxing with a bunch of people watching cannot be described in words.

This incident opened the doors to more such fun in our little group later the same day as well as for several months afterwards.

More of that later...

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