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Her Special Massage

Her Special Massage

A massage to remember.

You enter the bathroom not wearing a stitch of clothing. The aroma of orange blossom greets you as you go to the bath and slip into the warm bubble bath. Sitting back and placing your head on the rolled up towel, I walk over. Wearing only a pair of white skimpy bikini briefs, I hand you a glass of champagne.

You note the bowl of hot water with the orange blossom oil bottle, floating in it on the corner table. The candles give off a soft glow to the room.

I return and kneel at your feet and pour the warm oil in my hand. I slowly and gently wash you from your long slender neck, to your toes. You give a sigh of content as the loofa sponge glides across your skin.

After bathing you, I take the champagne glass and place it off to the side. Then taking your hand, I help you step out from the tub. Taking the soft bath towel, I gently dry you off and have you lay face down on a large beach towel on the floor. I have a pillow for your head, and another to place under your legs just above your feet. I walk slowly over to the table to retrieve the bottle of oil, letting you have an opportunity to relax.

Taking your foot in my hand, I drizzle the warm oil on the sole. Using both hands, I gently, yet firmly massage in a small circular motions. Drizzling more oil as I move to your toes, you softly sigh. I massage each toe individually, then move to your insole, drizzling more oil. Finished, I gently lower your foot and repeat the massage on your other foot. When I finish, I move to your leg.

I drizzle oil from your ankle to just below the knee. Using firm strokes, I start at your ankle and massage upward to your knee. Moving back down I use a gentler stroke, I repeat this twice more. Moving to your other leg, I repeat the massage. When finished I drizzle more oil on each leg. Using a hand on each leg, moving them at the same time I massage your legs with firm strokes.

Afterwards, I drizzle oil on your upper leg, using firm strokes. Moving slowly upwards, I stop just short of your firm ass. You softly gasp, then my hands move back down. I repeat this three more times, each time closer to your ass, and each time you sigh.

You feel the oil being drizzled onto your ass, again you sigh. I firmly massage your cheeks slowly moving toward your crack with every movement of my hands. You feel my fingers slip along the curve of your cheeks, going further down into your crack. You are moaning softly, then feel the warm oil being drizzled at the top of your crack. As the oil trickles down, my fingers slide down the edges of your labia and back up very slowly. You moan a little louder as my fingers slide back up and onto your ass.

My hands move onto your back and with one hand, I drizzle oil over your entire back. I massage my way up your back firm but gentle. Following the contours of your muscles, avoiding contact with your spine. There are more sighs coming from you. I massage each side simultaneously, using the same strokes. I then use both hands on one side and then the other side.

I finish with your back with several strokes from your feet to your head. Before having you turn over, I give you time to relax. Once you are on your back, I adjust the pillow under your head to ensure your comfort. Placing my hands on your ankles, I slowly part your legs. The other pillow goes under your knees. Your breathing increases slightly in anticipation of what's to come.

I kneel behind your head and you see the bulge outlined in my skimpy white bikini briefs. Putting a small amount of oil in my hand and rubbing them together, I gently rub your ears. My fingers follow the curves to the lobes and back up. Your nipples are erect in anticipation, as I massage your temples. Massaging down your cheeks to your chin. Then back up to your forehead, massaging gently.

Putting more oil in my hands, I massage your neck down to your shoulders. From your shoulders, I move to your arms. I move to your side as I drizzle oil on one arm. Massaging each finger individually I then massage up your arm. Using firm strokes, I move back down your arm. After doing this two more times, I move to your other side and do the same with your other arm.

When I finish, I position myself behind your head. Then I drizzle oil over your breasts and nipples. Your sigh is louder as the oil trickles over the curve of your breasts. My hands skim across your skin just above your breasts. I take each hand slowly over your breasts, moving to the outer curve and back to the top. I repeat this, only this time I move my hands to the undersides and cup your breasts in my hands as I rub them.

My hands rub their way to your erect nipples. I roll them between my thumbs and forefingers. Again, you gasp as I gently pinch them. Moving from your nipples, my hands move down and rub the undersides. Then back up to your nipples to pull and twist them gently. Your moans increase as I continue rubbing your breasts and tease your nipples.

After spending some time getting you aroused, I position myself between your parted legs and drizzle oil on your flat, firm abdomen. I rub in a small circular motion on your abdomen, moving to your legs. Rubbing each leg from the knee up on the outside, then up on the inside of the legs. Sliding up the inside my hand just brushes your vulva. With each pass, you moan and push your hips up.

I part your legs further, and tease the outer edges of your clit with my finger. With my other hand, I gently stroke your outer lips. With each pass, I move closer to your inner lips as my finger rubs over your clit. Starting at the base of your slit, my fingers slip between your swollen labia. I watch as you thrust your hips upward trying to have my finger slip into your pussy.

My finger slides to the top, then back down as I rub your clit in a circular motion. My finger slips deeper between your labia, the aroma of your sex permeates the air filling sense of smell with every breath inhaled. I slowly slip my finger into your pussy and you moan out at the sensation of my finger sliding back and forth. Moving slowly at first, pulling almost out and then being thrust back in.

The tempo of my fingers increase, your back arches as your hands grab a fistful of towel. You scream out that you are cuming as I now slip two fingers into your pussy. I watch as you thrust your hips up, then down. With one final thrust of hips and fingers, you scream out in pleasure.

Pressing my finger on your throbbing clit and your pussy clenched around my fingers, I watch as your body begins to recover. You lower your back onto the towel, you smile and close your eyes. It takes several minutes for you to recover and when you do, I slip my fingers from your pussy.

I lay next to you, holding you in my arms. We lay in silence and enjoy the afterglow. After lots of cuddling and rest, I stand and go pour two glasses of champagne. You sit up and I rejoin you on the floor. We take a drink and you tell me that it is now my turn for a massage.

But that's another story.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright ©2014. All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.

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