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Hidden Fun Encore

I remember masturbating nearly every day when I was a teenager. It was like a contest sometimes. I'd run home after college, run up to my room, and try to make myself cum before my sisters came home. As I got older, I started being more adventurous. I'd eave the bedroom door open and keep myself on the edge of cumming until I'd hear the front door open and then I'd let myself have a mind blowing climax. I knew I'd have about a minute before they'd head upstairs, and it made the feeling so much more intense to imagine getting caught in the midst of something like that. I never did get caught "red handed", but I had a few funny looks. Thinking back on it, they probably suspected what I was doing. Back then, I didn't think about how flushed my face gets or how out of breath I can get. When I was 17, I had my first 'public orgasm'. My friend Janine, from school, lived around the corner from us and her family had just put a hot tub in. We used to hang out together, and she invited me over to check it out one Friday night. Her family was friends with my family, so it wasn't anything special for me to be over there. The hot tub was in the back patio, and we climbed in it and played around, pretending to be rich and famous or whatever. The patio had a big sliding glass door that gave a clear view into the living room and kitchen of the house, and of course gave a clear view from there back to the hot tub. Inside the house, Janine's mom was making dinner, her dad was watching the news, and her brother was building a model on the living room floor. We had just discovered the controls for the jacuzzi jets and were playing around with them when the phone rang and Janine's brother came to the screen door with it in hand, telling her it was for her. She got out of the tub to get the phone, and I sat there letting the strong jets of hot water massage my back. As soon as I heard the sliding door, I worked my hand down between my legs and starting massaging my clit through my bathing suit. I always get turned on when I'm wearing spandex. I remember wondering if I could make myself cum before she got back. A minute later, Janine called for me and I whipped my hand out of my crotch and stood up in the tub. She and her mom were standing at the sliding door with the phone cord stretched as far as it would go. As I turned around to face them, I felt the hot jet of water that had been on my back hit me squarely between the legs."It's ok, you don't have to get out. Anne wants to know what time you'll be home and Mom wants to know if you want to stay for dinner." I started to answer, but she listend into the phone again and waved me off. "Hang on."

Her mom smiled at me, waiting for Janine, as I moved a little closer to the jet and spread my legs slightly. I remember it feeling soooooo good. From where they were standing, I didn't think they could see any lower than my bellybutton, so I was really enjoying what was happening. Here I was, masturbating right in front of them!

I had already been pretty worked up, and this was better than my hands had ever been. I was unprepared for how quickly the jets worked. I'd say it took less than 30 seconds before I felt myself passing the point of no return. Her mom had turned away toward the TV and Janine was looking down while she talked into the phone when the first climax hit. I moaned a little, and I don't think they really heard it, but both looked back at me.

Sometimes, I get into this state where I can keep having little mini-orgasms if I keep some sort of stimulation going. They're not as intense as the initial one, but they're still definitely a rush of pleasure and a release. After a while, I start to get sore, but it's pretty common for me to bring myself to 5 or 6 of these in a row. (I don't know what my limit is, but I know I can get stomach cramps after 25 or so. I know this because a girlfriend once did that to me with a vibrator while I was tied down.)

Anyway, that's what happened. I remember standing there, riding these waves of pleasure while Janine asked me if I wanted to go to the movies after dinner, and her mom told me it'd be ready in 15 minutes or so. It was an incredible turn on for me, having these little climaxes again and again while we figured out which movie to see.Like I cared. :-) That memory has been the source of many masturbation sessions for me. I still remember the feeling of sheer liberation while I was standing there. I can't explain it, and I apologize if you find it offensive, but there's just wildly exciting about being that turned on in front of people without them knowing about it. Anyway, it made my already fertile imagination grow by leaps and bounds and pretty much from then on I've had a thing for getting myself off in a public setting. For a long time, I was still very afraid of getting caught, though, and didn't really push the limits. I would do things like, when we had company over, walk into the next room and make myself cum a few times. Or, if I was in an empty section at the library, or in the dressing rooms in clothing stores (I love that!). And, of course, I spent a lot of time with Janine and her hot tub that year. I'm pretty sure she figured out the magic of the jets, too.

In college, I got my first vibrators. Boy, did that change masturbation for ever. Even so, it wasn't until I started working at the mall that I really got into the public thing. If you've read "Hidden Fun", you know about my job and about my little sessions at my desk at work. And you also know about the little micro-butterfly vibrators that I swear by.

Whenever I wake up feeling a little aroused, I wear one to work. They're amazing. I usually wear it over my panties and under some tight workout shorts. The shorts hold it snug against me, and the panties keep it from chafing too much.The first 2 that I bought were the standard kind with the controls on the end of a 3 foot long cord. I'd usually coil the cord up and stick the control in the wasteband of my shorts. Then, as long as I wear a long sweatshirt or whatever, nobody can see anything. It's sometimes a little inconvenient to reach the controls, but that often becomes part of the fun. Once I learned I could wear these under my clothes, I've had great climaxes in all sorts of places. When I'm wearing one, I routinely buzz myself to 2 or 3 orgasms a day at work. Sometimes, at lunch, I'll leave it on low and walk around the mall to the food court letting the mini-orgasms come and go. I love the rush (of both excitement and fear) I get when I run into a friend who wants to chat for a few minutes. Can they hear it? (usually not, it's very quiet and the mall is very loud) Can they tell I'm incredibly aroused? Can they tell I'm about to have an ORGASM? Can they tell I'm HAVING an orgasm?

Women, if you don't have one, you're missing out! I've worn mine to movies, clubs (now that was fun, I'll tell that story in a minute!), parties, the grocery store, while driving, while out for a walk around the neighborhood, while getting gas...

As I mentioned, I'm bi - though it's been a while since I've had an actual boyfriend, I have lots of male friends. One of them, let's call him Tom, knows about my fetish and loves to go out with me when I'm wearing the butterfly. He loves to see me in such an aroused state, and loves to see me try to conceal my climaxes. And with him around, knowing what's happening to me, they're usually all the more intense.

A few months back, we got into a discussion on how well I was able to control myself when I came. He said that I usually left the butterfly on low when I was in front of people, and so it was easy to conceal the little orgasms. We talked about it and both got really turned on by the thought of him somehow being able to control the butterfly while we were out somewhere. We did a little checking, and it turns out that someone has posted to usenet the instructions for making a remote control vibrator from the parts of a remote control car. Needless to say, Tom came back two days later with a remote control and another butterfly, modified to work with the remote control. It was kind of homemade looking, but we gave it a go.The butterfly went on as usual, with the battery pack, receiver thing, and a small antenna wire in the wasteband of my shorts. Tom had the control, which was still in the form of a control for a cheap radio control car, bright red plastic and about the size of a cell phone. It had 3 settings, high, low, and off.

Of course, once I had it on, he immediately tested it out by turning it on high until I was good and wet and then turned it off.We decided to go to the Macy's across town, figuring that we'd pretend to be shopping while testing it out. I figured I was in trouble as soon as we were walking across the parking lot from the car to the store. He was carrying the control in his hand, nonchalantly playing with the buttons. BUZZ, buzz, BUZZ, off. BUZZ, off. Buzz, buzz, buzz, off.

It was a very different feeling not to have control of the vibrations, a little intimidating. I knew my body would respond to the direct stimulation whether I wanted to or not, and I got a bit nervous as we walked into the store. This was the first time I wouldn't have the option of turning off the vibrator if I felt out of control. I whispered to Tom to go easy on me, but he just smiled and wandered off toward the men's section.I headed to the women's clothing section, but I knew he wouldn't be far. Sure enough, as soon as I started browsing through the blouses, I felt the butterfly come on at a low speed. I looked around and saw him smiling at me from about 50 feet away.Keeping my head down at the rack of clothes, I concentrated on the buzzing in my crotch. I hoped to climax quickly, before anyone came around, because the first one is always the most intense. I thought that if I could cum quickly, without Tom knowing it, the worst would be over. I was building quickly but then just as suddenly as it started, the butterfly stopped. Sighing, I kept browsing through the racks, hoping he'd buzz me again. I was beginning to wonder if he was still around when the vibrations started to come and go for a few seconds at a time. He was toying with me, keeping me aroused, and I loved it. I was starting to get used to it, enjoying the feeling of being played with at random while I wandered around. He'd often wait until I was in the midst of a group of women and then buzz me. I know my hips twitched a few times. Even when you know it can happen at any time, it's still pretty intense stimulation to have a vibrator directly on your clit. So far, he'd only been using the butterfly on low and I was still trying to sneak an orgasm in. Whenever he'd leave it on for more than a few seconds, I'd wander into an empty aisle and concentrate on climaxing. The only problem with trying to cum that way is that is that I end up standing still with my legs locked and spread slightly, pushing my crotch forward into the butterfly. It's not the worlds most normal shopping posture.Tom had apparently decided to leave the butterfly on for a while, and I was making the most of it. I was in the back, near the business suits, standing as if I was looking at some jackets. It's always a very wicked feeling, being stimulated in the open like that, but this was different. Because I wasn't in control of the stimulation, it was that much more intense. I didn't know if I was going to make it, if it would last long enough, so I was really trying.

I was building very quickly, using the relative privacy to my advantage, when I saw a young saleswoman walking over to me. I guess I had been at the rack long enough for her to think I needed help. As soon as she made eye contact I felt the vibrations increase to "high".

Of course.Fortunately for me, Tom hadn't realized how close I was to cumming, and turned the vibe on high earlier than he could have. I was almost at the point of no return when I first saw her, and with the added stimulation I came almost instantly. Being as aroused as I was for as long as I was made this a very intense orgasm, and there was no way I could conceal it entirely. I heard myself make a 'ga-uh' sound as it hit and my knees went weak. I leaned on the clothes rack for support and tried to remain standing as the contractions washed over me. I could feel my shorts starting to soak as the spasms kept coming. The saleswoman was still a few racks away, but heard my gasp and hurried over as quickly as she could. Thankfully, the closest point to me was on the other side of the rack, and she stopped there to ask if everything was alright and did I needed any help. Tom, meanwhile, had left the butterfly on high, and the intense stimulation was sustaining my orgasm. Waves of pleasure were rolling up my body, much stronger than I was used to trying to conceal. My legs were tensed and my hips were pumping against the butterfly in time with the contractions that were still trying to double me over. I was awash in ecstasy, and trying to retain some semblance of composure for the saleswoman only seemed to compound it. I'm surprised I didn't pass out.

I knew I was flushed, and tried to keep my voice level as I explained that I just had something caught in my throat but would be ok in a moment. It was getting harder to keep control. She nodded understandingly and told me to ask for her if I needed anything. I nodded back, willing her to turn away, but she continued to watch me for a few seconds before walking away. As soon as she did, I gave in and began shuddering silently from head to toe in the throes of my continuous orgasm.

A few minutes or seconds later, I couldn't tell you which, the vibrations finally dropped to low and I sighed in relief as I slowly relaxed. My whole body was trembling, I had a dull ache in my stomach from the intense contractions and my shorts were soaked. It was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

I waited a minute longer, gathered myself together, and headed toward the door. Even after that monster orgasm, I still had two minis on the way to the car. Tom finally turned the butterfly off as I climbed into the passenger seat and reclined, exhausted.

"Told ya.", he said with a grin.
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