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Lonely Housewife

Lonely Housewife

Lonely Housewife Is Bored In Her Perfect Home
She needed to have her senses challenged, to feel nature close to her; she didn’t want to hug-a-tree, she wanted the trees to hug her.

Feeling more at home sitting on the wooden staircase than anywhere else, she observed the door that lead out into the front of the property. She stared, admiring the beauty of the oak grain, before raising her head to look up to the small window above the door frame.

Before she arrived at her new home in a new state with her family, watching wispy clouds drift by would have been a guilty pleasure. However, this afternoon while she looked up into pale blue springtime sky, she felt it simply wasn’t enough.

Hannah Charter, early 40s, a wife and mother of two, was home alone and desperate for something to do. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but she knew she was bored. Not bored with life particularly, just bored on this day.

As a child, Hannah was told she was, “very tactile,” by her parents. They encouraged her blossoming artistry, even building her a workshop in her early teens. When it came to college they put her through the best to equip her with the skills to run a successful business. When she set up her artisan jewelry shop in a selective area of town it was her parents who helped set her up.

Within the year she had paid back every penny.

She caught the eye of Adam, five years her senior, while he was looking for a present for a work colleague about to go on maternity leave. He was a high flying engineer, not a nerd, more of a get-things-done-when-they-had-to-be-done guy. He couldn’t decide what he should buy so Hannah convinced him she should design and make a piece. He agreed giving her a three-day deadline, and an invite to dinner on Friday at 8. She agreed.

They became “The Beautiful Couple” although “The Opposites-Attract-Couple” was more apt. Before they met neither appeared to be the settling-down-type, yet at 25 Hannah was a married woman and by 28 she was a mother to two beautiful girls.

Adam’s career flew. He became Vice-President and convinced Hannah she should sell the business and become a Home Maker while the girls were at home. After the girls had started school Hannah went to work part-time for a local jeweler, she felt constricted.

Then they moved across country.

Being a lonely housewife, in a new town was no fun. With the laundry already done that morning, she had made the effort to put away all the clean clothes and place fresh linen on the beds. She was thinking, at this rate, she was ready to color coordinate the blouses in her closet or even tidy out her underwear drawer. How bored could a girl be?

The house felt silent.

She sat close to the bottom of her staircase, elbows on knees and palms under her jaw. She breathed in the distinctive smell of fresh paint, which reminded her, that the family had only been in the house less than two months. The chemical odor offended her nostrils, so with her eyes now transfixed on the sky, she tried to tune in her hearing to any sound, for something pleasant.

The hum of the refrigeration unit and the tick-tock of the grandfather clock broke through the silence. Of course she blocked out the tiny sound from the kitchen and concentrated on the majesty of the clock.

Hannah gazed at the clock, standing in pride of place in the hallway. The eight foot piece of British furniture was imposing, the oak had been beautifully carved and the clock-face exquisitely painted by craftsmen, in another continent three generations earlier.

She reflected on the argument with Adam. When he had insisted the clock would be placed close to the bottom of the sweeping staircase. She wanted a narrow table there, with a vase for cut flowers from the garden. Adam had pointed out it was the only family heirloom he had ever wanted to keep and its twelve thousand dollar valuation had some kudos.

Hannah had found the mix of nature and engineering hard to reconcile, the clock itself was mostly mechanics and metal. But like her and Adam, the coming together of two opposites could be beautiful, occasionally. She giggled to herself, the thought of a naked Adam holding her tight swept across her mind. before being rapidly replaced by something more sombre.

Adam had won, typically.

In a few weeks Hannah had grown to appreciate it and still fitted a small lamp table by the door for her vase. She allowed herself a smile, imagining putting a stockpile of cakes and cookies behind the door in the clock’s body. This lead to the more exiting idea of squeezing a lover into the same, tight, space.

“Imagine that, shoving my lover into the body of that great thing just when Adam is turning the key to the front door!” Hannah enjoyed shouting out her thoughts into the open spaces of her grand house. After all, with Adam always at work and the girls at school, nobody was ever there to hear her during the day.

She stared further into and around the clock face. Concentrating on the hand painted artwork of four young ladies, one in each corner. They were dressed in, what Hannah assumed, were old fashioned farm laboring attire.

In the top left corner, the girl was wearing a light blue summer dress, she was intriguing. Her shoulders were bare and Hannah swore she could make out the top of her breast slowly becoming on show. She glanced across at “Autumn”, “Winter” then Spring”. She swore she could see them all undressing! She rubbed her eyes to focus normally, slowly they returned to their static farming chores.

Except for “Summer”.

Hannah began to stare intently, again her focus softened. She could easily make out the farm-girl’s deep cleavage. She didn’t rub her eyes this time and looked deeper into the picture. The painted figure put her finger to her lips, motioning Hannah to keep quiet. A rather handsome man, perhaps a farm-hand, entered the picture.

The farm-girl and her suitor fell into a stack of hay. Hannah watched on, trying not to blink, she put her hand onto her lap and pushed into her groin through her tight jeans. The couple became naked and started making out, his hands pawing over her roughly. She returned the aggression, one hand digging her fingernails into his ass. The other made a fist around his thick cock and pulled him closer. Summer encouraged his hardened cock to slide up and down her puffed-out pussy lips, already his pre-cum mixing with her moisture.

Hannah felt herself blush, but dared not to blink.

Summer was in charge, like Hannah wanted. She pulled him in by his buttocks, virtually forcing him to thrust into her. He wasn’t complaining though, and he picked up the pace. It seemed neither cared about pleasing the other. They fucked to meet their own desire.

Summer raised her hips to meet each hammer blow of his pelvis driving his thick cock, the pace relentless and their timing perfect together. It wasn’t long before he began to growl drawing nearer to his climax. Not wanting to be outdone, Summer managed to maneuver her hand between their pounding bodies and found her clit with two fingers.

Unable to do much more than vibrate her fingers, her lover continued on his own journey to gratification. She hit her spot and instantly screamed out, racing towards and through her orgasm.

They came together, both crying out, seemingly unaware of the others’ satisfaction. Their rhythm was lost while her fingers beat furiously at her clit while each thrust and spasm of his cock jetted his seed deep into her.

He fell onto her, empty, and Summer unceremoniously pushed him off and began to tidy her clothing. She looked at Hannah and blew a kiss. The farm-boy, his cock still hard enough to lie at right angles to his body began to dress himself and, with a comical limp, left the scene.

Hannah finally blinked and was convinced she saw the clock rocking on its base. Her right hand was trapped inside her opened jeans, her middle finger placed on her clit under her soaked panties.

Hannah was flushed, from embarrassment, feeling a few tears run down her cheek.

They had only moved to their new house a couple of months ago, when Adam’s latest five year project meant they should relocate across country. Hannah had argued that her job, despite how tiresome it was, and her friends were important to her. The girls were unhappy to leave all their friends behind. Adam had reasoned his bonuses would more than cover the cash she collected from her "little job" and the kids would both be in college within a couple of years so that wasn't such a problem.

Adam had won.

As she was about to holler, 'Fuck You!' into the open space of the hallway the clock started to whir. Hannah held her breath while it began to play, "Westminster Chimes" followed by two loud clangs that made her jump a little.

She looked at the Omega watch on her wrist to check it was two o’clock. Of course it was. The clock for all its age was always right. And so was her watch, she stroked the face of the gold timepiece.

Still catching her breath, from watching Summer. She thought back to the week before she was married, not 20 years ago. Adam the high flier had taken her to a jeweler in the dead of night. He held her hand, and declared he was going to “get that watch” for her that night. Hannah had honestly believed he was going to put a house-brick through the pane of glass and take it.

She was actually more surprised when the door opened and the jeweler stood aside to let them enter so Hannah could try on the watch. At that moment, with that most romantic of gestures, she knew she was so in love with her fiancée, that she would always be with him.

She smiled to herself, sitting on the stair she had brushed an hour ago, and mumbled, “Ok, James how are we going to get you inside this clock?” She decided from that moment her fantasy lover would be called James.

“What can I do?” She called out. “I’m bored! Fucking bored!”

And like a scorned child, Hannah charged up the stairs, two at a time, flying into her bedroom and throwing herself onto the bed, landing with her face in the pillow.

After a good five minutes, trying to force tears, to prove to herself she was deeply unhappy, she lifted her face to look behind, into the mirrored wardrobe. Her legs and ass contoured nicely under her jeans. She lifted her hips slightly and deliberately dropped her groin onto her hand. “I need a fuck. Even the fucking clock gets more fucks than I do! Will someone please come and fuck me?”

Hannah and Adam were more than compatible. They took it in turns to tease and seduce each other into bed, when Adam wasn’t too tired from work that was. Before moving here once every couple of weeks was the norm, but Hannah wanted it every day. Like everyone else, they christened the bedroom the day they moved in. But, not until after they had got that damn clock to tick-tock-tick-tock-ding-dong-ding-dong-bong at the right time. It was late, they had both been exhausted, they held each other tenderly, and then they had made love.

“Made love,” she murmured, feeling another tear dampening her cheek while her hand remained dormant under her. “I need to be fucked senseless.” Hannah rolled over, wiped her face, and reached out for the iPad she kept on the bedside table. It opened at Google’s home page and she subconsciously typed in ‘I need Sex’. Although not shocked by the returned texts, she felt the results were too male dominated.

She typed ‘Sex Stories,’ clicked on a couple of links that did nothing for her. “Shit, how do I clear the History?” She moved to Settings and figured it out quite quickly. Being proud of herself, she smirked that Adam would be impressed.

‘Erotic Stories,’ surely that must be a little more girl friendly? She scanned down the list of results. Adam had told her not to go with the first suggestion, Google gives you, something to do with advertising or cookies or something. Her mind wandered to hiding cookies and cakes inside the clock.

"Focus. There must be something here for me. I need to get off."

The link that faced her, said Free Sex Stories, Erotic Stories and Adult Social Network and, with little hesitation, so she clicked on the link to the story site.

She looked at the bold red headings, the array of member names, and categories. Reading down the list quickly, she sniggered at ‘Anal’, ‘BDSM’ and looked bemused at something to do with cuckoos. She played it safe choosing ‘Straight Sex’. The first story’s heading implied it was aimed at men but the second story was intriguing. Bored Housewife, New in town. By WorksTooHard46. She read the two paragraphs on show and thinking how much the scenario reminded her of her own life, clicked on the link and began reading.


James worked hard and played hard. His life was his work and family, but work always came first. James had a beautiful wife and a new home in the country. His wife, Annie, was perfect and she kept the home immaculate and the kids under control. Without her support James would never have been able to take his new job, he would always be grateful to her for that.

He felt he was good at romantic gestures, flowers, present and such, but despite how much he loved Annie, he knew he was neglecting her in the bedroom. They had made love just the once in the past few months, it felt like forever. He needed to rectify that.


Hannah sat up on the bed and read the story. She could so relate to Annie, the writer explained how frustrated she was with life. Not just with the lack of sex but having no friends, and nothing to do, but keep the house nice.

The story took a turn. James hatched a plan to leave work early and visit his wife one afternoon when their children were at their after-school clubs.


James skipped his lunch so he could tie up some lose ends and left work at 1:30. It was only a half hour drive down the country roads to their new home so had plenty of time to think over his plan. He hoped of catching her in the kitchen and fucking her over the granite work surface or perhaps she was in the lounge resting on the leather couch, now that could be fun too.

As he turned in towards the house he saw Annie’s car at the end of the sweeping driveway. At least there was a good chance she was home. He locked the car and quietly stepped through the gravel. James opened the front door, not noisily but not too quietly either. This was going to be a surprise not a burglary.

He walked into the kitchen and saw how spotless it was, but no sign of Annie. He brushed his hand over the cool work surface and thought, ‘next time Annie.’ Each room on the lower floor was the same, clean, tidy and no sign of his wife.

He passed the grandfather clock and climbed the sweeping staircase onto the landing then stepped towards the half opened door of the master bedroom. He could hear Annie, not her voice, the sound was more like her moaning during sex. Suddenly he was a nervous. Had he neglected his wife for so long that she’d taken a lover to their bed?

Two more steps. His hands felt cold but he was sweating. He stopped short of the doorway, not yet able to see inside the room, he questions himself whether he should turn around and not confront her. But of course he had to know.

James stepped into the room his eyes fixed on the bed.

Annie was lying on their bed, eyes closed, and naked. Her left palm rubbing furiously at her clit and the fingers of her right hand pushing at the folds of her pussy in an up and down motion.

James remained in the doorway, the sense of relief she was alone competing with the guilt that she may not have been. These feelings were soon replaced by desire.

As James watched his wife masturbate, his hand moved to adjust the rapidly growing bulge in his suit trousers. She was starting to become more vocal, “oh fuck, please, I want… oh, yes, fuck, I…Need... Oh James harder please!” With each word she uttered, or called out, her hands worked with greater vigor. Her fingers plunged deep into her opening, within seconds she was fucking herself hard.

Trying to keep his own excitement curbed, he smiled, when she called out his name. Even more so when she lifted her ass off the bed and she began to reach the edge of her goal.

“Oh James… please, more, yes, right there, fuck, please, don’t... yes... there, oh fuck, I’m ahhh!” Annie's orgasm was right in his line of vision. James had never seen her cum from any distance before and he liked it. His cock liked it too.

She was still bucking her hips and mumbling out inaudible words as he was trying to figure out his move.

Say something? Clear his throat? Pretend to arrive home again? Oh what the fuck he thought and walked up to the bed, lay down next to Annie and said, “Good afternoon, darling, I heard you calling for me.”

To his surprise, she rolled onto her side to face him, and stroked his face. “I’m pleased you heard me, my lover. I need you so much.” She sat up and without another word began to remove James’ clothes. Wherever his skin became exposed she placed the lightest kiss on him.

As his shirt became discarded she made sure he was lying back comfortably, before straddling him she leaned over and kissed his nipples, James grunted his approval.

Now on top of him Annie unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his fly and, lifting her hips off him slightly she pulled his trousers and boxers down, exposing the cock she knew so well.

She wrapped her hand around the base of his shaft. “Tease or fuck, my love?” she asked with a coy smile.

“Oh god, Annie, fuck me, please.”

And, despite his belt buckle being cold against her ass, with his trouser no lower than his thighs. She sank down onto his cock balancing herself with her hands flat on his chest. Annie began to rock to and fro, and James met her with the well-timed upward thrusts of his hips.


Hannah’s hands were wandering. She had to prop the iPad against a pillow so she could read and play. She had already unbuttoned her blouse so she could get a hand inside her bra. How she enjoyed playing with her nipple, getting it so hard.

“Oh James!” She took herself by surprise. She must have had her eyes closed for a moment as the story became her own fantasy. The thought of hiding ‘James’ in the grandfather clock crossed her mind once more, before she focused again on the words.

The author knew how to write. Annie and James had the most beautiful sex.

She was unable to get her hand inside her jeans. She unclipped the fastening-button, and with a force generated by weeks of frustration, wrenched herself out of them. Her panties followed suit. Now her hand had free access to her moistening pussy lips.

She tried her best to copy the positions the words on the screen portrayed, wanting so much to be Annie.

James rolled his lover onto her side so they spooned. He lifted her leg up and rubbed has cock over her tight ass crack and teased her sphincter, a free finger teasing her clit.

He slid his cock forward across her waiting pussy parting her lips. Annie took his cock and pushed him inside her, instantly filling her, their four hands were all over her exposed sex.

James drifted his fingers over her clit, she joined him. “How does it feel Annie?”


On her side, Hannah lifted her leg up, giving her hands access to her sex. And almost instantly, she felt her body begin to shake uncontrollably. She tried to focus on the iPad. She read how James pushed himself into Annie, “so his balls slapped against her ass.”

Hannah was bringing herself closer her own personal goal.


Annie replied between gasps, “so naughty… it’s like so many hands on me, its.. ”

James grunted while months’ worth of held back cum shot into her. During that moment, his wife cried out in her own euphoria when she exploded around his cock.


Hannah’s orgasm hit her in waves. “Adam! Oh God! Adam, please!” She shook for maybe forever. She lay on her bed waiting for her breathing to stabilize. When she opened her eyes tears blocked her vision. She reached out for the IPAD but couldn’t find it, it would wait.

She wiped her eyes, with small spasms still tickling her pussy. She looked towards her open bedroom door. 'If I was Annie,' she thought, ‘my husband would be here waiting to fuck me.’

She smiled. “Oh well, I need to tidy up and think about dinner. And sort out the history on the iPad when I find it.”

Hannah started buttoning up her blouse when she heard a familiar bleep of a car locking and the front door opening. Quickly she got off the bed and looked out at of the bedroom window at Adam’s Mercedes. His footsteps were climbing the stairs, she threw off her blouse onto the floor, jumped onto the bed and waited for the man she loved to enter the room.

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