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One Sleepless Night

I just got offline with him, and I couldn't stop thinking of him.......
Friday night, I was looking through the online members on Lush. I came across one fine looking Hispanic guy. I took the chance on sending him a request….and I am so glad I did.

It was our second night talking, and we really hit it off. We made each other laugh, and had the ability to turn each other on. We tried our best to behave, but last night he said three words to me that sent me over the edge.

“Sin, baby, sin.”

After a seven hour Skype conversation, I told him that I needed to go to bed, for Mass the next morning. I crawled into bed, and pulled the sheet over my soft naked skin. I laid on my side thinking of him, and how bad I want to feel his lips on my body. I felt a familiar wetness in my pussy. I tried to ignore it, but soon it was running down my inner thighs.

“Fuck, Papi, what are you doing to me?” I whispered

I reached into my nightstand feeling for my 6 in rubber dildo. Finding it, I kicked off the covers and opened my legs. Rubbing the tip over my hot little clit sent chills through out my body. I teased my clit, smacking it with the tip of my toy, loving the feeling of my juices running down my legs. I placed two fingers into my cunt, collecting my juice and placing them into my mouth. Licking and sucking them clean, taisting the sweetness of myself turned me on even more.

I inserted the dildo slowly, watching my juices being pushed out by my toy. I started pushing it in faster, hit my cervix every time. As I fucked my cunt, I thought about that Mexican cock pounding my tight pussy hard. I felt myself building up to climaxing, but I didnt want to give in just yet.

I thought about him kissing and nibbling on my neck, with his sexy full lips. Hearing him say, “Come for Papi,”, in the back of my mind, pushed me to the point of no return.

I reached back into my nightstand and pulled out my 8 inch vibrating dildo. Turning it on the max speed, I pushed it deep into my wet tight cunt. At first I started fucking my pussy fast, but I wanted this feeling to last as if he was actually here. Being in his arms as he caressed and kissed my body, kissing and biting my lower lip.

“Fuck, Papi,” I moaned.

Taking my time, I fucked my pussy while thinking about his tongue playing and teasing my clit. Wondering what it would feel like having his lip ring touch my pussy while he licks my cunt. The more I thought of him, the wetter I became. Wanting his cock deep in my pussy fucking me hard, while his hands explore my small petite body. 

My moans became louder, my hips started pushing up with every thrust of the vibrator. I wanted to cum so bad, I had to cum. I had to release all the pent up passion and lust I had for him these last two nights. I could not take it anymore, I needed to cum.

I soon started reliving what he said he wanted to do. Pushing me against the wall, picking me up and sliding my pussy down on his dick. The thought of that made me scream his name. I sat up and got on my knees, pushed my ass up and reinserted the vibrator. Fucking my pussy from behind.

“Oh God yes!!” I moaned

“Fuck my cunt, Papi...”

I fucked myself as fast and hard as I can. My body began to weaken, my muscles started tightening, I pushed the vibrator deep into my dripping pussy, and used my other hand to rub my clit hard while I pushed on it. I flicked it with my finger before rubbing it again.

“I’m cumming Papi.” Whispering, I wished that he was here, feeling my pussy tighten around his cock.

My pussy muscles tightened around my vibrator as I came hard. I started squirting my juice onto my bed, as my body quivered. I felt like it was 4 orgasms in one, I couldn’t quit cumming.

I pulled out my toy, and placed back into the nightstand. Rolled over grabbed my ipod, placed my earbuds in and turned on Here’s Daddy by Usher.

“Thank you, Papi Chulo,” I said with a smile.

I soon drifted into a deep sleep but my Papi was never far from my mind. Even this morning as I woke up, he was the first thing on my mind. I signed onto Skype, to find him logged on…..

Wonder what's to come….???

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