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Reading His Story

Just a little story about playing out a fantasy for someone
Part One – Messages

I came across his short stories on another fiction website on which I had posted some of my own stories. The one I read first, which I found really sexy, was about a man and a woman on a beach who expose themselves to each other and masturbate. There was also a similar one about two people on a train, and another where two people in a crowded train carriage masturbate each other. He was obviously turned on by the same sort of thing as me, so I sent him a message, which started a little correspondence over the next couple of days:

From: NaughtyAnnie  
Date: 16.09.2011 - 08:29  
Subject: beach surprise  
Nice little story - this is a big fantasy of mine so I really loved it!

From: **  
Date: 18.09.2011 - 23:45  
Subject: Re: beach surprise  
Hi Annie. It is a big turn-on for me as well. Did it make you aroused? Would you like it to happen to you? I have just reread the story and it has made me aroused again.

From: NaughtyAnnie  
Date: 19.09.2011 - 09:38  
Subject: massage  
Just been reading your stories on my phone in back of a lecture they are making me so wet. You write so well about what women like. thank you Annie xxx

From: **  
Date: 19.09.2011 - 22:48  
Subject: Re: massage  
Glad that you liked them so much. Did you do anything about being horny? I know what I have to do. I was at the beach yesterday and thought of you. An interesting day

From: NaughtyAnnie  
Date: 20.09.2011 - 08:44  
Subject: Re: Re: massage  
I rubbed myself through my jeans, but had to go and masturbate in the toilets afterwards until I came. I just got so aroused!

From: **  
Date: 20.09.2011 - 05:23  
Subject: email  
Hi Annie, I have placed a new story on the site. You will like it. I want you to play out a fantasy for me please when you read it. If you are ever up late contact me on my email otherwise I will hear from you tomorrow. Thanksxx

From: NaughtyAnnie  
Date: 20.09.2011 - 08:49  
Subject: Re: email  
Look forward to reading this when it goes online. And I love finding my inbox full of messages here! Annie xxx

From: **  
Date: 21.09.2011 - 00:55  
Subject: no subject  
So glad you have me as a fav writer. I hope to make you masturbate again soon. Please wear a skirt next time it may make things easier. You must tell me about it.

From: **  
Date: 21.09.2011 - 00:57  
Subject: fantasy  
The fantasy I want you to do is to read the story “cinema surprise” in a park or a train and if you become wet, masturbate to the story. God that would be something to see you.

If you do it please send me a story to tell me how you did it and what happened. xx

From: NaughtyAnnie  
Date: 21.09.2011 - 10:34  
Subject: Re: fantasy  
I would love to do this. Just thinking about it makes me feel all tingly.

From: NaughtyAnnie  
Date: 22.09.2011 - 08:24  
Subject: Re: fantasy  
Your story has now appeared. I will print it off and take it with me. I have an idea. Annie xxx

Part Two – Story

Frustratingly, I had to wait a day or two before the story was cleared by the moderators and appeared on the site. But then on Thursday morning I logged on, and there it was – only 79 people had read it so far, so I would be one of the first, which was nice. It was tempting to read it straight away, but that would spoil the surprise. So I copied it into a document and printed it off and put it into my handbag. I already had a plan.

I carried it around with me all day. Every time I got something out of my bag, I saw it there, folded up next to a packet of tissues. It was hard to resist the temptation to sneak a peek, but I forced myself to be good. I had a couple of lectures in the morning and a seminar in the afternoon, but then I’d already agreed to go with a couple of friends to the cinema in Kensington in the evening. Knowing the story was called “Cinema Surprise” was a nice coincidence, and several times during the film my mind wandered to wonder what the story was about. I fantasised about the different things that could go on in a dark cinema! I even got a bit wet in the usual place, and after the film I popped into the ladies toilets and took off my panties, which already had a little damp patch around the crotch. We then went to a pub for a quick drink, and in the end it was after 10:30 when I said goodbye to my friends and set off for home.

Usually, I’d get the tube back to my flat, but tonight I was going to get the bus. For a change, I didn’t have to wait too long for one to come along, and I went upstairs and found a seat about two-thirds of the way back. There were a few other people on the top deck, a mixture of couples and single people, but there wasn’t anyone behind me to see what I was doing.

Now was the time. I got out the story and unfolded it. It started with a 16-year old girl called Kate getting out of bed and admiring her freshly-developed naked body in the mirror. That was nice! I remember being 16 (not so very long ago!) and doing the same thing. I wasn’t sure what a “doona” was but from the context I assumed it was an Australian duvet or something.

I could tell that I was already a little bit wet inside just from anticipation. Luckily it had been a fairly sunny day (not always the case in England in September) so I’d been able to wear a summery knee-length skirt and a blouse, with a jacket over them in case it got cold in the evening. I touched my crotch through my skirt. It was thin enough that I could feel the gentle curve of my pubic mound, and even the ripple of my sensitive labia. I poked at the nest of my clit, which gave me a little tremor.

I carried on reading. In the story, Kate went to the cinema alone and found herself sitting next to a pretty girl. It was cool because of the air-conditioning, and Kate shared her jacket with the girl (Sarah), laying it over their legs together. The writer described with great care and sensitivity how their hands touched under the jacket, touching each others’ bare thighs, and how this moved to something more sexual. I was really enjoying the detail, and empathising with Kate’s feelings of both nervousness and arousal.

I took my own jacket and laid it over my knees. I put my hand underneath and carefully unbuttoned the front of my skirt. I raised the jacket and peeped inside, seeing the little fuzz of hair leading down to my vulva. I could see the glistening moisture on my labia and along my slit. I was breathing quite hard now. This was what he wanted me to do, I was sure.

In the story, Sarah was caressing Kate’s thigh, then rubbing her pussy lips through her panties. With the jacket covering me, I stroked my slit with my finger. I was so wet that my pussy lips parted and my finger slipped inside. Oh goodness…I rubbed at my clitoris with my thumb, feeling myself getting more aroused. I moved my finger around inside my vagina, rubbing up against the internal walls, seeking out the sensitive spot a couple of inches up. By adding a second finger, I was able to go a little bit deeper. This felt awesome. I could feel myself secreting even more juices, and had to be careful not to make a squelchy noise as I frigged myself.

The bus stopped, and I heard someone coming up the stairs. I looked up guiltily, my fingers still inside me, as a young guy walked down the aisle towards me. Luckily, he sat down a couple of rows in front of me and got out a book. I tried to steady my breathing and turned back to the story, lying on the seat next to me.

Sarah had her hand inside Kate’s panties now, rubbing at her clit. I did the same with mine, feeling it expand out of its little nest as I stimulated it more and more. Kate was obviously very aroused, as she orgasmed with a spasm. I lifted up my jacket and looked at myself again. My labia were pink and aroused, and I could see my wet sticky fingers as I pushed them in and out of my slit. I pushed a third finger in, feeling my wet vagina expand slightly to let it in. I was so aroused. I looked quickly back at the story. Kate’s fingers were now inside Sarah’s panties, rubbing at her clit and slippery pussy lips, making her orgasm too.

My turn now…I tried not to breathe too loudly as I focussed on my clitoris, rubbing and squeezing it. I felt my orgasm approaching. All my muscles tensed as I came, my pussy muscles clamped over my fingers. I gritted my teeth to stop myself from crying out. As I relaxed my muscles, I felt a little squirt of girlie juice come out of my pussy onto my skirt, then another. I looked up; no-one else on the top deck of the bus seemed to have noticed, but I could smell the slight muskiness of my juices. I hoped it wouldn’t travel too far…

I panicked for a moment as I looked out of the window – had I missed my stop? No – luckily there were still a couple to go. So I quickly buttoned up my skirt and tried to relax my breathing again. I folded up “Cinema Surprise” and put it back in my handbag. As I got up to walk down the aisle to the stairs I was very conscious of the wet patch on the back of my skirt. I hoped no-one would notice.

When I got home, I got undressed and went straight to bed. I read the story again, playing with myself some more. The story finished with Sarah leaving Kate alone in the cinema; an ending which seemed just right, making the brief sexual encounter an isolated, almost dream-like, incident in Kate’s life. I went off to sleep wishing that something like that would happen to me!
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