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Rip Roaring Rapid Ride

Kate enjoys a water slide in a very, very different way
Kate gave every appearance of waiting patiently in the line for the Didgeridoo 'Round About, but inside her heart was racing and her pussy was tingling knowing what she was going to do. She was dressed in a green string bikini, and her long blonde hair was tied in a pony tail for today. She was home for the summer after her freshman year in college, and surprised her parents by asking to go today to Ridel Park, the local amusement park in town. It had a water park section that was Australian themed called Outback Beach that had a wave pool and various other water themed attractions, but the aforementioned water slide was really why she was here. It was fully enclosed and dark inside, and a ride took a little more than half a minute. Just enough time, she thought, and her pussy clenched.

The line moved quickly, and before she knew it, it was her turn. The lifeguard was a tall, tanned, muscular guy not too much older than herself. He gave her a quick smile while he retrieved a rubber raft from the conveyer and tossed it at the entrance to the ride. She smiled back. He was perfect eye candy for the mood she was in. Part of her worried that his smile was a knowing one... That he knew perfectly well what she was up to... That made her smoldering pussy tingle just a little bit more.

She walked up to the raft and sat down inside. She nonchalantly rested her right hand on her thigh, trying to look as natural as possible. The lifeguard turned to his console and pushed a button, and a bar pushed her raft forward towards the dark tube, and her world was plunged into darkness.

Quickly, her finger darted for her pussy as the raft started to accelerate inside the darkness. She quickly shoved the material of her suit out of the way and found her clit with her finger tip as the raft was tossed over to the side. She moaned and her other hand pinched her left nipple through the suit. The raft was picking up speed and tossing her unpredictably left and right in the darkness. The movement made it hard to keep her finger in just the right spot, but it hardly mattered. The thrill of the movement and the G forces and the noise of the rushing water were helping push her towards her pleasurable plateau. She couldn't hear herself, but she knew she was moaning and panting, and without warning, her mind exploded as the raft bucked once and lurched into the daylight and into the air and landed with a tremendous splash in the receiving pool at the end of the ride, drenching her with water. In that moment, all of her senses were alive at once and time seemed to stand almost completely still. The blinding daylight hitting her unfocussed vision after the darkness of the tube combined with the cold water and her throbbing pussy.

The raft came to a stop as she panted. She sat in the raft, enjoying the afterglow for a moment, but remembered to check to make sure her suit was back in place before picking her self up from the raft. As she walked slowly towards the exit, the lifeguard gave her a quizzical look.

"Are you alright, miss?"

She smiled back and nodded. He was satisfied by that and turned his attention to grabbing her raft and tossing it into the conveyer. Kate walked over to the cabana to find a chaise to lounge in to work on her tan.
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