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Self Exploration

She looked at the box. It looked back at her. What possessed her to buy it? Laughing, she opened the packaging and pulled the toy out. He would not like it, but he wasn't here. He was on a trip up north for the company. He was always doing things for the company, and she was lonely.

The thought of an affair had crossed her mind, but she was far too honorable to do that. Besides, she loved him with all her heart. Well, she loved the old him. The one she married before this new job.

With him being gone five days out of the week, she spent most of her time alone. Lately, she had been noticing how frustrated her body was getting. She was horny and needed an outlet. Not having much luck with masturbation, her friends suggested getting a toy to relieve her needs.

Remembering that conversation brought her attention back to the box. It was so difficult to buy this toy. The hardest part was actually getting out of her car and entering the store. Row after row, she had marveled at the wide variety of toys. There was a bit of everything. A lot of the toys were made for him, some for couples, but by far, the biggest selection was for women.

It took her a long time to make her decision. Finally, after looking at vibrating toys, strap on toys, and regular plastic toys, she made her decision. The box said it was hands free and life like. Apparently, it suctioned to walls, floors, or any slick surface.

She opened the box and ran a finger down the cyber skin shaft. It had ridges and veins, just like a real man. Her blue eyes scanned the thick, pink dildo. It was thick and a lot bigger than he was. She looked at the box and read that it measured 10 in long and was 4 in around. Her small hands could barely close around it.

Lifting the phallic toy from the box, she was amazed at how heavy it was. Curious to see how she looked with it in her mouth, she looked at her dresser mirror. Her mirror self was holding this huge dildo, which was poised at her lips.

She was entranced at how sultry this woman looked. Standing up, she pulled her shirt off and cupped her breasts, which were encased in a lacy bra. Unhooking her bra, she let it fall to the floor. Watching the lady in the mirror, she mimicked her movements. The underside of her breasts were so soft, just like satin.

Lifting their weight, she pushed them together, so that her brown nipples almost touched. She watched her mirror self pinch and roll her brown nipples, until they were so erect that it was almost painful. She dropped her hands to her sides. For her age, her breasts were still perky with hardly any sag.

She turned away from her dresser and walked to the closet. There was a full length mirror on the back of the door. Still curious about her body, her mirror self pulled her pants and panties off. She still looked good, even after two kids. Her hips were more rounded. Her stomach, although not as flat as it was in high school, was tight. She had been cursed or blessed with runner's legs.

She sat down in the floor with her legs spread open. Her pubic area was neatly trimmed. She got up and went to the bathroom and got some shaving cream and a razor.

Returning to the floor length mirror, she spread the shaving cream all over her pussy. Holding the skin tight, she grazed the razor over the tender skin. Her hair came off easily. Gone was the light brown air, leaving smooth pink skin. She shaved all her hair off and rinsed her skin.

Looking at the results of her shaving job, she rubbed her hands up and down the now bare skin of her pussy. Mesmerized, she pulled her lips open. It was like a soft pink iris blooming. Her fingers traced her puffy outer lips. Shivering when a wave of chills cascaded through her groin, she held her lips open with one hand and continued exploring with her other hand.

Gazing at the beads of moisture that appeared from her fondling, she pushed her finger inside slightly. The entrance to her pussy was sensitive to the touch. She circled her finger at her open portal, making more chills appear. Sliding her finger inside further, she felt her tight ring of muscles and felt them tighten around it.

A small groan escaped her, as she practiced tightening and relaxing her muscles. It felt like her pussy was gently sucking her finger. Trying to mimic what her husband did to her, she wiggled her finger inside. Tiny shocks raced from her pussy to her clit, making it grow before her eyes.

She pulled her finger out and inserted her thumb. Rubbing the front wall, she found a patch of skin that was different than the rest. When she rubbed it, the tiny shocks grew into massive jolts. Looking down at what she was doing to her pussy, she saw that the pink skin was now a dark red. Her whole pussy was congested with blood and swollen.

She could see her clit pulsing. The bud was erect and peeking out from it's hood. Pulling her thumb out of her dripping cunt, she used her slick fingers to pull her hood back further. It felt so good. She jacked her clit using it's hood. Pushing that piece of skin back and forth over her button, she was surprised at how fast she was breathing.

Looking at her image in the mirror, she saw the rosy flush covering her chest and face. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat, making her appear to shine. Her nipples were so pointy. Her pussy dripping juice. Never had she seen a more beautiful woman.

Her needs were rising. She wanted to be filled. Grabbing her dildo, she practically ran into the bathroom. The walls of her bathroom were tile, and it was the best surface for a suction cup. She wet the base of the huge dildo and pushed it against the wall at her ass height.

She was able to watch herself in the mirror, as she backed up to the toy. She felt the bulbous head probing the opening of her slit. It was so huge. It felt like it was going to rip her apart. Keeping a steady pace, she pushed onto it further, until she felt the ridge pop into her eager cunt.

Gripping the sink counter, her knuckles white, her face contorted in pleasure, as inch after inch sank into her hungry pussy. There was still about 3 inches of shaft left when the cock head butted against her womb. She sat there a moment, letting herself adjust to width and length.

Her breathing grew ragged, as she worked her ass back and forth on the wall mounted fake cock. Unable to control herself, she reached down and pulled her huge clit. She could feel her juices dripping down her legs. Never had she been this wet.

She bucked against the cock. She was not making love to it. She was fucking it and fucking it hard. Her gasps were getting louder, and she was glad that the kids were at their grandparents' house. She was all alone, so she could get as loud as she wanted.

Letting out loud throaty gasps and moans, her pussy contracted around the cock. Lost in a lust filled haze, she never heard the door open. She continued to fuck herself silly with the huge dildo.

He heard something unusual. Was she cheating on him? She only made those sounds when she was about to cum. He noticed the kids were gone. Angry, he made his way to their bedroom and eased the door open. He wanted to catch them in the act.

What he saw in the bathroom floored him. His innocent and prudish wife was humping a very large cock that was mounted to the wall. His anger left him all at once, as he watched the most erotic sight he had ever seen.

His hand dropped to his crotch and rubbed his rapidly growing cock through his pants. Careful not to make a sound, he unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor. Reaching inside his boxers, he fisted his cock, which was granite hard and beginning to leak pre cum. Leaning against the wall, he made himself comfortable and continued to watch his wife.

Unaware the object of her fantasy was watching her, she pulled the cock off the wall. It was coated in her milky fluids. She brought the dildo to her mouth. She wanted to taste herself. Licking the shaft of the toy, she was amazed at how tangy and sweet her pussy was. Once the toy was clean of her cream, she suctioned the toy to the toilet seat, so she could ride it hard.

As soon as the toy was in place, she eagerly sank down onto it in one thrust. Using her leg muscles, she bounced up and down rapidly. Balancing herself with one hand, she used the other hand to circle her clit back and forth. Alternating between circles and pinches, she was bringing herself to orgasm quickly.

He watched her closely. Never had he seen her so aroused or wild. Spitting into his palm, he lubricated his cock more. Rolling his foreskin over his cock, he circled his hand over his cock head. It sent massive chills up and down his shaft. Trying to focus his eyes, he continued to watch.

She felt her whole body tense up. Her clit was twitching violently. Trying to gasp for air as the huge orgasm rolled over her, she felt her pussy rippling on the dildo. Her thighs were wet from her pussy juice, and she was still horny. Her lust had not been slacked.

He watched her cum. Her body convulsed violently. He was ready to cum himself and wanted to reveal himself to her. Just about to speak, he went silent as he watched what she did next. Shocked, as well as wild with need, he could not believe what he was seeing.

She felt naughty. Pulling her twitching slit off the dildo, she grinned to herself. She was a bad girl. The fake cock was well lubed, but her ass wasn't. Reaching into the cabinet, she pulled out a container of Vaseline. Scooping out a large amount, she reached behind her and smeared it all over her ass and into her hole.

The size of her finger burned her tight, puckered asshole. She would need loosening up before she would be able to take even the head of that big fucker inside her ass. Pushing her finger inside, she fingered her ass. Pushing another finger inside, she scissored them, opening her hole wide and letting it close.

She fantasized that it was her husband's fingers. She could only imagined the image of her brown little ass hole open wide enough to see the pink inside. The Vaseline made the canal slick and loose. Pushing a third finger inside, she pumped them roughly. She wanted it rough and hard. When had she started wanting anal sex?

Standing up straight, she lubed the dildo with Vaseline, until it was shiny. Pressing the head of the toy against her hole, she kept a steady pressure as the head gradually disappeared into her ass. She proceeded at a snail's pace.

The pressure was amazing. Every nerve ending was on fire. Her pussy was weeping copious amounts of oyster colored nectar. She felt the head push past the anal sphincter with an audible sucking sound. Letting her body adjust to the size of the cock in her ass, she sank all the way down on the toy. Her ass sucked all ten inches into her gut.

Slowly, she withdrew the shaft, only to sink back down on it. Faster and faster, she fucked her virgin ass. Her earlier throaty gasps turned to high pitched screams. Her ass burned. It was on fire. The pressure made her clit grow again and her pussy squirt out jets of juice.

Amazed, her blurry eyes watched those spurts of cunt nectar land on the toilet seat and floor. She grabbed a hold of her clit and jacked it like a tiny cock. Her ass twitched on the cock, and her pussy tried to suck in air. She wished she could she what she was doing.

He watched in shock and amazement. His supposedly prudish wife fuck her own asshole. Envious of the toy, he tightened his hand and jacked his cock, as fast as she was working her clit. He wanted to cum with her.

He was so close. His ball sac was tight and hot. He could feel hot cum wanting to shoot up and out of his cock, which was so hard he could pound a nail into the wall with it. He listened to her scream out her second orgasm. That was all it took to send him over the edge. His seed shot out of his dick and sprayed the bedroom wall. Jet after jet spurted out of him, leaving him weak and breathless.

Her ass was sore. Gingerly, she pulled the cock out of her ass. Wincing as the head popped out, she worked it loose from the seat and threw it in the sink. Curious, she turned her back to the mirror and pulled her ass cheeks open. Her whole was loose and still open. She could easily get three of her fingers inside it. Just the sight of it thrilled her. It reminded her of how bad she had been.

She started the shower and stepped in. She wanted more from her sex life, but how could she tell him. What would he say? Leaning her head, she let the hot water roll down her body. A cold draft alerted her to a change in the environment. Wiping her eyes, she was startled to see her husband.

“What did you see?” she asked, timidly.

“I saw everything,” he answered, and then kissed her.

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