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Self indulgence

Sometimes I just need to be selfish
After a long, busy day, I finally undressed, sank into the comfort of my mattress and settled down under the duvet. Alone at last. I could hear the low hum of the TV downstairs and felt safe in the knowledge that my boyfriend had never come up to bed before the end of Match of the Day in the three years that we'd lived together. Which left me plenty of time for some self indulgence.

I let my hands wander, stroking down my body, feeling the curves of my full breasts and gently pinching my nipples. My right hand continuing further down, leaving goose bumps across my torso, until it was hovering over my clit through the soft fabric of my underwear. Barely allowing my fingers to make contact, I teased my clit. Gently stroking back and forth as my mind conjured images of a handsome stranger whose only desire was to please me. I glazed over the specifics of my faceless, imaginary man as I imagined that my fingers were his mouth. I could almost feel his breath on my thighs as I envisaged him nuzzling my pussy through my knickers. I imagined looking down my body and seeing him between my legs, looking up into my eyes. Eager to taste me.

I slipped my hand inside my underwear, feeling the growing wetness of my soft, smooth pussy. I reached down and slid a finger inside myself, just enough to spread my juices over my now swollen clit. I could feel the familiar tingling sensation building up already as I gently traced my fingers around my pussy. Not wanting it to be over too soon I brought my hand up to my mouth and sucked my juices off of my finger, thinking back to my fictitious playmate as the sweet taste filled my mouth.

My mind flicked through scenarios, I imagined us somewhere semi-public, his fingers expertly rubbing my clitoris and the risk of being discovered adding to the excitement. Then I imagined he was here in my bedroom, bending me over, fucking me roughly and gripping my hips as he pounded my pussy again and again. The fantasy I settled on was of his mouth on my cunt, fingers inside me as he sucked on my clit. I imagined he would hold me on the edge of my orgasm, as I held myself now, not quite giving me the release I would desperately beg him for.

I felt the warm, tight, tingling pressure telling me my orgasm was building and a small moan escaped my lips as I held myself back. I could feel my juices dripping down, leaving a damp patch on the bed. My pussy was aching in anticipation as I lightly stroked my clit. I'd had enough of waiting and I expected to be shuddering into a body shaking climax as I stopped holding back and let myself come.

And then... Nothing. Frustrated, I considered going downstairs and interrupting the football, but thought better of it. This time was just for me. I was feeling selfish, I didn't want to have to think about another person's pleasure or desire. So I sat up and reached over into the drawer next to my bed, feeling around for the small silk bag that held my favourite toy. Lying back on the bed, I pushed the duvet back as I was getting too hot.

Turning it on its lowest setting, I put the small bullet vibrator directly onto my clit and thought again of my imaginary stranger. This time I thought of him directly above me, feeling his weight on me as he kissed my neck. I imagined his cock, hard and ready, pushing at my wet pussy and then slowly sliding in. My left hand held the vibrator on my clit, my right hand reached down and I slid two fingers inside, slowly moving them in and out. 

Once again I felt my body preparing to come and this time I didn't try to hold back. My pussy clamped down on my fingers and I gasped as my orgasm took hold. My entire body tensed and shuddered as waves of pleasure rolled through me. As the last few spasms in my pussy subsided I turned off my toy, my swollen clit now too sensitive to touch. Then, completely spent, and utterly content, I drifted off to sleep with my hand still on my pussy. 

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