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Sweet Seduction

That moment when your alone.
Before reading this please note that the names of some people in this story were changed, thank you.

Chapter 1: Long time no see


"Yes?"- Me

"I'm going to my dr. appointment, your father is working late. Be back at 7!"-Mom

Door closes

Wait what? My mom is gone? My dad is at work till 7? My brother is at night school? Now that I think about it, this is the first time I have had time to myself in ages. For a moment I just sat there, thinking, letting my mind wonder. Then I thought about that girl. You know that one girl that just the thought of her makes you get "ideas", at that moment I knew what I was gonna do for the next 3 hours.

I went to the front door to make sure everyone was gone and my mom had not come back because she forgot something. Everyone was gone, the house was still and silent, yet a soft breeze made the house creek a little. I stood for a moment then turned down my hallway to go to my room. As I entered my room I thought about Elliot some more. The more I thought of her the more I wanted to grab her small,soft,perky tits. Elliot and I go back to the 6th grade when we were 11. We are both much older now though. She is 17, almost 18, and I am 18. She always had that attitude that made you want to chase after her. She gets angry easily but that did not change that fact that she was hot as hell! I turned to my dresser going to fetch my phone, when the phone rang.

Phone rings


"Yes is Diana there?"

"Sorry no she is out right now."-Me

"Ok when she gets back tell her I need to speak with her, ok?"

"Sure thing..mrs.?Who is this?"-Me

"This is Ms. Sullivan."-Ms. Sullivan

"Ok ill tell her."-Me

"Thanks, bye."-Ms. Sullivan


I put the phone down

"Well now that that is out of the way time to do what I have been wanting to do for months!"-Me

I got my phone and looked through my pictures. I found the right one, the picture was a picture of Elliot in a bikini. I stared at it for a moment then I looked down, an erection was building up. I instantly pulled down my jeans and boxers and jumped on my bed. I continued to look at her wonderful and soaked body. I never use to think about Elliot in this was until recently when I accidentally walked in to see her completely naked fingering herself! She had not heard me come in because she was focused on the silence. I walked out and ran into her bathroom and began to jerk off to what I had just seen. I was at her house for her younger brothers birthday. That was one of the best and most thrilling moments of my life!

While thinking of her soaked body I felt an orgasm approaching. I ignored it and kept going. I thought of me putting my 71/2 in cock in her wet and shaved pussy. God I was in heaven just thinking about it!

"Yes Elliot! Take my cock in your pussy!Yes!"-Me

Then I felt my own sperm coming out of my penis onto my finger. I licked it all up, I really did not love the taste but I was still a little horny so I went for it. I knew this would not be the last time I would jerk off like that. I still wonder if I will ever get to see her naked again. Hopefully I will and maybe even get a little more.

To be continued...

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