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Team Spirit 2

A hot and sexy cougar is rescued by her son's best friends who fix her car and more..
Team Spirit 2

Don Abdul (c)

Leslie re-emerged from Ricky's room and tossed them two robes and asked
for their clothes so she could pop then into the washer while they
showered. Paul went first, then Miguel and finally it was Leslie turn
to use the shower. When she was done, she returned to the living room
complaining of aches and pains. She said she had been stressed so much
lately, especially since Ricky went off to the war, she'd had to do so
much by herself.

Unaware of the bobby trap in her apparently innocuous complaints, Paul
suggested she might want to get a proper massage to loosen up her body
and ease the aches. "Sounds like a nice idea, but who's going to gimme
a massage without asking an arm and a leg, uh?" she asked. "A session
at a standard spa sounds like a good place to start, I worked at one
last summer, you'd be surprised how cheap they can be" Paul responded.
"Well considering that the price of gas is so high these days, that
leaves little for such luxuries don't you agree Miguel?" she asked as
he eyes him suggestively, her eyes somehow telling him she would
succeed in seducing the slow-on-the-uptake Paul, quite easily too.

Miguel just laughed, he knew fully well she would find a way, he just
wanted to enjoy the pleasure of seeing her seductive genius at work...
then it suddenly hit him. He smiled at the realization that she just
hit the ball into his court, and he decided to play it well.

"Well Paul, you're quite good at this massage thing so why don't you do
the honors... all for one and one for all remember". Miguel said.
"What, right now?" Paul asked taken completely by surprise. "Why the
hell not? I've got all kinds of oils and lotions in my bedroom. We
could even improvise a massage table in there. Besides like Miguel
said, you're the expert, right?" She said her tone challenging his ego.

After a tension soaked couple of minutes, he conceded, and they all
moved to her bedroom, here she quickly cleared a long table she for the
massage session, then she took off her robe and wrapped a towel about
her torso. Paul asked her to lie on the table face up and preceded with
a basic head, neck and scalp massage. Leslie enjoyed his expert touch
and kept talking about how lonely things had become and how tense she
always was. As the session progressed though, her complaints faded into
moans of arousal. She began making more and more "Mmm! Ahhh!" sounds
indicating she was really enjoying it.

He lingered on the head and neck massage before moving on to do her
feet. She was extra sensitive there, and jumped each time he hit a
pleasurable spot. He warmed more oil in his hands and continued
delighting in the sensations he was causing her as he rubbed each toe
individually. Her moans of pleasure were beginning to turn him on and
he was becoming more and more aware of how beautiful her body was and
what s sexy woman she was.

His dick had swollen in response to her and he chose that moment to ask
her to turn over and lie on her stomach so that I could do her back. He
was hoping that would give him time for his growing erection to
subside. As she turned she caught sight of his hard on. She looked
briefly over at Miguel whose cock was unashamedly erect as he watched
the unfolding sensual drama of epic proportions. She smiled naughtily
and did as she was told..... Only a little more.

By her design her towel fell to the floor leaving her completely naked.
She laid face down with her voluptuous breasts popping out from the
sides and her awesome ass smiling right up in Paul's face. Any
illusions he had of his erection subsiding suddenly evaporated. He
struggled to remain professionally detached and carried on. She was
especially receptive to his massage of her lower back as he palmed his
way lower to her ass cheeks kneading and massaging it in slow circles
for about five minutes.

Leslie almost stopped breathing as the back of his fingers brushed
against her lust swollen labia a couple of times as his hands worked on
her inner thighs. He could fell the moisture of her slippery clear
liquid as he moved his hands away. He looked over at Miguel seeking guidance on what to do next now that he had awoken a monster.

Miguel just smiled, his eyes seemingly saying ‘Hey, you're the expert,
you're on your own'. As he began to turn back to the beautiful older
woman on his massage table however, he found salvation in her hand
which had parted the front of his robe open and was now wrapped about
his thick white cock.  She rubbed his raging boner for a bit and then
she climbed down from the table and undid the belt of his robe. Paul
shrugged the robe off allowing it to fall to the floor.

Miguel moved over to the bed, took off his robe and sat down as he
watched Leslie take Paul's cock into her mouth. She cupped his balls as
she sucked on his cock causing him to throw his head back and howl like
a mongrel dog towards the ceiling. As though in thanks, she delicately
massaged his balls and pleasures his manhood. She had often wondered
what his cock looked like, but Paul had always been the least matured
of the lot when they were boys, so she always steered cleared of
playing games with him. Now as she sucked him, she thought it was well
worth the long wait.

Paul was totally caught in the whirlwind of pleasurable sensations from
the awesome blow job she was giving him. It was even much better than
he had dreamt all those years as he fantasized about fucking her. He
never told anyone about his fantasies about his best friend's sexy
mother, and he never ever thought she even noticed him. As he looked
down at her head bobbing up and down on his throbbing cock, he wondered
if it was merely a wet dream in progress, or if he had died in a car
crash and gone to heaven. Suddenly he got a reality check as Leslie
pressed his balls causing him to wince, she didn't want him to cum yet,
so she rose to her feet and moved over to the bed.

Miguel made room for her to lie on the bed, and then he began to caress
her breasts, he rolled her taut pink nipples in between his fingers and
thumbs and kissed her lips. As Paul also climbed into bed with them,
Miguel's mouth replaced his hands in the service of her breasts. He
licked her nipples and swirled his tongue about her areolas before
popping her nipple back in his mouth and nibbling lightly on it. Leslie
moaned and writhed in pleasure.

Paul knelt by Leslie's face and fed her his throbbing dick, she licked
the underside of his shaft and sucked on his balls, and then she told
him in a very husky voice to straddle her face. She took his cock in a
double handed hold and rubbed his pulsing hard flesh and sucked on his
sac. He moaned as her tongue worked its way down to the crack of his
ass, and when she found his puckered hole. Paul growled as she licked
his asshole and massaged his ball in between moans of her own.

Miguel's mouth meanwhile had traveled further south to Leslie's sopping
wet pussy, he licked her lust swollen pussy lips and swirled his tongue
round and round her erect clitoris sending shivers of exquisite
pleasure through her. She shuddered as he inserted a finger into her
hot pussy and commenced finger fucking her. She thrust her hips and
pushed her crotch harder against his mouth and his probing finger,
first the one and then another, and another until she was furiously
responding to all four of his fingers as they shafted her hot wet pussy
with a feverish intensity.

She was completely lost in the moment as she automatically responded to
the multiple sexual stimuli around, about and inside of her every
opening; she was like a plant on auto-pilot. Leslie let out a deep and
long animal growl as Miguel's fingers found her g-spot, as he kneaded
and massaged it she felt the heat that had been steadily building up in
her core become glowing hot and then explode, sweeping her into a
humongous orgasms.

To be continued.....
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