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Technology Brings Couples Together

Now I can touch you from here, in a way, he said.
She was clearing through her emails when she noticed a new one pop up. It was from her boyfriend. They lived in different places, seeing each other as much as they could, but it never seemed like enough. Sexual energy always built up between their visits, with suggestive discussions, texting, and emails. Sometimes it was almost unbearable.

The subject line in the email was, "read this before you go home."

The note from her boyfriend was as follows:

"I always miss you, Iove our suggestive teasing, but tonight let's take it to another level. I want to see you on Skype tonight. But there is one more thing. UPS tracking indicates that a package I sent you has arrived and is awaiting you at your house. Do not open it until we are online together. I know you have a hard time waiting, but it will be worth it. Log in at 9 pm tonight and you will be rewarded."

Her mind ran wild. It was only 3 pm and she had to wait until she got home, let alone 9 pm. Was he kidding? This was going to kill her. The next two hours of work almost drove her nuts. She had to know what he sent. She could not wait.

Traffic on the way home crawled, or maybe it was her skin that was crawling with anticipation. The two of them had a very adventurous sex life, and she knew whatever he had sent would surely be interesting.

By 6:30 pm when she finally got home she could not wait. She parked quickly in the driveway and found the package UPS had left at the front door. She was not going to wait.

A kitchen knife made quick work of the tape and packaging on the outside of the box as she tore into it to see what was inside. Packed in some wadded up newspaper to keep it protected was another box. The black silk-wrapped wood box had a note taped to the top of it. She unfolded it to read:

"Naughty girl - I didn't think you would wait, so here is one more reminder to do so. I promise it will be worth the wait."

She felt caught. How did he know her so well? Okay, she steeled herself. She would wait. Only 2 1/2 more hours.

She tried to find things to keep herself busy. Housework, watching tv, checking email, even a bit of work. Nothing quelled her curiosity. Time crept on.

She thought, "Two can play this game. I am going to look excessively hot for him when he sees me." She went into the bedroom and put on a black silk garter belt and tight silk boned corset that pushed her tits up into beautiful mounds. She slid some thigh high nylons onto her legs and attached the garters to them to hold them in place. She slid on a low rise pair of black silk boyshort panties over the garter belt. She wanted to be able to remove her panties for him without having to remove the rest of the underclothes.

On top of this she slid into a French Maid's uniform she had bought to surprise him the next time he was going to visit, but she could no longer wait to show it to him. She knew that she would take it off for him at some point, showing him the corset and thigh highs. She sat on her bed and slipped her feet into her thigh high black patent leather fuck me boots which she slowly zipped up the back of her calf and thigh.

Finally 9 pm arrived. She went into her office and logged into Skype. He was not on yet. How could he be late for this? Didn't he know he was killing her? At 9:01pm he logged on. Not too late, I guess.

Before she could say anything, he breathlessly said, "My god, you look positively hot. My cock is rock hard at first sight of you!"

Her attire had had the appropriate effect.

"Can I open it now?" she asked after they had connected via video and audio chat.

"Of course you may," he responded.

Pulling quickly at the bow on the top that held the silk wrapping on the box, the wrapping fell away to expose a wooden box with a combination lock.

"Just one more precaution in case you weren't going to wait for me," he said with a wink.

He told her to enter "8080" as the combination to enter the box.

Slowly opening the lid, she saw a cream silk bag with a lump in it.

Untying the opening to the bag, she removed a pale pink, soft, pliable, skin like feeling rubber toy. Shaped almost like a reverse clam it was so skin like it was almost scary. The shape she knew would fit perfectly under her panties, covering her clit and slightly protruding between her already wettening vaginal lips.

She looked up at the screen again. He was smiling.

"Okay, hun, there are some features and operational options of this that I want to tell you about. But first, get your iPhone," he said.

"My iPhone?" she questioned, "What do I need that for right now? I want to know what this thing does!"

"Just do it," he said.

Thinking he was just delaying the fun, she did what he said just to get it over with. She knew he would not continue unless she did it. She sat back down at the desk in front of the computer.

He continued, "Turn your phone on, slide over screens all the way to the right and open the folder that says "iPhone Tools. Last week when you were visiting me, I installed an application that I want you to open. Click the icon that says 'bringcouplestogether' and tell me when it is up."

She followed his instructions. She saw a screen come up that gave three options: self vibe, send vibes, or receive vibes.

"Click on receive vibes," he said.

She did and it came to a screen that indicated she should share the pin code on the screen with her partner then click next. She told him the code. She could see him entering the code on his end of the video chat.

"Now on the back of the toy, there is a thin swiper, if you hold your finger on it for three seconds, it should activate the toy and show a purple light," he said.

She did it. The next thing she knew the toy she had set on her lap vibrated slightly. She knew where this was going. She must have reacted, because she heard him chuckle and saw his monster smile through the screen in front of her.

"Now I can touch you from here, in a way," he said.

"I want you to slide the toy inside your panties and hold it up against your beautiful pussy," he said.

She did it. It slid nicely between her lips, covered her clit well, and began to warm very quickly to her skin, feeling like she had a warm mound slowly protruding into her. She held it there as she watched him, almost unable to speak. She saw him reach down to his own iPhone and begin to rub the screen, immediately the toy between her now wet lips came to live, pulsing, vibrating, and wiggling.

It was amazing, as he moved his fingers different ways on his iPhone, the toy between her legs responded differently. He spoke suggestively to her the entire time he was doing it. A pattern of motion, vibrating, and pulsing continued in her as he watched her through the camera. She could tell it was turning him on immensely.

"I won't stop til you come," he said.

She knew that she was going to. The effect of the toy was amazing and it was heightened by the fact that she knew her lover was in control of what it was doing even though there were hundreds of miles apart. She began to buck against the toy as she started to feel flush and warm. She did not realize it, but as she got warmer and fucked the toy between her legs, she was slowly removing her maid's outfit.

On the other side of the Skype connection he could not handle it anymore either. He was watching her respond to his inputs, bucking, squirming, and fucking the toy between her legs as she removed articles of clothing revealing the corset and panties below. Her hand was shoved down in her panties holding the toy in place as she caressed her own body, her stomach, her breasts, and her face with her other hand.

He manipulated the touch screen on the iPhone with his left hand while his right reached into his boxers and slowly stroked his cock that was straining against the fabric. He began to feel warm also, stopping rubbing his cock only long enough to remove his shirt.

The two continued, and the pace picked up. She began to moan and pant and he breathlessly urged her on. She was going to come.

"Come with me, baby," he said.

She saw him on the screen stroking his cock as the mound inside her did its job. She could barely keep her eyes open, but she wanted to see him come with her badly. They both could not stand it, telling each other it was okay to come, and they would do it together. He spurted all over his chest and she collapsed into the chair, drained of energy.

This was certainly going to make video chats more interactive in the future and help ease the tension between visits they both thought. He leaned forward and kissed the camera.

"I love you," he said before the screen went blank.

Wow, new technology sure was a fantastic thing.

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