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The Bedpost

Just as men got blue balls, I got slanted slit.

I woke up again in a damp puddle. My pussy was so sticky and aroused, it literally itched. My clit was pointing also and highly sensitive; so sensitive, it pulsed inward and outward when I touched it. I could feel my fleshy curtains full of heat and highly ruffled, like they were waiting to part for something hard. God, sometimes I wished I was not so sexual.

As soon as I turned sixteen, the hormones waged war inside my body, and all I craved was sex. Even when I could not have it, I always found some hard item to stick up inside me. Now I am twenty-five, and still today, my body needs sexual release. I'd just rather it be while I was awake, but I am used to it by now. At least once a week, I wake up all gooey and so aroused it almost hurts. It hurts because, while I soak the sheets, get all sticky, and my clit naturally pokes out, I never have full release. Just as men got blue balls, I got slanted slit.

To me, it feels like my sensual flaps tie themselves in a perfect knot, pulled as tightly as possible, but the feeling never goes away until some kind of hard item enters my pounding pussy. Many times, that hard item is the bedpost. Really. Somehow, I perfected how to position my body over it. Do not ask me how. I just do it.

The oval shape of it is absolutely perfect. The narrow point of the top allows for easy entrance. I can feel my fleshy curtains part and accept my oval bedpost with ease since it always got so wet. I loved the feeling of how my labia stretched to slip over it to accommodate its fullness. I especially loved how my lips folded over the indentation in the wood once the oval shape had filled me. My labia became an elastic band that spread to accommodate a foreign object and then closed over it, enclosing the mass inside. The feeling of my pink lips shutting it inside was a feeling I would never tire of feeling.

I always loved how my wet core slathered the egg-shaped smooth piece of polished wood inside my pink hole. It always allowed me to move my body over it in rhythmic motions that brought out feelings of sexual bliss. I never needed anything with ridges to get off. As long as something hard was deep inside me, I always made it work.

Once I started to move my body up and down over the bedpost, I could feel my ruffled lips part and stretch to numbing tingles. The feeling always sent shivers through my body as my pussy lips pulled apart to slide over the round oval apparatus. Lowering myself back over it was the best part because as I felt it slowly go back inside; the fullness gave me a sense of closure. I was never concerned of ripping my enclosure. The elasticity of my pussy was my best quality. It could wrap around anything that had a round head.

My hot liquid always lubricated the bedpost so generously that my labia never folded over onto themselves. I was always so dripping wet, my naturalness coated every inch of my ten centimeter long slit. I loved how my sexual lips just slid along the wet smoothness as I bounced on top of my bedpost. I would always pause slightly when I lowered myself back over it because the feeling of my labia tightening over the indentation, gripping the thinness of it as the heavy shape filled me, gave me the feeling of tightness, even though I had taken a thick object inside. The only way I could describe the feeling was that my labia wrapped around the bottom of the bedpost, closing around it like a zipper, securing safely the item deep inside. The tightening of my lips around the base always made me moan.

But as I moved upward, my body would be so aroused finally, my clit would pop out as my pussy lips stretched over the thick roundness to release the hold. I flicked my clit with my fingers as I finally began fucking my bedpost in a moving rhythm that I had perfected over the years. Massaging my clit at the same time, I felt the bedpost penetrate my pussy, sending double the stimulation through my body. Feeling the bedpost fill my wet insides, coupled with my finger diddling my most sensitive sexual organ, I moaned deeply as my orgasm formed.

Little by little, as I rocked my body up and down over the bedpost, I felt my orgasm building. Each time I fell over the oval, my clit pulsed outward and poked against my finger hard. In a fast motion, I massaged over it using the hot dripping liquid that escaped between my stretched pink lips and the bedpost inside me. The quick flicking sent my body into an ecstasy and just like always, my pussy began to spasm and tighten over the wooden round oval. As my labial lips filled with stinging pulses that pressed hard against the smoothness of the bedpost, my orgasm began to fill my whole body. I just loved how I could make my orgasm begin slowly and travel to all parts of my body before exploding wildly.

The heat of my growing orgasm stung my skin which now started to pop out in beads of sweat. I began to bounce harder on the bedpost as the flowing heat found my round voluptuous upper features, making them nice and firm so they jiggled with my every move. I felt my nipples instantly harden and elongate. Like my clit, my nipples poked out hard into the hot air I was making in the room. My free hand found one of my firm protrusions and squeezed. My hard nipple rubbed against my palm and sent the ripple of my raging orgasm further through my body. It needed release.

Vigorously, I began to hover over the bedpost, penetrating myself with it rapidly. My internal moisture dampened it even more letting my pussy slide over it in fast strokes. My engorged lips wrapped tightly around the indentation each time I lowered myself, filling my cavity with the point that is used so often. My legs began to shake to the point of not holding myself up anymore. My clit was pulsing in and out severely in an erotic rush as my orgasm finally reached its destination. Leaning back just slightly enough to feel my clit with my fingers and also let my firm breasts protrude with their hard pink centers, I closed my eyes and let the moment fill me.

The long drawn out moan released loudly from my horizontal lips, eclipsed the air of my bedroom in a sexual roar. My body began to convulse with the spasm that had entered it. I petted my sensitive erect clit as my pussy climaxed, pushing my hot sweet cum over the bedpost. Slowly, I removed my body from the round oval, still continuing to rub my sensitive pink knob in circles, and looked down. As usual, my cum was dripping out of my now gaping sexual hole all over the bedpost. Streams of my sticky residue flowed down the bedpost leaving my marking trail on it once again. I just loved watching my goodness flow all over it to the floor. It gave me closure.

And with having gotten off, my body was now in a heavily relaxed state. It was more than enough to get me through the day. I cleaned, wiping off what had evaded my body, and then put on my clothes. Rejuvenated, I began to walk out of my room with a smile on my face. As I crossed the threshold of my room door, I looked back at my bedpost. It was still glistening with my inner core. I smiled from the sight and could not wait for the next morning to come. The bedpost would be waiting yet again.

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