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The Commuter: Day 10

Your aim was impeccable and this one splashed against my hand as I pumped myself.
Well Dammit! I said to myself as I boarded the 6:30 AM train to town. I rarely worked Saturdays, let alone worked on a Sunday. But today I found myself heading back in to work to finish what I didn't get done yesterday. The only reason I had to return today I mumbled to myself, was because of you, you fucking rich bitch. You fucked with my head so badly yesterday I couldn't ever clear your image out of my head. Now it's early fucking Sunday morning, and I'm headed to work. Plus, I didn't sleep well either. All I could think about, dream about, was fucking you again. Since I was the only rider this morning, I decided to try and catch a few Zs .

Like Saturday, I wore my jogging clothes in case I wanted to take a break from the monotonous work. As I settled into my usual seat, the sun peeked through the windows and cast it's warm rays throughout the car. With eyes closed, I was already beginning to work though the mental preparation for work when the train slowed at your stop. I thought, surely you wouldn't be going to work, or whatever it is you do, on a Sunday morning. But low and fucking behold, you boarded the train.

This time you didn't hesitate as you walked past me and sat directly across from me...again. Why were you wearing a long trench coat I asked myself. It was barely drizzling when I left home. Fucking prima dona doesn't want her 500 dress wet, I said under my breath as I barely looked you up and down before closing my eyes again.

It wasn't long before the sunlight had warmed the room. A sudden jolt of the car rattled me from my brief slumber. As my eyes cleared, I was stunned to find you sitting there nearly naked. With your trench coat unbuttoned and draped to the sides of both thighs, you sat there with legs wide open, sunning yourself as the sunlight kissed nearly every square inch of your heavenly body. While I dozed, you had leaned your head back against the window and allowed the sunlight to begin caressing your every curve. It was as if a spotlight shone on your gorgeous body. Glistening dew drops on your lips awaited some one's touch.

As I stared, you slowly lifted your head until your eyes met mine. Acting as if this had happened accidentally , you slowly closed and crossed your legs. You casually buttoned your coat as your blank stare glared a hole through me. You buttoned your coat so nonchalantly, you would have thought it was only one button that had accidentally worked itself free. I sat there with a very hard cock begging to be set free. Damn you I thought, you're fucking with me again.

You sat there with the usual stoic expression. I watched as you crossed and uncrossed your legs several times, allowing the front of the coat to open at mid-thigh. With the car warming up, it didn't take long for you to unbutton your coat again. This time as you leaned forward to let it fall from your shoulders, I got my first unobstructed view of those marvelous tits. I licked my lips several times as I thought about how nice it would be to suck on those nice hard nipples. I was ready to hold them and squeeze them and lick them and suck them.

You uncrossed your legs again, this time giving me a very nice long view of your thick neatly trimmed pubic hair. That's on par I guessed, not even one pussy hair looks out of place. You looked at me for a few moments before looking down at your breasts. Then you cupped both of your tits and squeezed them together as your eyes closed. With head tilted slightly back, you moaned as you took each hard nipple between thumbs and fingertips, and gently pinched each one. You spent what seemed to be an eternity rubbing and fondling your tits and nipples. Your legs swayed back and forth as you became more aroused by your own touch.

You caressed your tits as I imagined a long lost lover would have, paying attention to every square inch of soft sensitive flesh. You repeatedly licked your lips as you slowly turned your head side to side. Lost in the pleasure of the moment, you moaned freely.

Your body responded so beautifully to your breasts being touched. It was almost like watching an erotic scene from a ballet number. It didn't take long for your hands to trail down your body, rubbing across your tummy from side to side as your legs moved almost uncontrollably . You ran your nails through your pussy hair, pulling it, playing with it. Your lips were full and wet. You teased your pussy, patting it a few times, before collecting the dew drops that had formed on your petal like lips.

Your eyes closed as you slipped your hands between your legs. I pulled my throbbing cock from my shorts, my large hand circling it's girth, rubbing it up and down. Fuck the 'game' I said, I need relief. I felt the urgings of millions of sperm begging to be released. You rubbed your pussy as your body rocked back and forth. Finally you opened your eyes. It was the first time you had seen my cock. Our eyes met as we both sat there masturbating for each other, and for our own selfish reasons obviously.

You sighed deeply and began to finger fuck yourself harder. I wasted no time in taking matters into my own hand. With my raging hard on pulled out through the leg opening of my shorts, I began jacking off while watching you masturbate. Your eyes were glued on my hand fevorishly pumping my thick 8" cock. Then, unable to hold back any longer, you leaned back and shot a long hard stream of hot juices my direction. Your squeals echoed through the empty car. One long hard squirt followed another as you came several times.

You sat there panting, tits heaving with each deep breath. Each time your fingertips neared your pussy, your body shuttered. With your eyes glued to my pumping action, I stood up and walked towards you, never missing a beat. Your eyes never strayed from my cock. Without touching you, I stood between your legs, jacking off just inches from your face. Your eyes were glued to the small opening on the head of my cock. You knew what was cumming and your loud moans told me you wanted it. I heard the sounds of your fingers noisily fucking yourself again. We both began to moan loudly as we watched each other. It only took seconds for you to release another hot stream of passion. Your aim was impeccable and this one splashed against my hand as I pumped myself.

As my pace quickened, the first droplets of precum formed on the head of my cock and you obediently opened your mouth to receive my gift. My legs shook as I felt the surge of my semen rushing to meet its target. I grabbed a handful of your hair, holding your head in place as my cum exploded through the tiny opening. The first strong spurt of my hot cum splattered across your face, lips and extended tongue. The second shot landed on your neck and tits. I continued stoking my cock as smaller spurts dribbled onto your tummy and legs.

You leaned forward and took my cock in your mouth, sucking the last droplets from me. Then you licked the cum from my cock and fingers. You carefully tucked my semi-erect cock back in my shorts, giving it a loving rub through the fabric. Convinced you had sucked every last drop of my cum, I reached in my shorts pocket and pulled out your freshly cleaned and folded hanky.

"Clean yourself up, you're a fucking mess!" I said, dropping the hanky on your lap.

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