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The Doctor's Office

Pauls lets loose in the Doctor's office
My friend Paul and I worked together for at least 17 years, we knew each other well and often hung out together on weekends. Our kids were also good friends so we also got together for birthdays and BBQs.

We were opposites but in many ways we complimented each other, he was the planner, meet the deadline and get things in order and I, free living, enjoy life while you can.

We trusted each other and often confided in each other about men's stuff, at one such gathering he pulled me aside to confide that he was having bedroom problems and maybe even some prostrate problems as well. I acted surprised but I had known about his problem; since I was banging his wife Julie for some time now. She was a hot blond from the mid-west and she had a craving for black cock.

Without hesitation I advised him to get it checked out ASAP, this wasn't something he wanted to be fooling around with.

"Well I would but I don't know where to go; I don't feel comfortable discussing this and I also don't feel comfortable with some doctor probing around back there."

I understood his implied meaning as over the years I had become accustomed to his Latin machismo and homophobic quirks.

I winked at him and told him he should see my doctor, she was a specialist in the field and very easy to talk with. We both had very good insurance which allowed him to see the physician of choice so he said he would consider it.

Doctor Ivy was an attractive woman in her early 40's, slender in build and very professional. During office hours she wore her hair in a tight bun, her designer glasses were elegant yet plain giving her an almost librarian look. I had on many occasions however encountered her shopping or at the high school where both our sons attended. On those occasions it was impossible not to notice her feminine allure.

Her secretary and nurses aid was the exact opposite. A brassy Latina, a little on the loud side. She was blond, wore bright red nail polish, and exuded sex with every strut. Her scrubs hugged her firm ass showing the clear impression of the thong she wore.

Paul made an appointment for his consultation and was told that they had an opening late Wednesday at 4 p.m. due to a cancellation. His would be the last appointment of the day.

"Perfect," he said.

Typical of him, he arrived on time, Mr "all my ducks in a row, everything in order, no spontaneity type of guy".

Ana took his pulse, pressure and temperature; while she flirted with him he remained like a deer caught in the headlights.

Handing him a gown, she led him to a room where he waited for Doctor Ivy to complete her last patient. He tried to relax and read some of the magazines but was uncomfortable sitting nude with only the gown, the cold air blowing on his back did nothing to alleviate his discomfort.

After 15 minutes Dr. Ivy arrived, her warm smile and soft talk seemed appropriate and she listened to his answers with an occasional nod while she listened to his heart and lungs.

"How old are you?" she asked, not bothering to look at the chart. "And when did you first notice you were having problems with intimacy?"

Pausing for a moment she called on the intercom for Ana to bring some items and to assist her.

Paul was beginning to relax a bit when she asked him to disrobe completely. Horrified even more now that Ana was present he found it hard to comply but Ivy was persistent in her request.

Her voice now authoritarian had an effect on Paul, his cock hardened in response. The tenting of his gown did not go unnoticed by either of the women. Dr. Ivy reached out in a professional manner to examine his cock.

"You seem perfectly normal and there are no obvious reasons for your concerns, I would however like to continue in a more thorough detail."

Her gloved hand had not released his cock, with her free hand she squeezed a tube of warm gelatinous liquid over his member then proceeded to stroke it to a full erection.

Her eyes were bright an luminescent, her lips concealed the smallest curl of a smile, she studied Paul's face enjoying his tension. Satisfied that he could maintain an erection she next examined his testicles. They were large, round and heavy.

"Have you masturbated recently?"

He shook his head. "I don't feel comfortable masturbating."

"Please turn around and lay across the exam table."

Paul complied as she poured large amounts of the liquid into her glove and began to massage his anal area. She inserted a finger into his anus causing him to winch and pull forward.

"Relax, this won't hurt, and I will be gentle with my probing."

Paul tried to relax but his knees quivered, still Dr. Ivy continued her insertion gently probing till at last he began to loosen up and allow her fingers deep inside. Paul's cock was now rock hard, not big it was rather average but it had been a while since he had an erection.

Closing his eyes he began to enjoy her finger pushing into his ass, he resisted the urge to push back until his body responded involuntarily.

Summoning Ana for a closer look, Dr. Ivy instructed her to start massaging Paul's balls and cock. With a look of wanton wickedness Ana began to stroke his cock while tracing her fingers along the wrinkled skin of his taut balls. The whole scene was too much for Paul, two beautiful women and four hands manipulating him pleasuring him toward orgasm.

His ass now quite open Dr. Ivy began fisting him enjoying the fact that in spite of himself he could not deny his inner desires.

"Relax Paul you are much too uptight and it is affecting your love life."

Tension was building and after so many months without sex Paul exploded like a roaring bull shooting his cum across the table and into the waiting towel Ana now held. He sunk to his knees as the women quietly left the room.

Slightly embarrassed he dressed with trepidation, wondering how he could discretely leave the building without having to face them. He need not have worried as Ana approached, clipboard in hand handed him the paperwork.

"I have scheduled a follow up consultation in 4 weeks. Will this time slot be okay for you?"

Paul nodded sheepishly, knowing he would return.

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