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The Early Years

My discovery of the joys of masturbation

           As I think back, I cannot remember a time when I did not know about the wonderful transformation my penis was capable of in response to touching.   Some of my earliest memories, maybe around 5 or 6, involve lying in bed late at night with my sleeper and underwear pulled down to my knees, playing with my penis.   I had no idea why all this happened, but I would rub my penis until hard, pull it down toward my legs by the head, and then let it go.   The quick returning slap of my firm erection against my naked stomach was wonderful and exciting to me.


            I began maturing early and had pubic hair by around age 8.   During this time a group of neighborhood friends (3 boys and a girl), would sometimes get together, alone in my garage, and enjoy “playing Dr”… showing off our naked bodies to each other, and mutually touching.   I was always most pleased that my “cut” penis seemed bigger than the other boys, and they, along with our “nurse” always wanted to “examine” mine first.   My response to hardness was almost immediate, and I loved the warm feeling as we all touched and masturbated each other.   As an only child, this was my first exposure to the fact that girls were built differently, and our mutual examination sessions were very thorough.   She seemed to especially enjoy our examinations of her “girl penis” (or Clitoris) too.


            At around age 10, this girl (also an only child), and I became more like brother and sister, spending more and more time alone together after school.   We loved talking about our bodies, pretending we were married – hugging, kissing and mutually masturbating each other whenever we could.   Neither of us knew where babies came from, or about ejaculation.   We would just make each other feel wonderful, then stop.   We always ended our love sessions with my kissing her girl penis, and her kissing the head of my boy penis good-bye.   Somehow we just knew this must be what married people did.


            At age 11 I had my first gay experience when one of the neighbor boys came over to my house for a sleepover.   We shared the big bed in the guest room, and when we were sure my parents were asleep we both would get naked and masturbate each other to an erection.   We loved the feeling of our naked bodies together and would pull ourselves close together so our 2 erect penises would lie side by side against our naked skin.   In this way we would rub them together- griping each other’s ass cheeks.   It was during one of these “hugs” that my friend suggested that we take turns sucking our penises.   He had seen this in a magazine in his parent’s bedroom and it looked fun.   I remember being worried that I would get pee in my mouth and made him promise not to let that happen.   We took turns sucking on each other and the sensation was wonderful- raising the now familiar “warm and tinglies” to a new level.   I felt a shiver and some pre-cum came out… which I had never seen before.   (Of course my friend thought I had peed in HIS mouth and was not happy!)


            At age 13 we moved to another state and my “Dr” friends were all left behind.   Soon though I found a new male friend and as we got to know each other better the conversation eventually turned to masturbation and showing.   He was curious, so I willingly took the lead and showed him the joys to be had… especially in touching each other’s penis.   His penis was HUGE… the biggest I had ever seen… and when erect was easily 2” longer than mine.   I was fascinated.   For seclusion we built a “fort” in the rafters of his garage.   Nearly every day after school we couldn’t wait to get to our “fort”… and “do our home work”… or at least that’s what we told our mothers.   As soon as we were secluded, off came our clothes and the naked hugging, mutual rubbing and playing began.   We also kept a “pee pot” in our fort, and peeing together was another forbidden pleasure my friend and I enjoyed together.   We would both hold on until we both needed to pee, then while kneeling and nakedly facing each other, we would put our penises down into the pot together, and while embracing, let our pee go.   The warm wetness on our penises as our mutual pee filled the pot was VERY hot, and we were soon hard.


I remember distinctly my first ejaculation.   While I had had wet dreams before, I did not know about semen and just thought I had peed.   My friend reported similar “trouble” while he slept.   Well, one hot summer afternoon, in our usual spot, naked and masturbating each other off, the usual “warm and tinglies” gave way to a sudden strong wave of euphoria and something imminent about to happen.   I felt my body shudder and then a series of deep contractions began- with a new milky fluid now flowing out of my slit.   My friend immediately let go of my stiff penis and started apologizing for… whatever it was he had just done to me!   The spasms slowly stopped, and while all I wanted to do was hold our naked bodies tightly together, curiosity over this new situation won out.   What WAS this stuff?   Definitely NOT pee, but something new, warm and sticky.   My erection faded and it did not seem to want to “play” anymore, although small amounts of this new “goo” continued to slowly ooze from my slit.   Obviously, my penis was broken and I became scared.   He helped me wipe up the evidence, we got dressed, and I went home.


I was relieved upon reaching home to realize that I had to pee, and that my penis still worked ok.   Later that night, I was also pleased to find that my penis still quickly responded to my touch.   I was now sleeping naked, and loved the feel of the sheets against my nightly erection.   Well, everything seemed to be working just fine again, and as I lay there stroking I remembered the cold wet material I had sometimes found in my bed in the morning.   Was that the SAME stuff?   Courage building, I decided to see if I could make my penis “ooze” more of this interesting goo.   When I was sure my parents were asleep, I got out of bed, stood naked in front of the mirror on my door, and began jerking myself off.   Faster and faster I stroked until that now familiar warm feeling once again gave way to that euphoric feeling of imminent… something.   I bucked and my body contracted and out came more of this milky-white goo.   I was surprised this time to notice how it shot out in spurts in response to my milking strokes.   OH, THAT FEELING!!   I quickly cleaned up and went to bed… anxious to share my newfound knowledge.


The next day my friend found me at lunch and asked if “everything” was still ok.   I assured him that it was, and that I had something wonderful to show him when we got home.   After school, we retired to our usual place and quickly stripped down.   My penis was already hard with anticipation.   I explained the details and told him that he HAD to feel this wonderful sensation.   I began masturbating on him, alternating between stroking with my free hand (the other was off course busy keeping my erection happy), and sucking.   He was in heaven.   Soon he began to shudder and pushed me away.   I assured him it was going to be ok and started stroking him harder.   Very quickly his orgasm began and the milky goo also began flowing from his slit.   I rubbed the warm liquid onto my erection and then began really pumping hard.   I was surprised at how fast my orgasm was upon me too.   This time, now knowing what to expect, I pulled him close… our penises side-by-side, and let my goo squirt up between our naked stomachs.   We just stood there embracing each other until the spasms left us.   That was the first of many such wonderful times together.   Fortunately, his parents never discovered our exploits in that garage fort.   Eventually, we each developed girl friends and the naked play we had so regularly enjoyed together stopped.


I am now in my late 40’s, married, with several children.   While our sex life is wonderful, I still think back on those early years of my youth with fondness.   The freedom we enjoyed to learn and explore was amazing.   Masturbation is still a big part of my life, and do it almost daily… in the shower, or outside in the backyard late at night.   I’m sure I always will.

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