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The Phone Call

An innocent phone call turns objective
Fiona's nails were long, well manicured and painted black. She realised how sexy her nails looked, with the black paint, against the pale color of her skin, when she picked up the phone that day to call Tyler. She knew Tyler loved her nails, as had all her other boyfriends. Something common she found between all of them was how they all enjoyed the sensation of her nails digging into their naked bodies while they pounded her with their ramrod cocks.

Her thoughts drifted back to Tyler, as she dialled his number, the reciever gripped between her neck and shoulder exposed in a strapless tube top, her other hand twirling her hair. She stared at her body in the mirror as she leaned against a wall waiting for Tyler to answer the phone. Her body wasn't the size zero it used to be when she was younger. Her hips curved out now into just grippable love handles that complemented the concave curves of her waist and convex bulges of her firm breasts and ass. She admired her figure in the mirror and suddenly a deep-chocolatey voice whispered a hello.

It was Tyler. Fiona noticed her nipples standing up in her reflection. She missed Tyler's dirty talking in bed so much that just his voice turned her on so much now.

"I miss you", she whispered back, "I'm so horny for you that my nipples are standing up for you"

He was grinning mischievously, Fiona could tell.

"You're alone right?" she enquired


"Get that hot rod out of the cave, I wanna tell you both how much I miss you" she said sluttily

Tyler who was just as starved for Fiona as she was for him took out his cock, from his boxers almost immediately. The thought of Fiona's juicy, tender nipples on those hard lumps standing up was enough to get his member to rise to attention.

"Picture me in my pink boob tube, without a bra" she began, " I'm wearing my white skirt that reaches mid thigh with it, with no panties on. My hair is clipped with a banana clip and my bangs are framing my face."

Tyler bit his lip. He knew every inch of Fiona's body like the back of his hand and he knew without a bra her breasts jiggled up and down in that tight boob tube and her love handles made her top ride up to her waist. She would be in a low waist skirt that would expose her if she bent over or walked a little too fast. He could picture her as if she was in front of him.

"Lady Marmalade is playing just loud enough in the background and tonight I'm your slut. I walk up sexily to you and tie you to a chair, naked. You are going to watch me , but tonight that little devil is going to explode before you or I set hands on him.", she continued," I'm dancing for you now, to LAdy MArmalade, touching my breasts and rubbing my ass at all the right moments. I slowly slide my top up from my waist exposing just a bit of my breasts."

Tyler's cock was already throbbing. He couldn't believe he wanted Fiona so badly. He was so sex starved, yet he knew no other woman could turn him on so much. Fiona had set him ablaze and now he was masturbating as hard as possible, running his firm grip up and down on his huge cock.

"Now I squat and expose my ass and pussy to you briefly. I flash my ass to you one more time by kneeling with my ass facing you and lifting my skirt seductively. I now turn and slowly remove my tube, exposing my boobs completely to you. My nipples are hard and I squeeze my boobs together and lick them.."

Tyler sank back into the couch and let out a loud moan. He had cum.

Fiona knew that moan. "Already?" she asked, pleased with herself.

"Mmmmm" moaned Tyler, indicating a yes.

"Go on" he managed to mumble " I want more"

Fiona obliged, "After squeezing my boobs I pinch my nipples till they are raw, then I slowly slide my skirt off to reveal my ass. I spank it red for you and then turn my body to show you my bald pussy.
I move backwards and sit on the couch erotically. Then  Iraise my legs and place the soles of my feet on the couch knees bent upwards, legs spread wide apart, automatically parting my pussy lips for a full view."

Tyler could feel his hardness return. It was unbelievable that Fiona's talking could give him such a short recovery time. He touched his dick again and surprisingly he didnt feel exhausted. He rubbed the tip, waiting for Fiona to continue.

"Now I slide my hands down to my pussy and let my fingers do the talking. I part the lips and pinch and rub them.I'm all wet and my cunt is sticky, so i swivel my fingers around in the juice and then lick my fingers clean. Then I stick three fingers in and start going in and out, while I rub my clit expertly with my other hand. I make clean circular movement on my clit  and turn my self on even more allowing me to get closer to an orgasm. I'm moaning as loud as I can and rubbing my clit without control. My body is swaying to the beat of the coming orgasm and I rapidly move my legs up and down."

By this time Tyler was back to masturbating his erect cock and was jacking off harder than ever.

"Then I climax and my ass raises off the couch, and i squirt all over the floor and couch. I gently rub my pussy with one hand and my boobs with the other"

As Fiona climaxed in her imagination , Tyler climaxed as well, releasing his familiar groan, which she instantly recognised, all over again.

"Perfect timing.", she said.
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