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The Power of the Word

The power of words can be intense

For as far back as I could remember books were my best friends. I have always been able to lose myself in them no matter what was happening around me. I loved all kinds of books; Fiction, non-fiction, biographies, the classics, poetry. The smell of a bookstore, the feel of the worn pages from a well-read classic, these are familiar to me. 

I never thought much about e-readers or online sites. I wanted to see and feel a book in my hand, but after my divorce, I had to downsize everything including my precious books. 

One night I was sitting home and decided to search the internet for something to read. There were so many topics to choose from. I found a bibliography on a new and just discovered website and laughed when I realized that the books from my early teens were still out there for the next generation to read.

I decided to click on one of the links to a site with short stories. My guilty pleasure had always been the reading of romance novels. I had read some excellent books from people like Fern Michaels, Kelly Collins, and Nora Roberts. I soon discovered that not only were there romance novels featured but a huge selection of erotica.

It had been a long and sexless year for me since my divorce. Looking at the categories featured on the site I discovered a vast choice of BDSM material. Looking guiltily around me I started sampling various stories in that category.
I had always had a secret fantasy which I had never shared about being a submissive and being dominated by a masterful lover. Probably because my ex-husband was the antithesis of masterful.

After reading several stories which resulted in the resurgence of my sexuality I again started to satisfy my urges with frequent masturbation almost always while fantasizing about the scenarios laid out by these great authors.

I finally decided to register on the site and proceeded after much thought to write a profile of myself. I was amazed at the result, requests to become friends arrived in a deluge from a variety of men all of which were searching for a woman with my profile.  
Nervously, I began reading through their profiles. Some people were quite vulgar in their requests, and those got deleted right away. I was terrified to accept any of them until I clicked on one with a picture of a handsome man and a well-written profile. That was a positive sign to me that he was at least intelligent. His biography caught my eye as we liked many of the same books and as I looked through his story page, I realized he was the author of several of the stories I’d read.

Anxiously, I sent off a response. He was online, and we began sending private messages back and forth for a while to get to know each other. We discussed many of the books that we both enjoyed.  I learned he was an author not only here on the site but was writing a novel as well. 

He was also divorced. Over the next few weeks we learned many things about each other, I told him about my ex and how he was a selfish man who only cared about himself. He told me about his ex who only wanted to shop all the time and not be a wife. Eventually, we moved on to what our fantasies were.

I told him about some of the stories I had read, and I divulged my curiosity about BDSM. He confessed that he was a Dom and had a feeling that I was a submissive. He began asking me lots of questions about what kind of sex I had sampled in the past and what I liked most about the stories I read here. I explained to him that although I was able to command a classroom with a look, I was really a very quiet woman and the few men I had been with in the past were just okay. My ex-husband was as vanilla as they came and would hardly ever try anything new. He said he could tell I had many passions not yet explored. He asked if I would like to explore that side of myself.

By this time we had been chatting for a couple months, and I trusted him. I told him I was very nervous but would like to give it a try. My first task was to find a submissive story I really enjoyed and pick out what turned me on the most. After searching through many stories by so many authors, I told him I could not pick just one, but I could tell him what I liked best from some of them. I explained to him that reading of these women giving themselves over to someone was a major turn on for me. I had also read several stories and poems about sensual spankings, and these made my body tingle. Finally, I sheepishly admitted that the stories with bondage in them made me so hot I had to touch myself. 

He told me I was not to touch myself again until he gave me permission. We had decided that night we would talk on the phone for the first time. At eight o’clock I waited clutching my cell phone and hoping he would still like me. As I heard the familiar tone, I clicked it on and said hello.

“Hello, pet. How are you tonight?” his voice was so smooth with a slight accident. He sounded very sure of himself and very sexy.

“Good evening, I am doing well and you,” I replied shakily.

“Relax, Pet, it is just me. From now on you will refer to me as Sir. Do you understand?” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

“What are you wearing?” he asked. 

“I just am just out of the shower and in my nightgown and panties, Sir.” 

“Remove your panties, Pet,” he ordered.

"My panties?"

"Yes, your panties. Do it now!" 

I quickly removed my panties, “Done, Sir.” 

“Now I am going to begin reading an excerpt from my book, would you like to touch yourself, Pet as I read to you?” 

“Yes, Sir I would,” I replied softly.

“You may. Just don’t cum without my permission.” 

“Yes, Sir.” 

He began reading;

“He took her by the hand and led her to the bed. The blindfold did not allow her to see the restraints lying on the bed. He kissed her neck as he began to unzip her dress. His lips followed the zipper, as he lowered the dress from her shoulders. She finally stood before him in stockings and heels while his gaze admired her body. 
He pressed her forward, so her torso was lying across the bed. He took the first restraint and tied her ankle to the footboard, and then the other spreading her legs wide. He began caressing her plump ass as he smelled her arousal.”

“Oh, my,” I whispered with my eyes closed imagining myself in that position. My fingers spread my pussy lips wide as I felt how wet I was getting.

“You like this, Pet? I like hearing you. Your voice is so sexy.” 

“I love it, Sir, please continue. I am so wet already.”

“Pressing her into the mattress he ran his fingers over her spine before slapping her cheeks, first one then the other. He rubbed her ass before the next blows then slid his fingers into her pussy. Her juices ran down her leg as he pushed two fingers inside, curving them, and pumping them in and out.” 

“Are you doing that, pet?” 

“Yes, Sir.” I was breathing heavily now and getting closer to an orgasm.

“Mmmmm! I want to hear you, Pet. Cum for me when you are ready. I am pulling on my hard cock, you are so sexy.” 

“Ahhh, Sir. Oh god yesss.” 

“He continued to pump his fingers as he knelt behind her looking at her plump ass. Sliding his fingers back he traced her rosebud lubricating it with her juices before sliding it into her tight hole. She began to moan while pressing her ass back to take more.” 

“Oh... oh Sir. I’m cumming. Oh god.” 

“That’s it, Pet, ride it out. Mmmm. Oh yes, I am cumming with you.” 

I dropped the phone as my back arched, and I came hard on my hand. As soon as I caught my breath, I realized I dropped it and quickly found the phone on the floor. 

“Sir, are you there, Sir?” 

“Yes Pet, I am here. That was beautiful. I wish I could have seen you. You are so sweet and sexy. Mmm, I came hard imagining you were here with me.” 

“I came hard too,” I whispered sleepily.

“Sleep now pet, you are exhausted. Tomorrow I would like you to buy a vibrator. Do you have Skype, pet?” he asked.

“No, Sir. I don’t.” 

“We'll talk tomorrow.”

Over the next couple of weeks, we talked daily. I looked forward to my nights chatting with my Sir. I bought my first vibrator and even decided to attempt to write my own story. I wanted to surprise Sir with my story, so I kept that to myself. I knew I wasn't as experienced in as many things as he was but I was willing to learn as we went along. We didn't have more live sex chats, and I wanted to hear him read me more of his story.  

I was sipping a glass of wine one night and remembered Sir’s question about Skype. I opened my laptop and went to the Skype site. I quickly created an account and sent Sir a message with my information. Within moments I had a friend request. I gulped down the wine and accepted.

My screen came to life with my Sir at the other end. I was so nervous he wouldn’t like what he saw. I tearfully smiled at my screen.  
“What’s wrong, Pet. It’s just me,” he said calmly. 

“I never thought I would be able to see you and I am worried you won’t like what you see,” I replied shakily. 

“Pet, you are beautiful. Stand up and step back let me see all of you,” he commanded. 

I stood up and stepped back making sure I was in full view of the camera. I was wrapped in my robe with damp hair and no makeup having taken my bath earlier.

“Let me see you, Pet. Open your robe.” 

I shyly began to open my robe. My plump breasts were bare and as soon as the air touched them my nipples got hard. I pulled my robe open the rest of the way and let it fall to the ground. I felt silly standing in my living room naked but would do whatever Sir asked of me. 

“Look at you, pet. You are gorgeous. Your breasts are creamy white and plump. Your curves perfect for a man to know he is holding onto a woman. Turn around, darling girl. Yes, look your wavy brown hair lies across your back all the way down to your spankable ass. I would love to get my hands on you.” 

Blushing, I said, “Thank you, Sir, but I think you are blind.” 

“Pet are you contradicting me?” he questioned. 

“No sir.” 

“Good now take your laptop into your bedroom and grab your new toy,” he commanded. 

I did as he asked and lay down on the bed with my laptop set up on the bureau. I aimed the camera towards the bed so Sir could see me.

“Now Pet are you ready to hear some more of my book?” 

“Yes, Sir very ready.” 

“Good girl. I want you to open your legs and play with your pussy for me as I read to you but don’t cum.” 

“Ok, sir. I won’t.”

“He glanced at his beautiful pet lying on the bed. She looked like a gift on Christmas morning. Her arms were bound above her head, the rope following along her torso and around her lovely breasts, The rope blood red against her alabaster skin continued down around her thighs down to where her legs were spread eagle and tied to each bedpost. He licked his lips in anticipation ready for his feast. HIs cock stood at attention dripping with precum as he stroked it.” 

I spread my smooth lips with my eyes closed as I listened to his voice wash over me. My juices were flowing as I dipped my finger inside moaning loudly. I held the vibrator in the other hand and ran it over my clit. Then I slid it into my wet pussy. Mmmmm... It felt so good, and in my mind, it was his cock toying with me. I turned it on, and his voice, the vibrator, and my heavy breathing filled the room with sound.

“Climbing onto the bed, he held himself over her body directing his hard cock toward her mouth. She eagerly stuck out her tongue and licked the precum off the tip. She used her tongue to lick circles around the head and finally sucked him deep. 
He leaned forward and straddled her face as he breathed in the scent of her arousal. He parted her luscious pussy lips and tasted her sweet juices for the first time. He flattened his tongue and licked from her rose to her clit before he stuck his tongue into her dripping cunt.

She was so close, he could feel her muscles tighten as she sucked his hard cock bringing him closer to his own orgasm. He began rubbing her clit as he lapped up her juices. She began to cum hard, arching her back as he shot his creamy load down her throat.” 

“Ahhhh, Sir,” I moaned loudly as I pumped the vibe in and out of my pussy. “Oh fuck, yes.” 

“Good girl. Are you ready to cum, Pet?” he asked. 

“Ohhh, Sir yes.” 

“Spread your legs, darling. I want to see your delicious pussy.” 

I did as he requested, bending my knees so the camera could see all of me as I pushed the vibe in and out with one hand and played with my clit with the other. I was so very hot and close to ecstasy. I could feel my Sir’s eyes on me. I could feel his cock pushing deep inside me. Even if it was in my mind, his voice made this all very real and not just another story. 

“Mmmmm, Pet. You look stunning. Your pussy is glistening. I can smell your arousal from here. You're sexy as hell. As you push that phallus into your pussy think of my hard cock being there instead, Pushing harder and harder. Feel me hitting your cervix as I lean forward and toy with your voluptuous tits. Your nipples get so hard as I pull on them. Feel me, pet. I want you to cum when you are ready. Drench my cock with your hot cum. Now pet, cum now!”

His words sent me over the edge. Moaning, my back arching off the bed, “Ohhh, fuck yes. I’m cumming. Fuck... oh god!” 

My orgasm kept going on and on until I finally fell back on the bed, my juices dripped out of my pussy as I pulled the vibrator out. I laid there for a few minutes before my heartbeat slowed and I caught my breath. 

“Pet, you are divine. I absolutely adore you. I think you like my book. It will be sent to my publisher soon, if everyone has your reaction, it will be a best seller for sure.” 

I heard him through the phase of post-orgasmic bliss. “Your book is very good, but it was your voice that makes it even better. Thank you for this, Sir.” 

“Sleep pet. We will talk soon.” 

The next day I finished my story for the site and decided to send him an audio of me reading it to him. Later that night I received a video of him listening to my audio as he stroked his beautiful cock. It made me so horny that I got out my toy and brought myself to orgasm.  


We continued to talk for several months and finally we were ready to meet. We were working out the details when one afternoon I found a package at my door. I took it inside and opened it. It was a book. I opened the cover, and the acknowledgment page said, “To my darling pet, you helped make this a joy to write. Thank you.”



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