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When I Modeled for My Therapist

(But that wasn't all that was ringing as I opened the door to let him in).

        My therapist had left his canvas out on the easel. I asked him about it. He was looking for a female to paint - nude. Did I know anyone?

        I thought to myself "hmm, I wouldn't mind, but would he agree?" I spoke my mind and a time was set. What was I thinking to agree to this? Was I being spontaneous or just plain stupid?

        It was decided that he would come to my flat to photograph me and from the photos we would choose which one he would actually paint.

       He arrives as scheduled. I am dressed only in my robe when he rings my doorbell. (But that wasn't all that was ringing as I opened the door to let him in).

      He entered my abode and locked the door. He inquired again as to how I felt at what I was about to do. I told him I was nervous but eager to proceed. We discussed what would happen if his cock would react.

       And then he instructed me to remove my robe.

       I was quite eager to flaunt my body so I let the robe fall to the ground to reveal my body.    My naked and nude body. Exposed. Exposed for all to see.

  I relish my body and marvel at each curve, every crack and crevice, dimple and orifice - for all are a part of me and my body. And I am fat.

      Just the thought of being exposed in front of my therapist has sent goose bumps of fear and trepidation all over my body; and yes, there is excitement too.

      My body may seem non-sensual as it sags but my curves can certainly be quite voluptuous. Fully clothed I may not "turn-on" the Average guy or even get their "organ" to play its music, but my body can most definitely be a work of art. A wonder of creation it certainly is, as too is everyone else’s is to them.

     I am spellbound at the softness of my flesh and the way my tubular boobs jiggle as I move. I often wish they were more firm and erect, but they aren’t. However my nipples do "perform" when cold or sexually aroused. My entire boobs can be malleable - quite the pleasure for any man to handle.

     My skin is ever so fair and sparse is my pussy hair. What little hair there is is soft and fuzzy and almost not visible.

     My private "love-hole" - I wish I could view it in a mirror. Alas my layers of fat prevent me from so doing. Yet my fingers have never had a problem exploring the inner recesses in its totality.

     My therapist has called my name but...

     I am off in my own world as I part the lower lips of my body to touch ever so gently and stroke with little flicks of my finger to access that teeny button of ultimate joy; make contact with the most sensitive part of me physical being - my clit.

    My longest finger probes inside of me as it grazes and brushes the tiny bump sheltered between my blubbery thighs. My mind conjures up its own fantasies as my finger slowly dances its own rhythm and cadence around my swollen knob of exaltation. I sense the wetness escape my hole and dribble out. And then I feel a huge shudder throughout my entire body as I am totally engulfed in a huge wave of titillating spasms and rush of cum exploding out of me.

         Suddenly I remember where I am; and yet I am still one with my body. I hear the camera clicking away as I realize what has transpired. I look up at my therapist to see a smile on his face and a huge package in the front of his pants.

         I move closer to him and open his zipper to feel his hardness. With one hand on his cock, my other turns again to my pussy. I am still wet and getting wetter.

        He motions to the couch as he removes his pants and sits. His cock is standing up in front of him as if in salute. I follow him and kneel between his legs.

        I have never done this before but I want his cock real bad. I am afraid yet compelled to satisfy my need as well as his. I cannot decide between my desire to suck his cock until he comes or to give release to the pent-up tension in my pussy.

       I decide to concentrate on the massive cock in my mouth as I slowly let my mouth surround its hugeness and enter as far back in my throat as I can. Slowly as if I am licking an ice cream cone and then my tongue makes more rapid motions as i gently squeeze his nuts. Soon I find myself gyrating my lower body as I suck longer and harder on this delectable cock nestled in my mouth.

      I hear him start to groan ever so softly and then I feel the taste in my mouth change as it fills with his cum. He is cumming in my mouth! I did it!

     I can't believe it! And he is praising me.

    He is directing me to stick my finger in my pussy again and to tell him what I feel. I tell I am wet. He asks me to describe how wet I am. I try, but I can't.

     Because I am busy rubbing away off to another orgasm. I love my body and what I can make it do. This is out of this world. I never want it to end.



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