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A Night to Remember

She meets her husband at a hotel for an evening of romance and is surprised by his plans for her.
You come home from work, tired but glad to be finished another week of long day shifts. As you walk in the door you see a note on the dining room table.

My Dearest,

There will be a limo here at 5 to pick you up. Just worry about getting yourself ready; everything else has been taken care of. Dress however you feel for a sexy weekend. Pack for 2 nights (although if I have my way you won’t need many clothes!) When you get to the hotel, just tell them who you are and they will fix your reservation. Can’t wait to see you…

Hmmm, you think. I wonder what he’s up to now. Relaxing with a glass of sherry in the tub, you keep thinking about what’s in store tonight. A warm tingling spreads in your loins and you smile in anticipation.


As the elevator stops you glance up and notice that you’re on the 24 th floor. You walk down the corridor and stop in front of room 2432. Putting the key in the lock you turn the handle and step into the room, immediately noticing the scent of fresh flowers in the room.

“Hello babe,” you hear him say as he walks into your view. You drop your bag and come up to give him a hug.

“I see that you’re all ready to go,” you say laughing as you press your body against him. “And judging by what you’re wearing I’m guessing that we’re not going out tonight? I do like those silk boxers by the way!”

He takes you by the hand and leads you into the sitting room of the suite. Sitting down you see him go over to the counter and take a bottle of bubbly out of the fridge. Pouring two glasses he walks over and hands you a glass. Walking back to the fridge he takes out a tray of crackers, smoked salmon and cream cheese and puts it on the coffee table.

“Here’s to a fun night!” He says raising his glass in toast. “A night to remember!”

After the appetizers and several glasses of bubbly each, he stands up and goes to the bedroom. He is quickly back with a small package that he places in your hand. You unwrap the packaging and open the box to see a black silk blindfold.

“Why don’t you go into the bathroom to put away your toilet bag and I’ll meet you here in the bedroom. I’ve got a surprise for you so please put on the blindfold before you come out,” he says smiling at you.

You walk into the bathroom tingling with anticipation. After fixing your lipstick you change into a sexy red and black lace corset and attach the sheer black stockings to the corset’s garters. You think about putting on panties but then reconsider, as they won’t be on for long anyway. You place the blindfold over your eyes and then open the door.

As you step out you feel hands grasp your arms and legs. You feel yourself lifted off the ground. You don’t know what to think.

“What’s going on?” you ask. “Please help me!”

“Everything’s all right my love,” you hear his voice say. “This is all part of the surprise. I can absolutely assure you that you won’t be hurt or have anything happen to you that you don’t want to happen.”

You feel his touch to your cheek and his warm lips kiss your lips.

“Just relax and consider the next while all about you and the worship of your body!”

Your mind is still racing. Clearly he has enlisted other people in this game as you feel at least four hands holding you. As you’re lowered down onto the bed, the hands tie your wrists and ankles, making sure that your arms are stretched out over your head and your legs are spread open.

You’ve been tied up before but that was only with him. Now you feel restrained and a little bit threatened. You begin to struggle against the restraints. Quickly you feel a body move close to yours, a gentle touch to your arms as you hear his voice reassure and calm you.

From in front of you there is a noise that you can’t place and then you feel yourself tied to the bed. More rustling in the background and then you feel your breasts taken out of the corset so that they lie free and exposed. You feel strangely excited by this and don’t protest.

You feel hands begin to rub your calves. Slowly they rub your muscles, rubbing oil into your skin. Your tension eases as the hands continue their work on your legs.

“Ahhh,” you think. “This feels better.”

You begin to relax as a second pair of hands begins rubbing your shoulders and neck. But the first pair of hands continues to rub your legs. You’re suddenly tense again as hands other than your husband’s are touching your body. You hear his voice reassure you that everything is all right, urging you to just relax and enjoy this experience that is all about you.

As a pair of hands works their way up to your thighs, another pair of hands begins playing with your bosom. Your unease begins to be overwhelmed by your excitement. The first pair of hands starts to work on your inner thighs as the second pair of hands continues their exploration, rubbing oil into your gorgeous tits and increasing the tweaking and pulling of your nipples.

You feel your pussy moisten and you feel exposed and vulnerable. You begin to ask a question but feel his lips touch yours and feel his tongue as you give each other a long, slow kiss. Again, he reassures you to just enjoy the feelings.

There is more rustling on the bed. The four hands continue their massaging and then you feel movement near your pussy. You feel yet more hands spread your lips apart and then a tongue darts around probing your luscious sex.

Your mind is racing. Whose tongue is this, you wonder. You don’t have time to wonder long though because the hands playing with your tits have increased their pressure on your nipples, pulling them harder and sending more signals to your pussy, making you start to writhe on the bed. A moan escapes your lips. Another set of hands is just stroking you, rubbing your tummy, your thighs, twirling your hair through their fingers.

Although you’re tied up you can move your arms somewhat. Your arms reach out to feel around you. You feel bodies on either side of you; both of the bodies are warm to the touch. One of them has hairy legs and is obviously another man but who is it?

Your hand touches a leg and moves around seeking out what you know must be there. You find what you’re looking for and begin to stroke with your hand the hard, thick cock that you’ve found. After stroking this shaft for a while you pull the cock towards your mouth so you can suck it. As you start to lick the shaft you hear moaning so you start to lick and suck harder.

While you continue to enjoy sucking the cock, the mouth playing with your pussy increases in intensity, licking hard at your clit. Meanwhile your other hand searches out and finds another leg. You move your hand slowly up the leg and find another cock, waiting for your pleasure. As your pussy continues to be devoured, your hand explores the second cock. This one isn’t as thick as the first one but it is long and hard.

Suddenly the first cock pulls out of your mouth and you feel hot liquid across your bosom as the cock comes. Your hand reaches out and finds another leg, one that is surprisingly smooth and warm. Your hand moves up the leg and finds a damp patch of hair and some very warm and wet lips. Your fingers begin playing and you feel the body next to you shudder and a sexy female groan fills the air.

“Oh God this feels so good and so strange all at the same time. All these hands playing with me…I just don’t know what to do,” you say. You hear his voice reassure you once again and notice that the tongue has stopped so it must be him who is playing with your pussy. “Oh just fuck me please, anyone…please,” you moan.

Suddenly hands grasp your limbs and you feel yourself turned over, exposing your magnificent ass to those playing with you. After some rustling and shifting on the bed the tongue continues to play with your pussy and you feel hands start to rub oil onto your ass. The hands shift down to start to play with your ass and you feel something like KY rubbed into you. All the while the tongue has increased its intensity, really sucking your pussy hard. As if that’s not enough, the other hands are still tugging and tweaking your nipples, taking your entire breast into the hand and squeezing, playing with your body. You are so excited now that you almost don’t care what happens to you. The feeling in your pussy is unbelievable.

Without warning you feel something gently pushed into your ass. You feel like you’re going to explode. The feeling is very intense and you don’t really know what to concentrate on; your ass, your tits or your pussy. The dildo moves slowly in and out gently fucking your ass. You’ve never felt like this before. You vaguely notice that the hands have stopped their work.

The dildo is removed and replaced by a hard and thick cock gently thrusting into you. If feels like the cock is sheathed in a condom but this doesn’t detract from the feeling of the cock in your ass. You’re almost screaming in delight, your body writhing against the restraints.

Then without warning you feel a body move underneath you and then suddenly a cock enters your pussy, thrusting against you. You explode almost immediately with an orgasm more intense than you’ve ever experienced. The two cocks in you feel indescribable and you’re just overcome with lust and desire.

The pussy you were sucking is now on your face and you can smell the arousal. Your tongue darts forward, licking the pussy to climax all the while the two cocks continue to fill you, making you feel completely used and spent. Time seems to stand still as wave after wave of orgasm rolls over you.

The cocks pull away from you and the hands lift your body again placing you on your back. The blindfold is pulled away and your hands and legs released. You see your man over top of you. Your arms reach out to grab him and push back to him with your cunt, wrapping his cock in your pussy and pushing him to his release. Finally he comes, holding you tight, continuing to push deep into you. You reach out with your hands and pull his head down to you giving him a deep kiss. Your arms reach around him pushing him closer to you, your nails making impressions in his back.

After a long time, lying together on the bed totally spent, you look into his eyes and ask, “Who were the other men? Who were the men fucking me? Was one of them a woman? How did you arrange this? Whose cocks was I touching? Whose tongue played with me….”

“Ssshh,” he says. “I hired some people to help but they have gone now; that was part of the arrangement so we are alone. I thought that the sensation of having other hands play with you and just you being the total focus of the night would be neat for you to experience. I hope you’re not mad at me and I hope that you enjoyed it baby.”

“I loved it so much. I’ve never felt such intense feelings. But thank you for dreaming up all of this,” you say to him. “Trouble is I’m not ready to quit just yet! My turn to take charge for awhile…”

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