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Confessions of a gold digger Part 2.

I finally get the chance to meet Paul's sister and show her how to have fun.
Paul is the best lover I have ever had. I have been with him now for almost 6 months and there have been a lot of new and exciting experiences in that time. We have both had fantasies come true and it's all been because of our relationship. This is just one of the many fantasies that came true for both of us. It's the time we both got to sleep with his sister.

After sleeping and living together (I still had my grandmothers house, but I spent most of my time at Paul's) for about 2 months, Paul and I finally started talking about our fantasies. He had let me know that he had wanted to have sex with his youngest sister Anna since the day of her 16th birthday. Of course, he was almost thirty at the time and married, so he kept his desire to himself, not even telling his late wife. I felt honored to be the first and only person he had told. He also told me that Anna had told him once while drunk on her 21st birthday that she had always had the desire to sleep with another woman. He wasn't sure if she had ever done it though, so the plan I formulated would be slightly risky. I still had to try. I was beginning to have strong feelings for Paul and I wanted nothing more then to try to make his dreams come true. Anna would always come and visit Paul on his and her birthday. Since Paul had already had his, the next time she would be around would be her birthday, which was in a week. It didn't give me much time to prepare, but I did my best and had everything ready by the time she arrived on her 50th birthday.

I was a little nervous about meeting Anna. I know women, especially older women have more of a problem with people my and Paul's ages having an affair. However, Paul assured me that Anna would be ok with it. So, I dressed in the skimpy pale green sun dress I had chosen for the day. I knew I looked good when I walked out and was meet by Paul and his erection. The man has quiet the sexual appetite, I'll give him that. I walked over to the same chair that we had started our love affair in and positioned myself. I wanted to be the first thing Anna laid her eyes on when she walked in the room. My plan was to tease her to the point of no return with myself and then to add Paul later. When I heard the knock at the door, I felt a momentary jolt of apprehension, but it quickly fled as I heard Paul open the door and greet our visitor. As she rounded the corner, I got my first sight of Paul's lovely sister, Anna.

At 50, her body was still in excellent shape. Her muscles rippled under the fabric of her short red dress. Her eyes were bright and blue. Her hair was pulled back into a loose braid and was the color of wheat. Her skin, dark from time in the sun, was relatively free of wrinkles. I felt myself dampen at the sight of her. I was momentarily distracted by the bounce of her voluptuous 36 c breasts. I could tell from the movement that she had chosen not to wear a bra. I began to wonder how Paul had never picked up on the rather obvious hint that she had wanted to fuck him too.

"Well, who is this Paul," she asked as she looked me over and gave a small grin.

"This, my dear sister, is Lydia. Her grandmother passed a few months ago and she moved in next door. She and I have been having sex for a few months now."

I was shocked at his bluntness. He had a way of shocking me. I looked at Anna worried that his admission would scar her off. I was pleasantly surprised to see that her grin had widened and she seemed really happy.

"Well, it's wonderful to meet you Lydia. I am glad to hear that someone is around that can keep up with my brother. From what I know of him, he must have an incredible sex drive." Well, that proved that they were related. Anna was just as blunt as Paul was. As she reached out to shake my hand, I noticed her eyes drop to my cleavage. I pushed my breasts out a bit more to give her a better look. I saw lust dance across her eyes as she pulled her hand slowly away.

"Well," Paul spoke up. "How about I go get us some drinks and let you ladies get better acquainted." With that, Paul retreated out of the room and left me stranded with his sister. This hadn't been part of the plan, but I decided to go with it since Paul knew his sister better then me. I watched Anna as she watched Paul walk out of the room. As soon as the kitchen door swung shut behind him, she turned to me with lust filling her eyes.

"Looks to me like Paul has wonderful taste in women," she said as she walked slowly toward me and threw her purse on the couch. I didn't back away, but I did shrink back a little as she approached, unsure what she was going to do. As soon as she reached me, she put her hands around my waist and pulled me against her. I loved the feel of her breasts pressed against mine. It had been a long time since I had been this close to a woman and I suddenly realized how much I had missed it. "I'm not sure how much Paul has told you about me or how much he really even knows, but I am bisexual. I love the feel of a womans skin under my hand and the taste of her love juice on my tongue. Now, from the reaction your body is having, I think you are bi to. So, should we maybe skip the bs and get straight to the fun?"

To answer her, I pressed my mouth firmly to hers and slid my hands around her and pressed myself into her. Her hands suddenly got very busy on my body, moving a mile a minute. One hand slid down and cupped my ass check. The other wound its way over my hip, up my stomach and came to rest on my breast. I moaned into her mouth as she began to massage both my ass and tit at the same time. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just stood there and let this woman have her way with me. I felt her run her hand up my lower back and could tell she was looking for a bra clasp. I pulled away from her incredibly soft lips.

"I'm not wearing a bra. How about I speed things along and do this," I said as I stepped away from her, grabbed the straps to my dress and pushed them off my shoulders. I saw her eyes widen when my 36 d breasts finally came into view. I allowed the dress to fall to the floor and reached for her hand to steady myself as I stepped out of my dress. She stood back and looked at me, taking in my body.

"Well, that definitely does speed things along quiet nicely, doesn't it? How about I catch up," she asked as she grabbed both of her dress straps and pushed them off her shoulders, mirroring my earlier action. My eyes followed the progress of the red material as it slowly revealed more and more of her body. Her breasts were firm and appeared slightly smaller then mine. My mouth began to water with the thought of sucking and licking her big, pink nipples. As the dress slid farther down her body, her pussy came into view. Her labia were smaller then mine and I could see her slightly engorged clit poking out. I wanted to dive right into it and lick her till she was begging me to stop. I was suddenly overtaken with lust and practically ran to her and pressed my lips firmly to hers. She pushed back against me until I felt my legs hit the couch and I feel onto it. Without our lips loosing contact, Anna climbed on top of me and began to grind herself against me. We were moaning and groaning as our hands searched each other, looking for each others pleasure spots. Her hands finally found my mound and I moaned into her mouth as she began to flick my clit back and forth.

Lost in our lust, we hadn't heard Paul come back in the room. We only looked up when we heard the drinks he had been carrying tink against the glass end table. We looked at him in unison. His bulge was prominent and could be seen easily. As soon as she noticed it, I heard a small moan escape Anna's mouth. I knew at that moment that she would be more then willing to join us. I slowly pushed her off of me to sit beside me on the couch. I wanted Paul to be able to see as much of her naked as he could. I leaned across her body and began to lightly tweak her right nipple. As I bit my lip, I looked over at Paul to see his reaction. His hand was caressing his bulge through his shorts and I knew that he was oozing precum. I let my hand fall from her breast and go to her crotch, using my other hand, I opened her legs wide, forcing her to slouch slightly. I ran my fingers up and down her lips, being sure to coat her in her own juices. I placed a finger on each of her lips and slowly opened them as wide as I could, forming a V between her legs. I heard Paul moan as soon as her lips were completely parted and knew that my actions were working. Suddenly, I moved my hands and sat back away from Anna. I heard them both moan in loss.

"Now, hold on. I'm not stopping. I just think it's about time I get to see something I want. Now, I want Paul to take those damn pesky clothes off and it would be great if Anna would go over and help him. " I looked over at Anna and saw her eyes widen. I also saw the underlying hint of lust. I knew she had wanted Paul as long as he had wanted her. I saw her slowly get up and walk sexily over to him. Paul stood in slight shock as his eyes followed the progress of Anna's breasts. When she was in front of him, she reached out, grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up. As soon as she got it off, I saw Paul's hand circle her waste as he pulled her to him. He was lunging his still covered bulge into her, and I knew all to well the feeling she was having. I saw Anna lean into him and press her lips lightly to his. The first sexual kiss between brother and sister, and I was honored enough to witness it. It didn't take long before they both had their lips open and were plunging their tongues into each others mouths. I saw Anna's hands move down Paul's naked chest, stopping momentarily to tweak each nipple. When she reached his waste band, she tucked her thumbs into it and pushed down, taking his shorts off. I saw them hit the floor and looked up to see Anna pulling away from Paul's lips. She looked down and an audible moan escaped her lips. I knew she was impressed with his size, just as I had been the first time I had seen it. I saw her begin to slowly sink to her knees and took the opportunity to lie back on the couch and begin to finger myself. I was planning on enjoying every minute of this show.

Once she reached her knees, I saw her tongue jut out of her mouth and lick the very tip of his cock. I knew the taste her mouth was being filled with. I also knew that she would probably be hooked in seconds, just as I had been. Without delaying a second longer, I saw her open her mouth and plunge as far down his shaft as she could. I took that moment to plunge two fingers into myself. I was impressed, since she plunge all the way to his base on her first try. I knew that he had to be down her throat. She didn't gag, but slowly started to slid back up him, sucking in the whole way. I heard a long moan escape Paul and I knew he was enjoying his sisters skills. I began plunge my fingers in and out of myself faster as Anna began sliding her mouth up and down her brothers shaft. I bean to moan as Paul placed his hands at the back of her head and began rhythmically moving himself in and out of her mouth. I saw him start to tense and knew he was about to cum. I saw Anna remove him completely from her mouth and look up at him.

"Not yet, big brother. I think it's time we add Lydia into this, don't you," she asked as she began to slowly rise from her knees. She turned, walked toward where I was sitting and was closely followed by Paul. I saw his hand reach out and slap smartly against her ass, bringing a small yelp from her mouth. She placed her hand on my shoulder and pushed me to a laying position. She wasted no time in straddling me, her juicy pussy inches from my face. My nostrils were filled with her scent and I felt a large amount of my own juice leak out of me. In seconds I felt one, then two tongue begin to dance across me. I was lost in the pleasure as their tongues fought over who would lick where. I suddenly remembered her pussy being in my face, and lunged forward, sucking her clit into my mouth. I flicked it back and forth while still sucking on it. I heard and felt her moan into me as I did so. Suddenly, I felt only one tongue against my raging clit, but I only had a moment to recognize it, as I was suddenly filled with Paul's cock. He plunged all the way in, bottoming out and causing his balls to smack against my ass. I moaned into Anna, bringing a moan from her. Paul began to plunge into me quickly, acting as though he HAD to cum quickly. I took a moment to remind myself that he had taken a Viagra this morning to ensure that he would last for a while.

With both Anna and Paul working my pussy over, it only took a few minutes for me to reach orgasm. Paul was slightly behind me and pumped me full of his cum, which Anna gladly licked up as soon as he pulled out. I continued my assault on Anna's clit with my mouth and slid two fingers into her dripping hole. I felt around until I found her g-spot and began massaging it. She pulled her mouth away from me and began moaning loudly as she ground herself against my face, as soon as I felt the first spasm of her orgasm, I took out my fingers and replaced them with my tongue, wanting to taste her cum. I liked her until she pulled away. She sat down on the couch and I sat up and pressed against her side. Paul was the first to speak.

"Well, that was amazing. I can't tell you how long I have wanted you Anna, and now that I've had you, I want to have you every time I see you," he said as he sat beside her and slowly stroked himself. Anna looked at him with a mischevious grin on her face.

"You know, Paul, I have wanted you for a long time to. That day I was "drunk" and told you about being bi, I was hoping it would turn you on enough to want to fuck me," she said as she idly begin to play with my breast.

"Well, I am just glad I got to be a part of it," I said as I sat there and watched them both. We sat quietly each enjoying the others bodies. Suddenly, Paul stood up.

"Well, that was fun, but I think I am ready for round two. How's about we go to the bedroom and see what other kids of fun we can have," he asked, holding his hands out to us. I looked at Anna, who looked back at me, and we both reached out and took his hands. He pulled us up and as we walked toward the bedroom, I couldn't help but smile. I knew this was going to be Anna's best birthday ever. 
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