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Older man and younger woman Stories

older man and younger woman

My First Time With A Black Man - Part 1

some background about me, and how I met James, one of the two men I am dating and our first date and the first time we had sex.

Five months ago, I started dating two men at the same time. James knows about Steven, but Steven does not know about James. They are as different as a drow elf compared to a surface elf, for you non-geeky nerds, that like the difference between night and...

The Driver

A man is seduced by the young woman he's hired to protect.

Victor leaned against the car, his eyes scanning the other vehicles parked nearby. There were numerous men like him, men who maintained unreadable expressions while wearing tailored suits that concealed their shoulder holsters. Each was waiting for a stud...

A Presence Felt - Part 3

Adrian returns to Stella, and to the room where the presence dwells. Series finale.

Stella had insisted she wanted to give Adrian time to figure things out, and throughout the next week, he had plenty of opportunity to do just that, for she was all he thought about. During sessions with other clients, he remained distracted, and when he...

A Presence Felt - Part 2

Adrian and Stella try to make sense of their illicit attraction, and the spirit guiding it.

Adrian gently withdrew from Stella, and when she turned to face him, he couldn't meet her eyes. Instead, he left the bed and began getting dressed. "Adrian," she said. He kept his back to her while buttoning his shirt. "This shouldn't have happened. I'm y...

Mummy & Nana (Part 1)

Loneliness is cross-generational.

1: James = The school stroll, not in a Chelsea tractor but on Shanks' pony, is a daily routine for many living close to their local school. I’m a useful grandad, collecting Danny a couple of days each week from the infants' school. Well, it stops me from...

A Presence Felt - Part 1

A therapist and his client fall under the sway of a tempting spirit.

Adrian's smile faded into a frown of concern when he got a closer look at Stella's face. The young woman rose from a chair in the front waiting area, forcing her own smile as she approached him. "Hi, Adrian," she said. Even her voice was lackluster. It wa...

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Being His Doll

Ruby finds freedom in her role as Nathan's doll.

I lay in Nathan's arms, my head resting against his chest. This was one of my favorite times, I realized. In the moments after he came inside me, I grew relaxed and still, my mind mercifully quiet. His fingers caressed my skin. "If there's something I can...

Farah’s Revenge – Reginald St. James

He fucks her rough and ruthlessly; and pays the price

My husband, Hossain, grew very concerned as my due date approached. It was a big baby and I felt like a whale. I was very uncomfortable and had to pee every few minutes. I called in and began my maternity leave. St. James called me a day later. “I’ve shor...

Your Voice, My Hand

Sometimes anonymity encourages the most powerful intimacy.

It started innocently enough with anonymous chats. You and I were both members of an online group of amateur artists, though you were, and still are, far more talented than I could ever hope to be. I liked the mellow vibe of the group; most members weren'...

Risk and Reward

A married man has a risky night out with a much younger woman.

As dusk fell, the shadows deepened in my car. Morgan sat in the passenger seat, and when I glanced over at her, I found she was watching me, a smile playing upon her glossed lips. She seemed perfectly at ease in the silence between us, whereas I was gripp...

Will You Let Me?

With her older lover and his friend, Colette loses her inhibitions.

"Will you let me?" Luke whispered in my ear. "You promised you would." I closed my eyes, trembling with anxiety. We were at his friend Finn's house for a party, and this was the first time I'd been introduced to Luke's social circle. While Luke was forty,...

Christmas Present

I found someone in my house at midnight.

I was awakened by a loud noise. I took a look at my phone. It was only a few minutes past midnight. While stretching and yawning, I discovered the noise was coming from the living room. "Who is it?" I mumbled to myself. "Is there a thief here?" I sprang u...

Her Favorite Gift

Harper enjoys an older man's cock at Christmas.

An hour after my parents went to bed on Christmas night, I crept down the hall past their closed door and then took the stairs, my steps swift and almost silent. I wore a pink babydoll nightie, which was way too skimpy for the end of December, but I knew...