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Morning wood

Being frustrated can lead to passion. Follow-up to Mountain Frustration
"This is the third morning in a row," she said in a sleepy whisper. She was finally awake enough to respond to my finger probing the outer folds of her cunt.

"I know, I know... woke hard again. You know how I hate to waste a good hardon... never know how many are left!" In my younger days I'd wake with an erection nearly every day... "morning wood" we used to call it. Or "piss hardon." Now well into in my 50s I still got them, but not as frequently and the wood certainly wasn't as hard.

Truth was, ever since Darlene and I had been frustrated up on the mountain, I'd been horny as hell. For three days that sweet pussy was about all I could think about. I'd lose my train of thought at work, at dinner, watching TV. I'd drive several miles and not remember any of it. Like they say, the brain is indeed your major sex organ. For the third time in as many days I'd woken early with morning wood... oak! What had happened on the mountain kept playing over and over in my head like some broken record. But more enticing was wondering would happen next? Well, that's where the story took all sorts of twists and turn pushing my fantasies to new limits. Until Darlene and I would be able to hook up again, all this sexual energy would be directed at my wife.

"I have a meeting and can't be late for work again today... I can't," my wife said. "So, if you want a quick fuck... it will have to be very quick. Grab the lube out of the drawer, I'm pretty dry."

She turned slightly, opening her legs to my probing finger. Instead of reaching for the lube I dove under the covers, my mouth quickly finding her pussy while my right hand grabbed a full boob. How different the two women are, I thought as I flicked at her clit with the tip of my tongue. Darlene was, of course, more than 15 years younger than my wife. She was slender, even kind of bony and angular with small boobs topped by tiny hard nipples. Other than a tuft of hair above her slit, her pussy was (from my limited exploration) shaved and smooth. My wife was softer figured with large breasts and huge areolas that she loved to have me suck and nibble. Maybe it is my imagination, but in my experience big boobed women seemed to enjoy titty licking more. Although she kept it closely cropped, my wife hadn't totally shaved her pussy except for one time, joking that "I've never known you to be deterred by a little hair...." By any measure our "old-married-fart" sex life was pretty good... usually several times a week... enhanced with toys and some experimentation. But, after 30 years, we'd fallen into life's routines and stresses... hence the lure of the younger Darlene.

My tongue darted quickly in and out of her snatch. Bringing my right had to my mouth I moistened my middle finger before slipping it in and reaching up to massage her G-spot. Tongue and finger working in concert on clit and G-spot. She humped against my mouth lost in pleasure. As I pinched her nipple she squealed with pleasure (or pain) and seemed to come back to reality.

"Let's go," she demanded. "I haven't got all day. Look at the clock. Put it in. Let's do it."

Crawling up her body I paused to suck on each nipple and then lowered my face to hers hoping for one of her wonderful wet kisses.

"Eew... your morning breath mixed with pussy juice is a little too much." She turned her head and I had to settle for kissing her cheek and licking an earlobe. She reached down and grabbed my cock guiding it directly into her now very well-lubed hole. As I pushed fully in she let out a grunt followed by a sigh of pleasure.

I'd been laying awake for an hour, fantasies running wild, as I stroked my cock. I was already halfway there and knew I wouldn't last long. Moving slowly I hoped to extend our fucking some but, when she pinched my nipples it was clear I wouldn't hold out much longer. Picking up the pace, our bodies slammed together taking me quickly to the point of no return. I several hard spasms as my hot cum filled her pussy.

"Well, that was quick," she said, kissing my forehead and gently rolling me off. "What's gotten into you? But good thing... I'm still on schedule!" She kissed the tip of my dick, licking in a glob of cum, before jumping out of bed and heading to the bathroom.

Heading downstairs I powered up the MacBook and got to the coffee pot just as the autobrew cycle ended. Returning to the computer, the first email to pop up was from Darlene... Subject: How about next Thur?

I felt my cock begin to stiffen.
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