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Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty

Ellen tentatively rejoins the dating scene...
“Woo hoo! I’ve got a date! Finally a real, proper date!” Ellen dropped her phone onto the table and punched the air, “You little beauty!!”

Her fleeting reverie was interrupted by a tinny, laughing voice from the table, “Ellen? Ellen! I’m still here.”

“Bob? Is that you?” Ellen looked around, confused, until she noticed that the screen of her iPhone was still lit up. “Oh shit, fuck!” she cursed, bringing it back to her ear, she’d never been much good with technology, “Bob?”

“Well,” he laughed good-naturedly in her ear, “I suppose I should really just be flattered that you’re looking forward to our date just as much as I am?”

She could feel the blood rushing to her face. God, this was so embarrassing, she was a 56 year-old woman, not a bloody schoolgirl!

“Erm yes, I suppose,” she said, trying to sound cool and unflustered but failing miserably. “Listen, I... I have to go.”

“Ha ha, okay, honey. I’ll talk to you later, but we get to finally meet on Friday!”

His name disappeared as her screen went blank.

Slowly, Ellen’s face began to return to its normal colour and she sighed as she slumped into the chair. She really ought to take the time to figure out how to use her phone properly, it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened...

After a few enjoyable months of chatting online, Bob had been keen for the two of them to get together and Ellen had finally succumbed to his persuasion. They seemed to get along really well, so she figured, “Why not?”

He had deferred to her to decide where they should meet and what they should do for the evening. It had been ages since she’d been on the dating scene and she was a little stuck for inspiration, so she had trawled the internet until she found what she thought could be a really fun night. She had even nervously booked a hotel room, on the off chance that things went well. Of course she hadn’t mentioned this to him, she didn’t want to give the impression that she was offering herself up on a plate. She did however, want to have a plan, in case they really hit it off. The idea of a whole night of male company; food and entertainment being followed by some kissing, cuddling and maybe more, well, it gave her butterflies.

It had been such long time. She ached for the touch of a man and the attraction to Bob was undeniable, he seemed so sexy, intelligent and fun. She really hoped that the two of them might end their evening with the exchange of some bodily fluids. Her long-neglected pussy pulsed at the thought of it.

To say that she was nervous was a huge understatement, it had been a few years, since her husband, Ken, had passed on and she still missed him terribly. It had taken her a lot of adjustment going back to living alone, well, not entirely alone, their son, Alan, still had his room upstairs, but these days he spent more nights at his girlfriend's apartment. Ellen was certain that it was only a matter of time before they finally announced that they would be moving in together. Bless him, he looked just his dad and had that same caring nature. She knew that he only really kept his room to keep her company.

Her daughter, Rowan, was a little older than her brother but had asserted her independence a long time ago. She and her partner, Roy, had given her and Ken two beautiful granddaughters. They’d never bothered to get married though. Ellen and Ken had spoken with them about it at the time, when Rowan had revealed her first pregnancy, but the idea had been dismissed out of hand.

“Mum, Dad, Roy and I know that we love each other. We’ve been together for ages now and our baby will have a stable and loving home, whether we have a written contract or not. Marriage just seems unnecessary.”

Ellen had known when to back down. Rowan had her father’s determination and she made it all sound so plausible, she could have been a lawyer. It was impossible to argue with her, just like her daddy. Ellen remembered how she and Ken had been certain that the two of them were going to split up and then suddenly, within the space of only a few months, they had eschewed their friends and life in the city, to purchase an old run-down farmhouse in the countryside. Within a year, they’d turned the place around. Roy’s skills and contacts as an architect had enabled them to zoom through the planning processes and, even before their first baby came along, they had established a successful boutique getaway. They were fully booked most of the time. Rowan was quite the PR guru, she always had something on the go and made the place so desirable. When they had come home, after their first visit, Ken had said that his heart was so full of pride that it could burst.

Indeed, Ellen had spent some time there alone too, after Ken’s untimely and rather sudden demise. The place was so full of life, and of course she loved spending time with her grandchildren. One of Rowan and Roy’s best friends, Kris, had been there too, visiting with her partner from Malaysia. Ellen had spent an evening with her, babysitting, whilst the rest of them went on a rare, but well-deserved, night out. Kris had been such a huge comfort to her that night when she’d had one too many glasses of wine and become a little maudlin. Ellen blushed as she remembered how she had shared a passionate kiss with the blonde, Norwegian beauty. God, what would Rowan think if she ever found out that mother had made out with one of her best friends? Her cheeks reddened and her pussy gave another sympathetic tingle.

As she sat on the sofa with a glass of red wine, her eye was drawn to a framed photograph on a nearby shelf, one of the last she and Ken had been in together. She looked up at it and sighed, “What would you make of this, Ken?”

Ellen’s fingers absentmindedly stroked the fine silver chain he’d given her when they had been on a cruise to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, she rarely took it off now. On the last night of their holiday, they had been docked in Cyprus, dressed up in their finest attire; her in a beautiful gown and Ken in that bloody cream tuxedo of his.

Smiling to herself, at the thought of the pale tux, she remembered how she had rolled her eyes when he’d first appeared home with it in a plastic suit bag.

“Oh my god, Ken! What IS that?” She had wailed, trying not to put him down, but acutely aware that social events in the East end of Glasgow tended not to necessitate the wearing of outfits that would make even James Bond look under-dressed. “Why on earth would you buy such an absurd outfit? Please tell me that you’ve only rented it, Ken?”

Ken had told her to hush and then, with a huge grin on his face, he had rushed excitedly upstairs to try it on. Within minutes, he had swaggered back down, looking as proud as a dog with two dicks.

“The name’sh Blunt, Ken Blunt,” he had grinned, firing an imaginary Walther PPK and blowing away the gun-smoke from his two raised fingers. Then, arching an eyebrow, à la Bond, he had leaned on the banister and dipped his hand into his top pocket. He pulled out an envelope and had made a big show of handing it to her. He’d written ‘Top Secret, for your eyes only’ in bold red ink.

Tears of laughter were streaming down her face by the time she’d taken the envelope from him.

“Mish MoneyPenny!” he’d exclaimed, in his very, very best Sean Connery impersonation, as he watched her tear it open. “I think you’ll concur that I’m incredibly shexy in this suit and what’sh more, I’m shure I’ll be able to pershuade you to... erm, play along. Do you fanshy being a Bond girl? Well, do you, MoneyPenny?”

Ellen had squealed as she’d pulled out tickets for a cruise!! A fucking cruise!!

“Ken! Are you serious? Oh my god, this is perfect! I love you!” She had yelled as she closed the short distance between them. He had taken her in his arms, leaned her back as though they were the romantic leads in a movie and kissed her passionately.

“Mmmmm and I love you,” he’d smooched. “You see, I never forgot our anniversary, love. Twenty five amazing years and here’s to twenty five more.” He reverted to Connery again, “Now, can I take you upshtairs?”

She’d giggled as he had grabbed her hand and pushed her up in front of him, before pulling her back so that he could kiss and nibble her neck. “Oh Ellen, you are sexy as fuck! I fancy you just as much today as I did the first night we met.”

When they had reached the bedroom, she had stood and watched as he unclipped his bow tie. “Could you not have worn a proper one?” She’d giggled.

“It shpoils the effect,” he had explained as he’d popped it off and threw it to her. She caught it, smiling, as he unfastened his dress-shirt and laid it over the ottoman at the foot of their bed, hips swaying like a bizarre, middle-aged, Chippendale stripper. “Undress for me now, you saucy minx!”

She began unfastening her own top, throwing it casually to the floor and wriggling out of her skirt until she stood in only her mis-matched bra and panties. Her hands self-consciously covered her soft tummy but he had shaken his head, wanting to see her in all of her glory. Almost shyly, she had moved her arms to her sides, resting her hands on her hips.

“Mmm, I approve and so does ‘Little Bond’,” he’d looked down and thrust his hips, revealing an impressive semi and as his cream trousers pooled at his ankles, he gyrated his hips until his penis swung around a few times, like a meaty wind turbine.

Ellen had burst out laughing and reached out, tugged his manhood and pulled him towards her, “Come here, big boy, show your 'Bond Girl' just how much you love her!”

Then he had pressed her down upon the bed and made love to her. He had kissed every inch of her body, worshiped that glorious feminine form. With his weight bearing down on her, he had pushed her legs apart with his knees and nibbled and pecked her neck with a hungry mouth. She had been so wet and ready as he had entered her, his cock the perfect fit to her warm, welcoming pussy. She had wrapped her legs around him, digging her heels into his buttocks as he’d thrust into her, urging him on, “Oh that’s it! Yes! Harder, fuck me harder!”

Her breathy words spurred him to thrust even deeper, pausing and flexing ever so slightly with each push, so that his cock grazed her g-spot. They were both panting as he had lifted himself up on strong arms and leaned down to suckle each of her nipples in turn. Ellen had gasped and moved back against him. This man, the love of her life, had always been able to satisfy her in bed and she knew that she did the same for him. She felt completely at ease with him as she felt her climax building, burning in her loin.

“Oh Ken! I’m close, I’m going to.... Ooooooh!”

He had been waiting for that moment. He leaned down and kissed her o-shaped mouth before dropping his head and pumping faster and harder, for all he was worth, until, “Holy shit, oh fuck, oh darling! Yeeesss!”

As he spent into her, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close to kiss his soft lips. “I love you Ken... or should I say, Jamesh?” She had giggled then, her mirth pushing out his softening cock. She laughed harder and felt his semen squirt from her cummy pussy.

“And I thought you were a classy broad,” he sighed, shaking his head in faux exasperation as he had kissed the tip of her nose. “Oh and I notice that we’re on MY side of the bed... I get the wet patch, you scheming hussy!”

The kids had returned at that moment, shouting their hellos and arguing with one another, as usual, as they bustled through the door. Rowan sounded like she had the upper hand, she always did. The two breathless parents had rushed downstairs, Ellen in her soft robe, smoothing down her hair, and Ken with a towel around his waist, he was still a fine figure of a man. They got slightly suspicious looks from the kids, still, they both mentioned how nice their mum looked, what a healthy glow she seemed to have and had she been for a facial or something?

It was all that she and Ken could do not to burst out laughing. “Yes dear, something like that,” she’d grinned, ruffling their heads affectionately.

A smile spread across her face as she remembered how she’d never been able to stay cross with Ken. That had been the thing about him, he always knew just the right thing to say to make everything alright. Not any more though, her brow furrowed as she remembered their last hours together.

It was the final night of their anniversary cruise and the week had sailed by in a whirlwind of romance, just like their honeymoon had done all those years ago. The culmination of their tender love-filled week had been with dinner at the captain's table. It had been so wonderful, like something from a movie and, to end the night, they had decided to take in the sea air, up on deck. It was balmy and still, and an almost-full moon had glittered her honeyed glow across the tiny ripples of Akrotiri Bay. It was perfect. They had stood together, looking over to Cyprus and admiring the twinkling lights of Limassol. Ken had snuggled in behind Ellen, with his arms wrapped around her waist, gently kissing her neck and whispering sweet nothings into her ear, before nibbling the silver earrings he’d bought to match her silver chain. She had tilted her head back exposing her long neck to him and, as he had pressed his body against hers, she could feel him stiffening.

“Shall we head back to the cabin, dear?” He had whispered, sliding his hands up her belly and finding nipples which were already beginning to point under his fingers. He squeezed and pulled them, eliciting small gasps from her.

“Yes, love. Take me to bed,” she leaned her head back and he began to kiss her arched neck.

“Look at that beautiful moon,” he said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen it quite so big.”

Ellen pressed her bottom against his bulging trousers and giggled, “Mmm, talk about big...”

“Hold on, I’m going to take a picture,” Ken said, pulling his camera from his pocket. He took a couple of snaps of the moon across the bay and then a couple more of Ellen, striking some sexy poses.

She held out her hand for the camera, “Let me take one of you!”

At that moment, an older German couple passed by, nodding hellos.

“Excuse me?” Ken asked, “Would you mind terribly, taking a couple of pictures of us?”

He had showed the old man which button to press and the two of them posed together.

The best of the photos was still perched on top of the old roll-top desk. Ellen smiled as she looked at it now, noticing the way her nipples poked against the silky fabric of her dress and remembering how Ken’s hands had been sliding up her thighs as they had stumbled down the steps to their cabin that night.

They had burst through the door, laughing like teenagers, hands all over one another. Ken had turned and pushed her against the door, kissing her mouth as she lifted a leg around him. His hands pulled up the hem of her dress, revealing her taut, stockinged thigh and his fingers moved until they were between her legs, stroking the hot, damp gusset of her panties. He pushed and pressed and her body jerked. She gasped as she fumbled with the fastening of his cream tuxedo pants, his cock straining by that time, begging for release. With one hand she stroked and rubbed his turgid member until finally the catch opened and his trousers fell to his ankles. She had pushed him back, eyes wide at the sight of his tented, white briefs. She bit her lip as he stood frozen, watching her as she pulled her dress over her head, leaving her wearing only her basque, panties, stockings and stiletto heels.

As she had smoothed her hands up her body, pulling her nipples through the lacy fabric, she turned a little, this way and that and she was pleased to notice a spot of moisture darken the fabric of his briefs. She slipped a hand down her belly and inside her panties, her fingers slipping into her soaking cleft. Ken took hold of his cock through his shorts squeezing and stroking his shaft as he watched, entranced as she put her moist fingers to her lips, applying the juice like a gloss to her open mouth. Never looking away, she moved towards him and kissed his lips. He moaned as the kisses transferred her taste to him.

His tongue had darted and licked at her lips while his erection pressed against her belly. She pushed against him and he stepped back towards the bed until it caught the back of his knees and she fell on top of him, laughing. She had sat up and unfastened her hair. Long, dark locks tumbling free as she had leaned forward and moved her head so that her hair tickled his torso. She loved the way his dark chest hair bristled and the patterns it made over his body, his tiny nipples pointed as she had leaned in and flicked them with her tongue, teeth closing around them.

“Aaaah,” he had moaned as he'd thrust himself up against her.

She sat up again and pulled down the waistband of his shorts, freeing his springy cock and pulling her silky panties to one side.

“Sod that!” He yelled, grabbing the sides of her knickers and pulling them until the fabric began to give and tear. She moaned as he pulled them away, the cloth moving tantalisingly between her wet pussy lips.

“Hey!” She gasped, “Those were expensive, Ken!!”

He laughed as he brought the ragged garment to his face, the damp crotch over his nose and mouth, twinkling eyes clearly visible through the leg holes. She burst out laughing, he looked like a perverted superhero.

“Mmm, you taste divine!” he grinned, pulling her back down so that he could kiss her, whilst lifting his ass off the bed and wriggling out of his underwear. “I’ll buy you another pair when we get home, love. It's just, well, I always wanted to do that!”

She started to complain, but his mouth was on hers, tongue pushing the fabric of her knickers against hers, filling her nostrils with her own heady scent. Then she felt the blunt tip of his cock probing and opening her and all thoughts left her head. He pulled the panties away and pushed up. He was inside her, filling her. She felt dizzy with elation as she managed to straighten herself and she began to ride him. Matching his up-thrusts with downs of her own, riding him like a bronco.

In this position, his every push grazed her g-spot and she was soon gasping and panting like a bitch in heat, bucking against him as he made love to her. She would come quickly like this, which was fine, but she knew she’d lose interest once she had and she wasn’t ready for it to be over, not quite yet. She wanted to savour him just a little longer and it took every fibre of her being to lift herself up and off him. His twitching cock glistened in the dim cabin light.

He looked at her quizzically, until she breathed, "I want you behind me, Ken. Now!”

He wriggled over, making room for her and she quickly got onto all fours. In seconds, he was behind her. He stopped for a moment, just taking in his sex goddess before him. The way the basque cinched her waist and how her hair, now tousled, cascaded around her shoulders, that beautifully rounded, heart-shaped bottom that he had always so loved to stroke and cherish.

Ellen’s butt swayed from side to side and she turned her head to see what the hold up was. “Well? Are you going to just stand there, or are you going to give me the fuck of my life?”

He gently smacked her bottom, liking the way her cheek wobbled for the briefest of moments.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I was admiring my little wanton hussy for a moment there,” he explained as he had moved behind her and placed his hands on her hips. He lined up the tip of his cock with her cleft, teasing her by pushing only a little, not quite entering. Ellen pushed back, opening as she did, ready for him, more than ready.

Ken laughed and pulled back a little, keeping his cock against her but not entering, not yet anyway. “Patience, the best things come to those who wait.”

“Oh god, Ken, you fucking pussy tease!” She pushed back again, desperate to feel him inside her again, but he was ready for her and a flick of his hips denied her once more.

“You want this?” He teased, rubbing his cockhead up and down her slit. “Do you want your husband’s thick cock inside that naughty, wet pussy of yours?” He leaned forward until the head of his cock began to open her lips, bending over so that he could gently bite her shoulder, he knew how that drove her wild.

“Yes! YES!” She shouted, jerking her body back. “Fuck me, Ken! Fill me with your cock. Make me scream, make me come, make me your little--”

With no warning, he had speared himself into her, his cock sliding easily between the moist folds of her pussy, she had gasped and moaned as she felt his veined member fill her, inch by glorious inch. He gripped her hips hard, pulling her onto him, giving her everything he had and he held her in place for a moment, allowing her to feel how very hard he was for her, flexing his penis, letting her hot pussy walls envelop its hardness.

“Holy fuck, holy FUCK! Yes!” she yelled as he began to do what she wanted, what he wanted.

She was only dimly aware of a banging on the wall, “Keep the noise down, some people are trying to sleep!”

Ken didn’t hear it at all, as faster and faster he had fucked his wife, her arse gyrating, as he had pulled her hard by the hips, his balls swinging against her lips with each delicious thrust. Deeper, harder, oh god it felt so good, better than he ever remembered.

Ellen’s breasts were swinging and she pinched a nipple, her pussy clenched in response and she moved her hand between her legs, fingertips feeling the uneven skin of Ken’s sack as his balls bounced against her. She pressed her digits against his shaft as he pummeled her, giving her everything he had. He moaned, she knew how much that turned him on and she moved her fingers against her clit then and began to stroke and rub.

Her orgasm came hard and fast and she dropped her face into the pillow as the waves pulsed through her body in the most exhilarating way. “I’m coming! I’m coming!” She shouted and she felt Ken lose his rhythm, signalling his own climax and as she let herself fall completely onto the bed, she felt Ken’s full weight on top of her.

She lay for a moment, panting, coming down from the dizzy heights, getting squashed into the bed by her husband. She wriggled under him, so that she could turn and face him, god, he was heavy. His penis softened and slipped from her and she could feel their fluids ooze down her pussy lips.

“Move over, Ken!” She half giggled, half panted as she struggled to turn. He had the most angelic expression on his face as she kissed his nose, his mouth.

He didn’t move.

She moved her arms around, dug her fingers into his hips and tickled him, that would shift him!

He didn’t move.

“Ken, stop it, you idiot! Kiss me!” She was uncomfortable under his weight and beginning to feel panicky as she pulled a heavy arm back and pushed, managing to roll him onto his side and then his back.

Still he did not move.

“Ken, love?” Worried, she stroked his stubbled chin, but he did not move.

Ellen started to cry as she straddled him and she shook him by the shoulders, nothing. She lowered her head, an ear against his hairy chest. There was nothing, no friendly heartbeat, no rising as he took a breath. "Oh Ken!" She sobbed, lifting her head, tears already spilling from her eyes.

As she lay on top of him, she pulled his arm around her and the cover up over them both and she cried.


Ellen looked up at Ken’s face, still smiling that cheeky, happy grin from the photograph.

“I miss you, love, I really miss you,” she wiped away a tear.

The journey home had been a blur, the next few days had been a blur. Everything had been a blur. She had sat down with the kids and explained what had happened. They had wanted to know every detail. She had told them that their father had passed peacefully in his sleep, that they had been in each other’s arms, some details were just too much to share with one’s offspring.

They had chipped away at her though and when Alan had good-naturedly joked, something about her wearing him out. Ellen had burst into tears, told them that they had in fact been making love. It turned out that it was the perfect thing to say, the kids had always known that she and Ken had a wonderful relationship, that they still made love often. In fact, she had to say that she was rather proud of them and the healthy outlook it had given them on sex and love.

“We did good, Ken, with the kids I mean. We did a good job of raising them,” she looked at his face in the photograph, staring at her from his lofty perch on the shelf above her desk. She sat for a moment, admiring his toothy grin and the way that, even in a photograph, his eyes seemed to twinkle and sparkle. She leaned forward from her spot on the sofa and reached out to grab the photograph, completely forgetting that there was a tumbler of red wine nestled beside her leg. The glass tipped, soaking her thigh, her butt and the cream sofa.

Shit, fuck shit! She shouted, almost throwing her laptop onto the desk and jumping up. Ken grinned at her from the desk. “Oh you can stop laughing at me right now, you bugger!” She admonished, smiling as she unfastened her trousers and dropped them to the floor. “Happy now? You always did know how to get me naked, fast.”

Ellen stood and giggled as red wine ran down her leg, her panties soaked with the cool liquid. She began to snicker, then she started to laugh and finally she guffawed, gasping and giggling until the tears ran down her face. Thank god she’d always been so regimented about those pelvic floor exercise or the tears might have been running down her leg too! She fell back laughing onto the sofa, ignoring the wine as her ass cheek sank into it. “Oh god, Ken, even now, you still have me in fits,” she sighed.

She began to calm down again, sat up and then got up. She lifted her soggy trousers and made her way to the utility room, where she dropped her red wine-soaked knickers then put them into the washing machine, along with a few other soiled garments from the hamper. She opened the cupboard to get the powder and softener which she then dispensed into the drawer and turned the dial to ‘quick wash’, she glimpsed the distorted reflection of her naked lower half in the washer's chrome trim.

She turned this way and that, noticing the way that the sunlight highlighted the stretch marks on her tummy, they almost looked beautiful, almost. Oh, Ken would have chastised her if he’d heard her even think that way.

She almost heard his voice, “You are beautiful! You know you are, Ellen. Do not ever doubt that I love the way your body’s changed as we’ve grown together, lived together, loved together. It’s like the lines on your face. They show that you feel, that you smile that you laugh and that you love.”

She turned the dial on the washer and went through to the downstairs bathroom, semi-naked. With the full-length mirror as a witness, she lifted her top and stood wearing only her bra and she examined her reflection. She pulled the soft skin of her belly until it was taut and her stretch marks were all but invisible and then she let go, it sagged and bounced briefly, revealing the uneven surface again, the slight overhang at her hips, or ‘love handles’, as Ken had affectionately called them. She sighed, reached around and unfastened her bra. Her breasts, once pert, now sagged, pendulous with longish nipples which slowly began to stiffen in the cool air of the room. She raised her arms above her head and arched her back until her bosom resembled once more that of the nubile young woman she’d once been. Dropping her arms, her boobs returned to their natural shape. Then she leaned forward, one palm flat in her tummy, pushing it in and looked at her mound. Her pubic hair was more sparse and small diamond-shaped stretch marks were clearly visible, if you looked closely. She tugged at a wiry, grey hair and pulled it out. Her once glossy black curls were lighter in colour and a little unkempt. She could use a tidy up.

“Well, I guess I just have to make the best of what I’ve got,” she sighed, turning, so that she could see her back. Her bottom was still passable she thought, as she flexed her buttocks, although, she really ought to get back to yoga class if it wasn’t going to succumb to gravity as well and meet the back of her knees! She had no idea how this date with Bob was going to pan out but she certainly wasn’t averse to the idea of some physical interaction, a little one-on-one grown up time. God, she needed some cock! With that in mind, she decided to call one of Rowan’s friends, Carrie, who’d built a busy little business for herself as a mobile beauty therapist. She pulled on her robe and went through to the hall.

She couldn’t find Carrie’s number so she called her daughter.

“Rowan, love? How are you darling? How’s Roy and the girls? Listen, can you give me Carrie’s number, please?” She asked. “I have a, well, a date on Friday and I want to look my best.”

Ellen had to move the phone away from her ear while Rowan squealed at the prospect of her mother ‘finally getting back out there, after dad’. It pleased Ellen that her daughter was happy for her to be ‘looking for love’ although she knew that both of her children wanted the best for her. She wrote down the number and the two women chatted for a while. They finished their call, with Ellen promising to tell Rowan every detail on Saturday, when she was going to visit her for a couple of days. She really hoped that she would be withholding lots of details.

Whomever got the chance to come into her life was certainly going to be stepping into big shoes, Ken was a formidable figure of a man, both figuratively and literally, and his place was going to be hard, nay, impossible to fill. The best she could hope for was that she would find someone who could make her laugh, feel good and keep her company on the long lonely nights. She doubted that she would ever be lucky enough to find someone who made her feel the way that her late husband did. God, she missed him, yet it was strange, his presence was so strong. It felt as though he was around her all of the time, in the faces of her children and her grandchildren, or when she spoke of him with friends and relatives. It was funny, she had grieved, of course, but had quickly accepted that although he was physically gone from her life, he really was still there. She could reanimate him to some degree when she spoke of him with the kids, when she told her granddaughters about him and that made her happy. She never got maudlin, she never even got really lonely, not really. Sure, she wished that she had a body beside her in bed, to keep her warm at night, but honestly, her vibrator was an adequate lover, for now at least...

She really missed his cock though. God, she missed the cock...

She didn’t think that Ken had a particularly large penis, not that she had much to compare it to, they had met and married while they were both pretty young and inexperienced, but he sure as fuck had known what to do with it... She’d take quality over quantity any day of the week. Although she had been on a few dates, none of them had turned into anything more. Kind and patient friends had introduced her to ‘catches’ and ‘perfect for yous’ but there had never been any chemistry. At her age, getting back into the world of the ‘singleton’ was a scary prospect.


The next day, Carrie, the beauty therapist, arrived bright and early, after having advised Ellen that it was better to get everything done a day or two before the date, rather than on the day itself. She didn’t want to have a bikini rash, did she?

Given that Carrie had been friends with Rowan forever, they had lots to catch up on, so they sat and chatted for a while, over coffee, sharing gossip and news. Then it was time to get down to business. Carrie’s third child was due in a month or so, but her bump didn’t seem to get in the way as she pulled and pushed Ellen this way and that, waxing, tweezing, stripping, prodding and pressing.

After a couple of hours, she made Ellen stand naked in front of her and she looked her up and down.

“Yes, I think we’ve done a good job here, Mrs Blunt, sorry, Ellen,” she had smiled the added with a laugh, “You were very brave.”

“I feel like an oven-ready chicken, look at those bumps on my legs!” Ellen sighed.

“Yes, but those will be gone in a few hours, just put some of that Aloe Vera gel on to soothe all of the waxed bits,” Carrie advised, raising an eyebrow. “Now, you have the shopping list. I’d really recommend the tights and knickers, they’ll pull you in in all the right places and you’ll feel a million dollars! Believe me, I know! Kids really take their toll, don’t they?”

“They do,” Ellen nodded, fastening her robe, “But they are worth every stretch mark and bump! Now, how much do I owe you, Carrie?”

Carrie grinned, “Oh, Rowan has taken care of the bill, Mrs B. You don’t owe me anything!”

“Really? How can she afford that? Don’t be ridiculous, let me pay you!”

“No way! Rowan would have my guts for garters!” Carrie laughed. “I tell you what though, maybe you would babysit for me and Gar? I mean, if you wouldn’t mind? I’d love a wee night out before number three comes along,” she rubbed her bump. “Plus, I wouldn’t mind hearing how your big date goes...”

“It’s a deal!” Ellen said. “Now, I guess I need to think about the rest of the things I need for Friday. God, it feels like a military operation, all that equipment to make myself look good.”

“Ellen, you know, you really are in good shape. You’ve nothing to worry about,” Carrie replied as she gathered up all of her bits and bobs. “I hope you have a brilliant time, he’s a lucky fella.”

They said their goodbyes and promised to catch up next week. Despite the pain and discomfort, it had been good to see Carrie. She had always been fond of her and she had been very attentive when Ken had died, bringing food over, keeping the family company. Plus, she had always been a good friend to Rowan.

The next day, the day before her date, Ellen got up early. As she sat with her morning coffee, she made a list of the things she needed to buy for her date. Geez, who knew there was so much preparation involved? Underwear, cosmetics, an outfit to wear and she wondered if she might be able to fit in a yoga session before she got her hair cut.

It was about six in the evening when she got home, arms laden with shopping bags. She collapsed onto the sofa and laid her purchases out around her, smiling. Her trip had been very successful she thought. As she fixed herself some dinner, she mentally planned how the next day would go and although her confidence was quite high, she began to feel a little nervous. What if Bob wasn’t attracted to her when he met her in the flesh? What if they didn’t really get on? What if it all went wrong, what if, what if?

She paused and took a long swig from her wine glass.

“Stop it, Ellen,” she chastised, “It will be fine, you will be fine.”

She absentmindedly watched television as she ate her meal, aware of the ache in her muscles. Perhaps the yoga session hadn’t been such a good idea after all this time? Her thighs were sore, her arms were sore, her back felt tight... A bath. She would lie and have a soak and then an early night.

Once the water was just right, she stepped in and lay back, hot flannel over her eyes, just thinking and feeling the nerves really begin to kick in. She thought of her late husband and how he used to draw a bath for her, light some candles, bring her a drink and wash her body. She sighed and slid her hand under the bubbles, down her soft tummy until it found her now perfectly trimmed bush. It felt different, the skin now so smooth and soft, in contrast to the rough curls which had been there before, now cropped close. Her fingers gently wiggled between her puffy lips and she began to stroke her button. Her mind became a blank as the tingles began to radiate through her core. She rubbed and pressed, her free hand tugging a slippery nipple as her breathing quickened and she gasped as a wonderful climax washed through her.

She lay for a few moments, feeling peace where there had been tension only minutes before. The nerves had been abated and she knew that she would be able to sleep. Ellen pulled out the plug, stepped out and readied herself for bed. She brushed her teeth with whitening toothpaste, applied soothing Aloe gel to her waxed skin, firming cream on her tummy and a rich night cream on her face. Relaxed, she slid between the covers and fell into a deep sleep.

She awoke next morning feeling refreshed and perfectly at ease. She completed her domestic chores in good time and caught up on some phone calls and paperwork. Flowers arrived, from Rowan and Roy, wishing her luck and assuring her that she would not need it. She proudly arranged them in a vase on the table.

It was time to get ready.

Her nerves and indecision did not make a reappearance as she packed her case, carefully folding the new clothes she had bought and making sure that all of the creams and ointments, tools and accoutrements she’d need were squeezed in. Finally, she was ready to leave and as she opened the front door, she looked at a picture of Ken on the side table. She kissed a fingertip and stoked his face in the photograph, whispering, “Wish me luck, love.” Then she got into her car and made her way to the hotel.

Once checked in, she wandered around the room. It was in a fashionable boutique hotel in the city and although not huge, it was very plush. She arranged her toiletries, hung up her clothes brushed her teeth with whitening polish and then she took a shower, taking great care to exfoliate every inch of her body.

She dried herself, rubbed moisturiser, aloe gel, anti-aging cream onto her skin and then she donned the thick towelling bathrobe. In front of the well-lit bathroom mirror, Ellen put in her contact lenses, applied false eyelashes, hemorrhoid cream under her eyes, she’d heard it tightened the skin, a plumping serum to her lips and she dripped whitening drops into her eyes. Once she had done that, she used an anti-aging foundation on her face, liking the way it disguised the lines and slight discolourations on her skin, and she dabbed a little concealer onto the places it didn’t quite cover. A little eyeshadow highlighted the shape of her eyes and a kohl eye-pencil accentuated her eyebrows and around her lashes, made her eyes look larger, mascara finished the look. She powdered a little blusher over her cheekbones which made her face look a little slimmer, improved her bone structure. A light dusting of translucent face powder perfected her skin. Finally, she painted her lips, not too dark, she didn’t want to look like a prostitute! She turned this way and that, smiling, frowning and feeling pleased.

Then she combed some product through her dark hair. She looked closely as she dried it, pleased with the results that having it coloured and cut at the hair salon had achieved. There were no grey hairs visible at all. Once dry, she used straighteners to remove the natural kink and flick it out at the ends then a final squirt of hairspray to hold it in place. She smiled at the way it shaped her face, it really accentuated her jawline.

Happy with the look she had achieved, she moved through to the bedroom and began to dress.

Panties first. They were quite tight as she pulled them over her tummy, but my goodness, didn’t it look flat! She frowned at the sight of her naked breasts and lifted the new bra she’d been specially measured for, dropping forward and letting her bosom fall naturally into the cups. She stood up, pleased with the way it looked then remembered the gels. She opened the pack on her bed and stuffed a rubbery shape into the bottom of each cup of the bra. My god! Her breasts looked amazing! Plump and full! She shimmied in front of the mirror and did a small twirl, liking the way her ass looked lifted in the magic knickers.

She pulled on her tights, support tights they were, and they smoothed the shape of her hairless legs. She watched in the mirror as she stepped into her high heels, noticing how the curve of her legs was highlighted, the way the shoes made her calves look more toned and her ankles daintier.

She lifted her turquoise dress from its hanger and slipped it over her head, then brought her arms around her back to pull up the zipper, the colour really complimented her skin tone. The length was just above the knee and the heart-shaped neckline showed just a hint of cleavage. She could hardly believe that she was seeing herself in the mirror. Honestly, she thought that she maybe looked ten years younger, hell, maybe even fifteen!

Feeling great, she sat on the bed and applied a coat of clear varnish over her artificial nails and then she blew on them until they were dry. Finally, she lightly sprayed some perfume over her chest and applied a little to her pulse points.

One last check in the mirror and she was ready for her date.

She pulled a pashmina around her shoulders and lifted her small clutch bag, taking one final look in the full-length mirror as she left the room.

As Ellen walked to the restaurant where she had arranged to meet Bob, she began to wonder if a night at the circus really was such a good idea. Given how much they laughed together when they chatted, she had felt sure that it was a perfect, novel idea for a first date. Dinner at a small Italian restaurant followed by front row seats at Marco’s Circus. She’d read the reviews and it was supposed to be just superb, no one had a bad thing to say about it.

“Oh sod it!” she thought to herself as she pushed open the door of the restaurant, “It will be what it will be. Who doesn’t like the circus anyway?”

“Good evening, madam,” a handsome young waiter with a faint Italian accent greeted her.

She gave him her name and he explained that their table wasn’t quite ready, but that her friend was already here and waiting for her in the bar as she followed him.


She recognised Bob’s voice immediately and saw him, seated at the bar.

“Here goes,” she thought, a smile lighting her face as she walked towards him, ready for her night to begin.


Thank you so much for reading.

Ellen and Bob’s night will be continued soon.

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