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The Widow Next Door

A neighborly act gets rewarded and then some.

Edith Downing had been my fifth grade teacher, as well as my next door neighbor, growing up. She had a daughter four or five years my junior, whom I babysat for a few times early in my high school days. I'd seen the death notice in the local paper, and since she was a former neighbor,  I thought I should pay my respects, so here I was at her funeral service. Let me back up here a moment. She wasn't just a neighbor, she was my first. She started me on a lifelong journey of giving and getting sexual gratification.

 Sitting in the back of the church, my thoughts were interrupted by the minister's announcement. "I've been asked to extend an invitation to you all, to meet at Mrs. Downings residence after the funeral service."

I hadn't planned to go to the house, just pop in to the service, pay my respects, and leave. But, since there were so few people, I kind of felt obligated, so, I hopped into my car and drove over to my old neighborhood. Parking in front of Edith's house, I took in the sights for the first time in many, many years.  My childhood home, a dutch colonial, and Edith's house, a craftsman bungalow, seemed to have stood the test of time. Except for the trees being significantly older, or missing, it seemed like a time warp. It gave me a sense of nostalgia.

You see, shortly after the Downings moved into the neighborhood, Edith's husband passed away. My father suggested that I volunteer to mow their lawn. Not for money, just to be neighborly. So. I did. For the whole summer. I was barely sixteen years old, looking forward to a summer of fun. Little did I know how much I would have.

I walked up to the front door, and was about to knock, when it swung open. "Hi! I'm Rob Carpenter. I used to live next door."

A tall, thin, lissome redhead stood before me. She looked a lot like Edith as I remembered her.  "I know who you are, Mr. Carpenter. Please come in." I stepped into the house. The inside, like the outside, was awash with memories. Virtually nothing had changed in the fifty years since I had been inside. "I'm Laura, Edith's daughter. You might not remember me, but I remember you. You babysat for my brother and I a couple of times, as well as grooming the lawn."  

"I remember. You were around sixteen at that time... I'm... I'm sorry for your loss." I stammered.

"Thank you, Rob. At ninety, she was ready, as were we. Here, have a seat."

I sat down in an overstuffed leather chair. Laura sat next to me. "You seem a little uncomfortable," she said, looking me up and down. "Relax. I know all about it."

I looked at her, puzzled. "About what?"

"About you and my mother," she replied. I must have looked like I'd seen a ghost. "It's all right, Rob. Mother told us all about you."

"I'm sorry. I... I don't know what to say."

"No apologies are necessary. She would ramble about the 'olden days' quite a bit. She never mentioned your name, but I put two and two together. When she started on a ramble, I was advised to let her finish, not to interrupt, so I didn't. At first, I was a bit mortified. You just don't think of your mother doing that sort of thing, especially with the boy next door, but then, how else would we be here? But after a while, I got curious."

"I'm quite embarrassed. Perhaps I should leave."

"Don't be. Please stick around. I'd like to talk to you about mother when the rest of the guests are gone." 

After about a half an hour, the other guests had departed, and Laura returned. "Would you like a drink?" I nodded and she returned with a glass of Scotch on the rocks. "I hope you don't mind single malt. It's all mother drank. And it's all there is in the house. So, tell me all about you and mother."

I sipped slowly, savoring the peatiness of the whiskey, as I recalled the past. "It all started innocently enough. I went over to mow your grass, she came outside and said, 'I can't pay you. At least, not now.'

'That's all right, Mrs. D. Dad won't let me take a penny for it.'

She smiled slyly. 'Well then when you're done, come in the house.'

And when I was done, I went up the front steps and went to knock. Before my knuckles hit the door, it opened. There she was. 'Come in, young Mr. Carpenter. Let me get you something to drink.'

She sat across from me, sipping her Scotch while I gulped down a Coke and some cookies. This went on for about a month. I'd cut the grass, then get milk and cookies for my efforts. Then one day, she asked if I could help around the house. 'Sure,' I said, 'but I can't take any money.' She pulled me to her, crushing my face to her chest. It got me all excited.

I got hard. She must have been able to feel it. I'm guessing she might have gotten an early start to her Scotch that day. She said, almost to herself. 'Such a dear boy. I know how I can pay you.'"

Sippng my drink, I continued my story. "Edith asked if I had a girlfriend. I answered in the negative, perhaps a little too quickly. Looking me in the eye she added, 'Too shy around girls, I'd imagine.'

'I... I... guess so.' I stammered.

She unbuttoned the top buttons of her dress, exposing a goodly portion of her cleavage. 'I think we can solve that problem.' I couldn't help but stare. She had magnificent breasts, as I recall.

Grabbing my hand she pushed it inside the opening in her dress. Her breasts were full... soft... warm. I was in heaven! I'd seen breasts in my dad's magazines, but never touched one before. It was very exciting for me.

She said, 'Go on! Feel them.' I had both hands inside her dress, her nipples pressed against my palms. I thought I was going to starch my shorts. She pulled my hands away, and, after promising to tell absolutely no one, she bared her chest and asked me to kiss them. I did. Gently at first, all around, top, sides. 'The nipples. Suck on the nipples, ' she panted, groaning as my mouth surrounded one, then the other.

I continued kissing her nipples until, I got so excited that I actually did cum in my pants.  I'd been humping her leg while nursing on her chest. She seemed to know what had happened. She saw the embarrassment on my face. 'Didn't it feel good?' She smiled, telling me she had done that on purpose.

Taking my face in her hands, she gave me a passionate kiss on the lips. She whispered, 'Run along home. Clean up. And remember... tell no one.'  Then she buttoned up."

Laura half laughed, "Well, that lines up with what she told me. About your first encounter." She put her hand on my knee. "What about the next time?"

"You seem to be enjoying this." I said, taking another sip of scotch.

I got no answer, just a wry smile while she removed her hand from my thigh and slid it up her skirt. I watched in silence as she began to rub the crotch of her panties. "Tell me more."

Still staring up her skirt, I began again. "Well, the next time I cut the grass, she invited me in for a soda and some bakery. Only, this time she wasn't wearing a dress; tight fitting jeans and a form-fitting western blouse, unbuttoned halfway to her navel. Of course I was staring."

"Like you are now?"

I blushed. "Well, um... yes. She got up from the kitchen table,unbuttoned her blouse, and  bared her chest. I almost choked on the cookies. She asked if I liked what I saw, as if it wasn't already obvious. 'You enjoyed kissing them the other day. Go ahead, have some more.'  I couldn't believe my luck. All of  my friends had their old man's Playboy magazines to drool over, but I had a real live pair of perfectly round, soft, warm tits.

As I sucked her right nipple into my mouth, she cradled my head and moaned softly. After a few moments, she asked if I wanted to learn more about a woman's body. Of course, I said yes. She suggested we go upstairs, where she stripped for me and stretched out on the bed. She opened her legs, showing me 'her kitty', as she called it, covered with a tangle of orange-red hairs. Wide eyed, I watched as she slid a finger up and down her slit. Then she curled her finger and it dissappeared inside her. I was mesmerized. She pulled the finger out, slick with her juices and offered it to me.

Her finger under my nose, she asked, 'Can you smell how excited I am?' I breathed in her womanly essence. I had never smelled anything like it before. It was sweet, musky, and it made my cock twitch. She pressed the finger to my lips.I opened up, letting her slide the digit against my tongue. It was sweet and tangy. I loved it. I sucked on her finger until it was clean. She asked if I wanted some more, sliding her finger in and out, re-coating it with her essence. I nodded in agreement. 'You'll need to take your clothes off.'

At this point, if she'd told me to jump out of the window, I'd have done it. I thought she was the most beautiful woman on the planet, so I quickly stripped, knelt on the bed and waited for what was next. She sucked her finger into her mouth, this time, then leaned over and kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth, letting me taste her from her tongue. I honestly thought I'd blow my cork. Somehow I managed not to. 

She took my head in her hands and pulled me into her bush. 'Kiss the kitty. Lick it. Taste me.' Her scent was intense as my tongue traced her pussy lips. Her grip on my head  tightened as she guided me. 'Put your tongue inside. That's it!' 

Looking back at that first time, my technique was very amateurish, but my enthusiasm more than made up for it. 'Up at the top... my clit... Suck on it... Gently,' she moaned, squirming underneath me. 'Yes... yes...right there!... Oh fuck! Don't stop!' She let out a low moan as her body stiffened, then relaxed.

II had no idea what I'd done, but obviously she liked it. She pulled on my head, bringing me level with her mouth. We kissed again, her tongue deep into me, I kissed back, our tongues fencing with each other.  She ened up licking her cream from my face. 'Now it's my turn,' she said, stretching me out on the bed and kissing her way down to my cock. 'Remember what you did the other day?' I nodded recalling cumming in my pants. 'We're going to do that again, only this time, you're cumming in my mouth.'

She grabbed my shaft and gave it a squeeze. A droplet of liquid appeared on the tip. She painted her lips with it before sucking the crown into her mouth. I groaned, my eyes scrunched shut from the intense pleasure. 'Open your eyes. Watch and learn.' she said between sucks. I stuffed a pillow behind my head as she went down again, this time all the way, her nose buried in my hairs. 'Don't hold back! I want you to cum in my mouth!"' Seconds later, almost on command, I let loose a torrent of warm, sticky cum, which she gulped down without spilling a drop.

Letting my deflated cock slip from between her lips, she said, 'That was delicious!'  She scooted up the bed and kissed me again, letting me taste myself for the first time. It was salty, a little bitter, but seeing as she liked it, I didn't shy away from it.  Sensing my consternation, she whispered, 'It's an acquired taste. You'll get used to it, and the ladies will love you for it.'"

A moan from Laura interrupted my reverie. Her hand was now inside her panties, her fingers churning, and she was very worked up. "Why don't we go upstairs to the bedroom? You can show me what happened next, rather than tell me."

We hurried upstairs, to her mother's bedroom. I looked around the room, then out of the window onto the street. "It's like time stood still. Virtually nothing has changed."

"There used to be a big tree in our front yard. When mother wanted to play, she would send us outside. Billy would hit the sandbox and I would climb the tree, spying on you two."

Surprised that she had been watching us, I turned to say something, only to find Laura stretched out on the bed, her clothes strewn all over the floor. She opened her legs and waved me forward. I loosened my tie, tore off my shirt, slipped off my shoes and dropped my pants in record time. I grabbed her outstretched foot, kissing the sole and sucking her toes.

"Mother taught you that?" she said, opening her legs a little wider, giving me a better view of her neatly trimmed cunt. I nodded as I kissed my way up her calf. "I must have missed that part!" she said, smiling. I could feel the warmth of her thighs against my ears as I traced her lips with the tip of my tongue.

I stopped for a moment, looked up into Laura's face, and inhaled deeply, taking in her scent. Filling my lungs with her personal perfume, I dove into the crevice of her pussy, mashing my nose against her clit while driving my tongue deep, tasting the teacher's daughter for the first time. Snaking my arms around her thighs, I spread open her lips and gave her a long, wide, doggy kiss, ending with the flat of my tongue against her clit.

"Mother said you were a fast learner!" she said, grinding her pubic bone against my face.

"She... was... a... good... teacher!" I whispered between licks. I felt Laura's hands in my hair as I ovalled my lips around her clit, lavishing it with tongue flicks. I slid my left hand under her buttocks, trailing my finger between her cheeks and insinuated my finger up inside her. Laura moaned and squirmed on the invading digit.

Not resting on my laurels, I squeezed a second finger inside. Her reaction was to pull me closer while smearing my face with her musky juices. "Oh God! Don't stop! Feels so good!"

Curling my fingers against her g-spot, I lifted my head for just a moment. "Your mother taught me how to multi-task!"

"Oh fuck! Gonna cum! So close! Make me cum, please?"

"With pleasure!"

I sucked her clit back into my mouth while churning my fingers into her sopping cunt. She suddenly stiffened, keening, "Ohhhhyessss!" as her orgasm washed over her. Just as quickly as it had come, it left. Pulling my face from her cunt,  she kissed me, sucking her own essence from my tongue. "Fuck me! Now! Just like you did with mom while I watched from the tree!"

(To be continued)








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