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Teen Stories


Robbie's Story - Part 1: The Long Dark Tunnel

Robbie was a sporty kid, but had never had much luck with girls. And then his luck changed.

"You coming on this camping trip at the weekend, Robbie?" Steve asked while they were catching their breath between sets of freestyle. "Yeah," Robbie replied. "Any excuse to get out of the house!" "Yeah," agreed Steve. "And there are girls coming!" Steve...

New Neighbours Part 8 - The End

Mikey Decides it's Time to get his Life in Order

As he left the bathroom, Mikey took one more look at Serena, his cum dripping down her chin onto her large breasts. He grabbed a bathrobe as he closed the bathroom door behind him and headed for the bed. He crossed the bedroom and caught his reflection in...

It had been a rollercoaster time since I had inadvertently met my teenage neighbor Becky in a video chat room, with so much having happened. Jen, Becky's best friend whom Becky had brought over to meet me (and stayed for the fun) was currently out on a da...

Have I Become Mr. K’s Sex Toy? Chapter 3

Mr. K was very persistent and he was wearing me down.

It was past midnight, and Aaron had parked in the back of a closed and very dark shopping mall. This routine had become the typical way all of our dates ended. Aaron would pull into a place like this, get me in the backseat, and make out with me for a few...

A Heating Pad And Ice

Daughters friend has a crush

Horny all day since he saw her. Tori was his daughter’s best friend. Only eighteen years old but hotter than fuck. How was he to know she was in there? How could he know she would be naked? It took only a few seconds to realize that she was masturbating....

Meeting A Neighbor In Unexpected Ways - Part X

Jen Returns And Has To Face The Consequences Of Her Choices

Becky and I had had a wonderful thirty-six hours together, learning more about each other as individuals and lovers. We'd enjoyed exploring each other, and just before Jen had returned from visiting with her dad, I had shaved Becky bald and we'd had mutua...

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K-I-S-S-I-N-G Part 4

The Day family go on vacation. Roman and Angelica have a misunderstanding, but grow closer.

April The Day family went on a Spring break vacation in the Dominican Republic. Perfect weather, modern resort, clear water, soft sand beaches, food, family, and fun. They spent most of the first day traveling and getting settled into their accommodations...

Meeting A Neighbor In Unexpected Ways - Part IX

Becky and I Continue To Spend Our Time Together Discovering Each Other

Becky and I were enjoying our first proper time alone together since we'd met. We'd spent the first part of our afternoon together pleasuring each other and living out the first part of Becky's wish to "...cum so everyone hears ....." We'd been so success...

K-I-S-S-I-N-G Part 1

Angelica kisses her older brother while playing a game of Dare. Now she can't get enough.

January "Angelica. I dare you to kiiiiiiss..." Mariah let the word linger as she looked around the small group of her peers, deciding who she wanted the shy girl to kiss. Angelica sat sideways at her desk, dressed modestly in her school uniform; a light b...

Meeting A Neighbor In Unexpected Ways - Part VIII

Becky And I Start To Spend Time Alone Together

Having dropped Jen off at her mom's house so that she could spend the next twenty-four hours with her dad, I stopped around the corner from my house to take a moment and think. I was heading back home to spend the first proper time alone with Becky, my se...

Meeting A Neighbor In Unexpected Ways - Part VII

Becky And Jen Learn Of Andrea's Visit, And The Plan

The girls had taken the news about Andrea's visit and our plan really well, being aroused and excited by the prospect of what had happened, what could happen, and being together. While we had the next three days together, I was glad to have some time with...