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With love from Sylvia (1)

A moving in present opens my eyes....
We had just moved into a new town, my work having relocated into the Welsh Border country. I had started a new job, and Jenny, my wife, was looking forward to a new place. Having had the kids young , now in our mid 40’s, we were finding that our sex life had got a lot better in the last few years.

Jenny was quite a bit shorter than my 6ft 4, but what she lacked in height, she made up for in curves. Her breasts were full and still firm, and from a slim waist, her hips flared in a way that still drove me wild. We had discovered the pleasure of anal sex, which we hadn’t got into when young, or when the kids were at home, but now we enjoyed the buzz that the sense of illicit dirtiness gave us, and when she was in the right mood, Jenny loved me to spread her round butt, and skewer her with my long cock. The only thing, though, was that Jenny had never cum from anal penetration alone, and always needed some other stimulation to join me in cumming.

The night we moved in, our furniture just scattered around in their target rooms, we grabbed a quick meal, and fell exhausted into our bed. The next morning, I woke to a treat, breakfast in bed, which Jenny served on a tray. Beside my bowl of cereal was a long rectangular box, which she told me I should not open until I had eaten. This was very intriguing, but she was so laid back about it that we ate without haste, and drank our coffee. The outer wrapping revealed a plain box, and weighing it in my hand I knew it had to be something solid. Inside were more wrappings, layer upon layer, which I stripped off until there was just one layer left.

A label had been placed on that last layer, which was now visible. It simply said “With love from Sylvia xxxx “.

Jenny told me that she had been given it as a leaving present by Sylvia, who was probably her best friend. I had met Sylvia a few times, a slightly younger, taller, but equally beautiful version of Jenny. I knew little about her, apart from the fact that she had been single for 5 or 6 years, having had an older husband who had died in a road accident, and that she had been left well enough off not to have to work, although she did.

The object was finally revealed to be a glistening glass butt plug with a pink rose in the centre, and I almost dropped it in my surprise.

She told me that a few weeks before we moved, she had invited Sylvia to visit us in a month or so. Sylvia had given her the plug to give to me when we got settled, and said that I should ensure that she got good use of it. Jenny said that she knew of Jenny’s difficulty in cumming that way. Jenny was as uncertain as I was about whether it would help, but she said that she would trust Sylvia and try it. I asked how Sylvia knew this would help, and Jenny shrugged, telling me that her friend had had some pretty wild experiences, especially since she was widowed, and knew things that she had never dreamt of.

We had no idea where we had packed the lube, so I told her that she would have to leave it for now, and spent the rest of the morning slowly fucking. She has a lovely tight vagina, and knows how to use her inner muscles to squeeze the life out of me. We had bought a book on tantric sex several years ago, and we’ve just got to the stage where we can fuck for several hours without either of us cumming, just staying on the edge, until by mutual consent we let ourselves go to enjoy the fantastic release.

The rest of the day was spent unpacking, putting up shelves and doing the normal things a couple does to get their place sorted out. We’d eaten at the kitchen table, and when Jenny went to the sink to wash up, I went upstairs to retrieve the butt plug and recently found lube, which I put in the pockets of my jeans. It was a nice late summer evening, and Jenny was still wearing the pair of shorts and white T-shirt that she had thrown on near lunchtime. The shorts were tight over her bubble butt, and as I walked over to her, I kissed her on her neck, as my body pressed her against the sink, my hands reaching round to cup her breasts.

She wriggled against me, and after telling me that she could feel me hard against her, she slid a hand round to grab my cock. But it was the butt plug that her hand first encountered, and she pulled it out of my pocket with a giggle of surprise. Her other hand then slid round and encountered the tube of lube. Another giggle as she pressed herself back into me, and tried to queen my cock through my jeans, not too successfully, but it felt good anyway.

With Jenny holding the plug and the lube aloft, as though she’d won a prize, I unclipped her shorts, and tugged them down. She was wearing just a black g string, which quickly followed her shorts. Bending her over, I lifted her up onto the sink top, and buried my mouth between those glorious round butt cheeks, my tongue seeking and finding her rosebud without delay. She loves me licking her there, and now was by no means an exception, especially as my fingers found her slippery pussy and hard little clit. Pumping my hand into her in time with my licks on her asshole brought her to orgasm quickly and she spurted her juices all over my hand and the sink. This was no time for any of the slow and sensual tantric stuff, so I turned her and pushed my ramrod hard cock deep into her waiting pussy. I thought her eyes would pop out as my cock head bounced off her cervix, and repeatedly pushed deep into her. Her groans of pleasure spurred me on. She curled her legs around my back and gripped me tight, pulling me even closer to her, so my strokes had to be shorter and faster. Stroke after stroke brought me closer and closer to my orgasm, and just as I was starting to ejaculate my strands of hot white spunk into her waiting depths, she trembled, and shouting obscenities like I hadn’t heard for ages, came hard and long.

I kissed her long and hard then, her breasts, still veiled in her white t-shirt pressing against my chest, her long hard nipples telling me just how aroused she still was. I pushed her back a little onto the worktop, and raised and spread her legs, so she was fully exposed to my view. Rubbing her juices, mingling with mine as they dripped out of her, I worked them down over her perineum, onto her asshole, and slipped a finger into her, the juices acting as a wonderful lube. Just to be sure though, I squeezed out a good dose of lube onto the plug, and slid it into her exposed ass. Its large swollen end popped through with some difficulty, so I told her she could take it out whenever she felt she had had enough of it, but she swore to me that it would stay in until she needed to go to the toilet. She then kissed me, and slid off the worktop, down to her knees, to give my cock a few kisses and a final suck.

Later that evening, I entered the bedroom, undressed and standing in just my boxer shorts, looked over to Jenny. She was naked, her back to the wardrobe mirror, inspecting the butt plug as it nestled between her butt cheeks, her heavy breasts swaying as she bent forward to allow her the best view of her ass. She looked so hot, and despite our earlier exertions, my cock rose to attention as the sheer eroticism of the sight.

I told her that she looked like a porn star, so sexy, and her pose was erotic, that she had got me hard already just knowing that she was walking around penetrated by that glass plug. She gave me a small dance, cupping her breasts in her hands, offering them to me across the room, and then she started to pinch them, her nipples becoming bright pink, and elongated as they hardened to the full.

I dropped my boxers, my cock pointing straight out at her across the room. Mirroring her actions, I gyrated my hips and gave a few thrusts, which made her laugh, and we ended up both laughing so hard we collapsed on the bed, our naked bodies moving gently against each other. I lifted a full breast in my hand and kissed its tip, licking round the slowly hardening nipple. Moving from one breast to the other was a real pleasure, and at times burying my head between those glorious orbs, and then later, moving down, kissing her stomach, until I reached her shaven slit, and parted the lips to dip my tongue between them. I had hardly slid a couple of fingers inside her before she came, once again strongly, and wetly.

Laughing, she pushed me onto my back, and knelt astride me, over my erect pole and lowered herself down and down until once again I was bouncing off her insides. She felt even tighter than before, and I could swear I could feel every ridge of muscle inside her. Telling me to stay still, she started to move. Her hips swaying forward and then back, scraping my cock head as she rose against her g spot. Each time she moved I now was aware of the butt plug, its bulbous shape causing new surfaces against which to stroke my cock. The added sensation was pure ecstasy, and from Jenny’s laboured breathing and the heat of lust I could see in her eyes, she was feeling much the same. I reached down and behind her, and twisted the butt plug round and round, adding to the sensations she was getting from my cock, and she came fast and hard, her juices spurting from her and drenching my cock and balls. I wasn’t far behind, the sensation being heightened by the added tightness of her grip on me.

While we were cuddling in post orgasmic glow, I told her that she would have plenty to tell Sylvia when she came to stay. Giggling once more, she agreed, and then went on to surprise me by telling me that Sylvia actually hoped that we could tell her together.

“Maybe……” was what I said. What I thought was that somehow they had cooked this up between them, unless Sylvia was playing a solo hand, but somehow I think my first thought was right.

I asked my lovely wife how she felt about the plug, and she told me that she was surprised that it had heightened her orgasm so much, and that she thought it was because she had been stimulated all evening by every movement she made. She then said, surprising me somewhat, that she could almost imagine what it must be like to be double teamed.

We slept then, exhausted, to wake early, and just cuddled. I whispered to Jenny that we should see how the day would go with the plug in, and see how she felt in the evening. She agreed, and then told me that when Sylvia gave her the plug, she told Jenny that she had used a similar plug, and had somehow become so sensitised that every time she got fucked in the ass she had an orgasm. And then, Jenny giggled, and grasping my cock, told me that if that could happen then she would be so happy. She then said that Sylvia thought that with my cock size she shouldn’t have any problem, but if she did, then she told me that Sylvia would be more than willing to show me what it was like.

I asked how Sylvia knew what my cock was like, and Jenny confessed that she had described it to her friend in great detail. Sylvia had liked what she heard, and had gone as far as to buy a dildo which sounded like it was similar to my erection, and often used it, but wanted the real thing.

I wanted to know how she would feel about me fucking her friend, and was very surprised to say that so long as she was there, she would be fine with it, and in fact t was something she really wanted to happen. I told her that I was amazed, hadn’t realised she had such thoughts, but that it all sounded like fun, so long as it didn’t spoil what we had. She kissed me and whispered that it never could, she was mine for ever. I was so turned on that I asked Jenny how long Sylvia said to keep the butt plug in before seeing if it had had an effect.

“Just a couple of weeks”, she smiled, “Patience they say is a virtue”. And proceeded to give me a spectacular blowjob, as though to say she’d make up for it in other ways.

Continued in a few weeks…..

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