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The Demon Eloc - Part 2

The Demon Eloc - Part 2

Eve becomes further involved with witchcraft.

I needed to find out what was happening to me, so I began going to every meeting I could, looking for Jeremy, but no one seemed to know who he was. I realized I did not even know his last name nor could I recall actual details of what he looked like. I also talked to some of the elders about the problem I was having. It seemed as though when I first mentioned the issue, they knew what the cause was, but then made some vague suggestions about spells or potions to try. One even suggested I seek an exorcism of sorts.

Another mentioned an upcoming event sponsored by the group that was heavy into sexual rituals, indicating they might have an idea of what was causing my sudden constant insatiable desires. It was a weekend outdoor event where there was sure to be lots of rituals and sex. The location was to be on some privately held property in the middle of nowhere.

Only people who applied and were vetted would be told where it was and given additional details, but a few people I knew said it was quite interesting and well worth attending. However, one person that I had confided in about my condition warned me against going if I was still experiencing the same symptoms. I decided to go anyway, and put in my request to attend. A few days later, I got word I was approved and needed to send in my payment by a certain date. I was also given a list of items to bring.

In addition to providing my own sleeping arrangements, such as a tent or camper, and bedding, there was a whole list of other items. Food was provided and the entry fee covered that. For the most part, everyone was to expect to be naked the majority of the time, and that if watching and participating in random sex was offensive or uncomfortable, then they suggested you withdraw your name. There were only a limited number of spaces available, so if your acceptance of the terms and conditions was not received along with the payment, your name was removed.

The event was a month off, but the payment date was just a week away, so I quickly made my payment and signed the T&C form as well. I did not own a tent, but my car was an SUV, so I figured I could just sleep in there. I started to gather the items I was required to bring, and was really looking forward to the weekend of the event. In the meantime, I hooked up several times with Lina, which was every bit as awesome as the first time, and that eased my situation for a day or two. After my fourth time with her though, I realized I had not yet reciprocated in any of our encounters.

I was shocked when I realized that and had to wonder what she must have thought of me. I vowed to contact her the next day, take her to dinner and then attempt to give her at least half as good experience as she had given me. When I tried to call her the next day, however, her number was disconnected with no new number given. When I drove by her house, I saw people in the yard I did not recognize.  I went up to them and asked where she was, but they said they had never heard of her, and had been living in that house for seven years. When I asked if they had possibly been on vacation recently and perhaps had had someone house sitting, they flat out said no and asked me to leave.

I was quite confused and I needed, even more, answers than before. There was another gathering in two days, and it was one Eloc was reputed to frequent. I don’t know why and even though I had never met him, I somehow suspected he was behind what was going on with me. I was also looking forward to the weekend event as I had heard he was definitely attending it; in fact, he was the organizer of the event.

When I arrived at the house where the event was being held, I mingled with a number of people I knew. Some new people I had never met were there and there was a man talking to a woman named Diana I had met at another event. He vaguely fit the description of Eloc, so when I saw her alone, I went and asked her who he was. She said I must have been confused, as she had not been chatting with a man at the time I mentioned, but another woman named Karen. And in fact, she had not talked to a man fitting the description I gave her all night.

I searched through the entire house several times and did not see either the man, or a woman fitting the description Diana had given about Karen. Now I was becoming worried about my sanity, or even worse, if someone had cast a spell on me. I was becoming more and more fearful as the days past, yet determined to find out what was happening. I consulted with the witch that had become my mentor, and she warned me against going to the weekend event, but gave me an amulet and a potion to help protect me while since I insisted I was going no matter what.

On the Wednesday before the event, I received an email with directions to the site, a few additional items and suggestions along with some last minute instructions. I was to arrive no sooner than 9am and before 3pm on Friday. After 3pm, I would not be allowed in the gate, and my entry fee would be forfeit. If I arrived before 9am, I would have to wait until the gates opened. A meal would be served at noon and another between 6 and 7pm, and ceremonies would start at 8pm. Breakfast would also be served on Saturday and Sunday

I planned my trip to arrive between 10 and 11 am. Since I didn't have a tent or campsite to really set up, it would not take me long to get settled in. I stopped in the town nearest to the site to pick up some additional ice for my cooler, and found a café for some breakfast. I took the first dose of the potion and made sure I had the amulet handy. I got back on the road but had to pull over at a rest stop and masturbate to relieve the ache in my clit and breasts. The last two days had been awful and I had found myself squeezing my tits almost constantly, and rubbing my crotch for at least a little relief.

As I approached the gate, I got a sudden very strong sense of foreboding and nearly turned around and left. Just then, I was startled by a knock on my window and let out a short yelp. A man I knew called Gary indicated for me to roll down my window and asked me if I planned on sitting out here or if I was coming in. He asked for my ID and pointed me to the registration tent. I signed in, and was shown to my site. I was instructed to strip naked and remain that way for the weekend. Only shoes, a fanny pack and a hat would be allowed. I put the amulet and a few other items in the pack and strapped it on after getting naked.

Since I would be sleeping in my car, I was allowed to leave it parked in my campsite for the duration. I had borrowed a pop-up canopy from a friend as the instructions had indicated there was not a lot of shade in the camping area. I opened the two camp chairs and pulled the cooler out of the car. A map had been provided at registration showing the location of the various facilities, so I took some time to orient myself, and located the outdoor shower set-up and the food area.

As I walked around, I counted maybe fifty or sixty people already there, and periodically saw another car being escorted to their site. I was told there would only be one hundred people at the most. Watching people walk around naked and seeing many of the men fully erect was getting me horny again. I saw several couples already engaged in sex right out in the open.

My breasts were engorged and extremely sore. My pussy ached to be filled. I headed over to a large open tent where a heard screams coming from. As I got closer, I could tell they were screams of pleasure. There was a row of tables towards one side where women and a few men were lying, and were being fucked by either a mechanical fucking machine or fucksaw, and/or multiple people. My pussy immediately started dripping. I felt myself being led to one of the empty tables and helped up.

My legs were spread open and one of the fucking machines was positioned between my legs. A large dildo was attached to the end of the piston and covered with a condom. Some lube was squirted over the dildo and my pussy and the machine was moved forward until the dildo was all the way inside me. It was then turned on and slowly began thrusting in and out of my aching vagina. I started yelling for it to go faster until I was being pounded.

A man and woman came over and each approached one side of the table and attached something to each of my breasts.  I felt a sucking sensation that seemed to relieve the ache in them. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feelings. I could hear moans and screams and realized some were coming from me. I didn't care. For the first time in weeks, I felt filled and was being satisfied. I felt my body responding to the pounding with the tensing and jerking of orgasm after orgasm.

Occasionally the fucking machine would stop, then start up again after a minute. I vaguely remembered hearing someone ask if I was ready to stop, and heard myself mumble no. The sucking on my nipples stopped, but then I felt something else being done to them. Whatever it was, it felt good. After the fucking machine stopped once and then started again, I felt my ass being fucked as well. I felt a vibe being pressed against my clit and a few minutes later I swear the orgasm I had lifted me clear off the table.

My head was lifted up and a bottle of something was pressed against my lips. As I drank, I realized it was not the first time I had been given something to drink. In a rare moment of clarity, I wondered how long I had been on the table being fucked, and what they were giving me to drink and a wave of fear swept over me. I tried to push myself up and realized I was strapped down to the table and blindfolded. As I began to panic, the machine suddenly stopped and the restraints and blindfold were removed.

The bottle was pressed to my lips again and I swallowed a bit of a sweet tasting liquid. I immediately spit out the rest, but was told it was just Gatorade. I nodded and was given more to drink which made me feel a bit better. I managed to sputter out the word “why?” and was told my orgasms had been so intense, they had been concerned that I would fall off the table and had strapped me down for my own safety. The blindfold had merely been to help me block out any distractions. After a few minutes, I had calmed down and was helped to sit up, though my body felt like a wet rag. I had to sit for a few more minutes before I could stand up, and even then, needed help walking.

When I said I was hungry and asked what time it was, I was told I had missed dinner, but they would take me over to the kitchen and make sure I got something to eat. As we were walking, someone reached around me and reattached my fanny pack, which made me realize I had been without the protection of the amulet. My mind did a quick calculation and I figured I had to have been on that table for at least six and a half hours. But I no longer felt aroused. When I touched my breasts, they felt like they were back to their normal size, though they felt a little tender.

When we arrived at the kitchen and dining area, I was directed to one of the empty tables, and a plate of food was placed in front of me. A few people were scattered around the area, sitting at other tables, but not eating. The kitchen itself was closed and the people all turned and looked at me when I sat down. I did not even look at what I was eating, just wolfed it down. A second plate was put in front of me when I finished the first one, and I went through several bottles of Gatorade. I finished the second plate as well and was beginning to regain my strength.

Finally, someone mentioned the next ritual was starting soon and asked if I felt up to attending, or if I just wanted to go to my car and take a nap. Various ceremonies would be going on all night, so it was up to me. Now that I was thinking a bit more clearly, the paranoia was resurfacing and I was afraid to sleep, so I said I would go to the ceremony. I was told where it would be held and left alone at the table. I finally got up and made my way to the port-a-potties and locked myself inside one of them. I checked my fanny pack and was relieved to see the amulet was still there, as were the sealed vials of the remaining doses of the potion.

Also, for the first time in over a month, I did not feel the need to masturbate, or the slightest bit of arousal. Perhaps it was the potion, or perhaps being fucked for what I now determined had been closer to seven hours finally solved the problem. I was actually looking forward to the ceremony and finally meeting or at least seeing this Eloc demon. I still felt he was somehow behind what I had been going through. The thought even crossed my mind that when I finally saw him, it would be Jeremy.

I finally unlocked the door of the john and headed toward the area the ceremony was being held. As I was walking, I was sure I saw Lina heading in another direction and chased after her, calling her name. She rounded a corner, and when I reached the spot a few seconds later, she had vanished. The area was just a large clearing, and unless she had the speed of an Olympic runner, there was nowhere she could have gone. I was beginning to question my own eyes. I turned and headed back to the ceremony and seemingly out of nowhere, one of the people that had helped me to the dining area earlier appeared.

She explained the ceremony had started and they had been concerned when I had not shown up, so a couple of them had gone looking for me. She spoke into a walkie-talkie and took me to another clearing where it appeared the majority of the people were in attendance. People were walking up to an altar one by one and lighting one of the candles that lined one side of the altar. As they lit the candle, they repeated a chant that was one of the first things initiates had to learn, and which I had done many times already. Everyone, except a few of the elders, were naked. And again, just about every male I saw was in some state of erection.

The women were beginning to rub their breasts or touch themselves between their legs. I took my turn walking up and lighting a candle and repeating the chant. I had both a feeling of anticipation and foreboding at the same time, and was beginning to doubt the wisdom of what I was doing again, but continued participating in the ceremony, almost by habit. When the cups of blood were passed around, I automatically took a sip and passed it on. Although still not feeling aroused, I began rubbing my breasts anyway. One of the women was selected from the crowd and placed on the altar.

Man after man walked up and masturbated over her until she was covered with jizz. Then the women walked over and began licking it off her. Some of them rubbed their fingers through it and then inserted their fingers into their vaginas. I was gently pushed from behind and automatically went up and licked some of it off of her. After that, many of the men and women paired off and either got fucked or gave the man a blowjob. When one of the men presented himself to me, I instinctively knelt down and took his cock into my mouth. When he ejaculated into my mouth after a few minutes, I swallowed it out of habit. This process was repeated several more times until six women had been lain on the altar and “baptized” with demon seed and every woman, including me had tasted that seed.

I had been through a similar ceremony myself, though on a much smaller basis, when I was first inducted into the cult. So I knew that those six women must have been the initiates going through their own induction ceremonies. I also knew from experience, by the end of the weekend, every person there would have sex with each of those women. They each would likely be spending most of their weekend in the large tent getting fucked, and only leave for meals and perhaps a short rest period. They would not be permitted to wash until the end of the weekend, just before they were ready to leave. The mixing of seed and juices was a large part of the ceremony.

It had gotten light by the time the ceremony ended. The candles had just about all burned out and people were heading towards the dining area. I followed along and got in line for some breakfast. The tables had filled up but one of the guys that had already finished eating invited me to sit on his lap while I ate. I looked at his quite large erect cock and nodded to him. He guided his shaft into me as I lowered myself down and fucked me the whole time I was eating my food. He also was pinching and twisting my nipples; as he did, it was getting me very aroused once more.

I felt my breasts becoming engorged again and the achiness returning. And rather than relieving the ache in my pussy, being fucked was making it worse. When I finished eating, he told me to turn around and face him, which I did, lowering myself onto his cock again.  He held onto me and stood up, then walked over to a tree and leaned against it. I felt someone come up behind me and push his cock into my pussy as well. The two of them bounced me up and down double fucking my pussy. After a few minutes, I felt the guy in front of me push a finger from each hand into my ass and began fucking my ass with them.

All this was seemingly just making me hornier, although I could actually feel myself orgasming multiple times. My breasts felt like they were ready to explode with pressure. I was moaning and screaming with both pain and pleasure. Someone walked up and attached something to each nipple and I felt a sucking which was releasing the pressure in my breasts. This time I got a look at what it was and recognized it as a breast pump and realized they were “milking” me. I had never had kids or lactated before so a fleeting moment of fear crossed my mind.

While all this was going on, I felt the fingers being pulled from my ass, only to be replaced by something larger, which I assumed to be a dildo. With the addition of my ass being filled and my breasts being pumped dry, I was finally feeling some relief. After several more orgasms, both guys stopped fucking me. As they lifted me off of them, semen gushed out of my pussy, running down my legs and spilling onto the ground.  When I looked at both men, their cocks were still fully erect. I made my way back to my car and grabbed my ditty bag and a towel, then headed to the showers.

After thoroughly washing, I dried off and returned to my car. I took the next dose of the potion and crawled into my car, cracking a few of the windows and the sunroof and locking myself in. I fell asleep almost instantly and slept for several hours until I heard a tapping on my window. The tapping continued and after a minute I realized that someone was saying it was time to pump my breasts again.  I felt them and they were indeed engorged and sore, but at least I wasn't aroused.

I got out of the car and sat down in one of my lawn chairs; the breast pump was attached and I was drained once again.  I was amazed at the amount of milk that was collected. When my sister had her baby, she used a breast pump and got maybe half of what I was producing. And according to her, she was producing more than she needed for the baby and actually donated some of it to the local hospital for mothers that did not produce enough. I wondered briefly where mine was going.

-to be continued…

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