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A Dream to Build a Life On

A modern day erotic fairy tale

Chapter 1
- Falling

They move across the dance floor, perfectly fitted to each other.  Cheek to cheek they dance.  To the music they sway.  He in black tux, bow tie and all, she in a crimson gown, fitted embroidered bodice, with a flowing floor length skirt, showing off all the assets she was given in life.  Her long auburn hair is piled high upon her head, soft curls floating around her face. 

Together they dance.  Not noticing anyone else in the room.  No one else exists. Their hearts beat together in time. 

The band stops suddenly, as they both blink as they look into each other’s eyes. 

"Wow."  She sighs into his ear. 

"Wow indeed! What happened?" he asks, somewhat still in a daze. 

"I feel as if time just stopped.  That’s never happened to me before."  She gently leans back to look into his sea-blue eyes.  Her large green eyes lock onto his, as they both smile knowingly at each other.   

Their bodies start to sway in time once more as the band begins again.  Still looking at each other, their arms around each other, lost to the rest of the room.  Her long gloved hands, one resting around on his shoulder the other clasped snugly in his hand, his strong hands, one holding hers gently, the other around her waist holding her tightly, afraid if he were to let her go, she would fly away. 

Time passes, and still they move to the music. The onlookers smile knowingly at them, knowing that there is something happening between them. Something new, something special. 

Crystal smiles at them, then quickly kisses Frank, her new husband saying, “I knew we’d find someone special for her!” 

Frank smiles lovingly at his new bride. “Who would’ve thought that the two of them though? I thought Christopher was more her type. Do you think they even know each other’s names yet?” He chuckles as Crystal stands, shrugs, taking Frank’s hand, leading him out to the dance floor. 

They make their way to the dance floor, both of them wearing large smiles at finally being married, and seeing two of their good friends hitting it off. For the next thirty minutes, they dance around their friends, trying to make eye contact, share smiles with them, but the two of them are lost in their own world. She in crimson, him in black. Not speaking, just caught up in their bodies spinning, the rest of the room blurs, becomes silent as they only can see as far as the other.   

“Alright! Clear the dance floor please! The midnight buffet is about to be set up, and there will be some food for all you hungry folks out there!” The guests at Frank and Crystal’s wedding cheer, their want of food far louder than that of the murmured groans of happy couples dancing. 

The man in black takes the silk-covered hand of the woman in crimson, leading her out the doors. Seeking the fresh crisp air outside, they walk together out of the ballroom, both her hands holding his one. Afraid to let go, that if she does, he’ll disappear and she’ll never find him again. 

He holds the door for her, and as she walks past him, he places his hand gently on the small of her back. Her entire body shivers at that simplest of touches as a soft smile covers her face. 

Out they walk to the garden, not talking, just enjoying the other’s presence. Through the roses and shrubs they walk, till they reach a marble bench. He removes his white handkerchief from his breast pocket, wiping the bench with a big to-do, before bowing low, saying, “Milady, if you will?” grinning at her. 

She chuckles, does a surprisingly perfect curtsy saying, “Why thank-you my Lord” and gracefully sits down. Their hands find each other again as he sits beside her. 

He stops staring at her to look around the garden, and up at the full starry sky. “When did it get so dark?”

“I think quite a while ago, they called the midnight buffet just before we left the ballroom.” She pauses, nervous, wanting to ask a question, but unsure how without sounding like a high school girl. 

“No. That has never happened to me before.” He smiles at her. 

Her eyes go round as saucers, her full red lips part slightly in shock at his words. “How did you know? How did you know what I was going to ask?”

“I dunno. I really wasn’t sure, but I was thinking the same thing.”

Her creamy skin turns red with a blush. Her eyes close slightly, her face lowers. He takes her chin in his hand, and turns her face up. “You…” She rolls her lips together, taking her lower lip between her teeth as he speaks. “You are stunning. You are not beautiful, not even close. You’re stunning. I never understood before what having your breath taken away meant.” His fingers trace over her high cheekbone, down over the hollow of her cheek, over her jaw, his thumb resting on her chin, with his fingers curling under her jaw. 

Her eyes lower, as she blushes again. “I want to tell you I am not stunning as you call me, for I truly believe that. But with you? I feel beautiful. Alive.” Her full breasts heave in the tightness of her bodice. Her face is still on fire, making her look even more alive. Covering his hand with hers, letting it fall lower, down over his arm, tracing his powerful forearm, to his elbow. Rising higher up his arm, her is touch light, timid, gentle as it rises higher to his shoulder. Her white gloved hand travels over his shoulder slowly, finding the bare skin of his neck, her silken finger traces over the curve of his ear as he sighs, finally, cupping his face. 

Their eyes find each other once more, their want for each other obvious. Her breath catches as she sits taller in front of him, arching her back slightly as his hand drops to the exposed flesh of her chest. They sit like this for a moment before his hands leave her skin, and rest in the fullness of her skirt. Her fingers rest a moment longer upon his face before taking his hands in hers. 

Almost as if waking from a dream, he snaps his hands from hers and moves barely an inch from her. She groans in what sounds like pain, as he does. 

“We both know. There is no point in denying what we both want.” He whispers softly. “I just don’t want this to be a fling. There’s something between us.” As he speaks, her eyes rest on his face just watching him in the moonlight. The scents of the garden surround them like a fairy tale as they linger here, talking. “I just don’t want to ruin what could be a great thing.”

She nods silently and smiles as she moves her body further from his, to the edge of the bench and with one final shuffle, a loud “Oof!”, a rustle of silk, a flash of the best shaped legs he ever did see, and a loud eruption of laughing from the strange woman laying now very ungracefully on the earth. Her eyes closed, her mouth opened wide, her chest heaving with every burst of laughter, her hands around her belly, her body trembles as she laughs. 

He jumps from the bench, startled, falling to his knees beside her. “Are you ok?” He tries to take her hands in his to help her to sit up. One of her knees bent, her skirt over her knee, her leg exposed, he cannot help himself but to let his hand rest on what he thinks is a perfect ankle. Slowly it rises up to her knee, and down her inner thigh. 

Like magic, she stops laughing. Her thighs part, giving him full access to her centre. His hands gentle on her body, he loves the fact that she is only wearing knee-high stockings; he feels his body waken as he thinks about her gown around her waist, her legs locked tight about his hips as he rocks in and out of her, her chest heaving against his. 

“Hey! I don’t even know your name! There will be no ravishing of your body OR of mine till we at least know the other’s name.” Her head falls back to the earth, her hands again on her belly as she pulls her thighs tight together trapping his hand there as she starts to laugh again. 

This time he joins her in her mirth, his one hand trapped between her thighs, the other on her belly with her hands. Both of them laugh at their own silliness. Her hair falls free of her pins, her body relaxing, but still the occasional giggle and hiccup at wanting this man she doesn’t even know. 

He falls to the ground beside her. “You just wanted me to be on top, you know it!”

“Ha! How do you know I just wanted you on the ground so I could jump you?” 

He almost chokes as he gasps at her bluntness. 

Her head turns to look at him; she brushes her hair from her face. “I’m a woman of the 21 st century! I like to let men walk up the stairs first so I can look at their bumpers! Just like men have been doing for generations! Fair’s fair you know!” 

He grins at her. “You need to be careful.”


“I could fall so hard for you,” he snaps his fingers, “and I would happily get lost with you.”

She grins wickedly at him, “Who says you haven’t already?”

Hand in hand, they turn their heads to look at the stars. The smell of roses, fall apple blossoms, the soft musk of her perfume and the spice of his cologne fill the air. The soft hoot of owls off in the distance.   

“My name is Theo; I’m a friend of the groom.” Theo squeezes her hand in his, hoping that she’ll finally tell him her name. 

“I am Gwenevere, and I am friend of the bride.” She grins mischievously at him saying, “Pleased to meet you Lord Theo.” 

Theo chuckles at her as he replies, “No, Lady Gwenevere, it’s my pleasure to finally meet you!” He face turns serious.  “I would like nothing more than to kiss you right now, Gwenevere.”

Gwen moves her body till her lips are the so near to his. “What happens if I want to kiss you?”

He smiles.  “I asked first. You can kiss me later.” He brings his lips to hers as she is about to say something, his kiss cuts her off from speaking. His hand reaches behind her head, his lips move over hers. Her body softens and gives all of who she is to his kiss. Their lips move together, their tongues meet, nothing else matters. They are alone together, sharing their first kiss of what both know will be many more to come. 

They stay like this for what seems like forever and a day. Their bodies roll till they are both pressed up against the other, legs intertwining together, their hands exploring each other’s backs, their hips moving slowly together, hating the material that separates them from each other. 

Their lips still touching, their eyes still closed. 

“Oh boy. I think I was just pushed over that cliff.”

She mutters, “Huh?”

“Gwenevere, I want you to know that I’ve fallen for you.” He hugs her tight, wanting their bodies to merge. “Hard.”


“Don’t say anything. Let’s just enjoy this, what we have right now.”

“Theodore,” she tries again to tell him of her mind. “I’ve….”

“Boyfriend? Husband? Children? What?”

She chuckles, hearing the worry in his voice.  “No. No boyfriend, no husband, no kids. I just want to tell you, that I have never had these feelings for anyone before. And I don’t know what it is about you that has woken my heart. But please, Theodore, don’t hurt me. I don’t think I could take it.”

“Hurt you? HA! Never! Annoy you? For sure. Treat you like a queen? Most definitely. Hurt you? Not possible. We have something, I don’t think we know what it is yet, but we know that something is pretty powerful. I’ll never hurt you. That much I promise.” 

“I’ll hold you to that, my Lord Theodore!” She giggles as she kisses him once more. 

“There you two are! We’ve been looking for you two everywhere!”

“John!” Gwen rolls onto her back and looks up at him. “You could’ve made some noise!” She chuckles as she sits up. 

Theo rises, with his arms around Gwen’s waist. 

John, slightly drunk, stumbles towards them. “And just what have you two been doing?  Hummmm…?” Taking in both of them, the disarray of her hair, both with leaves in their hair, her gown crumpled, legs bare from the knees down. His tux open, bowtie undone, shirt half open. 

Both Gwen’s and Theo’s faces turn scarlet. “Ummm… we’ve just been looking at the stars!” 

“R-i-g-h-t! And I am the President of the United States. Let’s go! Crystal wants to throw her bouquet and wants you, Gwen; Frank wants you, Theo, to catch the garter.” Both rise to their feet. “You two have caused all the old hags to waggle their tongues! Let’s go! Gwen, you might want to do something with your hair!” 

Gwen’s hands fly to her hair, laughing. She can tell there is no hope to pin it right, she just shrugs her shoulders and starts to take out the rest of the pins. Theo moves closer to her and helps. Her hair, free of all its pins, falls to the curve of her ass. Soft curls surround her face, the auburn highlights in her hair very noticeable in the moonlight. He gasps at the feel of her silky hair, the highlights and how she looks. 

“Breathtaking,” he mutters. She smiles at him, kissing the tip of his nose. 

“Only because of you!” They kiss once more. 

John’s hand flies to his belt, he clears his throat. 

Both Theo and Gwen smile, take each other’s hands and walk back towards the ballroom, straightening their clothes as best they can one handed. 

Back in the ballroom, all the unmarried women wait impatientlyon the dance floor ready to catch the bouquet. Crystal, looking radiant in her wedding dress, backs towards the herd of women wanting to catch the bouquet. She throws it. Gwen, in the middle of the herd of women, can’t concentrate. Her eyes find Theo’s and they share a smile. She’s pushed aside by the bride’s sister. 

“Yesssssssssss! I caught it!  I caught it!” The bride’s sister squeals in delight, jumping up and down in her lavender dress. 

Gwen’s eyes still with Theo’s, she walks towards him, not caring about anyone else in the room. His hands reach for hers as she walks to him. Her hands find his; her body melts into his as their lips find each other’s once more.   Her hands guide his to encircle her waist, pulling her closer into him. 

“THEO! Let’s go!” John shouts. 

The men march past him, smacking him on the back or with a snarky comment, “Theo’s gettin’ lucky tonight!” or a “Theo’s gettin’ some booty tonight! It’s about time!” Theo looks ecstatic, still just looking at Gwen as the men pass by him. He’s mesmerized by her beauty, unable to tear his eyes from her.  

Gwen wakes from her daze. “Go, you fool, catch the garter!” she says, pushing him away from her. He stumbles as he goes to the centre of the dance floor. 

He blows her a kiss. Gwen turns beet red once again at being singled out but a smile spreads across her face. 

Frank sits Crystal down, lowering himself to his knees in front of her, slowly lifting her bridal gown up above her knees. Sliding his hands slowly up from her ankles slowly up her shin; the band starts to play a slow, erotic tease of a song as Frank’s hands slide higher up her leg. He grins mischievously at Crystal, his head disappearing under the dress.  Crystal shrieks as she feels his teeth grip her garter and slide it over her extended leg. The people in the ballroom roar with laughter. Shouts of, “Wait till tonight Franky!”, “Hey Frank! Patience is a virtue!” and wolf whistles echo throughout the room. 

Theo ignores it all, with his eyes still on Gwen, just drinking in her beauty. 

Frank stands with the garter belt in his mouth, everyone laughing as he throws it at Theo.  Gwen’s hands fly to her face, covering her mouth, her face alight with joy as the garter lands on Theo’s head. Again the room roars in laughter. Theo reaches up and pulls the garter around his head, wearing it like a headband as the room cheers. Congratulatory pats on the back once more, he slowly makes his way back to the woman he just met, to the woman he knows he desires more than any woman he has ever known. 

Gwen and Theo stand there just looking at each other, smiling.   Wolf whistles surround them. Theo takes her in his arms, lost in the moment, leans her back, her hair falling all over the floor. Both of them grinning, he plants a loud kiss on her to the approval of the room. He stands and half lifts her upright, her hair swinging, both of their faces blushing deeply. 

Crystal and Frank clap loudly, both of them excited for their friends, turning to look at each other; they both know that this is the stuff of fairy tales. Both wish a happy ending for their friends. 

Chapter 2- Discovery

“Oh! Do it again! Do it again!”

Theo puts his hands on his hips; feet shoulder width apart, looking sternly at Gwen saying, “If you want me to do it again, for your enjoyment, you have to do something for me.” He looks her up and down. The red bed sheet, tucked under her arms, pulled tight across her breasts, she sits there cross-legged, clapping, her long auburn hair sticking out in every which direction, laughing at him.  He leans forward and rips the bed sheet off the bed; she topples forward, laying naked on her front. The milky white skin of her body in perfect contrast with the red sheets makes her look good enough to eat. He can’t help but stare at her. 

Gwen rises up onto her elbows, giving him a clean view of the curves of her breasts. “Stop staring, my love! Dance!”  Her chin resting in her hands, she starts to sing “Rockin’ Robin,” moving her head from side to side. 

Theo laughs at Gwen, not for the first time, and starts to dance, his arms flailing everywhere, his naked form just spinning. No coordination at all. Twirling around, he knocks a picture of them off the dresser. It lands on the carpet. Still Theo dances. And still Gwen laughs at him. 

Caught between singing and laughing, she gives into both. Rolling onto her back, her breasts moving as she laughs, her belly rising and falling trying to catch her breath. She rolls around, trying not to laugh harder. 

Realising that he is not going to be able to stop her at this point, he dances to the side of the bed and jumps on her. Still she tries to squirm and laugh at the sight of him dancing naked on top of her. 

He takes her nipple in between his lips, gently seesawing back and forth, flicking his tongue over the tip of her nipple. 

Suddenly, she stops laughing. 

He lifts his head, cocks his eyebrow.  “Oh? That is how I get you to shut up?” He rises himself on his hands and looks down between their bodies. “I wonder what that would make you do?”

“Theodore! You horrible man!” She grabs his head between her hands and brings it back to her breast. Pulling his head back to her nipple, she arches her back. 

He chuckles, refusing to open his mouth to take her nipple. His lips vibrating as he tries to hold back his laughter, sending waves through her body. 

“Please, Theodore!” she whimpers under him. 

He pushes his body back up on his arms, his knees on either side of her hips, looking down at her, his blue eyes searching hers. He looks seriously at her.  “Tell me what you want. Gwenevere, what do you really really want?”

Her lip between her teeth, her hands explore his face, her thumbs over his brow. “I want you. Just you! Always.” She slowly grins then mutters, “To sing, ‘Tell me what I want, what I really really want.’ ”

Theo raises an eyebrow at her, and continues in a serious voice, “Tell me what you want. Details, Gwenevere, it’s all in the details.” 

“I want to feel you in me.” Childlike she sounds as she tells him what she wants. 

His brow raises as he says again, “Details.”

Gwen looks at him once more, her eyes wide and trusting. “I want you to use me like your perfectly tuned instrument. I want your throbbing cock to possess my body and make me yours. I want to feel you move within me, and to fill me with your cum. I want you to feel the passion I have for you. I want you to take my heart and keep it with you always.” A glimmer of mischief flickers within her eyes as she says, “Good enough my love?”

Theo looks at her coyly, saying, “I’ve never heard making love quite put like that, but yes, that will do!” Both of them fall into what they do best: laughter, just simple expressions of their feelings for each other. 

Even after months of being together, the simple joy of seeing each other still makes their hearts pound in excitement, their faces flush with delight of just being together; the rush to meet each other after work, to just say hello. They’ve not been apart for more than a day since they met, and that day to both of them felt like years. Gwen’s heart ached to see him and Theo; well, Theo just couldn’t get her out of his mind. All he could think of was her smile, and how she made him smile just being there. Even when they are apart they are still together, their thoughts never straying very far from the other. 

He brings his face to hers, to kiss her. Before he does, he smiles softly, saying, “I love you Gwenevere, you are my joy.”

She smiles as she kisses him, whispering into his kiss, “And you are my smile, Theo my love.”

As they kiss, their hands become more urgent, pulling each other closer, their hips meeting in their dance, hers thrusting up as his thrusts down. His cock, hard, pulsates between their bellies. Her thighs part, wanting to take him home. Her breasts high round globes, her nipples hard. Their kiss intensifies; their tongues search each other’s mouths, teeth pressed hard together as their hips grind. 

Gasping for air, Gwen’s head falls to the bed, her back arching hard. Theo rises to his knees, jumping off the bed, grunting like an animal, takes hold of Gwen’s legs and drags her to the end of the bed. Gwen knows that he is lost in the moment, smiling, knowing she will get her body’s wants tonight. 

He pulls her ass to the end of the bed, her feet planted firmly on the floor, he kicks them apart while his hands slide up her body, roughly squeezing her breasts in his hands. Gwen’s hands cover his, pulling his hands harder into her body. Her back arches hard, forcing his hands harder on her body. His fingers digging into her soft flesh, the flesh of her breasts spills between his fingers digging into her body. She moans from deep within her. 

Theo slides his hand down her body, fingers digging into her body, leaving angry red finger welts as he goes. She shivers. He takes hold of his cock, blind. Knowing exactly how to move, knowing exactly how to take her, the head of his cock slips into her tight, wet pussy. He stays just like this, not moving his body closer to hers. His hand massages her breast as she lies there beneath him whimpering, “Please, now, please!” 

Gwen tries to thrust her hips, wanting to be the wanton wretch she is when it comes to her lovemaking with Theo. His hand leaves his cock and he pushes down on her pelvis. His thumb wiggles till he finds her clit, circling it as his fingers dig into her mound. Gwen’s body bucks wildly under him. Theo grunts loud as he rams into her, sliding his rod deep within her. Her green eyes open wide as she gasps, speechless under him. 

Sighing as he fills her, her hips still jerking wanting to take all she can get of him within her. His thumb pressing hard on her clit, not stopping, he pulls back, keeping just his head within her. Pausing for a moment, he gets an idea. 

As he pulls his cock from her, Gwen shouts loudly, “No! Give it to me!”

Theo takes her by the hips, rolls her over. Her bottom high in the air, her hands under her chest on the mattress; her knees buckle as the blood rushes back to her clit; he knows she’s close by the sounds she makes. He places his hands on her ass cheeks, separating them, his cock glistening with her juices. He takes his cock to her hole, and slowly slides it into her ass. 

One inch disappears within her. Gwen pushes up on her hands and rises up on her knees, her body off the bed arching backwards, her hips pushing back on him. Her head falls back, stretching her body, her breasts high and her nipples point towards the ceiling. Theo can’t hold back much longer, takes her hair within his hand, pulls down on it as his other hand lands between her shoulder blades, pushing her down into the mattress while still pulling back on her hair. 

He rides her like there is no tomorrow. In and out he flies. The hand that was on her shoulder blades lowers, rises high, and spanks her. She yelps not only in surprise, but in pleasure. He continues to pull her head back as his cock slides in and out of her now stretched hole. Lowering his body he kisses her shoulder, his teeth meet her flesh, gently he bites her. 

Gwen can’t seem to stop moaning. The feeling of him with her, joined at the hip, is still overwhelming to her, and it doesn’t help her any that she is trying to stop herself from cumming; Theo moves his hand around her hips and slides a finger into her slick velvety pussy. Two fingers within her, he opens them within her, his index finger stroking her g-spot as he slides them in and out of her the other, slightly bent, massages his cock through that thin layer of skin. 

Gwen can’t take any more, her body hardens under his and he bites her roughly before attacking her ear lobe with his lips and teeth. 

Screaming his name as she cums hard over his fingers, her body still convulsing under his, he continues to thrust deep and hard into her ass. Holding himself back, not wanting his own release yet, he pulls out of her tight brown hole.  As Gwen sinks to the bed, falling heavily into the mattress, he tells her to get on her knees. His reaches for the tissues, wiping his cock clean. 

Gwen, her skin hot to the touch, body glowing with the surge of blood through her and the sweat upon her skin, does exactly as he asks. She drops to her knees and wraps her fingers around his steel hard cock. She slides her fingers over him, rotating them as her long tongue licks her lips. 

“Mmmmmm….” She can’t but help utter. 

Her fingers, hard upon him, stroke him from base to head.  Then, holding him steady, her mouth open, her teeth encased in her lips, she slides him deep within her throat. She gags slightly on his massive cock as it hits the back of her throat, but still, she takes more. Her nose pressing hard against his belly, her tongue pressing up on his throbbing vein, she slides him out. One hand finds his sac, running her nails over the skin, tugging, kneading. Her hand works his sac lovingly just the way she knows he likes it as his body vibrates with his moans. 

Theo’s hands buried in her hair, he pushes her head back and then pulls her head to him. She allows him to set the beat, and each time he slides out of her mouth, her tongue presses harder up into his vein. With her free hand, she decides to try something new. She quickly inserts her forefinger into her mouth, her nail pressed hard into her tongue, knuckle slightly bent, his throbbing vein massaged by her knuckle as he slides in. 

Unable to hold back, he grunts as his balls tighten in her hand and his molten hot cum oozes from the corners of her mouth. She slides him out, only having his head in her mouth, and sucks like there is a cherry stuck in a straw. Gwen wants more of his cum. It fills her mouth and she swallows, but it still trickles down her chin. 

She looks up at Theo, her eyes dancing, wanting him to know how much she enjoys taking his cum. Theo’s hand cups her face, his thumbs sliding over her cheeks. In a soft voice he says, “I am so in love with you, my Lady Gwenevere.”

Gwen, being Gwen, tries to murmur, “I love you my Lord Theodore”, but all that is heard is murmurs of her voice around his still hard cock in her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the ridges on his head before letting him fall free. 

Theo takes her by the hands and helps her to her feet, all the while holding eye contact, both of them smiling. She stands in front of him, wrapping her arms around him, holding him close. At the same instant, both of them start to sway to the music that only they can hear. Arms around each other, bodies glued to the other’s, just moving as one. 

Chapter 3- Morning Showers

Under the covers of their bed, their noses just barely touching, Theo’s eyes are open just watching Gwen sleep. He aches to touch her, to draw her close to him; but refrains from doing so. He know she needs her sleep. She has a long couple of days ahead of her. 

“Stop thinking,” Gwen sleepily says.

“You’re awake.”  He can’t help himself, he reaches lower and places his hand on her waist; a firm touch. 

“What time is it?” she asks of him without opening her eyes. 

“I’m afraid to look. I want time to stop, and just stay like this forever.” 

Gwen can feel him smile, and like his mirror, she does as well. A long slow smile she gives him, making his heart beat faster. 

“Theodore, I don’t want to go.”  As she speaks, her arms move to hold him, their bodies pressed close together. 

“Then don’t! Stay her with me and say, ‘Screw the world! I’m going to stay in bed for the rest of my life!’”

They both laugh at the thought, wanting nothing more than just that to happen. Since that very first day they met at Frank and Crystal’s wedding, they both knew that what they had was something and both of them never wanted to leave the other for longer than a few moments at a time. 

“I so love you Theodore! This next month is going to be hard for both of us.”  Tears well up in Gwen’s eyes. 

“It’s only twenty-eight days, twenty-eight long days, true, but you have to go. And you know it.”

“I know.” A single tear falls free from her eye and down her temple. 

Theo moves his head to kiss her eyelid, and then the other as his hand moves up her body to cup her breast, slowly, gently playing with her nipple. She rolls onto her back to give him the length of her body. He throws back the covers as she gasps at the chilly air that now swathes her body. Gooseflesh spreads like wildfire over her body, her nipples turn hard like cherries as his soft lips take hold of one; his hand on her belly, gently touching her. Gwen’s hands run through his hair, letting her fingers run over his scalp. 

Letting go of her nipple, Theo rests his head on his hand, throwing a leg over her hips. Gwen turns her head to look at him, sadly smiling at him. 

“I don’t know if I can last that long without you. You’ve become a part of me, and I never want to let you go.”

“Gwenevere, do you think it is any different for me?  Let me tell you missy, you’ve found your way inside of me, and taken hold of my every thought. I can’t even walk Kayla without thinking of you. Picturing you playing fetch with her in the park, and then how we lay on the grass just looking at the clouds. I love the way your mind works. You have so much love in you that you have to share it with the world…”

“But I only want to give my love to you.”

“That is not who you are. And if you don’t go to that clinic in India, you will one day hold it against yourself, hating yourself for not going. And you are not the type of person that can survive hating yourself. I need to share you with other people.”

“Theodore. Stop right there!” She sits up in bed, cross-legged, elbows on her knees, looking sternly at him, “I will not be ‘shared’ with other people. I am so not a deck of cards!”

“No my Lady, you are the Queen of Hearts. With a heart so big that you have enough love to give the world. You are special; you give without wanting anything in return. And the number of people who use that part of you to hurt you, there are times when I am surprised you are not more closed off to the world.” 

As Gwen opens her mouth to object to his comments, he stops her just by placing his hand on her thigh. “You know what I say is true, you are just too humble to accept them.” She sticks her tongue out at him, trying to lighten the mood, while slightly shaking her head. 

“Come with me!” Her face lights up at the thought. “We’ve spoken a little about that, you can come and we’d not have to be apart. You’ve never been to India, it will be fun and we’d be together,” she says, taking his hand, holding it. 

“You know that is not possible. My business would never survive without me here for a whole month, and who would take care of Kayla?” He squeezes her knee, “We’ve already talked about it. This is your adventure, and I will share it with you over emails and Skype.” He grins at her.  “Just remember to take lots of pictures!” 

Theo looks at her face, searching for that little look she gets. That look that makes his body melt just as fast as it takes his cock to harden, that naked burning desire in her eyes that tell him, “I need you”. It’s not even a want he feels for her, or her for him, it’s a primal need they both have for the other. They can’t keep their hand off each other, and when it is a must to not touch each other, their eyes are more often than locked on the other, and anyone can plainly see the desire they both share even after months of being together. 

Their friends love them both, but hate them at the same time. Even when in a crowded party, when Theo and Gwen arrive, they greet everyone, but then are all alone in a room filled with people. They need no one else but each other to make the world spin and their love of the simple things in life. They both adore just sitting out on the balcony all the night long just holding each other, not wanting to sleep, just waiting to see the sun rise. Gwen’s favourite time of the day is just waking up next to Theo. His is just waking a few minutes before her, to feel the peace of her slumber. 

Little does he know that she is usually awake before him, but pretends to sleep to make him happy. 

“What are we going to do on your last full day in the western world?” Theo asks of Gwen as she slides back into bed beside him. 

She snuggles her chilled body into his, nuzzling her face into his neck, making him chuckle at the feel of her cold nose on his warm skin. “Well…” she lets her voice trail off.

“I don’t think so! We said no making love till tonight, you wanted to be properly worn out for your flight and sleep here.” He laughs as he says that, kissing her fully. He holds her face in his hands and he sees that spark of desire. 

Gwen’s eyebrow shoots up. She can feel his body not matching his words.  “Oh really? I think your brain and your body need to have a meeting there ‘cause they’re so are not agreeing with each other!” Her full breasts rise and fall into his chest as she laughs at him. 

His hand cups the mound of her pussy; a finger slides the length of her slit, “Hummmm? I do not think I am the only one going to be at that meeting!” Both of them start to laugh just enjoying the silliness of it all. 

“I finished packing yesterday, so today is just a bum day.  You said you had to do about an hour of calls for work today? Want to get that over with this morning?  Then we can play checkers at the park, then a picnic and play with Kayla.” With each stroke of her hand, the more urgent her strokes become. 

Theo grins at her.  “That sounds perfect! I’ll go start making calls, you make breakfast!” He jumps out of bed holding onto the bedding, takes it with him, and runs from the room, making Gwen squeal as the chilly air hits her once more. 

“You ass!” she shouts at him as she watches his perfect ass run from the bedroom. She falls back to the pillow as she hears the water of the shower turn on. She jumps out of bed and goes to make coffee.  

Gwen walks carefully back up the stair and sits on the bench in the bathroom, perfectly content in the nude, holding her cup of coffee, her hair everywhere over her back and covering her breasts, the second cup of coffee sitting beside her long shapely legs. Theo, singing very off tune, making his own song up as he goes, “You don’t have to say you love me just because you do, you know I love the way you smile when you get to that good part of your book. Now shake your booty and let me watch! Na na na na hey-hey-hey- there you are!”  He leans out of the shower to get his towel, the water dripping down his body, slightly surprised she is there. 

“Coffee?” Gwen asks innocently with a sweet smile happily planted on her face, idly playing with her hard nipple.  

“Why thank you, ma’am!”  He steps out of the shower, not bothering to wrap the towel around him. He sits beside her and sips it. He looks wonderingly at her as he says, “You know, that was such a waste of water!  You should have jumped in! I would have washed your back!”

“Would you have now? And then what would have happened?”

He flips his hand at her, grinning. “Well, we’ll never know now, will we?” 

Both of them smile, just sitting there sipping their coffee. Gwen rises and steps into the shower, turning it on, letting the water run down over her body. The water soaks her hair, her face, with her eyes closed, mouth open, her hands rise up over her face and down through her hair. She ignores Theo as she has her shower, curtain open, giving him a full and clear view of her hands as they explore over her body. 

The scent of mangos spreads through the bathroom as Gwen massages her hair into a white soapy lather. Slowly, seductively, her hips move in tune to a song. Her body just moves, hips swaying, the water pouring over her breasts, down her belly, her hands moving through her hair as Theo stops bringing his coffee midway to his mouth. 

Entranced, he watches her, his cock hardening against his belly. He has no idea if it is water droplets on his body or beads of sweat. 

Gwen bends slightly as she lets the water rinse her hair free of the soap.  Standing tall, arching her back, flashing Theo a wide smile, she picks up her razor, pumping some soap into her hand and steps forward. Placing her foot on Theo’s thigh, she ignores him, lost in her own world of lathering soap onto her shin, her upper thigh. Humming softly, she takes the razor from her ankle up, over her knee, leaning back up her thigh. Over and over she repeats this process, taking her time over each stroke, from her ankle to hip. Over and over again till all her leg is smooth of hair. 

“Well look at that!” She smiles up at Theo. 

He sits there staring at her mound, right at his nose level, less than a foot away. Licking his lips, his eyes are locked at the pinkness of her open pussy. “Mmmmmm…? Did you say something?” He shakes his head to focus. 

Her foot finds the floor and Gwen begins to back step into the shower. A wicked grin on her face, she lets the water spill over her once more as she lathers conditioner in her hair. 

“Remember? That first time we showered together my love?” Gwen questions. “Where, I got on my knees between your legs, while you shampooed my hair, I worshiped your massive cock? My tongue danced around your head, while my soapy fingers played over your balls, tugging them, my nails playing over your skin all the while your hands in my hair pulling my mouth on you then pushing me back?” 

She pumps soap into her hand once more, stepping forward. Gwen places her hot, wet foot over Theo’s throbbing, erect cock against his belly. Gently curling her toes over his head, parting them; forcing his shaft between them, still curling her toes as she lathers her leg. 

Once more, Theo’s eyes are glued to her wet pussy. Her lips part as she leans forward, and takes a long stroke, just like before; from ankle to hip, over and over. All the while letting her toes curl over him. All the while his cock twitching, throbbing as he groans. He moans hard as Gwen’s finger finds his head; her fingers swipe his pre-cum from him. His hands clenching the end of the bench, white knuckled, trying to sit still.  

Her finger, glistening with cum, moves to her lips. She applies it like gloss. Her full lips break into a smile as Theo’s face turns white at her actions. Backing up once more, she steps into the shower as her tongue darts out and with long slow swipes, lick her lips clean. 

Theo starts to rise from the bench, his cock twitching. Gwen looks at him and raises her eyebrow, grinning innocently. “I thought you said we agreed no sex until tonight darling?” 

“Tonight? Hello no! I want you now. Shove a bum and make some room!”  He begins to move towards her. 

“Nope! My Lord Theodore! You sit your perfect ass down, and just enjoy the show!” She ducks her head under the stream of water, rinsing her hair clean. Her hands briskly move up and down her body, letting the soap run clear of her body. 

Gwen turns the water off, and with stepping out of the shower, licks her lips once more in Theo’s direction, making his cock twitch again. 

“Gwenevere! You’re killing me!”

Gwen winks. “I know! Now go and make your phone calls my love! The faster we get all this house stuff over with the faster we get to the park, and then! The faster we get home and you can have your way with me!”

“NO! I want this day to last forever! We’ll be turtles today! It’s our last full day together for the next month, I want to take our time, and go through it lazily together.” His hands cup her face, leaning forward, kissing her with all the passion he can muster. 

As their kiss ends, their faces part, their eyes still closed both of them muttering, “Wow!” as their eyes open wide, they start to chuckle. 

Theo whacks her bottom. She yelps in surprise, “Let’s get crackin’!”

Chapter 4- Seeing the World from the other Side of the Door

The keys fumble in the lock as Gwen tries to open the door. Giggles are heard, low grunts, a moan. Her body pressed into the door, her legs part, giving him full access to her drenched pussy through her pants. His fingers dig into her thigh; her tight jeans feel like a cage. He fumbles with her button with his free hand, wishing them off. He stumbles forward, her breasts pushed hard into the door. Again she tries her key, cursing as she misses the hole. Her body responds to Theo’s, she rises on her toes, her ass pressed into his groin. 

Theo groans as his lips find her bare shoulder. Her hair piled high on her head, sweat lightly sparkles against her skin in the night. Her tight tube top leaves nothing to the imagination, her shoulder blades fully visible. Roughly his hands paw at her breasts, kneading them through the material. She gasps, whimpers his name, her chest heaving. His hands follow the curves of her arms, raising them above her head. “Fuck the door!” he growls. He yanks her top down to around her waist. The soft creamy yellow cotton around her waist, her breasts high and her nipples hard, she pushes her bottom into him again and slowly moves. 

Grunting into her neck, his hands slide down over her hips, pulling her into him as he pushes into her. His hands reach for her belt, clawing at it; it unfastens and he pulls hard at the button and fly. Theo’s hands on her soft skin dig in roughly to her soft flesh, causing Gwen to gasp, wanting more of him, of his roughness, of his pure unrestrained animal lust. His hands slide down over her hips pushing her pants down over the swell of her hips, past her knees as his foot rises and shoves her pants to the ground, round her ankles. 

He frees his cock from his pants, his pants rough against the back of her thighs. His rod is hard, thick, pulsating in his hand as he traces his head over the curve of her ass. Theo slides it further, coating the head with Gwen’s juices. He allows his head to enter her, tight, wet box. Slowly entering her with one arm around her waist holding her still, his other hand searches out for her clit. Pressing it hard, rubbing it in circles, the way Theo knows drives her wild and pushes her to the edge. Wanting to force her over the edge for the first time, to have her remember the feel of him, how he fills her, how her body responds to his; he chooses to ram his throbbing cock home. Deep, hard within her. 

A scream escapes Gwen’s lips before she bites her lip to silence herself. He rams into her, hard, deep, forcefully. His cock brutal in its force, he pounds her tight hole, thrusting her against the door, her breasts pushing flat against the window in the door. His lips find her shoulder, biting her roughly; her neck receives the same treatment. Her hands still high above her head, her fingers trying to claw into the wood, to hold her steady, to push back against him, to drive him into her harder. 

Gwen’s breasts slide on the door as her sweat trickles down her skin. Theo’s belt bites into the skin of her ass as he pounds her pussy. Still, she silently screams. 

“You’re mine! Never forget it! I own your heart! I want you to remember this night every nanosecond you are away from me! You’ve teased me all day, you’ve flirted with me, flashed your nipples at me during dinner, payback’s a hard and forceful bitch, Gwenevere. You belong to me!” He possesses her harder, faster, relentlessly. 

Tears fall from Gwen’s eyes, her heart breaking and thinking of the next twenty-eight days without him. Her body alive to his touch, knowing that this was their last night together, shudders under him against their front door. 

She explodes in her orgasm. Her skin tightens from her head to her toes. Her pussy clamps hard around his throbbing cock, trying to milk it of its cum as Gwen’s sweet nectar coats his cock. He continues to pound into her, not ready to give into what he knows, if he waits longer, will be one of the most explosive orgasms of his life. His cock slams in and out of her, the sound of his thick cock sliding into her hole, the sound of her full ass smacking against his hips, his finger still pressing hard over her clit. 

Just as her orgasm finishes, her skin aflame, sweaty, Gwen allows herself to collapse against the door, whimpering, Theo’s cock still swollen within her slightly twitching, wanting to ram her harder so it can find its release. His arm around her waist pulls her into him. His fingers on her clit gently slide over that tender, blood-deprived nub. Rolling it between his fingers oh, so very gently, as the blood rushes back to it, sends Gwen’s body again into a hard orgasm as she shouts in that blissful pain she loves. She cums around his cock once more.  This time Theo doesn’t move. He stands perfectly still. 

His fingers covered in her juices, he slides out of her, then bottoms out just once more within her. His hand he brings to his lips, covering them in her juice, sucking his fingers clean. Gwen leans against the door for support, her knees weak, unable to stand on her own. Her eyes closed, she can hear him lapping at his fingers, groaning in delight at the taste of her. 

Sliding his finger across her shoulder blades, her back glistens in the moonlight. With gentle kisses and tender licks, his mouth follows the trail of her cum. He nibbles on her shoulder blades, taking his sweet time. 

Kissing her shoulder, his hands cupping her breasts, holding her body to his. “Gwenevere, I meant what I said. You are mine.”

Her head falls back, her face turned into his neck, she weakly kisses him there.  “Theodore. I have given you my heart. You are the reason I smile. You are as much a part of me as my heart. I know you meant what you said,” she says, kissing his neck once more, “just don’t forget, my love. In my heart, there is your heart. You’re mine as much as I am yours.” 

They stand there motionless, their bodies coming down from their high, their hearts beating together. Slowly Theo steps back. His still hard cock slides gently from her as Gwen gasps. She turns, but before she pulls up her top, leans into Theo’s waiting arms, her almost naked body pressing up hard against his body. Her hard and erect nipples press into his chest. She wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him close; she rises on her toes, her lips just barely touching his. 

“Your heart, Theodore my love, belongs to me.” Her lips crush into his, her kiss passionate, hard, bruising. 

Theo brings his arms around her waist, pulling her closer, hard up against him. His hips grind against hers as his tongue finds hers. He slides his tongue over hers. His tongue attacks hers to take possession of her mouth. His hands slide down, squeezing the fullness of her ass. Pulling her hips harder into him, his cock hard against the wet silkiness of her slit. 

“Gwenevere…” breathlessly he gasps, “I want you again. But in our bed.” He reluctantly moves his hands from her bottom and takes hold of her top, sliding it up over her breasts, so perfect looking in the street lighted street. His hands rest on her shoulders, gently massaging. “Pull. Your pants up woman! Let’s get a snack, then I’ll race you upstairs!” 

She bursts out in laughter as a full blush spreads over her face, down her neck as she suddenly realized that they just had just fucked each other on the wrong side of the door. She quickly bends over and pulls up her pants, her face still brilliantly red. 

Theo stands there looking at her, loving the sight of her flushed, still hot to the touch. Her body shines in her own personal afterglow. Smiling down at her, her hair falling everywhere, she’s flustered, embarrassed. He loves her all the more for it. 

She finds her keys, opens the door and rushes inside, muttering to herself, “How the hell could we let that happen! What happens if the neighbours heard us? What if the neighbours SAW us? Oh my God I can’t believe we just did that!” She throws her keys on the kitchen counter, and continues walking to the kitchen sink, resting her hands on the counter, her head lowered, breathing hard. 

Theo sits down on the bar stool, watching her. Shifting his body a little, trying to accommodate his still rock hard cock, he just watches her. 

Gwen continues to mutter about how stupid they were. 

After a few minutes, Theo stands and walks over to her. Wrapping his arms about her waist, the front of his body molding to the back of hers, keeping her close; she tries to wiggle free and stay angry.

He strokes her hair, her breathing calms. Slowly, she melts into him, her body forming to his. Theo tightens his embrace of the woman he loves, holding her close. She feels his hardness. Groaning softly at the feel of him, her body wakens again. Gwen pushes her hips into his, while he pushes his hips to her backside. 

“Shall we move upstairs? Or stay right here in front of the kitchen window so the neighbours can get an encore?” Theo chuckles as he sucks on her earlobe. 

Her head thrown back, her head buried in his neck, her hair everywhere, exposing her neck to him, she moans. “Up… stairs… Stairs… are… good…” she gasps. 

Theo’s arms tighten around her, before he slips a hand under her waistline of her pants. Down his fingers explore under the fabric of her jeans. Gwen’s pulse quickens. 

His fingers slide lower over the soft skin of her body, over her shaven mound, till he feels the V of her slit. His finger rests there, wanting her to forget all her inhibitions, wanting her to want nothing more than the feel of him in her, wanting her to want nothing more at that moment that to have him fill her with what he has. He wants to remember this night. He wants her to beg him for his cum. Theo almost loses himself as his finger feels how wet, slippery, hot she is. He circles her clit roughly. 

Gwen turns her head; her lips find his neck. Kissing him roughly, her hands travel to her waistband. Undoing her pants, her long, slim fingers undo her zipper, giving Theo’s fingers more room to move within her. Her hands slide down over her hips, forcing her pants down. They pool around her ankles, stepping clean of them, Theo with his finger roughly circling her clit, she moans. She gasps. She bites him hard. 

His hand not occupied finds her breast. Grabbing it in his hand, he kneads it through the soft cotton of her top.  Pulling her nipple hard, loving the sound of her moaning, the feel of her teeth on his neck, his hands still forceful, attack her body. 

Twisting and tweaking her nipple as his hand on her clit does the same, her body shivers under him. Letting her go, pushing her to the kitchen counter. Her ass bumps up against the counter; his powerful arm swipes the counter clear. As the sounds of spoons, bowls, dishes crash to the floor he pushes her harder into the counter. She yelps softly in pain. He grins down at her, a deep desire in his eyes.

Her hands attack his shirt, pulling it, tearing at it, wanting it off of him; the buttons pop and his shirt tears. His chest is free, her hands attack his nipples. Gwen’s lips find the hollow of his chest, licking, sucking, rough nibbles. Lowering her hands, she feels the swell of his cock once more through his pants, squeezing him, firm strokes, smiling as she kisses his chest. 

Theo groans as she touches him.  Her fingers undo his pants, his zipper, setting him free, letting his pants fall to the floor. His shorts soon follow, and his rock hard, throbbing cock is set free. 

She stands there in just her tube top, her shoulders uncovered, her head bent looking at the cock within her hands. Her hair spilling around her face, the ends gently graze his shaft. The silkiness of it almost sets him over the edge. The soft auburn hair, like silk, hundreds of strands just barely touching him mixed with the roughness of her hands, the combination reminds him of where he wants to bury his cock once more, and many more times within her this night. He wants to pound her wet hole, bottom out within her.  He wants to make her scream his name; call him her Lord and Master, the man of her fairy tales. He wants her weak with want, with desire for just him; he wants her body to be at his mercy. He wants her to give herself to him, to use as he sees fit. He is her Master, she is his Slave. 

Theo shakes his head to clear his thoughts, his hands rough on her shoulders, and pushes her body back onto the newly cleared off counter. She lies there, her body pinned by his hands, her thighs apart with him between them, her hands on his arms, with Theo looking down at her, her hands on his forearms.  

Gwen looks up at him with absolute carnal lust in her eyes. The pain she feels – not connected to him, not joined to him – brings tears to her eyes. Her heart beats for him; her body waits to be wakened by his touch, her mind set alight by just the thought of him. She is weak, at his mercy. She knows he belongs to her, that she owns his heart. She knows what his body wants from hers, and is more than wanting to give it to him. She is the woman of his fantasies, the woman in his dreams. His body is hers to own, he is her Slave, and she is his Mistress. She loves the way he gives her exactly what she wants, she loves to be used by his body, to feel her clamp down around his throbbing manhood as he pounds her tight hole. She loves the ride he sets her on. 

His hands leave her body, taking hold of his cock; he smacks her clit with it, causing Gwen’s hips to buck. 

Gwen lies there and whimpers painfully. “Please!” she begs of him.

Theo looks at her again and grins. He positions the head of his cock at the entrance of her hole. Filling the entrance of her already swollen pussy with his fat head, his hands find her hipbones and push down on them, keeping her still.

As his swollen head enters her, her hips buck hard, wanting to take him in one quick motion, his hands stop her. It doesn’t stop her from attempting to try to thrust her hips up. 

“Stop,” he commands of Gwen, his face deadly serious as he looks down at her. Her hips quiet, but she wills her hole to clamp around his head. Theo stays like this for moments, wanting her to relax. He wants to take her by surprise as he rams his rod into her. He can’t wait to see her eyes fly wide open. He wants to see the expression of pure and utter abandonment at being speared by his thick meat. 

Suddenly he feels her relax. He takes a deep breath. His cock bottoms out within her, spearing her innermost being. 

An earth-shattering scream escapes her lips, her eyes blind and opened. Her pussy contracts, clamping around his cock. Her legs rise and wrap around his hips. His hands find her breasts, roughly kneading them, her nipples hard like cherries poking at his palms as his fingers dig in at her flesh. Her ankles around him pull him into her. He continues to thrust, to pound; he feels like a king, his cock his sword and she his sheath. He rams his sword home again and again. 

Her head thrashing from side to side, her body breaks out once more again in a hot sweat. His sweat falls from his brow landing on her cotton covered chest. Growling at the material, wanting to taste her body, he reaches to the drawer below them; finding what he is looking for, he brings out a pair of scissors and claws at her top, tearing the material from her body. She lays there below him, naked. Her skin like cream, soft like silk, he lowers his lips to the valley between her breasts. With a long lick of his tongue, he tastes their mixed sweat, tasting their saltiness. 

He feels her body harden under his; still not wanting to lose control, he stops. His sword buried deep in the darkness of her sheath, he lowers his lips to just below her breastplate. His tongue with one long sweep licks up the valley of her breasts, craving their salty sweat. His lips find her nipple; savagely he bites then sucks her nipple within his mouth. Her back arches hard beneath him, filling his mouth more with her

Not able to keep still any longer, Gwen starts to struggle in the hope of making him thrust faster, harder than before. He kisses up over the curves of her breast till his lips kiss up over her collarbone, up her neck, giving her hundreds of tiny quick kisses as his lips travel over her skin. His lips find their goal, her ear lobe. 

Still she struggles, wanting him. Tightening her legs around him, desperate for him to thrust once more, her hips jerk. Theo just ignores her struggles. 

His lips on her earlobe, he sucks. She gasps, her eyes wide, and again she redoubles her efforts to move her body to take him once more. 

“Beg for it my love,” he whispers as he sucks hard on her lobe.

“Give it to me Theodore! Please! I’m begging you!” Tears well in her eyes, he can tell she desires him, that she wants him. 

Theo grins wickedly down at her, not moving. He wants what he has always tried for, to have her lose total control of herself and just give herself over to what they can be together. He wants her to set herself free, and knows that if he pushes just the right amount…      

“Fuck me Theodore! Just fuck me!”  Her chest heaves as she attempts to struggle to lift her body from the countertop. Her legs pull him so hard into her, that he is stunned momentarily at the strength she shows. She continues to buck under him, trying to make him move. 

The battle of wills continues between them: she trying to force him to move, he wanting to keep still to enrage her further to push her over the edge. To make her body overrule her mind, to set it free. With one last effort, she grunts and using the heels of her feet, digging into the cheeks of his ass, arching her back hard, her head pushed into the counter, her back off the counter, her pussy clamps around him. His mouth opens wide as he grunts hard.

“Oh fuck!” he screams. 

It’s not just her body that overrules her mind; Theo’s cock drives home again. Hard. Fast. Like lightning. In and out of her he slides, his hands on her breasts, clawing at them forcing her shoulders hard into the counter. His hips jerk harder, her legs around his waist driving him into her. 

“Yessssssssss!” she screams wildly.

He grunts hard as he thrusts, he feels he’s close. His sac tightens and he knows he is close. 

“FUCK YES!” Theo shouts. He still pounds his rock hard cock into her swollen box as his hot cum erupts from her. Filling her. 

Gasping, her green eyes wide, her body convulses as she reaches her completion. Her eyes roll back into her head as her body explodes. 

Theo falls onto her. His full weight on her, still buried to the hilt within her, Gwen’s legs wrapped around him. His toes just barely touching the floor, his weight crushing her breasts, their sweat soaked skin fused together. His lips on her neck, he lacks the energy to kiss, just keeps them pressed to her. Her arms pull him closer to her. Never wanting him to leave. 

“I can’t go!” she whimpers. 

“Gwenevere!” he chuckles, “We’ve been through this! It’s for less than a month. I don’t want you to go, but you will hate yourself, and then me for not insisting you to go. You will go. I will put you on that plane tomorrow, and I will tie you to your seat if I have to.”  He gently nips at her neck. 

“Promise?” the jovial play in her voice causes Theo to break out in a full laugh. 

“I knew you were going to say that!”  He rises up onto his elbows, looking down at her, a serious look in his eyes. “Will I never stop wanting you? We just came.”

“Three or four times for me, thank you very much my Lord.”

He kisses her right between her eyebrows, “And I want you more now than I ever have wanted you. What we have…”

“It’s not usual. I know. But it is what we have. It’s like your soul and mine were cut from the same cloth or something.” Lifting her head, her lips find his for a long and slow kiss. “This is what we have. This is our lot in life. We have it. We are connected. Two hearts beating as one, or so the poets claim.”

He lowers his head to hers, kissing her lips.  “I love you, my Lady Gwenevere. I hope you know that. I have no idea who I’d be without you in my life.”

She smiles as she returns his kiss, whispering, “I love you more than you could ever know.”

Chapter 5- Parting is Such Sweet Joy, if one does it right

Straddling his hips, his swollen cock is buried deep to the hilt within her, his hands on her breasts, kneading them in his hands. Pushing them close together, then apart. Her hands on his, her head thrown back, still she rocks over him. 

Their lovemaking is slow, sweet, gentle. Lazy. The sun streams through the window, bathing both of them in its soft light; the fine peach fuzz hair that covers her body glows in the light. Theo is entranced at the sight of the sun on her. 

Rocking together, taking their time, both are sore, aching from the night’s marathon of sex. Both of them just moving to that ancient beat of a song sung by millions over the years. Just enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies connected, for what will probably be the last time for a month. 

They rock together; soft moans escape their lips. Gwen holds onto his forearms and bends her back towards his thighs, forcing his body to rise; he crosses his ankles behind her ass, as she does hers. Their arms wrapped around the other, they hold onto each other for dear life. Their bodies crushing, they rock, slowly, passionately. 

The sun passes them, bathing the walls in its glow. Reflecting off the mirror, the sunshine hitting the back of his head at the same moment that Gwen opens her eyes to look at him.

Gasping, “My Angel.”

“My Heart.”  His lips find hers, as their lips move together. Their tongues meet, and softly invite the other into their mouth. Searching, feeling, tasting.

Together they ride until both are spent, the scents of their bodies fills the room. Both flushed, smiling at the other. 

“It’s almost time to go,” Theo tells her while stroking her hair like a young child. Holding her close, wanting to remember the feel of her body. The scent of her. 

“Theodore…. “
Leaning his head back, it pains him. He wears a false smile, his eyes full of pain, his heart breaking. He kisses her on the tip of her nose. 

Gwen watches his face, she sees that he is trying to stay composed, as she wants to break down and weep. Blinking rapidly to get rid of her pesky tears, which seem so close to spilling over, she smiles at him. In a voice louder than needed she says, “I am sure I’ll sleep like a baby on the plane!”

He chuckles at her, not knowing how to tell her all the thoughts he has for her. Instead, he takes hold of her face, brings her lips close to his. He kisses her thoroughly. 

Both of them panting, smiling as their kiss breaks.
“Clothes! I must wear clothes on the plane,” she giggles. 

“You better believe it! No one else gets to see your body but me! And not even a doctor! If you get hurt, I will come to you and tar you within an inch of your life. And you know I will do it.” He wiggles his ears at her, grinning from ear to ear. 

She laughs at him and reaches for the towel behind him.  “No more of this….err… or else I will never make my flight!”

He laughs at her and falls on her, crushing her beneath him. “None of what exactly?” His laughter, contagious, sets them both into giggles. With bittersweet pain hiding just below the surface, both not wanting to make it harder on the other, laugh louder than necessary to convince the other that all is well. 

Hiccupping, faces still flushed, they get out of bed. Both dress with care, the memory of their last sight of each other, they want to make it good. 

She dresses in a red cotton blouse, buttons left open, a tight white tank top tucked into her relaxed fitting blue jeans and a pair of hot pink thong sandals with a huge plastic purple flower between the toes. Her long hair, in twin braids down her sides, strands of hair flying in every which way. Her face still all aglow. Theo in his green polo t-shirt, faded blue jeans and sandals. 

Outside, the taxi’s horn beeps sounding that their time is almost at an end. 


“Ma’am? Unless he has a ticket, he can’t come through security.” 

Gwen takes one final look at Theo, taking in all his features, trying to sear the image into her mind so it will be there for the next month; in all her waking moments and all her dreams. The morning growth of his beard, he didn’t shave as that would have taken time away from them being together in the shower. The laugh lines from his nose to the corners of his mouth, the small scar just above his left eyebrow from when they were having a food fight the first night they moved in together and he ducked trying to miss the spoonful of pudding she hurled at him. How one arm is barely longer than the other and the way he never stands on both feet equally. The way he curls the toes on his right foot. Taking this all in, a single tear escapes her eye. 

Theo moves to embrace her, seeing her tear, he kisses the pearl like droplet. “Darling Gwenevere, I will hold you again, we will be together in twenty-eight days, thirteen hours and a bunch of minutes. You go and work that clinic in India. You come home to me, more confident, stronger than before. Parting is never easy, even for us.”  He holds her close. 

The security guard clears his throat. “Ma’am? You better hurry.”

They ignore him as they kiss for the last time; she breaks the kiss, looks at Theo standing there with his eyes still closed, as she passes through the metal detector.  She turns. His eyes open, she can tell his heart. He doesn’t know if he can continue to be strong. Gwen waves once more to him, blows him a kiss, and takes his picture. 

Theo whips out his camera, and snaps a picture of the woman he wants to make his wife. “I will see you when you get back! Be safe, Lady Gwenevere!”

“I love you, Lord Theodore!” She spins on her heels and runs to the gate. 

Chapter 6- A Conversation that Reveals All

Lady: Should I tell you of the dream I had last night? Lord: Of course! Lady: Well it had to do with a shower. And me in the shower.

Lord: and……….. was I there? (chuckle!)

Lady: ummm…. Yes! You were there too!

Lady: but Kayla wasn’t!

Lord: Good! The dog should never be in a fantasy!

Lady: Unless it was her jumping around at my homecoming!

Lord: So India is treating you good? Lady: Oh my word! I think I am in love!

Lord: I hope it’s India you are in love with and not some other man!

Lady: It could be Nancy, the nurse I work with too.

Lord: If it was, I could forgive you!

Lady: THEO! I might get jealous!

Lord: Good to know you still care!

Lady: I could never stop! Lord: If you don’t hurry up and tell me about your shower dream, I might just have to give Nancy a call to see what she is up to. 

Lady: Nancy isn’t your type Darling! She likes women, and you already knew that!

Lord: ……………………. (I’m twiddling my thumbs over here in America Darling!)

Lady: Or twiddling with something else?

Lord: This internet thingie has really made you more flirty and bold, you know?

Lady: It’s so tempting to make you furious with me and then try to make you jump on a plane to come and see me! Then I can really show you what my dreams are made of!

Lord: Maybe….. Lady: What? Are you serious? You are seriously thinking of coming over here to see me?

Lord: These two weeks have been terrible without you. I sit at my computer, thinking of all the things you are doing, what you might be doing and all the people who get your attention and wanting to be a part of what you are doing. I could clean the floors of your clinic! And in return I could get free room and board.

Lady: Not free Darling, I would ask for a sponge bath daily, and you could be my floor washer. 

Lord: That might just be possible. And what do I get out of said deal?

Lady: A kiss. Lord: Where? Lady: Wherever you want my lips they will be there.

Lord: When? Lady: Whenever I want to. And not a moment before!

Lord: LOL! You crazy lady! Lady: I miss you so much sometimes.

Lord: I know. I miss you so much. Seriously, I sit at work, and stare at my computer trying not to look at the clock for when you will be on. Frank says I’ve lost too much weight. You need to come home to cook for me. I am wasting away!!!!

Lady: Cook? You never let me cook!

Lord: Cooking for one is stupid! And a waste of time. I’ll just stop eating till you get home. Then my doctor will be home and she can take care of me. 

Lady: Don’t make me call your mother to come take care of you!

Lord: You wouldn’t dare! Lady: I so would! Lord: Wretched woman! You are so mean! How did I ever fall for you?

Lady: Easy. I was the only person wearing crimson.

Lord: *snaps fingers… Dammit! I’m a slave to a beautiful woman wearing my favourite colour!

Lady: LOL! Sucker! Lord: Well then. Did you open your twelfth day present?

Lady: Not yet. I wanted to wait till I had you with me today. 

Lord: Why? Lady: I don’t know why. I just really wanted you to be with me to share. Do you have yours?

Lord: You know I do! And I am looking at the rest of them on the desk here. Sixteen left!

Lady: Ok! I’m opening mine!

Lord: OH MY GOD Gwenevere!

Lady: Are you ok? Lord: When did you get this done?

Lady: About two weeks before I left.

Lord: *long whistle LOL! Kayla came to see what’s going on! But Gwenevere….

Lady: Do you like it? Lord: What’s not to like? Its YOU! And I mean…. ALL OF YOU!

Lady: In my birthday suit Darling! Is it over the top?

Lord: Gwenevere Darling, I am stunned. Speechless. And VERY hard right now. Thanks a lot!

Lady: So me telling you about how I am taking off my t-shirt, unclasping my bra, the henna sun shining on my bare back wouldn’t help you at all?

Lord: No! It wouldn’t help me at all! It would make me want to devour you!

Lady: Should I continue? Or open mine?

Lord: Open yours first…. I can wait. I’ve been waiting for days for this one. 

Lady: Oh my God! It’s beautiful!

Lord: You like it then? Crystal helped me to pick it out. (Very worried you wouldn’t like it!)

Lady: Honey, don’t be worried! I love it! It’s perfect! I couldn’t ask for anything more!

Lord: Is that a yes then? Lady: Do you have to ask? Lord: You know the question.

Lady: You know the answer.

Lord: So that’s a yes? Lady: Maybe.  Lord: Maybe? Lady: Maybe yes…. Maybe no……

Lord: I know the answer! When can I call your mother?

Lady: I’ve not said yes yet. I am waiting for the question!

Lord: Don’t twist my arm or anything! Crazy Lady of my dreams, will you marry me? Will you make me complete? Will you promise to love me even when I have bad breath in the morning? Will you promise to love me when hair starts to grow out of my ears? When all my marbles upstairs start to shake loose and I can’t remember anything?

Lady: If I can remember to love you then, I always will love you. And that is a yes. I will marry you my Lord Theodore!

Lord: Does it fit? Lady: I’ve not tried it on yet. And I am not going to.

Lord: WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Lady: The first time this ring gets put on my finger, is when you put it there. Until then, I am taking my snowflake off my chain and wearing it around my neck. 

Lord: Oh… ok! I like that!

Lady: Glad I could oblige. 

Lady:       How long have you been planning this?

Lord: I told Frank that day we met that I would make you my wife. I knew it then, as I know it now. He told Crystal, she went out to buy a ring a few months ago for you, I had no idea she did. And about a month ago, I asked Frank how he proposed to her, and he said, “You gonna take the big leap?” silly bugger grins at me and shouts to Crystal to get the box. 

Lady: It sounds like the two of them! The Old Married Couple! LOL!

Lord: I know! So in she comes with this tiny box, and hands it to me saying, “It will be this amount”. I stare at her, and have no idea. I open the box and there is the ring. 

Lady: Those two! So you didn’t have a hand in picking out my ring?

Lord: No, your mother did. I guess they went shopping for it together. Darn that bugger Frank! Can’t keep his mouth closed! 

Lady: Not bugger Frank, bugger my mother! 

Lord: How is your mother? Lady: She and dad are doing great! They say the miss the daily phone call, but said to say it was great to see you the other day. Mom said you needed fattening up. 

Lord: LOL! I will when you are safe back here.

Lady: I hate these time zone things!

Lord: Well I hate being in another country! *Takes my fishing pole and let’s the thing fly till the hook lands in India, and rolls it in till India and the States are one country making it easier. 

Lady: Cute. Very cute. 

Lord: You are serious though…. You do like the ring?

Lady: I love it. You knew I would. 

Lord: Of course! Gwenevere, I don’t think Day Thirteen’s presents are going to top these. I mean a naked picture of you on the kitchen table! I don’t think this can be beat!

Lady: *chuckles… did you look at the bottom of the tube?

Lord: There’s more? Lady: Yup! Lord: Wallet size! YIPPEEE! I can carry you everywhere!

Lady: Didn’t think you wanted to take the poster-sized version with you everywhere. 

Lord: Of course I wanted to! I’d take the real thing instead, but poster would do!

Lady: To share my naked form, the curves of my breasts on display for your co-workers?

Lord: Ahhh…. No! I will keep you all to myself! Hold on a minute!

Lady: ……..? Lord: Back! I just wanted to tape you to the ceiling in our room. 

Lady: LOL! Funny man! And what are your plans this morning?

Lord: To stare at you of course.

Lady: Good answer! I’ve got a dinner in a little while with the Chief Resident of the hospital. 

Lord: How much time do you have left?

Lady: About thirty minutes.

Lord: Is that enough time to ahhh…..err…… um?

Lady: Theodore Darling, you know I would love to, but thirty minutes?

Lord: A man’s gotta try! Lady: LOL! Indeed you do! Lord: You are happy? Lady: There are only two things that could make me happier than I am right now.

Lord: Oh? Lady: Having you with me, or having you with me on a mountaintop, no people around for hundreds of miles, the stars above us, a campfire burning, a forest nearby. Your arms around me, just laying there watching the stars and the fire. The sounds of nothing man made around us. Just holding each other. 

Lord: Mmmmmmm…. I’d love that. 

Lady: When I get back, let’s make that a reality. 

Lord: Colorado? Lady: You game? Lord: I am so totally game! Ten days? 

Lady: Can you take that much time from work?

Lord: Yeah, shouldn’t be hard. I’ll put in a request tomorrow. I’m sure everyone will be glad to have you back! They said I am moopy.

Lady: You? Moopy? LOL!!!!!!! They don’t know you very well then!

Lord: So, do you want to email the travel agent or do you want me to make the arrangements?

Lady: Mister Moopy, you can make the arrangements. It will make you happier at work to think of how we will just take our pleasures in each other in sixteen days time. For ten days, just you and me, no one else. We can celebrate our engagement!

Lord: I think we might need longer than ten days! I could take all that time just looking at you not believing you are real. 

Lady: We have the rest of our lives my love.

Lord: We do indeed! Lord: I will start working on Colorado in the morning. 

Lady: I hate this! Being on the other side of the world!

Lord: Only sixteen more days. 

Lady: Sixteen, long, hard, hot days. 

Lord: Stop that!  Lady: (coyly) stop what? Lord: You know! Trying to drive me crazy!

Lady: So it’s working then?

Lord: Will you never stop?

Lady: Driving you crazy? Lord: Yes! Lady: Only if your cock falls off will I stop trying to drive you. 

Lord: (spits iced tea all over the screen) Gwenevere!

Lady: Theodore? Lord: You lust crazed wanton woman!

Lady: I see you have my number.

Lord: And you have mine. Lady: I love you. Lord: And I love you, my special soon to be wife.

Lady: Soon to be husband, father of my children to be, I love you. But my time is almost up.

Lord: I can’t wait till I can call you wife, to call you the mother of our children.

Lady: My heart has been your wife since the moment we met. The rest is just legal mumbo jumbo. You will be calling me mother possibly sooner than you think. 

Lord: Wife, I will see you later on today?

Lord: What? Possibly sooner than you think?

Lady: I should be on around your lunchtime. I have to go! And I am not sure! We’ll talk later!

Lord: Till then, my special love. I’ll call you.

Lady: I’ll be counting the hours.

Chapter 7- Life, of Something Like That

Theo steps out of the flower shop onto the street. Smiling, knowing that Gwen will receive three-dozen yellow daisies, with eight red daises throughout them. One red daisy for every month they’ve been together. 

“Her favourite colour yellow, mine red. Matching pair!” He chuckles to himself as he steps down from the curb into the street. His hands in his pockets, he begins to whistle as he walks towards the travel agency to book their tickets to Colorado. “I am the luckiest ma….”



“Theodore wants me to be here and finish my time here,” Gwen responds in a daze. 

“Honey, Theo would want you to be there.”

“No, I spoke to Theodore this morning and he said that I need to finish my clinic time.”

“Gwenevere, I know you loved him…”
“Mother, why are you telling me these horrible things? Why are you being so cruel?”

“Snap out of it Gwenevere! Theo’s in the hospital! He was hit buy a drunk driver!”

Gwen’s hand rises to the ring about her neck. She feels as if someone is squeezing the life out of her. Her breasts heave, her face turns white. She gasps. 

“Doctor Gwen!”

The nurses come running as they hear her crash to the floor. They see her head bang off the end of the desk as she goes down. 

“Gwen? Gwen? What’s happening?” Her mother’s voice can be heard from the other side of the world over the telephone. “GWEN?” The panic in Gwen’s mother’s voice has a nurse running to the old style phone.  

The other nurses crowd around Gwen’s crumpled body on the floor. Blood pools from a gash on her head. They open her eyelids to check her responses. Her pulse. They notice her dead like white skin. 

They cradle her head, not letting it move, as they try to straighten her. 

“Gwen has fallen; she’s bumped her head and is bleeding from a gash in the back of her head. We will call you in a few minutes, Mrs. Fry.”

“NO! Don’t hang up, just keep me on the phone, let me hear what is going on!” says Gwen’s mother, scared for her daughter. 

The nurse sets the phone down on the table, and runs to the pale body of Gwen. In runs another doctor, who takes charge and starts to bark out orders to the nurses. 

A gurney is brought in; gently they set her upon it. She still appears like death, the gash on the back of her head still bleeding. The doctor presses gauze to the open wound in the hopes to staunch the bleeding. 

“What is happening? What is happening?” Gwen’s mother is heard shrieking from the phone. 

“Somebody shut that woman up!” shouts the doctor. 
A nurse runs to the phone and hangs it up. Gwen stirs.  

Looking blindly up at the doctor, she whispers, “My baby…” and closes her eyes drifting off into sleep. 

“What did she say?” a nurse whispers to another nurse standing beside her. 


“Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband under God, your family, your friends?”

Gwen not once has stopped looking at Theo since the moment she walked through the doors. “I do.”

“Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife under God, your family, your friends?”

Theo smiles softly at Gwen, whispering, “I do.”

“Well then! There is no reason not to marry you, so it gives me great honour to pronounce you man and wife! Enjoy the wedded bliss!”  The priest smiles and bows slightly to the new husband and wife. “Well man!  What are you waiting for!  Kiss the woman!”

Gwen throws herself at Theo, who catches her in a hard embrace.  Their lips meet, their kiss soft and so real. 

Theo and Gwen turn together, to face their families, their friends now all joined because of them. They look at each other, smiling. Her hand in his, she pulls it towards her lower belly. 

Theo whispers as leans into kiss her cheek, “Thank goodness everything is alright!” Together they grin. A testament to what they are.

                               “Push Gwenevere! Push!” Theo’s hand is squished in hers. Her grip like iron, he holds her hand while she grunts and pushes. “Oh!  The baby is crowning!!!  A full head of hair!”

Moments later a loud shriek fills the otherwise quiet delivery room. Their daughter is placed on her chest. Two perfect green eyes look up at her. A small button nose flares. Soft lips opened wide, their baby cries. The nurses drape a blanket over the baby. Theo leans in and softly strokes his daughter’s head. 

“I love you!” he stammers, as tears well in his eyes. 

Adoringly she tears her eyes from her newborn baby’s face, and looks up at her husband. “I love you Husband. Thank you for our daughter!” Tears well up in Gwen’s eyes. 

She hears a woman call her name. She looks around for the person who sounds so familiar.


“Gwen?” a woman’s silvery voice whispers.

“Gwenevere sweetheart?” a man’s husky voice now whispers. 

Both voices are familiar to her. Both pull at her heartstrings. She barely hears them in her sleep. 

“It's time to wake up now, sweetie,” that same silvery woman’s voice whispers softly

“Mr and Mrs Fry? I am Doctor Allistar. I have some bad news. The chances are very slim that Gwen will ever wake up. That fall she took had caused her brain to swell; by the time the doctors in India got her into an MRI to see if there was any damage, it was already too late. We can make her comfortable in long our coma patient ward, but as I said, there is little chance she will ever wake up. The baby she carried was at six weeks when Gwen miscarried. I’m sorry.”

Gwen’s parents wrap their arms around each other and weep. 


“Bryanna!  You get your little tushie back here and wash your hands!  You know the rules! After playtime we wash our hands!”

“But Mo-om! Chrissy didn’t wash his hands! Why do I have to?” Bryanna shouts. 

Gwen sighs, “Bryanna, your brother is only a year old! I’ve washed his hands! Now hop to it and don’t forget to use soap!” She shuffles Chrissy on her hip.

In walks Theo, grinning ear to ear, with the kite they were playing with out in the park. Kayla barking, tail wagging, prances in the door. 

“Theodore!  Grab Kayla!  I just washed the floors this morning!”  She bends over and drops Chrissy in the playpen. Chrissy, not happy about leaving his mother, starts to shriek, his hands up in the air, demanding to be picked up. 

Theo ignores the request to get Kayla and reaches for Gwen’s hips. Pulling her close to him, his lips find hers. She forgets about being a mother, she forgets about being a wife.  Her body wakes; she is a woman once more. Her body is alive, responding to his touch. Her hands go up into his hair, down over his ears. 

Theo pulls back from her lips…  “Gwenevere my love… It’s time to wake up.”

Her eyes narrow at him, her face turns slightly angry. “No. I don’t want to wake up. You died. I don’t want to live without you. Don’t you see?  I can’t live without you!” Tears fall down her face as she tells him of his fate in the real world. 

His hands take hers, holding them by her sides.  “This is no way to live, my Lady.”

She looks around at the family room.  Toys everywhere, Chrissy in his playpen chewing on a toy. Finger painting up on the walls, pictures of them at Frank and Crystal’s wedding. Their trip to Alaska to mark their three month anniversary, a picture of them at the airport as she was leaving for India and so many of them in between. Pictures of their wedding, of the kids, of picnics, of family holidays together. Pictures of the night sky looking up through a halo of trees.


All the memories she has filled in, after she returned to Theo after India. 

To her, their life never stopped. 

“Gwenevere my love, you have to wake up.  There is so much to live for. Think of your work,” Theo tries to plead to her. 

“Theodore, I said no. I can’t live without you.” Her tears fall over her cheeks.

She hears the familiar voice again but refuses to turn her head to look.


“Dr. Allistar?  Why is Gwen crying?” Mrs. Fry asks.

“It’s her body’s way of lubricating her eyes. It’s nothing. How are you doing today, Mrs. Fry?” He doesn’t look up anymore when asked about Gwen’s condition. It’s been too many months of tears, prayers, hopes.  He can’t take another day of the Fry family’s tears. He lowers his head to his clipboard to return to his charts.

Mrs. Fry takes a tissue and dabs Gwen’s temples dry.


Gwen wakes as Theo runs his hand through her long hair, fanning it out over the pillow. Her eyes part, she smiles up into his eyes. 

“You know grey suits you, my love.”  He smiles lovingly down at her. 
“You don’t look so bad yourself hot stuff!”  She chuckles and groans as she rolls over to get up. 

Theo takes her by the shoulders and pulls her back into bed. Wrapping an arm around her breasts, the other he places under her neck. A leg up and over her thighs, he pulls her naked form into his. Nuzzling her neck, he whispers, “Good morning my heart.”

Sighing, she whispers back, “Good morning to you my love!”

“Do you remember that one time, just before you went to India? The last time we made love in the early morning rays of the sun?”

She smiles as she kisses his arm. “I remember every time we have made love, Darling! You know that!”

Grinning, he nibbles her neck. “Just checking!” 

Both chuckle in the early morning light. 

Chapter 8- Life is Not a Dream

Sitting on the porch, both of them are in the love swing holding hands, iced tea on the tables on either side of the swing.   Her grey hair, free of all binds, flies in the pre-dusk light of the mountains. She smiles at her husband; his sandy blond hair rises lightly in the breeze. They smile at each other, sweetly. Her hand squeezes his. 

“I always wanted to grow old with you, Theodore. I was robbed of that chance.”

“Yes, you were. But what we had was enough to last a whole lifetime.”

“I woke up this morning, and didn’t feel guilty for your death.”

“Guilty?  Why on God’s green earth could you feel guilty about my death?”

“You died sending me flowers.”  She looks over the railing. There is a field full of yellow daisies, with eight red daisies sprinkled throughout. 

“I was killed by a drunk driver. Not by your hand, my love.” He takes her hand to his lips, kissing her inner wrist. 

“I killed you. I may not have been behind the wheel, but I killed you all the same.” Her eyes still on the field in front of them. 

“Explain it to me Gwenevere. How did you kill me?”

“If I listened to my heart, I never would have gone to India. I only went for you insisted. I never really wanted to go,” she whispers. 

“Do you love me still?” Theo asks of her.

“More than the day we met. More than any day since.”

Her shirt floats in the breeze.  Her wrinkled hand in his soft youthful hand. Her grey hair floating around her body. 

“Hi Mom! Hiya dad!”  Up walk Bryanna and her husband. Whoops of delight are heard from their three kids. Two have attached themselves to her husband’s legs, their bums sitting on his shoes as he walks. Their eldest runs in front screaming, “Grandma! Grandpa, looky!”

“Bryanna?  Is that you sis?”  The screen door to the porch opens and Chrissy’s head pokes through. “I thought I heard your crew!  Kind of hard to miss!”  Laughter carries on through the house. 

The kids all kiss Theo and Gwen in greetings, hugs are not spared but lavished upon all.  Bryanna’s youngest, at two, clings to Gwen’s hand and climbs up her lap. “Hello munchkin!” Gwen says.

“Herro Grams!”  Promptly he sticks his thumb in his mouth, curling up and falling asleep to the delight of his parents.  Gwen’s’ heart aches, love overflowing, as she looks down at her youngest grandchild.

“I’m just going to go inside and put this stuff away!  Can you watch James, Ma?” Bryanna, smiling, enjoys the freedom of one child being taken care of. 

James – curled up, thumb in his mouth – snores softly as both Gwen and Theo continue to rock on the swing. The occasional shriek of laughter is heard from inside. 

“Nice distraction my love. Bringing all the kids home.” He grins at her.

“I don’t want to leave here. I don’t want to wake up. I don’t know how to live without you.”

“You did for years before I came around. You can do it again.”

“I learnt about love from you. I fell in love with you.  It’s not worth living without love.”

“Who says you won’t live without love?  There is plenty enough love to go around the world two or three times at least!’

“I don’t want anyone else to love me. I don’t want to love any other person but you.” “You love the kids, you love the grandkids. You found a way.”

“For they are a part of you.” She replies cheekily. 

“Gwenevere, they are not a part of me, you lost Bryanna when you fell in India. Please, Gwenevere, it’s time to wake up,” his voice pleads with her. 

“I don’t want to wake up. Please Theodore, stop asking.” She tears her eyes away from the field of daisies to look him in the eyes. The wrinkles upon her face make her look weathered, but she is still Gwenevere under all those wrinkles. 

“Don’t you feel that this is just a hollow dream?”
“Why are you so urgent for me to wake up?” she questions him. 

“If you don’t, if you continue to grow old and die in this dream, you will die for good. No waking up, no second chance at happiness and no more helping other people. No more laughter, no more running through a creek in your bare feet. This will have been it. A hollow memory. A selfish act.”

“It doesn’t feel selfish, Theodore. This feels real to me. The love we’ve shared over the years, raising Bryanna and Chrissy, seeing them grow up, graduate from university, getting married. Having kids of their own. It’s all been so real to me.”

“Real?  You call that real? Where there has been no frustration?  No sibling quarreling?  Where everything has been perfect? This… is real?”

Tears pool in her eyes, they begin to spill over her cheeks, down over her jaw line falling in large droplets onto her blouse. “It’s real enough,” she barely whispers. “You are alive here. With me.”

“Is it enough? The memory of what was? What could have been?”

“The memory of what should have been?  But was stolen from me by some ninny who decided to go on a binge marathon then too stupid to realize he is human and not superman? To kill you? To tear my heart from my chest? If I leave here, I am as good as dead anyway. I would die of a heartbreak. If I die in here, with my family, with you, then there is something. Out there?” she shrugs, “I’ve got nothing to live for.”

“Your mom?  Your dad? Are they nothing?  Your doctoring?  Helping people who can’t help themselves?”  He removes his hand from hers, stands and sits on the railing, his hands on his knees, eyes locked to Gwen’s. “It is what it is, Lady Gwenevere. You have so many things to live for, you are just afraid.”

“Afraid to live?  Afraid to carry on?  Afraid to try to go on without you?”  The pain in her eyes as she continues, “Yes. I am afraid goddamnit! Who wouldn’t be?  I am allowed to. And I know what you are going to say next. That I am too cowardly to go on with life. I know this!”  She stands and huffs, crosses her arms under her breasts, staring out into the field. 

“Cowardly?  Maybe. Running?  Yes. Afraid to give life a second chance?  Most definitely. Most live their entire lives in want of what you had. Even the slightest glimpse would have made them sing to high heaven knowing that they felt it. That it is real. You lived eight months with a man who worshiped you. Whose soul you knew. A man who loved you even with his dying breath. And you him.” Theo clasps his hands, looking at her. “And this is how you repay that love?”

Gwen openly weeps. Her face shining with tears. Sobbing, feeling terrible. “How do I wake up?”

“This is all a dream. How do you wake from a dream?” he asks. “You just wake up. If that doesn’t work, you will yourself awake knowing it’s a dream.”

Gwen hears that familiar person humming an old melody.


It is her usual weekend visit to Gwen’s bedside. Washing her hair, combing it out, bathing her daughter. Reading to her. Keeping her company. Mrs. Fry can understand why her daughter still has not woken up. The man she lived for was dead. Gwen probably felt like there was nothing left to live for. 

Long strokes of her hair, the teeth of the comb slide easily though. She hums an old nursery rhyme with which she sang the baby Gwen to sleep with. A tear rolls down her cheek as she wishes Gwen would sleep no more. “You are so thin Gwen sweetheart!! It’s time to wake up so you can look beautiful again!”

Dr. Allistar aimlessly walks into Gwen’s room, his nose buried in his charts. He looks up and does an inward groan. 

“Has there been any change in Gwen?”

“No, and there probably won’t be any.”  His reply is short and to the point. 

“Oh. Ok. Is there a chance she hears me talking to her?”

“Mrs. Fry, there is a chance of anything happening. So yes, there is a chance of your daughter hearing you.” He spins on his heel after looking at her IVs and walks out. 

“He has a hard job love, don’t think anything of him. To be around people trapped in their own minds, must be draining. Gwen!  Your eyes will dry out if you don’t keep your lids closed!” She grabs the eye drops from the nightstand, applies them. 

Gwen blinks as the drops find her eyes.

Mrs. Fry screams, “She blinked! My daughter looked at me!”

Nurses come running into Gwen’s room, they crowd around her bed. They see she has her eyes open, her eyes following the sound of her mother’s voice. 

“Gwenevere, wake up, baby! Sweetie, it’s time to wake up!”  Mrs. Fry gently shakes her daughter by her shoulders. The nurses stare at Gwen, wondering if they saw what they think they saw. Her eyes responded to her mother’s words. 

“Dr. Allistar! Dr. Allistar!  Come quick!  Gwenevere is waking up!” Mrs. Fry shouts over everyone’s head for the doctor. 

They nurses are all doing their jobs, checking the IV, her responses, pulse, some more encouraged than others. 

“Gwenevere, honey…. Are you with us?”  Mrs. Fry stares into her daughter’s eyes, so full of hope.

Gwen’s clear and beautiful green eyes stare up at her mother’s. Gwen nods her head and says, “I’m awake, mom.”

“Gwen baby, I…. can you talk?”

“Mother! I am right here!” Gwen says. 

“Sweetheart, I want to hear your voice! Please try to talk!”

“Mo-ther!  I am right here!” Gwen tries to shout, but she realizes that she lacks the ability to talk. There is something in her throat and her mouth is so dry. 

The nurses look at Gwen. Look at her mother, saying, “Mrs. Fry, we need to make sure that Gwen is indeed with us. Many patients open their eyes while in a coma, it’s pretty common. We need to make sure she is awake before we do anything. Ok?”  Her voice is so soothing all Mrs. Fry can do is nod her head. 

Her eyes bright, hope plastered for all to see on her face, Mrs. Fry is worried. She needs her only baby to wake up. Children aren’t supposed to be in a coma, they aren’t supposed to die before their parents. It’s not the way of the world. 

“Dr. Fry, if you can hear me, look to the left,” says the big blond nurse. 

A moment passes. Then another. 

Gwen’s green eyes move to the left. 

“Very good, Dr. Fry! Now, blink once for yes, twice for no. Is your mother in the room?”

Quicker this time, there is one blink before Gwen’s eyes move to her mothers face. 

Mrs. Fry faints. 

Chapter 9- Living is not Living without a Dream

A few weeks later…

Gwen’s hospital bed is propped up, her head against the pillow, her auburn hair spilling all over the pillow and down the bed beside her. Very tired, she tried to get out of bed this morning. Looking out the window, the sky with big fluffy white clouds moving lazily through the sky. The sun gently setting behind the mountains in the distance colours the sky with pinks and purples. A wave of sadness floats over her. A single tear falls down her cheek, landing on her pillow. 

The scents of freshly cut timothy grass at the hospice waft through her room. The walls painted a soft butter yellow, her sheets in lilac feel rough under her hand. She feels weak. But tries to move her hand, going through the exercises to strengthen her muscles. To get her body used to moving once more. 

Dr. Allistar comes walking into the room, a bright and cheerful smile on his face. “Good evening Gwenevere! How are you this evening?”

Gwen slowly turns her head, very much aware of the ache in her neck as she does. She smiles softly.  “I’m alright. You?” Her voice, barely more than a whisper, still can be heard through the almost silent room. 

“I’m great this morning! Any changes?”  He looks intently at her, one of the most intriguing women he has ever known. Not the most beautiful, oh not by far. With her slightly larger than needed nose, her larger than needed lips, and eyes too green and always sad. From the time she woke up, her smile has never reached her eyes. 

Gwen shakes her head. 

‘That’s the other thing,’ Dr. Allistar notes to himself, ‘she only speaks when asked a question, and if she can avoid speaking she does. Not a proper woman, if you ask me.’   To Gwen he says, “You are doing, well. In a another week you should be able to go home.”

Gwen continues to look off into the distance.  Almost as if she didn’t hear what the doctor said. 

He shrugs his shoulders and walks from the room, stopping in the hallway to sign her charts, thinking of all the things he’s been told about his patient. ‘Vibrant?  Full of life?  HA!  More like dead to the world!’

Her head resting on the pillow, Gwen rests her eyes.  Almost as if the colours of the real world hurt. A single tear falls from her eye. 

“Theodore…” she whispers. Her voiced, filled with sadness, tugs at Dr. Allistar’s heart. He peeks back into her room. 

He’s never heard anyone’s voice so filled with such pain and sadness before. The setting sun shines through the window, coats her body in a light, making her look like the vibrant woman that has been described to him. Her eyes closed, her nose softly flares as she breathes. Leaning against the doorframe, he watches her as she sleeps. Like a light being turned on, her face comes alive, her cheeks flush, the most beautiful smile he has ever seen, Gwen’s full red lips tighten into a smile, the corners of her mouth softening into dimples that makes Dr. Allistar’s thoughts towards her soften. As his jaw drops open, he mutters, “Holy fuck!  She’s stunning!”

Gwen’s lips slightly part; her tongue darts out to moisten her lips.

Suddenly, Gwen giggles, her giggles light, carefree, like a silver bell in a church. The sound vibrates through her room. Dr. Allistar shuffles on his feet, moving slightly closer to this strange woman who just by the simple act of laughing excites him. 

Gwen continues to giggle. The pure simple act of giggling sends shivers of want coursing through his veins. He can sense the woman beneath the sadness, the woman that so many people raved about, her thirst for life, her passion for Theo. He can see how she could have made any man her slave just by a look. Craig Allistar, with his Victorian looks, his chiseled features, his tall athletic build, has never wanted after a woman, he has always gotten the woman he sought after. 

And Craig wants Gwenevere. 

Her chest heaves as she continues to giggle; her giggles turn into soft moans as her mind runs wild.

His hand moves to his pants as her chest heaves, her nipples harden as he does. 


Theo’s fingers dig into her sides as she squirms to get away from him. She continues to giggle; tears of laughter spill from her eyes; gasping for air, she still giggles. Her legs kicking him as they both laugh. 

“Oh!  And this!”  He tweaks her hard nipple as his other hand lifts her shirt from her pants, his hand sliding over her skin still tickling her.  “…Is for waking me up this morning with your mouth around my cock!” He continues to play her body like a piano. He’s delighted in the mirth he is causing her. He loves making Gwen smile. 

“St-tto—STOP, Theodore!  Please, I beg you!!!  I-I-II can’t take much more!!  I’m going to pee my pants!” she gasps, still giggling. 

Theo cocks a brow at her. “Oh?”  He pins her shoulders to the ground, lowers his face. As his lips find hers, her arms wrap around him. Kissing him back, she sighs into his kiss. Her body softens under his.

Moving his body to straddle hers, his hands find her exposed belly. Sliding his hands up, pushing her lime green t-shirt up over her head, she moves her body to get it off. She lays back on the grass topless under him. Her arms behind her head, she sighs again as his hands cup her breasts. 

Theo’s lips find hers once more, kissing her, his kiss telling her of all the passion he has for her. Their lips move together, tongues dancing together. She wraps her white jeaned legs around his waist, locking her ankles around him. He rests his full weight on her, squashing her breasts into his chest. Their hips grind together, his cock aching in his shorts, feeling the heat between Gwen’s legs. 

“Mmmmmm…. Gwenevere.”  Theo breaks their kiss, his eyes still closed as he licks his lips. Pushing up on his arms, opening his eyes to look down at her, he says, “We need to lose the pants!” 

Gwen’s eyes still closed, her red lips still puckered, she sighs. “Theodore, kiss me again!” she mummers.

“Where’s the please and thank-you darling?” he asks mockingly. He squirms out of his shorts and throws them into the tree. They land in the tree and hang by a branch. His hands reach for the buttons at her waist. 

She giggles softly as his hand slides against her warm skin down over her mound. Her tight jeans force his fingers to dig in slightly causing her to moan. He tisks at her when he discovers she ‘forgot’ to wear panties, and then gasps when his fingers slide over skin as smooth as the underside of her breast. She grins up at him as she thrusts up with her hips. “Please? And thank-you, my Lord Theodore?”

He chuckles and slides her jeans over the swell of her hips. Down over her thighs, Gwen moves his body to make it easier for him. Theo looks down at her, sighing, “You’re beautiful…”  His thoughts trail off as he lowers his head to kiss her belly. 

Gwen moves her hand to his head with a sweet caress, tracing her fingers over the curves in his skull. She smiles softly. “I love you.”

Theo looks up at her, his eyes trailing up over her chest, the swell of her breasts, to her face. He smiles.  “We have to stop meeting like this, you know.”

“I know. Till we stop meeting like this,” her hand dances through his hair, “come here, I want to kiss you so much right now.”

He moves his body up, resting on his elbows; he lowers his face to meet hers.  A sweet, sensual kiss they share; her thighs part as she lifts a leg, sliding her foot from the curve of his ass down his leg. He moans into their kiss. 

Her arms around him, as they continue kissing, their bodies so close to one another. Their hearts beating as one, feeling oceans apart separated only by their flesh. As their kiss intensifies, so does their desire for each other. Their hips grind against the others, his hard cock throbs against her slick slit. The heat of it radiates, filling him of a desire to find home within her. 

His hips rise, his hand lowers to guide himself within her. “Open your eyes, my Lady.”

Gwen opens her green eyes, and looks directly into his blue eyes. He loses himself for the shortest of moments in their depth. Her face alights in joy as he slides his cock within her. He buries himself to his base in her tight box. Their hearts flutter as they begin to move together, taking his gentle thrusts as the sun’s rays filtered by the tree they are under warms his back. His blond hair glows as rays of light, their eyes never leaving the other’s. 

Time stops for them as they take their pleasure from each other, hearts beating faster as their bodies speed up. Gwen lifts her head to kiss him again, her feet on the grass pushing her hips up to meet Theo’s thrusts. He lowers his head to kiss her once more. 

Her fingers dig into his back as her body tightens. Theo feels the walls of her pussy clamp around him.  “Cum for me, my love,” he whispers to her. 

Her head falls back onto the grass; she thrusts once more before giving herself over to him. Her sweet juices coat his thick cock as he continues to thrust twice more into her before his cum fills her. Theo tenderly kisses her as her legs wrap around him, wanting to keep him within her forever.  

“My Lord,” Gwen says once she’s caught her breath, “you sure know how to treat a lady!”  Then she breaks out in a soft chuckle. 

Theo’s face explodes into a huge grin, the corner of his eyes crinkle as he smiles down at her. She blows a raspberry at him at the same instant he brings his lips to kiss the tip of her nose. 

Her spittle, warm, makes him shiver then break out in a laugh. He falls on top of her as he continues to laugh. “YOU!  Are too much!” he gasps in between laughing. 


Craig just returned from washing his hands and cleaning himself up after masturbating to the thought of Gwen’s full red lips around the shaft of his cock, her head bobbing, his hands gripping her silky hair pulling her mouth further onto him so that her throat closes around him, gagging around his head. 

Smiling as he wipes his hands, throwing the tissues into the waster paper basket in her bathroom, he walks out only to see the most peaceful expression on Gwen’s face. The corners of her lips slightly upturned, like a woman who has just shared a secret with her lover. Her white skin, flushed as if she just took a quick walk around the block. Her eyes, looking out the window again, are warm, friendly, loving even. She doesn’t see him walk in. 

He clears his throat. 

She blinks, realizing she is not alone. In an instant, her eyes turn from loving, to sad. The peaceful glow she had about her disappears in a snap. “Hello, Dr. Allistar.” Her voice, thick with emotion, tugs at his heart. 

“Still can’t get enough sleep I see?” he chuckles, trying to lighten the mood. The musky scent of him, he is sure, can be smelt in the room. He goes to open a window. Turning around, he looks at her. “Gwenevere….”

She tears her eyes from the window and looks up at him.  The cool night air fills the room. 

“Gwenevere, you will be ok. In a few months, when you are strong enough, you can go back to work.”

Gwen just looks at him, seeing through him. 

He tries again.  “Your work with Doctors Without Borders is great work!  The world needs people like you! You can’t just let this one incident set you back for the rest of your life. You can always try for more children. Find another love.” His voice is upbeat, cheerful. 

Gwen turns to look at him. The controlled mask she’s worn every second since she woke up falls from her face. Craig, having never known love, let alone losing a love, is totally unprepared for her naked display of emotions. Her voice is as cold as stone, quivering as her words slice at his heart: “Don’t.” Her eyes harden.  “I would have loved nothing more than to die, in fact not a moment goes by that I don’t wish to end my life, it’s too painful to breathe without him. Each second I’m awake feels likes a lifetime without him. Every breath I take is torture!”

She sobs. Her tears flow down over her cheeks. 

“How can I live without him?”  Her voice barely heard, but the pain contained within her voice rings through the room.  

Weeping, her tears fall freely; she can’t be bothered to reach up to wipe them away. 

Craig, feeling ashamed, dirty, just leaves the room.

“Theodore…” she whimpers. 

Chapter 10- Parts Complete

“I’m here, love.”

Her face comes alive at hearing his voice; she turns her head and can see him at the foot of her bed. 

Standing before her, in his green swim trunk and a Hawaiian shirt, a straw hat on his head, he smiles. “Shove a bum, let me in!” Gwen moves over in bed as he lays down beside her. Face to face, they look at each other just smiling. 

“Theodore…” she whispers, her eyes become sad. 

He grins at her, “Yes, my Lady?”

“You can’t be here! You died and I am awake!” Her eyes, still red and puffy from her outburst, remain dry. She has no more tears to shed. 

“I’m here,” he repeats himself. 

Her hand rises, cupping his face. “But I can feel you, smell you.  I’m not awake. I’m dreaming.”

He painfully smiles at her.  “Gwenevere… you are dreaming.”

“Do I have to wake up?”

He chuckles, “We’ve been through that before, and yes, you will wake up. You know it as well as I do.”

She grins at him, “It doesn’t hurt to try, does it?”

He leans forward and kisses her gently. “It’s time.”

“For what?”

“To remind you.”


“Something you once said to me. Do you remember?”

“I love you?” She raises her eyebrow in mock seriousness.

“And don’t you forget it! But not those words, right now. When my brother died?”

“How could I forget! You called me your girlfriend for the first time.”

His index finger traces the curve over her cheek as they lay there face to face.  “You told me that everything happens for a reason, and that we are not wise enough to understand why at that point in time. But it will be made known to us in time.” He smiles softly at her, takes a deep breath and continues.  “What happened to me is small bananas in the grand scheme of things.  You know this. There is so much more for you to do.”


“Stop, it’s my turn.”

She nods slightly.

“You need to get back into the saddle of life. There is so much more for you to do before you’re too old to figure it out. You cannot something simple like my death get in the way. Don’t say it!”

Shocked, she says, “Say what?”

He grins at her, “That my death was not simple.”

“I wasn’t going to say that!”

“Gwenevere love, I am a part of you, I know your thoughts!  Don’t lie to me!” he chuckles. 

She smiles at him… “Damn!”

They both are smiling at this point. 

“I am serious, Gwenevere, there is so much more for you to do. You have a gift, you touch people’s hearts, give them hope through your quiet strength. You heal those who are ill. And your baby toe on your right foot is slightly shorter than the one on your left.”  He laughs as she goes to swat him. “It’s time. And you know it better than anyone.”

“It’s just so hard.”

“I know. But you have the strength within you, tap into it and use it.” He kisses her the way she remembers, passionately, sweetly, intensely. Theo then jumps from the bed, bowing slightly at the waist, his right hand out stretched towards Gwen saying, “Milady?” 

She trustingly, fearlessly puts her hand in his, and slowly shuffles to the edge of the bed. Swinging her legs over the side, she rises to her feet. Shaking slightly at the exertions, she reaches for her walker. Resting against, she stands; confidently she takes a step. 

Then another. 

Chapter 11- Love Always Waits

Many, many, years later…

Her gray hair clipped back with a stylish clip, she sits with perfect posture on a wooden chair, an amused expression on her face, her green eyes sad. 


She blinks. 

“And that, ladies and gentleman, is it!” the big man in the centre of the room shouts. The room erupts into cheers.

“Mrs. Gwen, thank-you so much for joining us today! It was an honour to have you!!!” He rushes forward to shake her hand. 

She smiles at him. “The pleasure was all mine, Bernie!” Her hand meets his; he stops in his tracks and just bends to kiss her knuckles. She resists the urge to take her hand back. “Thank-you again, Bernie, for the invite!”

Bernie grins up at her, his eyes disappearing as he smiles. “Are you ever going to tell us?”

Gwen looks at him, smiles; her eyes dance like they did when she was in her youth.  “The man I fell in love with was my soul mate. When he was alive, he always encouraged me to be more than who I was born to be. Just because he died, taking a piece of my heart with him, did not mean I could stop trying to be who I was meant to be,” she says, smiling at Bernie. Hoping that would be enough. 

“But Mrs. Gwen! Your fiancée died, you lost his baby, your went into a coma, you struggled to get funding for clinics to build in developing countries, you wrote a book about your love for Theodore, your book and your life is being made into a movie, and you are giving every cent of your profits go to various charities that help people all over the world get access to medicine and to your clinics.” He looks closely at her. “You are never going to tell the world how you got the strength to do it all?”

“I owe it all to Theodore. Because of him, I had a better understanding of what I was here to do.” She looks at her watch. “And I do apologise Bernie, but I must dash. I have somewhere I must be now!” She smiles at him and hurries off, practically running from the stage set. 

Bernie watches her as she leaves the set. “What a woman!”

“She is an odd one, isn’t she?” An electrician stops rolling up wires to comment after her.  Under his breath he mutters, “Nice ass for an old gal.”

Bernie turns and looks at the electrician. “Not odd, exactly. Eccentric is more like it.”


Gwen starts her car, puts it into reverse, and backs up out of the parking lot. She chuckles to herself, thinking of that day in the hospital. The last scene the producers filmed. Theo in his straw hat, his silly Hawaiian shirt and green trunks, the day he told her that she had the strength to continue living without him. 

Her eyes still get all teary when she remembers him at the oddest of times. 

She puts the car in drive and drives from the parking lot. Handing in her visitor’s pass with the gate guard, she turns right and follows traffic. 

Gwen, still smiling, remembers all the laughs she and Theo had shared. 

‘It’s days like these that make life bearable!’ she thinks.  ‘Where I remember him and it makes me smile and not feel like I am breaking down!’ Gwen catches herself smiling in the rear view mirror. 

“Lord Theo-?” She swears she sees Theo in it, waving at her in her rear view mirror. Her head snaps around and all she hears is the creaking of bones. 


“Yes, Officer, that is Mrs. Gwen. She just left the set; she said she had somewhere she had to be.  I saw her get into her car,” says the shocked Bernie. 

“That woman on TV who built all those hospitals overseas?” asks the officer. 

“That’s the one.”

“Such a shame then. Fucked up drivers, driving drunk!” The officer angrily says. 


“Yeah, she stopped at a stop sign and a drunk driver rammed into her. Broke her neck clean. At least it was painless.”  The officer tisks, “As usual, the fucking drunk not even a scratch on him.”

“Oh my god!  Her fiancée, forty-three years ago next Friday, died the same way!”


The day I met you,

My life started. 

We lived a lifetime together

In my dreams,

I never knew what happiness was

Until it was taken from me.

I lived each day in thoughts of you

So close to my heart you are,

very far away. 

My lifetime of love for you

Was cut short

Unexpectedly cut short.

Yet my love for you continued

The memory of you was enough to give me strength

I gave you my heart for safe keeping

You took it with you when you left me

But I still keep yours safe with me. 

One day my love,

We’ll be together again,

I’ll be the angel in your fairy tale

You’ll be the hero in mine.

“Go in peace to love and serve the Lord, Amen.” The preacher steps down from the podium, looking at the picture of Gwen, blessing her. Walking behind the alter boys, past all the people that came to pay their last respects to the great lady. All walks of life came to say their good-byes to her. From beggars in tattered rags, to men and women wearing Chanel and Gucci, and every possible variation in between. 

“That was beautiful!” Crystal sobs into Frank’s shoulder. “She wrote that for him when she started her book about them, she told me about it the first time she was in Africa.”

“At least they are together again, and they can be together for the rest of eternity,” replies Frank. 

Crystal leans on her cane with one hand, Frank supporting her other arm. She walks slowly to the urn that contains Gwen’s ashes. Her ancient eyes look huge behind her glasses, her gray hair falling from its bun, she looks at Gwen’s photo, then at the urn that is all that remains of Gwen. 

“Find peace, Gwenevere. Find Theodore and be happy once more.” 


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