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A Sailor's Tale, chapter Nine

Revenge is sweet when Barney gets the promised deep throat and hot wet pussy he had waited for

Chapter Nine


Walking back over to the couch I slipped out of my shirt, stepped out of the house shoes I had slipped into while I waited, and dropped my pants to the floor and stepped free of them as well.   My cock sprang up to an upswept 45 degree angle and a good two inches longer than Uncle Charles’ had provided.   I sat back down beside her just as I had been, and slung my bandaged hand onto the back of the couch to avoid the throb of blood that in truth was pretty painful. “So, Sally, as I see it you scammed me, and Charles got into it because it was borrowed money that got you what you wanted.   I have no doubt that if he hadn’t gotten in on this you’d have sucked me just like you said and that could have been the end of the story, well we might have fucked, but I can see now it wasn’t love, but I was willing to put out whatever you needed to get those hot lips around me, in fact I still would if you’re still willing.   Chuck put out 12 grand for that show you put on with him….I’d expect at least that, though right now I’m a bit off my game.   How about after you give me a sampler and then you take me to the hospital to get my hand fixed up and we’ll just set up a time to get together. Oh, by the way, I decided to quit my job, I’m gonna start enjoying some of the 200 million after this lesson in reality…you can join me if you want to…”  


I straightened around on the couch, my huge cock standing erect and proud and said “Trust me, I’ll make it up to you” throwing her words from the texts back at her with a little twisted smile as my cock bounded with excitement.


It was obvious that Sally was doing some math in her head.   Hmmm 200 million and I could go with him on an extended vacation. And earlier I had been satisfied with a measly $12,000. The thoughts ran thru my mind until my eyes fell on his cock. The thoughts of money soon faded into the recesses of my mind. I wanted that cock; I wanted him to make love to me. I wanted to taste his cum. “Barney I don’t know what came over me.” As I approached him the tip of his cock touched my bare belly, my erect nipples gently brushed his muscular chest. The next moment we were locked in a frenzied embrace. All of that teasing had been stored up and had now reached the boiling point. Barneys tongue plunged into my mouth, while his one good hand was finding its way into my soft white shorts. His fingers found my cunt already moist with desire.


He quickly dispatched my halter top which fell in a limp heap to the floor. My breasts and nipples were anything but limp. My nipples stood out proudly and bristled with goose bumps. Gently at first then more and more aggressively Barney caressed my breast.  Soon he was sucking my nipples with his mouth while teasing my clit with his hand. I dropped to my knees in front of Barney and slowly began to lick his massive balls with the tip of my tongue. Barney was already moaning in ecstasy. I’m sure he was wondering if I would really try and deep throat him. It was but like every thing else I did with Barney I was going to stretch it out and tease hell out of him. I sucked one of his balls into my mouth and rolled it around with my tongue. Then I did the other, I tried to get them both in my mouth but they were just too big. I then slowly started to run my tongue up the bottom of his cock. As I reached the top Barney gave out a loud groan and said “yes, please suck it.” Instead I slowly retreated back to his balls. “Do you want me to suck it Barney?” I made sure to make eye contact with him. “Yes…Please” he pleaded. Again I slowly worked my wet tongue up to the tip of his massive cock. This time I briefly took the head of his cock into my mouth. God it was bigger than I had imagined. Just the head was a mouth full. “Barney, you are so big, I’m not sure if I can…..” I murmured as my mouth was filled with hot eager flesh.


“You fucking better try after you have teased me without mercy” I declared with a mixture of heated flesh and chilled attitude.


“I don’t know Barney” as I sucked the head of his cock and worked it around in my mouth and twirled my tongue around it. I used my free hand to stroke the length of his cock while I continued to suck the head of his massive meat letting it pop in and out of my mouth while slurped the salvia that seemed to be flowing so freely from my mouth.

If I was going to do this I knew that I had to align his cock with my throat, I knew that I had to suppress my gag reflex, I knew I had to breathe through my nose, damn, I did not count on it being this big around. Slowly I started to take him down, I had just begun and I started to gag, I withdrew and regained my focus. The second time I got about half of it down, I held it there a moment and withdrew rapidly. I was gasping and Barney seemed out of his mind with pleasure. I rested a minute with the head of his cock in my mouth. I could sense the growing tension in Barney’s entire body. I knew that he was at the point of no return. I took a deep breath and slowly began to take his enormous cock down. This time I only gagged a little, I kept going, I could feel the pressure on my lower throat as I took more and more down. Finally I felt my lips touch his balls. My throat muscles made a swallowing motion and Barney let out a cry, I composed myself and did it again. This time Barney started to cum down my throat. It was more than I could handle I quickly withdrew, as a second load of cum filled my mouth.  Again and again, load after load spurted from his magnificent cock. Some landed on my face, another shot over onto the lamp shade another onto my tits.


She cooed out seductively “Now Barney do you want me to take you to the hospital or do you want to fuck me, which one will it be?”


I had heard her say the words “Barney, I don’t know what came over me…” and I had to chuckled silently, knowing full well what not only had come over her but what soon would…my eagerly strained dick would coat her good if she did what I thought she was about to.


Her body moved over mine, massive breasts slipping over my bare chest sent shock waves through my body. The very tip of my engorged cock slid along the bare flesh of her firm muscular belly and I had to force myself to give her liberty to do what she wanted, this was as much for her as it was me.   She wrapped me in embrace and my uninjured arm surrounded her as our lips met with heated needs, my mouth opened to hers as hers greedily took my tongue in and sucked it like she would a cock as I slipped the good hand to her groin and found the thin fabric of her shorts already very moist with excitement.   I groaned as her body gave itself to me and bounded onto my finger’s pressure on her cunt from outside the barrier of fabric.


My hand left her pussy only long enough to undo the top and pull it from her…a sound between awe and satiated greed streamed from my lips as her huge breasts, textured areolas and hard puckered nipples played along my chest. My hand moved over one and then the other as the excitement sent quivering messages to my groin…”uhhh, oh baby, I’ve been waiting for this” I moaned into her parted lips. My mouth trailed down her throat quickly as I found her tits and began sucking on one and then the other nipple with a level of desire rarely found outside of dreams and sucked on them hard to show my need as my hand moved to her mound and pressed at her clit, growing nice and hard just like her nipples.   I wished I had two good hands, but somehow the pain was forgotten.


Her body moved to the floor before me and I watched as her lips neared the hard thick meat.   “Yessss…” I moaned as I felt the first touch of her tongue play upon my sack.   Her mouth teased it without mercy as I allowed her to bring my needs to levels beyond reality and yet seemed to want to prolong the agony of ecstasy she gave.   My cock bounded in slapping moves to my abdomen and then to standing free and proud as I anticipated the wonder of her mouth…I had seen what she could do and now it was my turn to know those lush lips first hand.   I gasped as her mouth took one of my balls in and swirled her tongue over it, she released it only to repeat the erotic act with the other swollen full nut.   She seemed to try to suck them both in, I had known, and she found out…the two were far too full and hard to both fit, though she tried, I had to give her that much.


Her tongue swept along the base and bottom of the throbbing cock teasing me to the point of insane desire to feel her lips surround my meat. My deep throaty voice beckoned her “Yessss…please….suck it….”   Her cruelty was immense as her tongue again went down the shaft to the sack and whispered another tease “Do you want me to suck it Barney?” as her eyes met mine, both mine and hers filled with pure lust as I panted out a reply “Yessss…PLEASE” in pleading gasps. Her tongue again ascended in daunting swirls along the length and took the head into her lips once as I shook with desire to feel her throat gulp against the head.   A drop of creamy pre-cum escaped the Meatu slit and she cleaned it away without note.   She seemed to struggle with the girth of the swollen bulbous head and removed her mouth from it saying “Barney, you are so big, I’m not sure if I can…” as I trembled with desperate need to be sucked dry and replied “You fucking better try after you’ve teased me without mercy….”   Her whispered answer of uncertainty came as she sucked the head back into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it causing my body to shake uncontrollably.


Her hand surrounded the thick base and began stroking up and back along the hot velvet flesh as her mouth slid on and off his meat driving him crazy.   ‘She’s gonna get a load like she’s never felt before’ I thought as she taunted me mercilessly driving me up the path to orgasm and yet still denying me that end.   Her mouth was so filled with spittle it even sounded erotic as she slurped the shaft in and out sinfully.   Her resolve seemed to take hold as I felt her mouth fall farther along the meaty tool, I groaned and gripped at the fabric of the sofa with my good hand, my other balled in a fist inside the bandages giving her free reign to take in only what she wanted, this was not the time for me to beg, plead or force…simply enjoy her wondrous mouth…and throat.


I felt her throat clench around the head and her gag reflex as she withdrew, even then my need was aroused even higher, to her undoing the head swelled fuller making it even more to ‘swallow’.   She was certainly willing to try; I had to admit she was devoted to keeping her word about that as her throat clung to the eager thick head taking in half of the shaft as I groaned with absolute perverted sounds of awe.   She withdrew to hold the head in her mouth as I climbed the stair to the precipice of climax more and more rapidly with each attempt.   Her breathing came in hot gasps over the tensed flesh as she struggled for much needed air, my body driven to hard taught clenching knots as I restrained my seed from flowing before she could do her deed, if she could…I was desperate for her to try.


Again she lowered her lips farther along the shaft, I felt only one minor reflexive action as she managed to go farther than she had as yet…my body went into spasms as she sucked it in more and more, her tongue pressed against the tube that would carry my heated creamy cum all too soon! “Ohhh God…” I gasped as I felt her lips surround the base of my oh-so mighty cock, trembling wildly my hand went to her hair and stroked it, the first time I had touched her with anything but my cock now nestled deep in her throat that seemed to swallow me whole with each gripping muscle. Again I cried out, this time her name was on my lips, drawn out in a gasp “Sa….lll…..eeeeeee” as her lower lip nestled against the heated sack so ready to explode and sent the first surge of cum into her belly. The second stream filled her mouth as she backed off of the shaft now erupting violently without control.   Her hand held the base her lips had just left as another stream flowed over her face, splattering it with a volume that astounded even me, and then comically a solid stream flew from the Meatu through the air and arched to the nearby lamp shade…the last surge coating her chest in a horizontal line over her breasts, beginning to run down over them.   My mind was numb, my cock throbbed with the absolution of climax, my breaths labored beyond reality, and yet it bounded for even more as she spoke…


“Now Barney do you want me to take you to the hospital or do you want to fuck me, which one will it be?”


My mind focused on her eyes, the cum running over her cheeks, mouth and chin; the drips draining from the lamp shade and the river flowing over her massive tits…I smiled as much as one perched in that bliss of orgasm does and leaned down to her.   My lips opened to swipe my cum from her face and then my mouth captured hers with heated invitation as my arm pulled her to my lap.   Her breasts pressed against my chest as our mouths kissed in ways I had never known possible, her pussy still inside the shorts wet with needs.   “Take your shorts off Sally, I want to feel that tight pussy explode…fuck the hospital, I can’t feel anything but greed to know your orgasms as you have found mine.”   She rose and quickly pushed the shorts down and straddled my legs, her pussy dripping with nectar slick and eager to feel the fullness of my still engorged cock.   I guided her to it as she lowered her channel along the rigid velvet pole of lust as my hips pushed upward to meet her.


“Sorry baby, you’re still gonna have to do most of the work…fuck me baby, let me feel your cum flood me as I am driven to fill your hot wet pussy with the next waves of my sticky seed.”


Indeed Sally did just as I had wanted all along, her hips thrust eagerly taking the whole ten inch pole inside the tightest pussy I’d ever felt.   She came several times while riding me on the couch before we moved to the floor to fuck doggy style just as Uncle Charles had done and I rammed her from behind until she squirted out another gusher before my energy gave out from the painful injury to my hand. Not wanting to quit, since I had only managed one good load over her face and chest and one minor one into the depths of her cunt I had her get on top again, this time facing away from me for a change of angle.   A rodeo queen couldn’t have done any better as she caused me to swell again to the full broad shaft she now craved and brought forth four copious steams of semen into the hottest womb ever imagined as she too erupted with pounding glory screaming out my name as my body spasmed uncontrollably.   I was spent by the time she slipped beside me, laying her naked flesh pressed warmly to mine and cooed with dreamy pleasures.


I heard a groan from the peanut gallery as Charles finally woke up after our two hour long fuck fest.   I smiled in hopes he had seen the show, but found out as I clipped the ties from his now incapacitated balls that he hadn’t; his loss, and the suffering was enough to satisfy my anger long since sated along with my sexual needs. I cut the ropes that held him to the statue and let him collapse unabated to the floor.   We dressed and she drove me in Charles’ car to the hospital, I was treated for multiple broken bones in my hand and as luck would have it the doctor advised me I’d have to give up crabbing as a source of income.   I faked a pouty frown for his benefit as I gazed over at Sally; I knew she would take me for a ride until my money was gone, but what a ride it would turn out to be.


I walked out of the emergency room tired as hell and smiled as I stood before her.   “Hey baby, want to take a trip; I hear Madrid is nice this time of year” I said with a light hearted chuckle as she stood and slipped her arm inside my good one, the other in a sling.   As we walked back to the car I turned to gaze down the front of her dress, her tits still brought a thickening to my cock and slid my hand over her ass suggestively with a squeeze as my fingers trailed into the crack so lusciously visible to any who would look.   She giggled and slid her hand over the swelling mass of my pant leg.  


“How about we start with Disney World? I don’t have a passport yet Barney” she cooed at last with a reply.   We went to my place; she finally got to see the 18 room cottage I called home.   We snuggled up for the rest of the night and she awakened me sweetly in the morning with her throat again gulping down the entirety of my swelling shaft   before climbing aboard the resulting hardened meat and riding me until we both screamed out our release.   Sally may have been a money hungry slut before, but now she was a woman driven by desire I would gladly pay for every day for the rest of my life; and with almost 200 million in the bank, life with Sally was going to be good.  


In a way I think we loved each other already then, each for a different reason perhaps, but both of us were getting what we had wanted from the start.   I guess one could say we found the stereo typical Happily Ever After Ending, and yet to this day, five years later it was only “The Beginning…”


Footnote:   If this tale of mysterious deviance has stirred anyone who reads it, let them say the word and it will continue with the “Adventures of Sally and Barney” as they travel the globe and fuck in more ways and places than even tried and true erotica fans can conceive.   In fact, the first journey is conceived as I type…


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