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A Walk Around the Lake, Chapter 11

They woke, it was nearly noon, and both had slept so soundly after their night of passion, that neither one of them really cared, that half the day was gone.  The past week, they were always up, early, and met either before sunrise, to take pictures of the new day dawning, or they met for breakfast, usually no later than nine in the morning. 

She had slept well, better than she had in years.  She woke, feeling truly refreshed, and at peace, with herself, and with the world, for the first time in a very long time. 

Waking in this man's arms, she realized what she had thought to be true, really was.  He was more like Michael, than she thought at first.  That's why she felt such an attraction to him.  He was strong, tender, gentle, kind, caring, and considerate.  He was also a wonderful lover, and last night, she felt, well, she felt things she never expected to feel ever again. 

She blushed at the thoughts she was having, as she felt him kiss the back of her neck and shoulders.  "Mm, Good Morning," she sighed lazily. 

His arm draped possessively over her body, pulling her snugly to him, so that she could feel that he was as aroused as she was.  His hard length, gently probing  between the cheeks of her lush bottom.  He swore he had never felt anything as heavenly as making love to this beautiful woman, and waking with her in his arms. 

"Good Morning to you too," he whispered into her neck, the rush of his warm breath causing goose bumps to rise on her flesh.  "I'm hungry, are you?"  He asked her, enjoying the feel of her body so close to his. 

"Mm, hungry for what?", she asked coyly, with a sweet smile on her face. 

"Breakfast, silly!  I'm hungry for you, but I need food, if I'm going to keep you satisfied!"  His chuckle told her he was teasing her, and she giggled with him.

"Actually, I'm STARVING!", she exclaimed.  Funny, at home, she hardly ever ate breakfast, but on this vacation, her appetite had returned.  At first she put it down to the mountain air, but now, she realized that it was the company she was keeping.  This man was having a profound effect on her life, in more ways than one. 

He got out of bed, and fumbled for a robe, and told her to relax.  Soon she could smell a pot of coffee brewing, and the sounds and smells of bacon frying on the stove. 

"How do you like your eggs?", he called to her, from the kitchen. 

"I don't care!  Surprise me!", she called back to him from the bathroom.  She put on her robe, and padded out to the kitchen, and poured two mugs of coffee, and added cream to both of them, since she had seen him do it often enough, she knew how he liked his coffee. 

He turned toward her, and the smile left his face, "I was going to bring you breakfast in bed.  Now go, back to bed!  Go on!"

"But I wanted coffee," she pouted, and giggled at the same time. 

"Fine, take your coffee, but go, let me spoil you this morning.  Please."  He pleaded with her. 

She could deny him nothing, and took her coffee and went back to bed, stretched out, and picked up a book she had brought along and read while she waited for her breakfast to arrive.
Breakfast was the best she had eaten in a while, perhaps it was because she had truly worked up an appetite, perhaps it was because this handsome gentleman had cooked it for her, and was serving her in bed.  She didn't know, but it was truly a delightful way to start the day. 

They decided to just stay in for the day, and they made love, several times before they decided it was time to shower and go and find some dinner, so they could spend another night in their love nest, making love with each other.
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