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Amanda in Taiwan - Chap 2

Amanda and her Master arrive in Taipei

Amanda in Taiwan – Chap 2


I was stretched out on the edge of the king-size bed, finishing a thin joint of some very resinous Hawaiian pot. We were staying on the Club level at the Taipei Hilton; one of the older luxury hotels, you could still open your room windows…making it very convenient for me. Among the frequent business guests, it was also known as the largest brothel in Taipei. The staff was ‘old school’ as well – a few dollars up front and the promise of much more when we’d left was all it took for the extra consideration we would need.

 After finishing the smoke, I leaned over and started playing with your breast, my fingertips moving lightly over your soft, silky flesh until your eyelids started to flutter. You moaned and a big, satisfied smile covered your face as your eyes moved to see my fingers spread out on your breast and then up to my face. I let you see my smile for a second before bringing you back to the reality of your fantasies. My finger and thumb found your thick nipple and rolled it into a long, rubbery, pink tube. “Time to get up, you lazy slut.” I hear you gasp as I release you. “You’ve been sleeping away the afternoon and you only have an hour before you go to work.” I saw the confusion in your eyes and the questions on your lips. “You have permission to speak…quickly.”

 “Thank you, Master,” your voice was throaty and deep, dried from the air-conditioning that kept your skin covered in goose bumps, “I have to go…to work? Have you arranged something, Master?” You took a sip of the water I handed you. “Oh, thank you again, Master,” your voice was much smoother and you sat up slowly, “that tastes so good. What is going to happen, Master?” You looked deep into my eyes.

 “Understand something, slut…that is the last free pass you will get tonight. It is not your place to question anything I tell you, little one . The next time you are so foolish,” I said keeping my voice flat and almost emotionless, “you will receive twice the appropriate punishment. Do you understand, my little whore ?” You nodded slowly, a small gleam of both fear and lust flashed across your eyes. “Good. Get your ass up…now, you silly bitch…get in the shower and make sure you shave every single hair below your neck.” You got up and slid across the silky sheets and when your feet hit the floor and you slowly and sensuously stood up in front of me


 My open palm left a faint pink outline of my fingers across your ass cheek. You did well to keep your reaction to a gasp and then a giggle. “I said hurry.” I reached around your waist with my left arm and held you in front of me, preventing your escape. My right hand was slowly and sensuously massaging the cheek that received the slap. “Amanda, you don’t have time to play games…go take your shower.” You tried to walk away, giggling like a teenager as I held you close and caressed your perfect ass. I spread your legs with my knee and moved my hand from your backside to your front and slid my finger up and down your creamy, slick slit. I lowered my voice to remind you again that you cannot cum without my permission while sliding my thick middle finger into your tight hole.

  Then, again breaking character for a moment, I stood up and took my finger out of you, turned you around and pulled you close. “Amanda,” I whispered in your ear, “you know my feelings for you are full and satisfying and complete.” You kissed my neck as I continued. “If you are truly not committed to this, we can stop right now.”

 You moved your lips to mine and kissed me with more passion than ever before. Then you moved your lips to my ears. “You own my cunt, Master,” I felt you shiver as I held you tight against me, “use me…please?”

I kissed you again and spun you back around. With another light slap across your ass – much softer this time – I slipped back into character. “I said you need to hurry, slut. What are you waiting for?”

Twenty minutes later you walked back into the bedroom with a towel wrapped around your long, blond hair and stood next to the bed. I slid down and stopped with my face directly in front of your smooth, freshly shaved mound. I moved close. “Spread your legs, slut.” You complied immediately, still not understanding exactly why just the act of compliance itself was enough to make your pussy moisten in anticipation. I extended my tongue and spread it wide as I swabbed your swollen flesh in all directions as I tested your skill with the razor, making sure I’d avoided your throbbing clit in the process. “Turn around,” it was hard to keep the passion I felt out of my voice, “bend over, spread your legs and grab your ankles.”

  I heard you gasp as you realized the total exposure this pose would cause…how utterly humiliating it would be if someone saw you like this…and how totally delightful and naughty it would be at the same time. After a moment’s hesitation, you turned and assumed the requested position. Again, my flat tongue swabbed the puffy flesh between your wet, slick slit and the firm, toned flesh of your inner thighs. Again I heard you gasp as I checked the recently shaved flesh of your ass-crack, lingering for a second over your pink, puckered anus. Feeling your trembling through my tongue was exquisite. I pulled away and turned you by your hips until you faced me again. I stood in front of you, looking you over as objectively as I could. “Finish towel drying your hair, chere…minimal makeup tonight.   I told them that your cunt is as tight and smooth as a high school cheerleader. They liked that and we don’t want to disappoint, do we?”  I saw your stomach muscles start to tremble and your eyes started to glaze over.

 “OW!!!!! That hurts!” You pouted and moaned as my finger and thumb gently pinched your nipple again.

 “No…it didn’t; that, slut, was a gentle reminder – you cannot cum without my permission. Now get yourself ready and bring the long, black dildo back with you. Oh, and Amanda, stay naked. Understand?”

 “Yes, Master...” You seemed to pause, wanting permission to speak.

 “What is it now, you dumb bitch?” I saw the deep red flush of shame color your face and your chest. You still don’t know why that excites you…why your pussy gets moist whenever I say something like that to you. At the same time, I could smell your increased excitement.

 Your eyes dropped, not meeting mine. “Master,” your voice was shaking, “why the black dildo? Remember…our agreement? I don’t want to be with…black men, Master.”

 “Stand still, bitch – grab your elbows behind your back and spread your legs.” You knew the position well and you stood there trembling with excitement and anticipation of the unknown. I opened the drawer in the bedside table and extracted the small, black leather fly-swatter, a perforated strip of black leather about an inch and a half wide and three inches long attached to a twelve inch, flexible, thin black leather handle. I grinned with my back turned to you when I heard your gasp.  I turned around and flicked the leather strip across the delicate skin of the hood covering your clit. I saw your nipples harden into long, thick, rubbery tubes as you absorbed the flash of sensation emanating from your sex. “Once again, I have to ask you…who owns this cunt, Amanda?”

 You were barely able whisper. On the edge and so close to cumming, only the knowledge of more punishment if you disobeyed me held your climax in check. “You do, Master.”

 “Be with?” I rubbed the leather strip over your clit and your pussy lips, the threat unspoken but clear to both of us. “You’re not here to be with anyone, you stupid whore. You’re here to fuck and suck whoever I let pay me for the privilege.” I lifted the black leather tool away from your pussy and brought it up to your chest. Before you could begin to react, I flicked it twice, barely touching both of your swollen, sensitive nipples. You sucked air in between your lips and your eyes rolled back for a minute but you never moved out of position. I was so proud of you, my love, but I wasn’t about to let you know that. After keeping you in position for a few more seconds, I released you to finish getting ready.

 You returned in a few minutes; I couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy…how totally hot you looked. Towel-drying your long, blond hair resulted in long, soft curly waves of gold flowing over your smooth, flawless shoulders. Your minimal makeup was more than perfect; it transformed you from a classically beautiful thirty-something women to a super-hot, recent high school graduate, your small, smooth-shaved pussy, your firm, round breasts and upturned nipples, and your innocent, lusty smile completing the illusion. The thick, long ebony dildo was in your hand.

 “Climb up on the bed, slut.” You handed me the dildo and climbed on to the silky sheets. “Fix the pillows, baby. Make a backstop so you can rest on it at a forty-five degree angle.” I watched as you built the support in the middle of the bed and leaned back into position. “Now, take another pillow and slide it under your ass…good…now pull your knees back up until your feet are flat on the bed.  Spread your legs…wider…okay – good.” You looked down; your eyes scanned your own body and saw your firm round breasts, standing proudly from your chest, not sliding even an inch to the sides. Then you saw the puffy, slick mound of your sex at the junction of the wide open “V” created by your raised and spread thighs. And then, after lifting your eyes you saw your reflection in the mirror over the dresser across from the bed. Your firm, beautiful legs led your eyes to the junction where the pillow beneath you pushed your pelvis up and out – your pussy tilted up, ready to receive a hard cock, and your pink, puckered rosebud exposed to anyone lucky enough to walk into the room. You nearly came as you finally realized how exposed you were.

 I sat down next to you and took the dildo and started to slide it through your creamy slit. “From now on, you are not allowed to speak…except when you are pleasuring a john.” I found the balance point of the long, thick toy and started tapping it against your throbbing little clit. “If you feel yourself starting to cum, you may ask for permission. Don’t let it happen without permission…I’m warning you, stupid fucking slut.” My voice was flat, almost harsh…I was a pimp dealing with his whore and it felt good.

I felt you trembling and was simply amazed once again at the power of words. As I played with the dildo, either tapping it against your clit or starting to insert it between your labia and into your small, tight vagina, I thought about your complex character. We both know that I do not think you are stupid…at all…in any way. And yet, we both know that your body responds to the humiliation you feel when I call you those names and treat you like you are.

 We were quiet, together on the bed, thinking and lightly touching; it was more for just familiar, warm human contact than anything sexual. Neither of us paid any attention to the time and soon enough, it was eight o’clock…and there was a knock at the door.

My stomach started the familiar flip-flops that always precede a new sexual adventure.   In some ways, love, it’s like the first time…every time. All my old questions came tumbling into my mind…all my old insecurities flared up and were momentarily overwhelming. They all boiled down quickly, though, reduced to the only and entire issue…identical to the question that paralyzes you as well. Will you still love me when this is over?

Our eyes met and locked and I leaned down and kissed your soft, full lips as gently as I could. “Unless one of your johns wants something different, you will remain naked from now on,” I whisper in your ear, watching goose bumps start to cover your flesh. “You can move your arms and hands, but if you cover yourself…it will be to tease, not truly cover. Understand?” I gripped the tiny fly-swatter and held it over your swollen nipple.

A flash of pure lust crossed your deep, crystalline eyes as you nodded. As I moved off the bed, our eyes locked once more time and I saw you mouth “I love you, Steven” as your right hand slithered down towards your moist, anxious sex and your left hand crossed your chest and started to fondle your right breast. Your breathing was noticeably faster and shallower as your excitement and anxiety rose together in both your mind and body. I told you I loved you, then and forever. I swear, Amanda, there is nothing more beautiful than the faint pink flush that a declaration of feelings brings to the pale flesh of your Perfect 10 breasts.

Although I knew who was waiting in the hallway, my heartbeat still accelerated as I reached the door and turned the handle. It was your final test, darling…the most stressful and yet the least damaging at the same time that I could think of. Just before I pulled it open, I whispered to you from across the room, “Look in the mirror…” I heard your gasp and then your deep, sexy moan as you realized once again, how totally exposed and totally slutty you looked.

I know for you, it had to seem like slow motion as I pulled the door open into the room, between you and the hallway. “Come in, Jimmy…you can set up next to the bed.” Only a second later, you saw the friendly, good-looking, young floor boy you’d met after we’d checked in earlier; he was pushing a room service cart before him. In the few seconds it took before he looked over in your direction, I saw your face change expression several times…first surprise and then a lustful grin and then a few others   until you settled on ‘rich, spoiled, slutty daddy’s girl’ with absolutely the hottest, sexiest, little pouting smile I have ever seen. There was no longer a shred of doubt in my mind – I knew already that you wanted this adventure – now I knew you would be able to handle it as well.

I was hard and leaking in the time it took to turn around and re-make the introductions. Once again I felt so incredibly proud of you, love, as you stayed on your back, smiling seductively and letting your hands dance across your bare breasts and your swelling sex. I asked you if you would hold your hands still for a moment and you stopped moving immediately. Jimmy mumbled in Chinese that you listen well and we both laughed. Baby, I could taste how anxious you were to ask me what he’d said, but like the good little slut you wanted to be, you obeyed perfectly. When our eyes met, we both knew at once that the secret thrill of submission was affecting you as much as the pure, unadulterated sexuality of your situation.

While the young Taiwanese man set up a small table with fresh fruits and vegetables and some various cheese and cracker plates near the side of the bed, I took my cell phone out of my pocket, flipped it open, pushed a button and the screen changed to a smoking hot picture of you…left hand cradling your right breast and your right hand almost shielding your moist little lips, but with your middle finger inside you, to the first knuckle.   Your loose blond curls over your shoulders and the killer smile across your gorgeous, innocent face completed the fantasy image I would be using a few minutes later – a hot shot, baby, a dirty little naked photo of you on my cell phone display to show prospective customers at the bar downstairs.

I know I was smiling as I showed it to you, but your sexy, little giggle made it perfect.   I saw the question on your lips and nodded my approval. “ Master, are you going to show me…like that…now?”   Your face and chest were completely flushed and your breathing got faster and shallower again. I nodded an affirmative answer and you started moaning as your eyes rolled back in your head and your very wicked imagination took over.

While you were treading very carefully along the crest of a monstrous orgasm, using every trick you’ve ever learned to hold off the impending climax, I was making arrangements with Jimmy. At my request, he made a call to his friend, the bartender in the Galleon Lounge on the second floor. He spoke in rapid Chinese, explaining what I wanted and checking the crowd at the bar. After some rather excited back and forth, Jimmy hung up and continued putting drinks and ice and glasses on a dresser top. When he finished, he turned back to me.

“You go down in fifteen, twenty minutes. You see my friend, Joey Chang. He take care of you…get good guys to see Kweilo slut.” Jimmy was very business-like, knowing he was looking at a big, big tip if everything went smoothly. “But you must remember – take good care of Joey. He lose money if he help you…give you his customers.” Jimmy switched back to Mandarin, speaking slowly enough for me to understand. “Maybe you give him the girl for a little while…he is open to bargain.”

I was trying so hard to maintain a calm, cool front but I must confess, my love…it was getting very real to me as well. I smiled back at my young friend and staying with Chinese, I asked him if he could stay with you while I went down to the bar. He smiled and bowed slightly, telling me it would be his honor.

I turned back to you and my knees almost collapsed. Eyes closed, you were rolling your nipples between your fingers and your thumbs and your moans were a soft, erotic soundtrack in the background, timed to the thrusts of your hips, fucking a phantom cock and feeling it to be almost real. I put my hand on the warm, moist flesh of your shoulder, trying to bring you back…gently…until you calmed down and opened your eyes. You smiled and your eyes twinkled. I put my lips to your ear and whispered, “I know you didn’t cum, love…I’m so proud of you, baby.” I backed off a little and looked all around you. “Can you remember this position exactly, slut?” You nodded, your eyes still glowing. I stood up and backed away.

“You may sit up. I want you to have something to eat and drink while I’m gone.” You started to pout, not having thought about food or drink. “Listen to me, slut. You may not have another chance for a while and you slept through lunch. Your clients may want you to drink with them – so eat…at least some cheese and crackers and a little fruit.” You nodded your head as you moved to the table.

“Jimmy will stay here until I return,” I continued. “That should be in about thirty minutes – maybe a little longer.” It was so sweet, the way you smiled at him and the look he gave you in return. “If you have any questions, he will be happy to answer you if he can.” I saw the surprise in your eyes. “Yes, my love, you may speak with Jimmy while I’m gone. I will call the room before I return and I expect you to be in exactly the same position you were in before.” You nodded your head, trying to hold back your lusty grin. “Jimmy,” I looked back at him, “the slut is not allowed to cum.” I used English just so you would know what I said and I saw the chills cross your flesh as you went from fun-loving girl to whore in about two seconds. “If she does, I want to know about it.”

I looked at both of you. “Anything else before I leave?”

Your eyes had turned to slits and the lust pouring through you was projected out in a burning glare. “Please, Master…before you go…would you please…uhm…show the picture…to Jimmy? Please?” The deep pink flush spread across your face and chest again. I thought your reaction was very interesting – something we would definitely address later. I smiled back and flipped the phone back open and handed it to the floor boy.

Before looking at it, the very proper and polite, thirty-something, native Taiwanese man bowed. “I am honored, again.” He smiled as he rose. “Thank you, miss.”   Only then did he look and his eyes opened wide, as if memorizing every single detail of your magnificent body. His smile changed to show warmth and appreciation as he handed it back.

“If that’s all, then,” I started towards the door, “I’ll call you in a little while. Relax, darling…talk with Jimmy.” I pulled the door open and stepped into the hallway, watching the door close behind me. When the lock clicked, I turned and headed towards the bar.

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