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Tropical Island Vacation Chapter 2

First day on the island, I take Talia bikini shopping.
Our first full day on Kauai is spent unpacking, settling in at the condo, buying groceries to stock the fridge, and a short walk to a restaurant for lunch. The unpacking doesn’t take long as we each brought only one small bag of clothing to wear, consisting of mostly shorts, t-shirts and such. Talia had bought a few tank tops and crop tops for the trip. Little do we know at this point what little use we'll have for even the clothes we had packed. Talia brought only one bikini because she had said she wanted to get a new bikini there on the island. So during lunch, we decide to go bikini shopping that afternoon.

We drive to a nearby shopping center; open air, lots of palm trees, with three different swimwear shops. Going into the first, we’re overwhelmed by the number of bikinis available. As we enter each store, employees come to our aid and ask us what we’re looking for. Soon Talia is in the changing room trying on the first selection. I wait just outside in a private area with mirrors on several walls. Talia emerges from the changing room wearing the first bikini and she looks stunning. I think I’m going to have a fun afternoon.

It’s quite an education in bikini styles and terminology. Brazilian, Rio half-back, thong, g-string, tanga, side-tie, no-tie, triangle tops, halters, bandeau, x-back, etc. Not to mention the array of fabrics and colors and prints. Not that I’m complaining. Watching Talia try on bikini after bikini and modeling each one for me is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. And in each shop, we receive helpful and able assistance from one, and sometimes two young, beautiful salesgirls. They give advice on styles and proper fit, and answer any and all questions we have. Talia loves being the center of attention.

By the time we’re in the third bikini shop, the visual stimulation is making me very horny. I love seeing how each bikini molds itself to her, hugs the most intimate parts of her body, and reveals so much of her naked skin. My penis responds by swelling, stiffening and tenting out my baggy shorts. I do what I can in an attempt to conceal my semi-erection, as to not embarrass the salesgirls, but they seem to be keeping a close watch on me, as if they instinctively know what effect Talia’s bikini-clad body has on me. While Talia is in the changing room, they repeatedly look at my obvious excitement and give me sly, knowing smiles.

Talia also notices the hard-on in my shorts and plays up her sexiness to cock-tease me even more. In turn, her nipples harden and poke out sharply through the bikini tops she’s modeling. The girl waiting on us, who is also the store manager, smiles broadly and looks back and forth between us.

“Well, I see our line of bikinis is meeting with your approval and are having a positive effect!”

Talia laughs and I smile sheepishly at the salesgirl. Her name is Keela, and she’s a bronze-skinned beauty about 22 years old. During the hour or so she’s been helping us, we’ve gotten friendly and conversational, and she calls us by our first names. Plenty of her skin is on display as well, as she’s wearing a short wraparound skirt, riding low on her hips and a halter top, both of an exotic Hawaiian print of green and white. I look at her medium sized breasts and see that her nipples are hard too. Keela once again glances down at my tented shorts.

“Sorry,” I say to the girl with a shrug.

“Oh, please, don’t apologize!” she says, looking at my concealed hard-on. “It’s one of the perks of the job!” Keela then lowers her voice a bit. “Honestly, some days I get so horny working here, I spend my entire lunch break in the back room masturbating.”

Talia and I agree that we like the mini-Brazilian cut bikini in bright yellow that she’s tried on. The material is very thin and formfitting and her prominent nipples poke out quite noticeably.

Before Talia goes back into the changing room to get dressed, Keela stops her.

"If you don’t mind,” she says, “I’d like to suggest a couple other styles that might interest you. They’re a bit more daring and revealing, but you might have fun trying them on! And I’m sure Roger wouldn’t mind seeing you in them!”

“Sure!” Talia says, and Keela goes back into the storeroom.

While we wait, I move toward Talia and take her in my arms, hugging her body to mine. She’s still wearing the last bikini she tried on. She smiles up at me and we kiss, my stiff cock pressing against her bare tummy, with only the fabric of my shorts between us.

“Okay, break it up, you two!” Keela giggles as she returns. In her hand she’s carrying what looks like a few strings and strands of fabric. “Some of these are a bit tricky, so I’d better help you put them on.” And Keela guides Talia back into the changing room and closes the door behind them.

Through the changing room door, I can hear the two girls talking and giggling, though I can’t quite make out what they’re saying. Mostly, it sounds like Keela giving instructions to Talia on how to put the bikinis on. They sound like they’re having a good time.

The door opens and Keela steps out first. She looks at me and says, “What do you think of this one?”

Talia steps through the door in a pale pink bikini much smaller than any she’d tried on so far.

“This is a mini-string,” says Keela. “The material is opaque, so you get full coverage…over what’s covered, that is. The panels are slightly adjustable, so you can expose more if you like.”

Keela reaches over and scrunches the material covering Talia’s tits together so that only a little more than her nipples and areolas are covered. She does the same with the bottoms, leaving only about a three inch strip of material covering her pussy.

After having a good long look at my girl in this tiny bikini, Keela escorts Talia back into the changing room. Glancing back over her shoulder, she smiles at me and says, “Get ready for the next one!”

A few minutes later, they emerge again. This time Talia is wearing a black bikini that actually covers more of her than the last one but the material is a wide mesh, making it virtually see-through. Nothing is left to the imagination. Nipples and pussy lips are clearly visible. My half-mast cock jerks to full stiffness in about three heartbeats. Both girls notice the movement in my loose shorts.

“Very favorable reaction to this one,” Talia says with a delighted laugh.

“This one combines seemingly total coverage with nearly total exposure,” Keela says. “You have the feeling of wearing a full bikini, while actually showing everything you’ve got!”

With my boner throbbing away in my shorts, I feel like I’m nearly showing everything I’ve got too. I watch Talia model the mesh bikini for a few minutes. Keela looks too but mostly she’s staring at my cock bulge and chewing on her lower lip.

“What do you think, Rog?” Talia striking a pose with hands on hips.

I smile. “You look really great in that one, Tal!”

“Okay, one more to try on,” Keela says. “And it’s a real naughty one!”

With Talia and Keela once again go behind closed doors, I take advantage of being alone and reach down inside the waistband of my shorts and wrap my hand around my hard, lust-filled cock. I give it a few slow, firm strokes and breathe a heavy sigh of relief, head tilted back and eyes closed. Apparently, my sigh was loud enough to be heard by one of the other salesgirls in the store.

She pops her head through the doorway into the waiting area. “Is everything alright?” she says with professional concern. But she quickly sees me standing there with my hand down my shorts rubbing my erection.

“Oh! I guess you’re doing okay,” she says with a knowing smile.

She’s a cute, petite, little blonde with tiny tits and a sunny face. She’s wearing a small bikini top and boy shorts. I half open my eyes and grin stupidly at her, but don’t stop slowly stroking my cock. She lets me look at her as I masturbate. Just then, the changing room door opens and Keela steps out.

She notices the other salesgirl. “Is there a problem, Jill?”

“No. I was passing by outside and heard someone moan. I thought someone was in distress and needed assistance.” Jill looks back at me and winks. “But I see everything is just fine.”

Keela only now looks at me and sees me reaching into my shorts and pumping my boner. She smiles and says, “Yes, it looks like Roger has things well in hand. Thank you, Jill.”

“Yes, thank you, Jill,” I whisper.

“My pleasure. Thank you ,” Jill says to me with a wicked smile. She quickly exits back into the shop.

“Hey! What’s going on out there?” we hear Talia’s voice from inside the changing room.

Keela answers back, “I think Roger is ready to see you in this last bikini!”

“What bikini?” Talia laughs. “There isn’t enough here to qualify as a bikini!”

Talia steps out into view saying, “I can’t believe I’m wearing this,” she says.

She’s right. What she’s wearing can scarcely be called a bikini. It’s basically the outline of a bikini…the connecting strings of a bikini without any pieces of fabric at all. The strings of the top frame each breast but leaving them completely bare. A string wraps around her waist and two strings descend into her crotch, outlining her smooth, hairless pussy. I force myself to remove my hand from my cock, because if I was to keep stroking while looking at Talia wearing this “bikini,” I would surely cum within a short time. As sexy as Talia looks, we’re all laughing at the ridiculousness of this suit.

“Geez!” Talia giggles. “Why bother with something like this? It would just be easier to just go nude!”

“But there are no nude beaches in Hawaii, Tal,” I say. So you gotta wear something.”

Through her laughter, Keela says, “Well, admittedly this bikini is kind of a joke, and we don’t really sell many of them. But I thought we’d all enjoy having you try it on!” Then Keela matter-of-factly says, “Actually there are several nude beaches in Hawaii. Every island has at least one. In fact, the one on Kauai isn’t far from here.”

Talia stops giggling and listens closely to Keela’s words and looks directly into my eyes.

“I go there pretty regularly,” Keela says. Noticing our interest, she says, “I could tell you where it is, if you’d like to know.”

Now the subject of going to a nude beach someday, somewhere, is something Talia and I have talked about a few times in the past. She has always the one to bring it up, with me being somewhat reluctant. Although, in spite of my apprehension, there has always been something appealing to me about the thought of being publicly nude. Especially if Talia is with me.

“Yes! Please!” Talia says. “Tell us where it is!” And looking at me again, “We might be interested.”

Keela quickly draws a simple map on a piece of paper. The beach is in fact only a few miles away. She explains that there are no “official” nude beaches in Hawaii, but there are a few places where the authorities turn a blind eye to nudity.

“It’s a beautiful beach, and very private and discrete,” she says. “I won’t tell you any more about it. It’ll be more fun for you to discover its surprises on your own. That is, if you decide to go.”

Talia says, “And speaking of decisions, I think I’ll take that yellow bikini I tried on earlier.”

“And…” I interject, “we’ll also take that black mesh number. You looked so hot in that, sweetie!”

Talia jumps for joy and runs over to hug and kiss me. And rubs her virtually naked body against me.

Talia returns to the changing room to get back into the clothes she came in. Keela and I wait for her in somewhat awkward silence.

“Well, I’ve sure enjoyed helping you and Talia with your shopping today,” Keela says breezily. She looks back down at my shorts, which are still bulging even though my cock has deflated a bit. She nervously clears her throat and says, “Excuse me, I want to have a word with Talia.” And she knocks twice on the door and lets herself in. I hear some conversation through the wall but can’t make out what’s being said. Soon, Keela come out carrying all the bikinis Talia tried on that we won’t be purchasing.

“I’ll just return these to the stockroom,” Keela says as she passes me.

In a couple minutes, Talia comes out of the changing room dressed in her own clothes, short-shorts and crop top. She puts her arms around me and we kiss.

“Thank you for the new bikinis,” she says. “This was one fun shopping trip!”

At that moment, Keela comes back into the little waiting area and she and Talia exchange glances.

Turning back to me, she says, “Keela asked if we could do her a favor. She asked me if I would mind if she could see your cock. I told her if all she wants to do is look at it, it’s okay with me.”

“I’m so horny from being with you two, I’ve got to go back to the storeroom and frig myself,” Keela says breathlessly. “Please? Please let me see it!”

“I’d kinda like to see it myself, Rog,” Talia says with a seductive smile. “Why don’t you show it to both of us?”

And before I can respond, Talia grabs the waistband of my shorts and pulls them down to my knees. My swollen penis pops up and bobs a few times in front of me.

“OH, MY GOD!” Keela breathes in a hoarse whisper. And as if by reflex, one of her hands dives under her short skirt and she starts rubbing her pussy. Her other hand grabs one of her tits.

“Here!” says Talia, “Let’s get it up to a full hard-on!” And she takes hold of my cock and strokes it lovingly. In a few seconds, my cock is at full staff.

“Wait! One more thing, please!” Keela says desperately, and she grabs a cell phone off the shelf. “Let me take a picture of it, pleeeeeasse!”

Talia keeps slowly pumping my cock with her hand and poses it for Keela to take a picture. My brain is spinning with the eroticism of the situation, and my prick throbs in Talia’s hand. She can tell how close I am to cumming.

“Let’s give her a real treat! Okay?” Talia whispers in my ear. Then turning to Keela, she says, “Does that phone take video?” Keela nods. “Well, start shooting, girl, cuz Roger’s gonna start shooting any second!”

Keela aims the camera phone at the two of us, and Talia strokes my cock more firmly. I squirm and moan and an instant later, streams of white cum are spraying from my cock.

“Holy fucking cum!” Keela says as she captures every spurt Talia pumps out of me.


“Thank you! Thank you both!” Keela says as we all gather ourselves and catch our breath. “I really wasn’t expecting that !”

Talia releases my cock from her hand and looks at the streaks and puddles of semen on the floor. I pull my shorts back up.

“Sorry we made a little mess on your floor,” Talia says with a sheepish grin.

Keela stares down at my cum. “Don’t worry, I’ll let Jill clean that up,” she says. “She won’t mind…especially if I let her watch the video! Keela flashes a big smile! “Here are the bikinis you chose. Take them to the front of the store and one of the girls will ring you up. I’d do it myself, but I need to go take care of my wet pussy. Thank you again for shopping with us! I think I need to take a long lunch.”

And with that, Keela dashes off toward the back of the store.

Back in the car and driving back to the condo, Talia questions me about going to the nude beach. Somehow, I new she would bring it up, having noticed the excitement in her eyes when Keela was talking about it in the bikini shop. I sit quietly smiling to myself as Talia makes her pitch, offering one point after another to convince me to agree.

• We’d have each other there for support.

• The beach is close-by.

• We wouldn’t have to stay long if we found it uncomfortable or embarrassing.

• We like seeing each other naked.

• This is a perfect opportunity to satisfy our curiosity about something we’ve fantasized about for a long time.

• It’s not like we’re going to run into anyone we know.

After making her many arguments, she ends with, “And I think we’re both closet exhibitionists. I loved trying on those bikinis in front of Keela. And I think you really enjoyed showing her your cock. Am I wrong about that?”

She’s not wrong. I truly did enjoy exposing my hard penis to Keela and letting her take pictures of it. But the thrill of her taking video as Talia jerked me off was mind-blowing!

I make up my mind but still sit silently as Talia awaits my answer.

“Okay!” I say emphatically. “But on one condition. That we do it tomorrow…before we think about it too much and change our minds.”

“Tomorrow!? That’ll only be our third day on the island!” Talia says, now feeling herself being challenged.

“Exactly!” I say with a big grin. “That way, if we like it, we’ll have time to do it again before our vacation is over.”

And so we agree to go to the nude beach the following day. Talia is as excited as if it was Christmas Eve!

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