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A Cure for Swellness

He presents the doctor with a hard problem she has to fix.

Doctor Jodie Wright whirled and pressed her back to the surgery door the moment it shut, sealing the small room from the patients waiting in the lobby. Her expression clouded, the arch of the wide window opposite reflected in her golden brown irises, as she stared at the back of the man ahead of her and hissed, "You shouldn’t be here."

She ran her fingers through the mane of taupe hair that pooled over her crisp white lab coat when he turned to face her. His smile was as warm as the room, the slight gap between his front teeth on display.

"Do you know how difficult it is to get an appointment in this place? I had to lie."

"Dammit, David. There are sick people out there." She jerked a thumb over her shoulder. "Real sick people."

"I am sick."

She released an exaggerated breath. "Really?"

"Yes. I have-" he consulted the A5 piece of paper he was clutching, his messy handwriting scrawled across it, "-an inflamed organ."

"Stop pissing about, David, you'll get me fire-"

"Mr. Johnson."

She faltered. "What?"

"That's my name. Mr. Clive Johnson. Says so right here." He waved the paper again.


"No, Johnson. J-O-H-N-S-"

"Shut up."

David seemed amused. "How long do you have, per patient?"

She pursed her lips. "Our target is fifteen minutes."

"Then you'd better be quick. Tick-tock."

She put her hands on her hips, eyed him from flaxen hair to polished shoes and sighed. "Okay then, Mister Johnson, how can I help you this lunch time?" Her plum accent enunciated the round vowels with a clarity afforded by her Buckinghamshire upbringing.

He blinked long lashes that Jodie wished she had, folding the sheet of paper into his back pocket. "I need an examination."

"Oh do you now?"

He nodded and looked down. "It's a serious condition."

She followed his gaze. Saw the sizeable bulge to which he was referring. "So when did this… condition present itself?"

"This morning."

"And how did it come about, pray tell?"

"Well that’s the thing. I was in the Sales meeting and you know how Tim likes to drone on about projections and forecasts. Especially when he gets his PowerPoint on. And he…" Jodie looked at her watch and folded her arms. "Anyway, my mind started to wander. Mainly thinking about what we did last night."

He paused and scratched his nose. After searching for a glimmer of recognition she wasn't going to give, he continued. "I kept seeing you bent over the sofa. The way you presented that flawless bottom to me. The way you spread it. And the way you let me take you… there, where you’ve never let me before."

"We were a bit drunk."

"Yes, but still. I loved it. Loved listening to you beg when you got into it. Reminded me of when we were on that plane to ‘Frisco, you remember? Back row?"

Jodie coloured a little and shifted her weight to the other side of her body. "Of course I remember."

"I thought about when you leant across me as if looking at the clouds below us and put your hand under the blanket in our laps. It was so hot. Even hotter when you took my cock out. Made me hard in no time. I especially loved when you pulled your skirt up and whispered in my ear, begging me to take you right there in the seat. And then turned away to face the aisle, shoving your sweet round butt against me."

His voice caught in his throat before he swallowed and went on. "I thought back to how I pulled your underwear aside and had to make it look like we were curled up asleep. But that flight attendant wasn’t fooled, watching us make love. I swear she was sat in the galley with her hand in her knickers the whole time. So, yeah, after sitting there thinking about all that, I developed," he looked down again, "a bit of a problem."

Despite being riled by his unannounced presence, Jodie had to suppress a smirk, flashing another look at his crotch. "So I see."

"I think it needs looking at."

She roved her gaze from his sapphire eyes and tapered nose, beyond the few days of stubble, down his pinstriped shirt to settle longer on his zipper. "Looks fine from here. Nothing a cold shower won't fix. You can go. Make my stats look good."

He waited until she dragged her eyes to his. "A closer inspection is required. You can't take in all the… nuances of this condition from there."

"I'd love to but seriously don't have time."

David fixed her with a stare. "Then I guess I'll have to tell the receptionist you refused to see me. Won't look good on your precious statistics."

He made to take a step towards her svelte form blocking the doorway.

"Fine." Jodie sighed theatrically. "What is it you want?"

"Your expertise." David made his words slow and precise, a gravelly timbre to them. "Come closer."


"Because doctors need to examine patients. Need to touch them."

She didn't move at first. Just stared him down before taking a single step forward, sensible flats barely a whisper on the tiled floor.

David growled. "Closer."

One more step. Then another, until she was in his shadow, half a head shorter than he was. The orange blossom and cinnamon notes of his aftershave filled her nostrils.

His eyes strayed to her body. She saw him take in the considerable swell of her breasts beneath the lab coat as he spoke. "Aren't you going to examine me?"

Jodie waited for him to finish ogling then crept her hand towards his body. She touched his sculpted chest. "Does it hurt here, Mr. Johnson?"

David breathed in. "No. Lower."

She walked her fingers. "Here?"

"Lower," he exhaled.

"Oh. How about… here?" She brushed the strong bulge through his trousers, feeling him engorge.

"Yes. Right there."

Jodie traced the outline of his cock, impressive and hard. She felt a tingle inside. "It does seem to be rather inflamed," she purred and he nodded. "I think I have some medicine to help it go down. Might not work immediately."

Rubbing more insistently, the tingle became a fluttering in her belly. Even though she'd been initially indignant about her husband's appearance, listening to him recounting their inappropriate public behaviour, running her fingertips over his firm shaft, and witnessing him draw breath with each touch felt decidedly naughty. Especially at work.

She weighed up the odds. A few feet the other side of the unlocked door were patients. Strangers. On top of that, colleagues were prone to walk in unannounced. Too much noise or a stroke of bad luck and it might spell the end of her career.

But the pair of them had taken risks before. Considerable risks. She shivered, yet warmed as thoughts churned in her mind. That time at the far edge of the park beneath celestial blue sky, David lying back on the ground, her sitting pantyless astride him in a flowing strappy dress that covered the indiscretion beneath.

She had a Kindle in her hands, the latest Mandy Baggot on the screen. He had a Reacher novel. Innocent enough from a distance. People around them were virtually oblivious to her inner sexual turmoil as her hips rotated ever so slightly, their pubic bones grinding together. Just enough to cause David's length to rock back and forth inside her needy slit. Enough to massage the perfect spots that made her sopping wet.

Anyone passing who looked close enough might have seen telltale signs that the pages of both their books were forgotten. Her mouth slightly agape. Nipples firm and visible through the thin bra; a combination of desire and the gentle breeze. Perhaps the tiny undulations of her hips as she kept herself on edge. They wouldn’t see the cream oozing from her body and rolling down David's rigid shaft into his boxer shorts, but Jodie knew it was there. A frothy manifestation of want.

She had kept them both excited throughout; periodically nodding, mouthing things like "Yes" and "Fuck me" to him until neither could stand it any longer. Until she passed boiling point and came in a shattering orgasm that she wasn't convinced she managed to keep completely to herself. When he saw her face screwed up in pleasure, he flooded her insides with a seemingly endless torrent of sticky spunk. Spunk that leaked out of her and drizzled to the seat of her dress, long after she'd rolled off him to the grass alongside. It had been reckless. Exciting.

Invigorated by the memory, Jodie sank to her knees. Let her fingers roam to his waistband. Bringing her other hand into play, she fumbled with the buckle and loosened it, then unbuttoned his dark grey work trousers. Tugging the zip, she could feel his heat from within against her face. Moreso when she pulled his Marvel boxers down and his erection sprang free, beyond Thor's hammer and Hulk's fist.

He drew a breath when she enclosed his stiffness with her hand, gently sliding back the foreskin to reveal the darker flesh of the head beneath. "My, it is inflamed."

"Mmmm. Is there anything you can do?"

Jodie appraised his beautiful cock. "I can prescribe some fellatio. Might help with the swelling."

"You're the doctor."

Gliding her hand up and down his velvety tumescence, Jodie brought her lips to the tip. Let her hot breath play over him for a moment, listening to his breathing quicken, then pushed forward. He gave a low moan as her mouth engulfed him down to where her hand gripped the base, then drew back. Half the shaft glistened in the dappled sun that danced into the room through the trees outside.

She trailed her hands to either side of David's waist, looked up demurely into his eyes and slid her lips again over his raging hardness, gently pulling him towards her. Each centimetre that disappeared into her hot mouth triggered a little thrill deep inside her.

By the time she broke eye contact and had its entirety nudging the entrance to her throat, the annoyance at his interruption had all but vanished.

David exhaled sharply. "Fuck."

With deliberate slowness, Jodie reversed until just the tip remained captured. She swirled her tongue around the bulbous head, tasting the sweetness of pre-come before releasing him, hands dropping to her lap. She watched hungrily as his wet shaft bobbed between them. "Is the medicine working?"

He tilted his head, appraising. "Maybe another shot."

A glimmer of a smile flashed across Jodie's lips, her cheeks lightly flushed. She reached for him again, but David interrupted.

"No hands."

"A direct injection? That might be more effective."

Jodie changed the trajectory of her hands. She brushed her breasts through the starched lab coat, juddering at the touch, then traced her sides and full, curvy hips before resting her hands together behind her back, wrists crossed. She tucked her left thumb into its palm and gripped it tight with the remaining four fingers, compressing the pressure point. A trick learned from the Internet to control her gag reflex. She had no idea how it worked.

David reached for her, took hold of the back of her head and guided her forward, placing the end of his cock at the entrance to her willing mouth. She opened up to let him slide in. One-third. Two-thirds. Further and further until wiry pubes tickled her nose.

Fighting for breath when he was fully within, she shook her head from side to side and listened to his groans of appreciation as he gripped and held her in place. Jodie coughed around him, cheeks billowing, but he retained his grip. She snorted, breathing in hard through her nose and mouth where possible, taking everything he forced into her. Still he held on, grinding her against his pelvis, cock flaring in her soft, wet mouth and throat.

Jodie felt dampness form in her underwear beneath her pencil skirt moments before David released her. She jerked her head back, vision blurred, eyes streaming. She wiped them with the back of her hand. Sat there looking up at him, powerful above her, impressive cock soaked with spit and jutting proud. She sucked in breath, panting until she could speak clearly. "Oh dear, Mr. Johnson. It seems my medicine has made things worse."

David regarded himself and nodded, jaw a little slack. "What options do we have?"

"Hmmm. Perhaps we should wrap it up? Somewhere wet and tight? See if the swelling goes down in due course?"

"Where do you suggest, Doctor?" he drawled, his eyes widening.

Jodie loved that look when he was under her spell. The uncontrollable spark inside that made his mouth curl up a little at one side. She rose to her feet and released the lowest popper from the lab coat. Hiking her navy skirt until she was barely decent, she reached beneath and rolled her knickers down her bare legs. The white panties hit the floor, gusset up and they both saw the tiny wet spot that had begun to form. She stepped out of them, crouched to pick them up and handed the warm garment to him.

Closing the short distance between them, she leaned in on tiptoes and their mouths met, crushing together in a torrid kiss, his stubble scratchy and manly against her chin. She grabbed for his empty hand, turned it to face her and drew it between her parted thighs, feeling him curl into her fiery snatch beneath the bunched skirt, fingers grazing her readying entrance.

Pulling back from his mouth a moment, she breathed, "I suggest here," then kissed him hard again as she felt him slither one, then two fingers inside her.

Cupping her mound, David pressed his fingers into the front wall of her channel, trapping her clit against his palm. She squirmed as he massaged the area, aware of her heart galloping, a delicious heat coursing her body.

The heat transformed into a dark hunger, taking over. Uncontrollable lust. She bit his lip, perhaps a little too hard as she felt him flinch. To make up for hurting him, she pushed her tongue into his mouth, seeking his, their duelling passion making her increasingly wet around his fingers.

When the kiss tailed off, only lips brushing and tasting one another, she eased away and felt the digits slither from her body. They came to rest glimmering at his side. Wordlessly, she strode a few paces to her wood veneer desk. Shoving the pen pot and desk calendar to one side she leaned over, pressing her chest into its surface alongside the computer screen. She flipped the lab coat up at the back and slid the skirt further upward, exposing her succulent, creamy behind to her husband's obvious delight. When she reached back and spread her slick pussy lips, his expression took on an even greater glow.

David held his waistband in place and stepped over, cock leading the way. Giving her upturned bottom a playful slap, he wasted no more time of his appointment. He angled his raging hard on towards her open entrance and drove inside. Jodie gasped and chewed her lip to control the level of noise, releasing her pussy and gripping the desk edge alongside her hips to hold on as he sank to the hilt.

The first few thrusts were deliciously deep and slow. Strokes that drew wetness from her to lubricate his wide shaft. She stared across the desk surface, cheek against the cool wood, eyeing the patient bed and its privacy curtain in the corner, partly wishing they were hidden behind it, mostly thrilled they weren't.

Her ragged breathing condensed on the desk as his actions lengthened until he was pulling out fully and slamming inside her juicy canal. Her whole body tingled. Felt wicked inside. Invigorated. Alive. A slave to her needs, the breath bursting from her lungs with each thrust.

Her husband stopped at the extent of an inward stroke and she raised her head, looking back to see him holding one edge of her knickers steady and spinning the other. He twisted the material until the leg holes were just small apertures.

"Hands behind your back."

She did as he asked without compunction, slithering her arms above where he was buried. He slotted one of her hands through a leg hole and the other to match, the crude handcuffs securing her wrists. Satisfied, he grabbed handfuls of her milky exposed rump, peeled the cheeks slightly apart so he could see everything, drew back and hammered into her dripping pussy.

Jodie could barely contain herself. Her gasps came louder than she would have preferred and she tried to stifle the sounds leaking through the door and walls. But despite the considerable risk, she couldn't stop. Wouldn't let him stop. It was such a thrill being restrained on her office desk in the middle of the day, her pussy lips split over and over by her husband's steel. She swore it felt bigger than ever.

Through gritted teeth, she urged him on in hoarse whispers, loaded with necessity. "Fuck me hard. Yes, that's it. Come on… harder."

David ramped up the pace. The room was filled with the sound of their bodies slapping together, and the repetitive click of juices drizzling from around her slick lips.

He spanked her without warning. The slap rang out and Jodie threw a panicked look to the door, shaking her head no. David instead pulled her cheeks apart wider and spat into the crease. He massaged his thumb over the crinkled dark opening. Jodie began to nod so he wormed his thumb inside her to the first knuckle and left it there like a crude butt plug while he pounded away.

There was an edge to her snarled whispers. "Oh, David, yes. You like that? Like fingering my bum?" He nodded enthusiastically. "You want to fuck it again one day? Feel how tight it is around your huge cock? Listen to me moan and come while you fill your dirty wife's arse with hot spunk?"

From his gritted teeth and faraway gaze, she didn't need a reply. Loved how she could control him with just her words. When they were dating, he'd confessed he had a thing for her 'posh chick' accent, convinced she had a wild streak underneath. Sugar coated filth, he had called her. Over the years, she'd proved him right.

David's pace was unrelenting, elevating her stroke by stroke. Jodie stared hard, her focus zeroed over her shoulder on his eyes. She could feel herself losing control. Fought desperately to keep her emotions in check, to prolong the feeling of the electric sparks rocketing through her veins, but became aware of hissing "Yes" and "More" until the words merged into an unintelligible series of moans.

Moments later her vision swam and she knew it was too much. Heat burst from inside her, radiating through her entire body. Her stomach that was being slammed against the desk knotted, sending twists of pleasure spiralling to her inflamed clit. Her walls clamped around him and she froze, breath suspended in her lungs for several long seconds as stars exploded in her brain; a kaleidoscope of colour unleashed behind eyes that she squeezed shut to contain.

Aware of momentary weightlessness, her entire being became interconnected. Physical. Emotional. Everything wound tight together, blasted high above the surgery, soaring alongside birds and the trees and the wind until she reached the apex from where she could see for miles beyond the city limits.

Moments later, the feeling reversed. Downward acceleration, becoming heavier. Falling. Leaving part of herself behind, the rest plummeting; stretched like a carrier bag handle under the weight of too much shopping. Then it all released at once and spilled.

She shoved back against her husband and held there, spasming, pulsing and panting. Her nipples felt as if they could bore holes in the desk surface. She came like never before. A mess of neurons and atoms colliding like mini nuclear reactions inside her needy frame. She felt wet. Drenched. And it wasn't until the rushing in her ears began to fade that she realised it was partially David's come that had fired inside her. She'd barely noticed, too wrapped up in her own orgasm.

He was panting as well, his thumb still pressed into her winking arsehole. He shuddered behind her, grinding against her boiling centre, reaching deep, remnants of his release dribbling to pool in her slippery pussy.

Spent, he extricated his thumb and rubbed her bottom where he'd slapped her. "Fuck, you're amazing."

She managed a weak smile. "Shall we see if you're cured, Mr. Johnson?"

David slithered from her. He rolled the makeshift handcuffs from Jodie's wrists and helped her stand. After wiggling her skirt down, she held her hand out for her knickers. David shook his head and put them in his trouser pocket. "Later."

"Don't be an arse! I can't sit here all afternoon leaking come into my skirt talking to patients."

David just grinned. Looked down at his withering cock splotched with their come. "Looks like your treatment plan worked. Thank you, Doctor." He tucked it back into his boxers and refastened his trousers. Crossing the room, he reached for the door handle.


He paused. "What?"

"You can't just go."

He looked at his watch. "Can't mess up your stats now, can I?" She stood there, hands on hips as he opened the door, then looked back again. "Oh, you might want to… you know…" he pointed to his own eyes, left, right, left.

Jodie's expression tanked and she ran round the desk, scrabbling in the top drawer for her compact. Her hair was a mess on one side, eyeliner smudged beneath both sockets, and a dark line of mascara had run down her cheek.

She heard David call out to the patients in the hallway, "Doctor Wright is available now. She’s the best!" and the door clicked shut. Frantically, she licked her fingers and tried to make herself presentable in the mirror. Adrenaline pumped, her body still fizzing, cheeks flushed. Nothing she could do about it.

There was a knock at the door.

With one last glance at her dishevelled form, she finger-combed her hair, shoved the compact away and planted herself in the swivel chair. She felt David’s come oozing from her distended slit as she slid the pen pot and returned the calendar to its place, then called out, "Come in."

As the lady doddered inside, all blue rinse and wispy facial hair, Jodie reached for the dispenser to squirt some sanitizing gel and rubbed her hands together in the way she’d been taught. "Hello, I’m Dr. Wright."

"Hello deary. That young man certainly seemed pleased with his treatment."

"Yes, he did." Jodie felt her cheeks burning. "We aim to please. So, how can I help?"

The lady wheezed into the patient chair alongside the desk and Jodie waited for her to settle and place her handbag in her lap. "It’s me bunions. Giving me flaming hell they are."

"I’m sure we can get them sorted. Let me jus-" Jodie’s desk phone trilled, the reception light winking on the console. "Sorry. Excuse me a moment."

She picked up the receiver. "Yes?"

"Hi, Jodie. Mr. Johnson is here. Says he might need more treatment later in the week. You have a free slot on Friday. A cancellation. That okay?"

A smile grew on Jodie’s face along with a surge of excitement in the pit of her stomach. "That's fine. Tell him he can fill any available slot he wants."



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