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Occupation Stories

Occupation based sex stories, are those where the job of the main character or characters, is the attraction.

Stories of naughty nurses, hot firefighters, fit personal trainers, lustful lawyers, dirty doctors, probing pilots, handy massage therapists, mile high club loving flight attendants and estate agents who leave you in a real state, belong in here.

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The Steele Files: (C1) Darren's First Day

After living a completely sheltered life, Darren starts his first job.

Darren Locke still couldn’t believe he was now living in New York City, about to begin his first job with Steele Enterprises. As he went through the center of the three revolving doors to enter the famous Steele Towers, his excitement was palpable. He was...

Lights Camera Action - First Scene

Bill, a regular at a local coffee shop, becomes the star of explicit videos for an adult website when two intriguing women offer him the role of a lifetime

I settled into my usual spot by the window of the coffee shop. The aroma of fresh coffee enveloped me. It was a refuge from daily life, where I could lose myself in caffeine and solitude. The two women sitting across the room had become a familiar sight t...

DiscreetOfficeServices.Com Chapters 11--12

Sometimes, it's all about how you earn success!

Chapter 11... The Present... "Well, it wasn't my idea!" Danny's voice was a strained whisper. We were in his room with the door shut. "I signed on as a fake girlfriend. Not to sleep with you," my whisper was just as quiet and strained. "I wanted a little...

DiscreetOfficeServices.Com Chapters 17--18

Sometimes, it's all about how you earn success!

Chapter 17... The Present... Danny sat in thought, processing all I'd told him. “So, you’ve been lying to your parents for almost a year, and then to me…” “Danny,” I shut off the hair blower and looked at him. “I know you have trust issues but the only th...

TALLULAH - Queen Of The Pole

Tallulah is fascinating to watch when on stage, hypnotic movements within her routine, will Angel be able to resist her?

Tallulah means "leaping water". The name is believed to have originated from the Choctaw language, meaning "leaping water" or "waterfall." It is a name that is both symbolic and spiritual, representing the power and beauty of nature. I am Tallulah, I'm ni...

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Nurse Paula Three

Vince gets a text, from Paula?

Friday finally arrived and Paula was pumped. It was months since the girls had got together and tonight was going to be fun. You know the thing, like it was only yesterday you last chatted and carry on from where you left off, practically carrying on the...

DiscreetOfficeServices.Com Chapters 15--16

Sometimes, it's all about how you earn success!

Chapter Fifteen... The Present... “WHAT DO YOU TWO WANT?” After my yell there was complete silence outside our door. Amber and Brie were no doubt wondering whether to answer or flee. Perhaps I overreacted? My only excuse was that I'd reached my limit of ‘...

Nurse Paula Two

Paula and Vince find themselves together again, and talk about what next.

Paula was late at the clinic due to several factors. Not least because the system for ordering more supplies was being fussy. Finally, it let her place the order and she could begin the final odds and ends of closing up. She saw the light that indicated t...

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Unleash Your Inner Cougar!

Open your legs, Mrs Chopra. Now it's my turn to cum.

Priya Chopra watched the last children leave the gates at the end of the day and sighed, relieved that the working week was over. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy her job as a teaching assistant at a small Kingston primary school, nor did she have any exci...

April & Summer Encounter - Part 1

Possible DUI squirts on Police Officer

It was a warm July Saturday at 2:00 am and I was driving eastbound on 6th Street and saw a white BMW waving and crossing the lanes of travel several times. I followed for a few blocks thinking I had a drunk driver in front of me due to the poor driving. I...

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Sometimes, a truth well told is the best way to cover your tracks.

‘You didn’t fucking hire her?!’ ‘Yes! Yes! I did!’ ‘Fuck me, Bobby! She’s fucking illiterate. You’ve hired a copywriter that can’t fucking write!’ ‘How would you fucking know, Johnny? You write like a bored schoolboy who’s rushing to finish the words bit...

Nurse Paula

Christmas drinks lead to ...

It was the most sudden orgasm of her life, and one of the best. Paula is a part time nurse in a doctors surgery, a GP practice. Aged fifty-two she is still slim and fit, maybe not a head turner but if looked at there is a nice body under her light blue sc...

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