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Punishment Required

Punishment Required

Can He Really Get Away With This?
'Can’t be late, can’t be late. I made a promise to him.’ The same few words roll through my thoughts as I tap out the last few entries for the day.

My boss has finally trusted me to do more than getting coffee, taking calls and running around getting people their lunches. It has taken me eight long, tiring months to move up to the next level in an already shitty job, but one that leads to a more promising position.

The ticking of the clock is barely above of a whisper, or it usually is. However, today it is like a war-call that is thundering throughout the room, alerting me that I’m running late. I keep looking up at it, watching the time skate by, as if the clock knows I need to finish by six.

Mr. Pierce has thirty people working for him. On the day shift, which is when I work, there are fifteen total and the other fifteen work the late shift, putting our magazines and ads together. I’m told their job is even more stressful than ours and I believe it.


I had to beg Mr. Pierce for the job. He was looking for someone fresh, someone from outside of the office. I swore I was the girl for the job. I’ve gone through college, I have all the right degrees, but I am young and a female, so he has his doubts. Of course, that isn’t what he told me. When he hired me as an intern, the other people in the office told me to get comfortable in my position.

My. Pierce isn’t the kind of guy to let the real young ones move up ahead too quickly, male or female. I didn’t listen to the rumors, at least I didn’t let them get me down. I just worked even harder and stayed out of the way.

It took me days to even get a moment to talk to him about the job. The first time I had the chance to speak with him, he was on a call and only half listened, and eventually ushered me out of his office. By the third time, he actually listened to me…

“Are you truly willing to do whatever it takes to do this job, Emily?” Mr. Pierce asked, his face is blank, almost bored looking.

“Anything, Mr. Pierce! I know I can do the job, if you just give me a chance,” I rushed the words out, afraid he’d walk out of his office and leave me wondering if I had the job.

“You realize there will be punishments if you don’t finish tasks on time, correct?”

“Oh yes, I know! I can do it.” I gave him my best smile.


He hired me and now it’s been two weeks. Two of the longest weeks of my life. I knew that there would be more to this job once I moved up, but I had no idea it was this complicated. I don’t want to get into trouble, so I’ve been so focused on my work I haven’t had time for anything else.

Just as I hit the submit key, the clock chimes six o’clock. I barely made it by the skin of my teeth and I let out a sigh. As we close at five, everyone else has already left, except for me and Mr. Pierce. Our job goes on until six, making sure everything is ready for the next day.

“Nice job, Emily. You just made it. A minute later, and I would have had to give you a spanking.” Mr. Pierce announces, when he steps out of his private office.

I’m at a loss for words by what Mr. Pierce just said. I can feel the heat rise up on my cheeks and I gaze down at my computer as it shuts down. “Uh, yeah, good thing, huh?” I mumble.

“Goodnight, Emily. See you bright and early.”


“What? Fuckin’ hell, Em. He really said he was gonna spank you?” Alex, my best friend and roommate asks me, while we eat leftover Chinese on our used couch in front of the TV. “You’re bullshittin’ me.”

“I’m not. I swear, and he said it with such a serious tone, like it would actually happen. I didn’t even know how to take it, ya know?”

“Uh, duh! He is one of the most stuck-up, snobby people I’ve ever met. He thinks he is so entitled.” Alex has never liked Mr. Pierce because he does act like he is better than everyone around him.

“Eh, I think that’s just 'cause he owns a magazine. It might not be a hella big one, but I guess if I owned something, I’d be snobby too,” I giggle and Alex joins in.

“No way. You’re like the most down to earth chicks I know. Now shut up and hand me an eggroll, bitch.”

I hand her one, but I can’t get what he said out of my head. What if he was for real? That has to be a sexual harassment lawsuit in the making. Hell, just the threat of one is, surely. Would I stop it?

I mean, sure he’s a snob and he’s full of himself, but he is good looking. He’s twenty years older than I am, but he still has a full head of dark brown hair, a nice smile, when he does smile, broad shoulders, and always looks good in his suit.


The next morning I can’t even make eye contact with Mr. Pierce. I feel as though he can read my thoughts now. All last night, while I was trying to sleep, I kept thinking of him. If he were for real, and if I might want to do it. I wonder if he has done this to other employees or just me. If he hasn’t, why me? If he has, does that make me mad, annoyed, or even grossed out?

I keep expecting him to make another pass at me and I start to feel silly as the day goes on. Nothing out of the ordinary happens and I relax, until five, when everyone else leaves. ‘What if he does it now? Now that everyone is gone. Do I want him to? Is he serious?’ I feel as though I’m going crazy.

Six comes and Mr. Pierce comes out of his office, wishes me a goodnight and leaves. I almost feel disappointed and I’m not sure why. I’m starting to wish he had. What would come out of it though, if he had?

Even as my evening goes on, I think if ‘what if’. It turns me on thinking about it. He’s a good looking man and he’s single. At least I know he’s not married, because his wife left him about a year ago, since he was always working. A few of the female employees gossip about his status a lot during lunch.


Over the next few weeks, nothing happens. We continue to work as we have for the last several months. Alex seems to have forgotten about the whole thing and I haven’t said a word about it to anyone else.

“See ya, Emily,” Jenna calls out to me. She’s the last one to leave, besides me and the boss.

“Have a wonderful weekend, Jenna.”

“After this long week, for sure. See ya Monday.”

She waves and I get back to work. Friday’s are always the most stressful, because everything needs to be set up for the Sunday edition, along with codes and Monday rally. That’s where people get picked to do certain articles, so everyone has a fair chance at getting the good ones.

I’m already behind on my work, because I had to help Jimmy with his computer problems. Now I fear I’m not going to get my own work done. The ticking of the clock, like every evening, is loud and knowing. I feel that evening panic that fills me with fear, but also a rush to finish. It’s become a game to me. A serious game, but a game nonetheless.

Lost in my work, I don’t even hear the clock anymore, I’m too focused. I want to win this game, as I have every night so far. I don’t know if it is because I’ve gotten too sure of myself, or helping Jimmy on his computer problems, but the next thing I hear is Mr. Pierce’s voice.

“Emily,” he says, still in his office. His voice loud and demanding, but not rude. “Could you come in here please?”

I glance up at the clock and it's ten minutes after six. ‘Shit, shit, shit. Oh god, I’ve really fucked this one up. Damnit, now I’m gonna get fired!’ My heart is racing so hard in my chest, I can feel it thump against my ribcage.

“Coming…” I say, standing, trying to steady my breathing. I flatten my skirt and I head to his office. My hands won’t stop shaking.


When I enter Mr. Pierce’s office, he only briefly looks up at me, then waves a hand towards one of the chairs in front of his desk, motioning for me to take a seat. He continues to tap away on his laptop for several minutes, not looking at me or saying a word.

I’m not sure if I should say something or just sit there and wait. I use common sense and say nothing, mostly because I’m afraid of being fired…

After several long moments, Mr. Pierce looks up at me as he closes his laptop. His desk is neater than any desk ought to be, with just his laptop, a single light and a photo of his niece and nephews. During the days, his desk is littered with paperwork and files, like anyone else. However, we all have personal items on ours as well, to make it easier to go about our days.

“It seems, Miss Donovan, that you are late today. It’s been what, almost three months since you’ve started your new job? I had high hopes for you, but after today, I don’t know. I know it’s only ten minutes, but I strictly said six o’clock, didn’t I?”

I know he’s upset, as he uses my last name. Mr. Pierce is fairly laid-back with that kind of thing. He doesn’t sound angry, his voice is professional, as I have always known him to be. Except there is an undertone, I just can’t place it. I try not to focus too much on it and more at the words he is saying.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Pierce. There was a lot of work to do and I had to help someone with a computer issue. That took longer than I'd hoped, but I knew I could fix it. I didn’t see the point in bringing someone in to do it.”

“Was that your call to make?” He asks and I feel as though I’ve overstepped.

“No, it wasn’t, but I knew I could do it. Again, I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything to make it up to you, Mr. Pierce. Please don’t fire me.” My lip is quivering at this point, but I hold back tears. I’m not going to be that kind of girl.

“Anything?” he asks, with a hint of darkness in his voice. It doesn’t scare me, it’s sexy and thrilling and sends a racing chill through my body.

“Yes, anything…” I let the word linger in the air, watching him. I don’t look away from him, holding my own ground.

“Lift up your skirt and bend over my desk.” His voice is controlled and demanding. “I told you, you’d get a spanking, if you were late. This is how I’m going to do it.”

“What? You’re gonna spank me like a child, because I was late on my work? You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I’m very serious, Emily. That, or you can be demoted or… you can quit your job and try and find something better.”

All of my options seem extreme. I certainly don’t want to be demoted back to running out for coffee. The idea of trying to find another magazine company to give me a chance is slim, I doubt I’d get a reference from Mr. Pierce and I’d have to start all over again. Is my best choice really to get a spanking? What happens if I’m ever late again?

“This is real?” I choke out, my voice tight. “Is this how it’s always going to be?”

Mr. Pierce leans back in his chair, a smile on his face. He doesn’t say anything, just watches me, I can see the wheels spinning inside his head. It also gives me time to think as well. Two can play at this game. If that’s how he wants it, so be it…

“Yes, that’s how it’s going to be,” he finally replies.

I stand up, saying nothing and hike my already too tight skirt up and over my shapely thighs and around my waist. I turn away from him, giving him a full view of my ass, before I slide my lacy undies down over my silky smooth skin. I release several buttons from their eyelet holes, showing off my matching bra.

Taking the photo and lamp off the desk, it gives me more room to lie over it, and I wait for Mr. Pierce to give me my punishment.

Like me, he doesn’t say a word. He comes around the desk to stand behind me. His fingers graze over my ass gently. I rest my head on my arms, which are folded over one another, the coolness of the desk pressed against my chest and stomach. Now that I’ve come this far, the naughty slut in me is doing backward flips. My nipples are hard, like tiny pebbles hidden away in my bra. My body is already loving this and nothing truly has started.

“I knew you were a special girl, Emily. I knew it the day I hired you almost a year ago. You have this look when you’re really deep in your work, your right eyebrow lifts in such away, searching for the answers. You chew your lip when you’re debating on something,” his voice is calm, seductive and sexy as hell.

My breathing is steady, but his words are seeping into me, tracing over my body as if he is embedding them into me.

“Your laugh is like angels singing. I know that sounds corny, but it is true. I’ve not found anyone as attractive as I do you in a long time, Emily. And I’m not even talking about how stunning I find your outer beauty to be. However, you’re a complete knock-out in that department too.”

I have lost focus listening to his words, so when his hand connects sharply against my ass,I let out a screaming moan. It hurts like a motherfucker but it feels so good that I press my ass back against him.

“But, rules are rules, little girl. I said six, so six it is. I take my job very seriously and I expect my employees to do the same. This magazine is my child and people like you, you’re like a nanny. You help me take care of it, raise it, help make it grow into something more.” He smacks my ass a second time and I cry out once again.

He slaps me again, quicker this time. My ass feels as though it is on fire, and I’m squirming my round cheeks towards him for more. I’m dripping wet, I can feel it slipping down my thighs and I’m breathing heavily. He does it again and again, quick repetitions against my bottom.

“Are you going to be late again?” He asks, after one more blow to my backside.

My breathing is rapid, gasping to breathe in air. “I always do my best, Mr. Pierce. I promise to continue to do my very best,” I quiver out my reply.

“Very well… You may stand up.”

Mr. Pierce takes a step back, allowing me to stand on steady feet. Once I do, I move to sit on one of the chairs. “Okay then Mr. Pierce. Your turn.” I give him a smile.

“My turn,” he asks, raising an eyebrow. “My turn for what?”

“Well… As I see it, you got the pleasure of spanking me because I was late on finishing my work. Now my ass is tender and I’m turned on, because I love a good smacking. My pussy is aching, so, use that tongue of yours for something useful. Other than threatening to demote me.”

Mr. Pierce looks as though he has been smacked in the face and sucker punched all at the same time. I can’t get a grasp if he is amused, annoyed or shocked by what I’ve said. For all I know, it’s all of the above.

That’s on him. I’m not about to let a man treat me like that, without a little payback in return. That isn’t how I work. Besides, he’s the one who started this little game, I’m just taking my turn. He didn’t know I had one, but, I do.

“Nicely played, Miss Donovan. I knew you were a smart girl, clever as well.” Mr. Pierce moves down to his knees, parting my thighs.

The aroma of my sex travels up to my nostrils and I take a deep breath. Mr. Pierce does the same and moans, moving closer to my pussy. I widen my legs and he climbs closer to me. Mr. Pierce moves his hands under my legs and pulls me more on the edge of the chair and lightly traces his tongue along my cleft.

His tongue is warm and welcoming, compared to the cool breeze from his controlled air system that blows on my thighs. He laps at my slit several times, before pushing his tongue into my opening. He searches for my clit and finds it quickly. I moan out, grabbing a hold of my tits and squeezing them tightly.

“Mr. Pierce, oh, I knew your tongue was good for something,” I tell him as his mouth roams my pussy.

He kisses my lips, which have grown puffy and he sucks on them, before letting them go. Burying his tongue deep inside my pussy, pushing it in and out, over and over again. He looks up at me while he does this, I look down at the dark pools of his eyes and let out a moan of appreciation.

My arousal heightens higher, I grows nearer and I move my body in time with his tongue. I ride against his face as he fucks me with his tongue. I let one of my hands that is on my tit go down to his hair and hold him in place. “Fuck yes… Oh God! Mr. Pierce, don’t stop.” I plea with him, my legs shaking uncontrollably.

I can feel my pussy juice dripping down over my asshole, causing me to squirm even more. Mr. Pierce laps against my entire pussy, with long strokes, like a dog that is dying of thirst and quenching it for the first time in days. I cum hard on his tongue, but he doesn’t let loose. His tongue moving faster over my pussy, darting inside me, then back up to suck and lap at my clit.

Shaking hard, I feel as though my body is going to slide right off the chair. Mr. Pierce is the only thing keeping me from doing just that. He stands quickly, pulling me with him off of the chair and suddenly I’m back over the desk. My breath is caught in my throat, my chest is slamming hard and I feel dizzy. Like I’m under some kinda spell.

“Can’t stop there. Might as well go for the whole nine yards. Whatcha say, Miss Donovan?” Mr. Pierce asks, but doesn’t really. His cock finds my entrance in a flat second and he thrusts deeply inside me. “Fuck girl! Goddamn baby, that’s it. Oh, take it all.”

I don’t even know when he had a chance to take his cock out of his pants, but he obviously did. Possibly while he was going down on me. Now he’s inside my pussy, pounding me into another heighten raptured paradise. He moves in deep, short strokes, bouncing off of me. I stand on my tippy toes and push back against him.

Though I haven’t had a look at his cock, I can tell he has been blessed in that department. He fucks me faster, holding onto my body tightly as I listen to his moans mixed with the soft creaking of his wooden desk. My ass is still tender. With each thrust inside me, he slams against my ass and I’m reminded of the spanking he gave me.

“I’m gonna cum, if you keep that up,” he laughs through a moan.

“Ain’t that the point, Mr. Pierce?” I ask him, squeezing my walls around him tighter, gripping his length.

“You should be a bad girl more often, Donovan, this feels far too good,” he laughs again, giving me another hard, deep thrust.

“If this happens every time, I may have to,” I say as I bite my lip and moan out.

Our bodies begin to move quicker, a rhythmic delight that works as one. My fuel has been lit and I erupt, coming hard around his cock. I tighten around him even more, his hips slapping against my ass and I feel him throb before releasing himself inside me.

“Arg! Oh yes,” I hiss out. “That’s it Mr. Pierce. Ooh, fuck.”

He keeps going for a few moments, until he is drained. Once he is, he slides out and falls onto the chair behind him. I move to sit in the other and lift my feet up on his lap. He smiles and I offer one back before closing my eyes.

“That wasn’t what I was expecting, Miss Donovan. I’ll take it, though.”

“Did you mean it?” I ask… “What you said earlier, that I’m special. Could you really see all that?”

Mr. Pierce sighs and I get ready to be let down and I start to regret being so stupid.

“Emily, I truly meant every word I said. I’m not a liar. I’m a hard-ass, sure. But a liar? No, never. As you may know, I was going through a rough time, right around the time you started working here. Yet, even with all that, you captured my attention.”

I don’t open my eyes, I’m almost afraid to. I just let him continue to talk.

“I wasn’t sure what it was or what I even wanted from it. Emily, I’m a hard man to love. I’m not even asking you to love me. I know we don’t know enough about each other. I wanna learn though. What I do know of ya,” he sighs again. “Damn, I really do like. Plus, you’re like one of the hardest working women I know.”

Opening my eyes now, I look right at him. I feel proud of myself and I want to jump into his arms and hug him tightly, to kiss him all over. I control the urge and let his words sink in.


I told him I needed time to think about it. I didn’t want to rush into something and ruin my career, which is far too important to me. I took the weekend and thought about all the possibilities and even talked to Alex about it.

Alex told me to go with what my gut says, not my heart. My heart is what gets me into trouble. I should think about it with logic. I sent many texts to him, asking him how things would go and what would happen. He was more than happy to answer and replied to them all.

That Monday, I told him I wanted to go out on a real date. To see how we are outside of the office. He took me up on the offer that Friday and we had a grand time. We went out several times over the course of a month and that’s when I finally agreed to become a couple.

We had much more in common that I could have ever dreamed of. We are doing our best to keep our romantic affairs private and after hours. I didn’t want the other employees thinking I was fucking my way to the top. It was one of my biggest concerns. However, Mr. Pierce… or Jeff, as I now call him, tells me he’ll always treat me as an employee inside the office.

And yes… At times, I do go past six, just to have another punishment.

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